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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Karaoke Again!

The day before yesterday, was a good day. I managed to finish my stuff early and joined the girls for karaoke at Neway. Initially, we planned to go karaoke one of the evenings this week. But changed our mind (Gerry & I) cause it was freaking expensive to go between 6-12pm. Redbox in Pavillion charged RM40++/person. That's ridiculous. Why do we wanna pay that kind of money since we have si lai's privileges (aunties' privilege)? Gerry said, nevermind la... since now we 'atas' a bit already, must go 'atas' places...lols. For me is, I dont care whether 'atas' or 'bawah', why should I go for RM40++ when I can go for RM12++? I got a simple mind that only knows simple mathematics. Add Maths? Tak boleh one... sure kuku one...

Coincidentally, Terri was on leave that day. So last minutely, we decided to head down to Neway in Subang and the best part was, with Gerry's membership, it was only RM5++ per person which includes 1 drink. Can sing until no voice also can! From 1-7pm, 6 hours!!!

(she purposely wore this cause we both got new camera mah...)

The initial plan was to go Redbox at Pyramid cause I need to meet up with a client there. But my appointment was later cancelled and so the karaoke venue was changed too back to Neway. Despite of already notified the girls, Gerry was too excited over her brand new G10 and somehow, she still end up in Redbox in Pyramid, and presented them her Neway membership card. Unbelievable eh? And the counter girls told her "aunty, this is Redbox le, not Neway".. ok, the aunty part i added one to exaggerate a bit.. hehehe.. Only then, my good friend realised that she was at the wrong place *shaking head*. I, on the other hand, always the punctual one, was already at Neway since 1:45pm and waited for half an hour for the queens to arrive. Lols....

Most of the time, Terri was busy picking out songs and I, busy singing and clicking away occasionally on my camera. Gerry on the other hand, was busy meddling with her camera... can't help it mah.... new toy what... Anyway, we had a great time singing our lungs out. Though the room was a little too big for the 3 of us, it was fun. In the end, the 5 hours of singing plus drinks and food only cost us a mere RM53 (RM17+ per person). Super duper cheap right? I think not enough to cover electricity also...

Anyway, I going to memorise more new mandarin songs to get ready for next karaoke session whenever it is. :p Night night...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Malacca & Fate

Today, my boss dragged me along to Malacca for a meeting. On our way there, we picked up another colleague to go together gether. When we arrived there, I brought them to the Nyonya restaurant which Josephine brought me to the last trip when I was there (about 3 weeks ago?). It was called 'Kapitan' something...
I managed to find our way to the restaurant. When I went in, I scanned around the restaurant to see if I would bump into her. I saja saja thought of that one... come on, what's the odd? She works in Malacca but not near to that particular restaurant. As I turned around to sit, there she is, right in front of me, looking surprise to see me there as I am to see her.

I guess, this is what they called 'yuan' (fate). Again, what's the odd? Lols :) No wonder we are like the bestest friends ever... Kononnya... fate wor...

Missing Princess?

As we were going about with the 'wong san' prayer at the cemetery last Saturday, during one of the prayer's interval, I strayed away with my SLR trying to capture everything I seen. Until one of these came into the viewfinder of my camera and I went... "wtf? how come got armies one? what were they doing there camouflaged in the midst of those old palm trees?".

Then the imaginative part of me took over. I thought, maybe they are the secret agents that were sent to protect me. Maybe I am a secret princess somewhere. Maybe my REAL father is someone of high & significant power. That's why he have to send me away to live a safe & normal life. Then I thought, my secret nationality could be anything from a chinese/taiwanese/japanese/korean origin. Then I further thought, which of those countries have so high profile leaders that they need to send their child away? The answer was, none. Also if I am really what I thought I was, my REAL father would be paying my mom a hefty sum every month to take care of me and we should be filthy rich.
I think that's about when I was snapped out of my day dreaming. Cause even if I can psycho myself into believing that I might be the daughter of a Ghana's president, I can't get thru the fact that my mom is definitely not living a filthy rich life. Just then, a group of young army trainees were scurrying by right in front of me, towards the truck.... Chey.... they were having some training exercises in that area.
It must be that freaking hot sun that gotten into me to ever imagine such a ridiculous thing.... hehehe.... One thing for sure is, it is not only little girls that wish to live a fairy tale princess life! Big girls do too... lols. Damn sun.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Already 100 days lor...

Last Friday, I was informed at the very last minute, about 4:15pm, by my mom, that the 'sifu' (Taoist master) insisted that we should carry out PP's 100 days as well as the 'wong san' (blessing of the grave) prayers the very next day (Sat) cause it was a very auspicious day as compared to the initially planned date on 2nd May. Meaning, everything we do will be sun sun li li (smooth sailing), we will fatt lor...
That piece of news of course had thrown everything we had planned upside down. We have to cancel going over to my in-laws for dinner at the very last minute too which I am sure dinner had already been cooked. Rush around for last minute shopping for 1st day of the lunar month prayer. Rush home to set up all the offerings and prayed. Then had a quick bite at the food court nearby. Quick shower and off we went to Kluang at about 9-ish. We arrived Kluang at almost midnight that night.

It was bright and sunny (burning more like it) when we met up with the sifu at the 'tai pak kung' temple at the cemetery at 8am the very next day. It was a beautiful morning.

The Chinese custom had it that before we proceed to our ancestor graves, we should pay our respect to the 'tai pak kung' (deity) of the area by offering some joss-sticks & incenses at its' temple which is erected within the cemetery compound. Reason being, they are the ones in charged of that particular cemetery and it going-ons. Just like a 'ketua kampung' (head of village) like that la..
After paying our respect to the 'tai pak kung', off we went looking for my grandparents' grave. Once there, we started to decorate the grave with red ribbons and laid out food offerings across the granite altar. For this particular 'wong san' prayer, we had also prepared couple of treasure chests offerings which consists of clothes, shoes, blankets, cosmetics & etc. The sifu helped us to filled up PP's name on the form to indicate who this treasure box was intended for. I was just thinking then, how do 'they' receive these offerings? Imagined that maybe they are hanging out with their friends yumcha-ing. Then out of the blue.. 'Ting!' The treasure box appeared on their lap. Is that how it is? Or maybe they have some kind of postal service system down below/up above. Offerings that are meant for them will be delivered right up to their door steps. How one arr?

Personally, I felt that people ceased when they breathe their last breath. Full stop. The end. There is no after life. The reason for the various 7th day, 49th day, 100th day and etc prayers observed by Chinese in general are merely to help us go thru the period of loss. To help us to detach ourselves from the deceased slowly. To help us to handle our own pain. To heal ourselves over time. It is painful to just stop acknowledging a person abruptly when he/she moves on. That's why, all these prayers are just helping us to let go slowly.

Anyway, when all the set up were done, the sifu led us thru the ceremony. It was so freaking hot that morning. I really believe an egg can get cooked on the mosaics. I already have the outline of my bra straps imprinted on my back. That's how freaking hot it was. 9am in the morning. The weather has gone ku ku... so, wake up! Save our earth!!!! :p

During one of the interval, my uncle set the treasure chests offerings on fire. In case you don't know, 'burning' is a portal to send offerings to the afterlife. Cool isn't it? They should invent something like that here. That will definitely save us the trouble having to go to the post office. All we have to do is just to put our postal items on our kitchen stove, and set them on fire. Voila! Items delivered! :)

Two of my cousins helped to set up the fire crackers on the rods at the far edge of our grandparents' grave. I am not sure if it was part of the prayers or those superstitious thingy. As far as I am concerned, we did that cause when my grandpa was alive, he love setting off fire crackers. Come every CNY, he would load up his supplies and set them all on the eve of CNY. I still remember once, he was so engrossed or excited with it that, he didn't realised there were policeman standing right behind him when he was squatting down in the middle of the road, joss-stick in one hand, trying to set off some firecrackers. It was hilarious. So this whole firecrackers at the grave thing is just to commemorate him.

After the 'wong san' ceremony, we went home to continue with the 100days praying ceremony. The tension was so high at home that I forgotten to take any photos of the ceremony. The reason as to why the tension was so high at home was totally another story by itself which I might blog about another.
Anyway, the 100 days marked the end of the mourning period of PP's passing. The table at home that served as an altar for PP has been removed. Her photo was given a wipe down, cleaned, and packed into a plastic bag together with my grandpa's photo and their wedding photo. Thru a ceremony, her soul/spirit has been invited into our family ancestral tablet. Time flies right. It doesn't felt that long.
It felt strange now when it is finally over. For the last couple of months, even though she had left us, it doesn't felt she left. It felt as if she is still around. Maybe cause her photo was there, in the middle of our living room, accompanying us, that's why. Now that when everything is over, altar gone, furniture back to where it was, it felt strange. It is like, it felt just like normal, and yet, not quite normal. . Like there is a void. Not quite certain where... It doesn't feel like PP has moved on. It felt like she is away on holiday like that. The thought of her wont be coming back anymore hasn't quite settle yet. I guess, it takes time to make the mind understand it.
Anyway, already 100 days lor... so fast hor? And now that we have already carry out the 'wong san' & '100 days' prayers on such an auspicious day, I guess from now on, I can rest assured that everything will be sun sun li li & fatt fatt fatt! Hehehehe... :) Time to move on with our lives!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Interrogated My Alien From Mars

When I walked into the kitchen later that day, my jaw dropped. I just stared at the box of donuts for dunno how long. I just kept standing there, staring at my alien's ingenious way of protecting the donuts (a friend commented it as double-protection). That very instant really illustrated the widely used phrase of "not sure to laugh or cry" and I, was feeling just that.
There I was, still standing there, trying to rationalize his action, when he waltzed into the kitchen and asked "what's up?". I just pointed at the box and asked what is he trying to do? He said he honestly don't know what is that for but he seen that's what his mom did when they put food on the dining table. He continued to say maybe it was to prevent dust or flies on the food (ting! 1 point scored). I asked him, didnt he realised mom covers the whole food beneath the cover and not on the food? And he went like 'oh...uhuh?'. Can you believe it? Uhuh?
Best part of this whole funny episode is, he laughed so hard when he read about it here last night. Seriously, I think he siow siow already. Didnt he realised it was funny when he does it? Lols. It is just so very hillarious. Funny guy.... (maybe that's what they did in their spaceship I think).
Anyway, remember that crappy chocolate moist cake I baked last night? Inspired by my friend Terri's (T-Cakes) baking frenzy, I did some research on the web, settled on a simple design and decorated my crappy cake with that design.

So, my crappy cake is not so crappy afterall. It sure look pretty & yummy now....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Alien From Mars

I tried to bake a chocolate moist cake moments ago but it turned out crappy. Not that it was yucky, just that the colour came out too light and it doesnt look that moist. I got the crappy recipe from some crappy website.... ahh... nevermind. It is still an alright cake. Edible & yummy. Just crappy for a chocolate moist.
Anyway, enough of that crappy cake. I wanna talk about husbands. I know, these days, I've touched on a few topic re this mysterious species. Like you guys commented previously, that men are from mars, and women are from venus. It has never been more well said.
When I got home yesterday, I handed my alien from Mars a box of Dunkin' Donuts as he was on his way to the kitchen. Told him to put it on the dining table and my alien is just so efficient.
I still can't comprehend the rationale behind this.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Shimmering Bukit Teratai

Last Saturday night, while lazing around at my in-laws' place after dinner, Harrison and I decided to head up the hill at Bukit Teratai for that night shots that I promised you all. Here you go...
Initially, we thought we can get a nice table with a nice view and enjoy a nice cup of tea at one of the few cafes up there. Unfortunately, all good tables were taken. In the end, we just strolled around a little, took some photos and went yumcha elsewhere instead.
Quite a nice place to yumcha isnt it? Pretty romantic too. Sometimes, it can get pretty cold up there. The only pity is, it is flooded with the Bengs & the Lians.... Can't help it. It's smacked right in the middle of Cheras/Hulu Langat (I think).
(this one is taken from the 'look out point')

(This one here is taken near some mamak halfway down the hill)

Nice right? Don't ask me for the direction. It's pretty complicated to tell. I only know how to go. Dunno how to tell. Lols.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Remember to Smell The Roses

I just got back moments ago from yumcha with the girls, Gerry & Terri. Right before we called it a night, Gerry mentioned that she likes to read this blog of mine cause it reminds people to stop and smell the roses. I thought it was nice. I certainly hope my blog reminds you all to stop and smell the roses every now and then. I always believe that life is full of simple pleasures. We don't need to be a millionaire to have happiness. All we need to do is, slow down a little, opened up our hearts a bit more, take a look around us, have lesser expectation and be spontaneous. That's all we need to be happy. Goodnight.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Hubby & His Favourite Movie

I sometimes wonder, how SOME people, can, every evening after work + whole of Saturday afternoon (and sometimes even on Sunday), hangout at no where else but a car workshop doing nothing but just looking at the mechanic at work.
If they are the ones getting their hands dirty, then it is understandable la... but no. They are merely sitting there, observing. Just like watching a movie at a cinema like that. Most of the time, there will be more than one spectator. Once, there were 4 of them, pulling up chairs surrounding the car, saying nothing to each other, total silent, and just observe. Eerie.

When the mechanic get under the car, they too squat and tilt their head to see what's going on underneath as if they are watching the most exciting part of an action movie. Like the hero engaging a sci-fying fighting scene with the villain like that that exciting. The only difference here is, the hero doesn't fight nor speak or even moves at all. It is just there, jacked up, and boring.

Then the whole scenario like very exciting like that. The spectator will look right, when the mechanic turn right. Look left, when the mechanic turn left. Like so 'kan cheong' (exciting) like that. Still, the hero (car) didn't even move a millimeter.

When the mechanic take 5, they start to recap what had happened earlier. Just like discussing whether they like or hate the movie they just watched.

Anyway, the whole thing is like, the spectator are the financier for the shooting of the movie. The mechanic is the director. The car is the actor. When it is completed, the financier wish to gain profit with his investment. And in this instant, the profit is what we called horsepower + speed.
Whenever I hangout with my girlfriends, they will always asked where is my husband or would he mind me hanging out with them. I would always reply not to worry about him. He will be absolutely fine. That he will be glad that I am out cause he would not need to entertain me and he can hangout in the car workshop. I am sure whenever I tell them that, they just nodded knowingly of his interest in cars and laughed. They definately don't know to what extend his interest is.
You must be wondering what am I doing at the workshop too taking all these photos. Well, believe it or not, my dear hubby had asked me to take photo of his car and of the transplanted engine with my new camera. He even pointed out which is the oil cooler and that I should take one of that too (in case you don't know, the blue thing below the right headlight is the oil cooler).
That is not even all. Sometimes, he got so excited with the little project of his and he have to tell it to somebody. And most of the time, I am that somebody. He told me the problem he had with the clutch la... what they did with the intercooler la... the cabling la... Honestly, I am still not sure what's the difference between a suspension and a shock absorber. I thought they are the same thing. So you can imagine how excited I am whenever he starts talking about these stuff. It is more exciting than financial stuff. As I am typing out these car terminology, I am already yawning away....
I really need to sleep already. Goodnight.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Experimenting EOS1000D

Finally got back at about 4+. Already too tired from half a day running around. Got home, went online for awhile, did some laundry, kautim all the dogs. Then, decided to test test my camera at the front porch.. Took some random shots...

When Harrison got home, we headed downtown for Frog Porridge. Just felt like eating something tasty tonight. More random photos.

(Jalan Bukit Bintang)

(the frog porridge stall)

After dinner, we took a drive to KLCC so that I get to snap a photo of the twin towers with my camera. Along the way, I was camera trigger free happy.
(at the traffic light in front of Park Royal)

(Lois Bus Stand in front of Lot 10)

(Can you see the twin towers?)

(the twin towers)

I was very tired and yawning away by time we reached KLCC. Must be the full stomach. So I just simply take one shot to entertain Harrison since he so gungho, offered to drive me around for photography.. .
Felt fresh after shower therefore updated my blog with this entry. Thought can quick quick update then I wanna relax and continue with my book. But hor, I just remembered there is one big basket of unfold laundry waiting for me. Haiz..... better quick quick finish this, then I can quick quick finish that, then I can quick quick relax with my book. Btw, it is a pretty boring book by Paulo Coelho - The Witch of Portobello. I read so many days already, and am still reading. So you can imagine how boring it is la... (or maybe I not yet reach the interesting part yet). Dunno la... ok la... wanna quick quick go do works already. Night2.

A Typical NOT WORKING Day of Mine

You see, I only worked twice a week (a permanent part time job that does administrative stuff) and that is Wed & Fri. I know, you must be exclaiming how lucky I am, work 2 days, off 3 days.... I thought so too. Today is my off day. Instead of goyang kaki at home surfing the net, there are a few things that I need to do today - send angpow to dobby (dobby boss getting married), physiotherapy, back to office to collect stuff, go post office, client's office, supplier's office. I was thinking of going out to experiment my new toy (i.e. camera) after all that. You think enough time arr?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Typical Day of Mine

Didnt get any chance to touch & experiment my new camera today. Was out almost for the whole day. Not that it can be stuff into my handbag this time round. So, camera stayed at home.
I was out and about since 10am this morning. Started off with a pleasant and short breakfast with Harrison at one of the shop outside. From there, we each went our separate ways. He, back to office. And me, sorting out some stuff for some orders received. Though there were some hiccups, it was nothing great. Just make slightly less profit... sigh, nevermind la... 'small fish dont go out, big fishes dont come in'...lols (direct translation of chinese proverbs) :p
From there, I sent my car for a wash, went over to Gerry's to meet Elaine to learn more about some mutual funds thingy and invested some, played mahjong together and made RM20.80 (not enough even to buy one Tupperware from Gerry - Life, Love & All Its Works). :p
Got home about 6+pm, cleaned & fed all dogs, mopped wet kitchen, cleared & cleaned prayer altar, prayed, steamed sweet potatoes & corn. Harrison got back when I just sat down on the couch to relax (hmmm..... he seems to always got home at the right timing and that is when everything else is done... : ) . Anyway, he suggested that we go for a movie at GSC Signature. I, of course, jumped at his suggestion. (point: Whenever your husband suggest for movies, holidays, ice creams or anything, always accept eventhough you might not feel so up to it at that moment. Reason being, if you constantly reject, lambat laun, he won't bother to ask you anymore one... Then you'll start complaining...).
We had a nice dinner at Alexis. As usual, I'll have their Spaghetti Seafood Parcel. My appetite was really good today. I walloped all of it. Either the 2 slices of pizza + maggi curry lunch I had at Gerry's were too little or the investment talk really drains all my energy. I strongly believe it is the latter. Gladys + Insurance talk + Invesment talk = Sleep. I also had one big glass of chocolate milkshake. I always love chocolate milkshake. It makes me feel like a kid all over again. Maybe I used to have lot of chocolate milkshakes when I was young. That's why. I dunno.

We picked the movie 'Knowing' by Nicholas Cage. There were only 4 couples in the small cineplex. So it was blardy cold. I was shifting on my seat all the time just so I can find a warm spot....lols... This show was about a list with lots of numbers which was extracted from a 50year old time capsule. Nicholas Cage deciphered it and found it to be a prophecy of major castratrophies which had all happened for last 50 years which will eventually leads to end of the world. Overall, the graphic is nice, the story is alright, the sound effect is deafening but the ending sucks. I dont like endings that are left to our own imagination. Not sure the children were in heaven or another planet. So, I did enjoyed the movie. Just that I was left half hanging in the end. You know, the confused feeling? Yeah... like that lor...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Is it Christmas already?

It certainly does felt like Christmas today. My day started off with a 10am breakfast meeting with an Insurance Agent recommended by my dear friend, Gerry. It was a pleasant meeting. All I wanted to do is to just sign & pay the neccessary and maybe talk about the weather a little but definately not to hear a word about the returns, coverage, blah blah blah... When I told Flora, the agent, that I am never really understand much about it, that's why I get my friend to source the best suited policy for me, she went on trying to enlighten me the fundamentals of insurance. I tried so hard to fight back the multiple yawns that kept multiplying the more she talks. Hehehe... that's how bad I am with these kinda stuff. Thank God our sandwiches came, she stopped explaning and I signed all the neccessary stuff and had a yummy breakfast + latte! Something good settled.
After that, I went for my physio therapy in Melawati for my backache. And it felt much better after it. So, another good thing.
From Melawati, I went to a client's office in PJ to collect some artwork and managed to confirm some final details. Very smooth sailing. Good thing too.
After PJ, I felt hungry. I felt like eating chicken rice but it was already 4pm. Takkan eat lunch then right? Then dinner how la? Since I still have some vege in the fridge, I rushed home, bought two chicken drumstick and cooked bittergourd chicken, fried 2 eggs and fried cabbage + carrot. I had an early dinner. Coincidentally, Harrison came home early today and had dinner too. Double good thing.
After dinner, since my in-laws were heading down to Low Yatt, we decided to meet them there too to send my diamond ring in for repair. It got kinda lose when I dropped it sometime ago. From there, Harrison & I walked over to Sg Wang and Harrison bought a new pair of loafers to replace the old ones which was chewed & ate by Husky 2 weekends ago. 2 things done. Good.
And this is the biggest good thing of all. From Sg Wang, we got back to Low Yatt. After lingering for awhile at the jewellery shop, we went window shopping in Low Yatt. Our window shopping ended with these.
(a red optical mouse to replace my old and mouldy one, and boring too)

(a nice kick ass headphone - better sound quality for all my karaoke practise)
* drum roll *
* drum roll *
* drum roll *

(my super kick ass Canon 1000D.... finally, my long awaited toy. )

Was at Fotokem to survey survey. No intention to buy one... Then we walked away cause felt that I shouldnt be too impulsive and that I should think more carefully about it. As we were walking down the escalator, I am not sure what is there to think about anymore. I've been longing for this one since god knows when... 1 over year? Whatever that need to be surveyed has already been done long ago. What is there more to think? We went back up and made the purchase. Just like that :D


I told you it felt like Christmas today. How can it not be? Hehehehehe... Oh, btw, this is a pretty historical moment of my life too cause, for the first time in my life, I am buying a camera for myself. Lols. Round of applause please..... *clap clap*. I know I know.... *bow bow* Merry Christmas guys!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

T.T., Dinners, Ice Creams, Movies

Nothing much to update for the weekend. Went T.T. (Teh Tarik) with the Altezza people, dinners with my in-laws, watched some movies, had ice cream, and that's pretty much it. Easy & relaxing.
Last Friday, we had a T.T. session with Harrison's Altezza gang at this really cool place up in Bukit Teratai somewhere in Cheras. I think that's the place where Rachel's Life blogged about sometime ago. Despite of the hour long traffic jam caused by some stupid Friday night road block & traffic lights and the issue of of not having enough carparks, it was all well worth it when I was greeted with colourful shimmering lights far down below. It was the breathtaking night view of the KL. There were several cafes & restaurants there, with tables laid out at the open balcony overlooking the view far below. The weather up there was so cold after rain that Friday night. My teeth were chattering by time we were leaving way past midnight. The only pity was, I brought a camera without a SD card. Smart right...? Therefore, I am sorry, didnt managed to snap any photos for you to look see look see.
First part of Saturday was spent going over to my uncle's to settle some money issue. This one is another story altogether. Too lazy to talk about that one now. After that, I delivered the 'Ba Zang' (Dumpling) that I gotten from Malacca to Celine in Sunway. Celine is a full time mother of 2 toddlers (2+ & 9mths I think) without a maid. So you can imagine a constantly stressed and bewildered looking mommy in grandmother's bra & panty, who can't leave the house at all. That's our friend, Celine. The special Ba Zang delivery all the way from Malacca was a redemption for a guilt I felt (though it has got nothing to do with me) of how a friend treated her on our last gathering.
I felt bad how some people can be so immature and self centered to feel offended with minor issues which is totally irrelevant. Afterall, everyone have different lifestyle, different perceptions, different in anything. Does that really matters? The point is, we were friends and that's all. The rest are not important. But then again, immature people are everywhere these days. Now as I am typing this, I realised that the older they are, the more immature they are. Could it be cause as people age, they felt they are always right? That they are of greater and more superior beings compared to others and that others have to accommodate their every whine? This weekend alone, I've experienced and witness one immaturity drama from a full grown man (no, not harrison, he wont or AK-47 will start spraying his direction... :p *blek*).
So, besides the T.T. session, the guilt redemption delivery, dinner with in-laws, I've also watched 'The Lingerie' (canton), The Reader and Marley & Me. To summed it all up, 'The Lingerie' is a stupid cantonese show, The Reader is a 3-kap show where it has lots of sex scenes where I even get to see David Kross' dick :p (yeah, cultural shocked for me). Marley & Me on the other hand is really nice. It was happy at the beginning, funny in between and sad in the end when Marley died. I love this one. Marley really reminded me very much of Husky. By the way, Husky succeeded in digging out the red reflective plastic piece at the back of the electric scooter yesterday and chewed it into pieces. And today, he is beginning to dig out the plastic on the leg rest. Luckily I caught him in action. We have since moved the scooter to the back of our house. Nothing is safe around Husky. Just like Marley. Let's just hope he gets out of this chewing/eating frenzy soon. God knows what else gonna be targetted next.
Another sort of crazy thing we did today was, after dinner with my in-laws in KL, when it was still pouring heavily outside, Harrison and I decided to head down to Haadgen Daz along Bintang Walk. We parked our car near KL Plaza, walked with an umbrella, braved the heavy downpour, towards Haadgen Daz and ordered ourselves ice creams. It was nice. As the shop had a glass roof over it, it felt as if the rain is pouring down on us, and yet, no. Though it was freaking cold inside with the air conditional on, it was fun. Crazy sort of fun. At first, there was only us. But after awhile, few other couples came in. So we are not the only crazy ones. Anyway, we had some tea too and nothing beats a hot cup of tea after a freezing ice cream. hehehe...
Wanted to watch 'Yes Man' by Jim Carrey when we got home earlier but changed my mind to update this blog of mine instead cause the weather makes it irresistable. So I made myself comfortable, left the door opened so that the cool air can get in, switched off all the glaring lights and turned on these lovely lamps that cast beautiful shadows on the wall which we bought and hand carried all the way from Bali, and start updating my blog with this weekend happenings. Hopefully, this boring post will entertain you a bit till my next more inspiring topic. Goodnight.

(Nice? RM50 for all 3 of it. It's cheap or wat?)

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Day Of Being 'Pau' in Malacca

I was invited for a day trip to Melaka yesterday by a very good friend, Josephine. According to her email invitation, it was an all inclusive trip. Meaning, all I have to do is to just bring myself there, then, from there onwards, lunch, dinner & karaoke will be 'pau' by her.
So, the President of the Monster Club (i.e. yours truly) left her home at 10:00am. 'Monster Club' cause according to Josephine, we are all the devils that always influence others to take work leave so we can have an afternoon of fun. I am the President cause I am always the devil instigating others with fun activities like karaoke and all... Josephine had long ago been recruited. The devil tempted her with spas & afternoon tea then and she bite the bait. Muahahaha....

So for yesterday, Josephine recruited San Mei (San Mei is the girl that we went Phuket with, remember?). She was very gungho of recruiting another member, Yi Mei. But tough luck cause that one was a little bit of a workoholic. Perhaps next time.

I arrived Malacca at about 11+am. After some direction mixed up, I finally met Josephine at the Tesco Hypermarket. From there, she led me back to her home. I always love to go to her house. Her mom is fun to chat with and I always tease her on how clean her house always is. Really, it is so clean that is it not normal. I told a friend that night that Aunty spoiled the 'standards' of clean. The words 'squeeky clean' described it the best. It really squeek with every step I walked. Trust me, I am not over exaggerating. That's how unbelievable clean it is. The conversation will always ended up with me inviting Aunty to come stay my house *devil's horn sprouting out* hehehehhehe.....
We left shortly after to pick up San Mei from her work place which was situated in one of those historical old building. But then, everywhere is historical in Malacca. Anyway, we went lunch at this nice little BabaNyonya Restaurant called Kapitan something... The food was good. We polished it off even before the thought of taking a photo of it strikes me. Too bad for you guys.

After lunch, Josephine insisted that we should try this famous 'ba chang' (rice dumpling) in Malacca which was featured in 'Ah Xian Food Programme' sometime ago. We finally found the house after asking an old uncle who was walking his poochie for direction. This famous Malacca 'ba chang' operated from a house. They are famous for their nyonya's ba chang. We left the house happily with 10 normal + 10 nyonya ba chang and RM65 poorer. Seriously, since when ba chang became so expensive? I almost fainted.
From there, we headed for our main itinerary of the day. Josephine brought us to this GoGo Karaoke which is located and the end of the jetty behind the new Holiday Inn. I know it sounded corny. 'GoGo'.. hehehe... I thought I will find people doing the 'agogo' there...lols... Anyway, it was a long walk to the end. Nice view though...
(In the karaoke)

We had good fun singing away. We sang for 4 hours straight. Speaking of which, my throat is still a little sore right now... hehehe... It was so much fun. Even San Mei who hardly sings (according to Josephine) or talk (according to me), sang her heart out.

We finished off a bucket of Heinekan. 4 bottles I think. Hmm... Not that much la considering we were there for 4 hours. 1 bottle 1 hour for 3 girls... ok la.. Cannot be considered an alcoholic yet... a singaholic perhaps!

When I pulled open the curtain of our karaoke room, I was greeted by this lovely view. With the 'Eyes of Malaysia' rooted at the far corner, it complimented the whole effect beautifully. It took my breath away.

We arrived at this stretch of totally revamped restaurants in Portugese Settlement at about 7:30pm. The moment we got off our car, we were swarmed by a group of people each promoting their own restaurant. I find it very irritating. What a nuisance. According to Josephine, restaurant no.1 is the best of the lot. But unfortunately, it was closed yesterday. Tough luck for me.

In the end, we settled for restaurant No.7. Cause it was at that moment, the most crowded one. If there were crowd, I bet the food won't sucks that badly.

It turned out that we made the right choice with No.7. The food were absolutely yummy. We had fried calamari, freaking spicy bbq fish (chilly must be damn cheap there), bbq brinjals and salted egg crabs (equally spicy). It was fingers licking good.
YiMei, another friend of Josephine came to join us for dinner that night. My god, she is really a laughing queen. I told Josephine later that night that I met my match in YiMei. It was really fun to have her joining us for dinner. Coincidentally it was also San Mei's birthday yesterday, YiMei brought a cake with her. (Did you notice that all of Josephine's friend names sounds the same? SanMei, YiMei....and her name is MeiLing... gosh.. all mei mei one.. (beautiful)).

San Mei making a wish and blowing out the candle on the pretty and equally delicious cappucino cake courtesy of YiMei.

Before we knew it, it was already 9:30pm. We got a shock when we look at our watches. How time flies when you are with good companies. And I told Harrison early that day that I will be back by 10pm. Wishful thinking...lols.... Before we called it a night, the waiter helped us to snap a photo of the 4 of us. I threaten her that we wont pay if we dont look 'hot' in the photo and that cracks us all over again with laughters... So the waiter took two instead of one for insurance... lols....

It was a beautiful day, with beautiful people (mei mei), ended beautifully with a full moon perched highly up the sky. It was a really nice trip for me. I had great fun. Thanks gals for the lovely company.


Arrived back in KL safe & sound late last night at about 11+. Was so tired. The only pity of it all is I need to work today. Otherwise arr, can sleep thru it.. hehehe