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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween in Malaysia

Remember I was freaking myself out when I was doing some research on a certain character I was planning to dress up as for Halloween?  Well, this is it.  The character I had my heart set on... the Zombie Nurse.

I thought it was rather spooky.  And so, since then, with whatever little time I have for the past two weeks, I've tried googling for the costume and found this online...

Next, I googled for 'how to make fake blood'... which, in the end, I did not make but used a mixture of blue & red acryllic paint (which I found in my piles of arty stuff) instead to bloodified the costume.  I am just lazy, tired and don't have the time.

When I couldn't find any white face paint left in the market (party shops, art shops, toys r us & etc, never knew Halloween was such a big thing here in Malaysia!), I ambitiously thought of making them myself.  And so I googled it.  It is not that complicated.  Just that I don't know what glycerin is and not sure if i wanna waste money buying it when my concoction might not be successful.  I didn't in the end.  Becky, a friend of mine was over at our place to do make up together and she have extra :)  I just used her's.

And lastly, I tried youtube-ing some basic zombie make up tutorial, managed to pick up some tips and here's the end result of my character. :)


The security guard almost had a heart attack when we drove past the boom gate late last night on our way out to Modesto. :p  There were three of us in the car.  A zombie nurse (me), zombie patient (the husband) and Emily (the corpse bride)!  Lols.... If the neighbour had caught us leaving the house last night, they might begin to wonder who we really were.... human really? :p
Our clan at Modesto.  It is just a pity that not everybody dressed up to the occasion unlike the previous year and the year before that.  We were probably the most happening ones there last night...
Florence came to join us later all dress up as a pirate... hmm.... more sexy than scary.  :p   Couldn't dance much throughout the night cause didn't want the make up to melt away... lols...
We did a thriller dance though, Glee's version of Thriller.  Though a little messy but with the lighting and all, it turned out pretty cool though.  
Personally, I find character like mine are a tad more spookier as compared to demons, witches and etc.  You know, like zombie doctors, police and so forth.  All one have to do is just to stand there, complete with make up and a hollow look.  Lols...... Easy job to spook.

So that's my Halloween.  The first I went all dressed up.  How's yours?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I tried not to start my entry with "I am so busy lately".  But, I don't know how else I am going to start it.  I am indeed very busy.  So busy that I only get to do my laundry in the weekends, that my dogs beginning to stink, my hair is all out of place, a layer of dust begin to form on my camera, clean & ironed laundry have been hanging on the ironing rack since forever, my blue car beginning to look somewhat brown, untidiness has became a fixture in our house with things all over the place, my nails are still coated in purple, I take to shaving instead of plucking (you know what I am talking about), grass began to sprout out of my many potted plants which began to dry up and so on, so on. 

I am supposed to do more packing but the 'supposed to' is still remained as a 'supposed to'.  I wonder when would I find the time to complete them all.  Thinking back, I used to have soooo much time!

Just yesterday, I was out at Pavillion to collect some stuff at about 3 plus for the office.  For a moment, a sense of nostalgia washed over me.  Those nice peaceful crowd-less afternoons doing MY own things.  Ooo how I missed those good olde days!  :p

I guess whatever little time leftovers from work, I tried to squeeze in as much as possible.  And that explains how I always felt, everyday seems like Monday.  It is always Monday over and over again.  The rest of the days simple vanished.  Maybe if I just stay still and don't do anything, I'll have more time?  Hmmm..... But then again, what's the point of having so much time then since I have nothing to do?.... hahaha.... So it is all in the mind.  An illusion. *wiser*

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Freaking Myself Out! (what a joke!)

I am in the midst of doing some research on a certain horror character I planned to dress up as for Halloween for an oncoming event this month end.  The results of the research kinda freaked me out.  Darn!  It's scary ok!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bitten By the Wolf

I got bitten by the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair :)  Head over right after work today instead of during the weekend to avoid the weekenders.  Over spent a little but it was all worth it.  A total of 17 books (I think) for just RM134.00.   Non-fictions that usually sold for RM39.90 - RM45.00 at bookshops were just RM8 each!!!  How la to resist...?  Luckily I only brought RM100.00!  :)  Otherwise, wouldn't be surprised ending up with a mini library at home!

You can find more info re the fair here: http://www.bigbadwolfbooks.com/

Monday, October 10, 2011

Productive Weekend

Productive weekend.

Rainy Saturday night - checked
Bright blue sky on Sunday morning - checked
Cool & crisp wind - checked
Laundry - checked
Packed away some stuff in preparation for moving - checked
Bathe dogs - checked
Facial appointment - checked
Wash down the wet kitchen - checked
Spruce up my potted plants - checked
Visit photography fair - checked
Tidied up house - checked

How's yours?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

12 Hours Marathon....

I know, after being away from my blog for a month, there should be many things that I should be blogging about.  But before all those interesting things, I must first blog about this important thing.  I've just experienced the worst bout of food poisoning for my entire life of 34!  Something I had for dinner last night must have not jived with my system.

Luckily I am finally feeling slightly better after 12 hours of being a fixture in front of the toilet bowl.  I've puked every last bits of stuff that could possibly still be in my stomach.  The last was just some yellowish slime.  Eww.... :p As I was puking, the more i look at it, the more i wanna puke.  So basically I disgust myself out even more.

Medications and bread couldn't stay in for long enough too before being wash out.  wtf.. so basically i just have to go thru the whole motion without medication.  The gastric pain was so unbearable and I have half the mind to call the doc over to give me some kind of jab to stop all this agony.  Of course I didn't.

After the last puke of slime, I decided that die die I must eat something or there will be nothing to puke next round which would be more suffering.  I managed to stuff a slice of cheese which was appetizing enough.  You know, when you have food poisoning, everything seems unappetizing?  That's why everything I had earlier for medication sake just got rejected again and again.  So far, the cheese and some cookies which I took after it still stays in.  Let's just see for how long...

Why must i share this yucky experience was because, this is probably the first and the worst puking marathon I ever had in my entire life this far...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Alive But Brain Dead

Yes, I am still alive (in case you are wondering).  But at the verge of brain dead though.  Not out of working but out of handling 'people'.  The husband finds it comical or even entertaining though when I tell him bits and pieces of my day.  Take today for example, these are just some of the happenings.

Case 1
I have a 'Sales Manager' of 'Targus' (supplier of laptop cable lock) telling me they never face the problem before and that it is human error when we filed a complain on their malfunctioned lock which is still stuck in our laptops.  He even told us to get 'the professional' for assistance.  I almost died.  If a technician replied me that, I can understand.  A "Sales Manager"?  What was he thinking???  I emailed him this with a caption, "I wouldn't be so sure. Try googling it and see what pops up on your screen!".  Of course it was not just that.  Let's just say the email was longer and acid-er.  

Case 2
I am arranging for a chauffered car for an event this Saturday and am in the midst of finalizing the cost.  There is this annoying Administrator that kept asking me for the 'driver's details' every half hour.  From 9am - 12noon she had asked at least 5 times.  The last straw was when she asked again 15 minutes later. I almost screamed at her but of course I didn't.  I just tell her "If I have the details, I would definitely give you right?  Why would I keep them in my pocket for? So please stop harassing me.  I will give it to you when I get them.  I am not as patient as you are.  So just, please, stop.  I can't take this shit." :p And she knows very well driver's info will only come a day prior to the event.

Case 3
Decided to grab some groceries from Mercato after dance class.  Was stopped by a guard as I was pushing the cart out after paying.  He said I am not allowed to push the cart to the carpark (which was just about 25m away and it was not even in the carpark yet.  You know those escalator area?).  So I told him if that's the case, then he would have to help me carry my stuff for me.  I had a cart full of stuff.  He just kept repeating.. no no.  At this point, after a long day, my patient is wearing extreme thin.  I just pushed the cart away from me and tell him I don't want these stuff anymore.  Refund my money. :p  Reluctantly, he allowed me to push the cart right to my car and stood there watching me loading everything into the boot.  Not even helping.  Wtf?  If you have unusable cart, put a big note there that says "IT IS ONLY FOR USE UP TO THE CHECKOUT POINT".  Stupid.

Case 4
This one happened last week I think.  I noted some irrelevant bills being charged to our department and so I requested for more info re it.  This smart alec replied that the payment is correctly charged and that she had made this payment before.  Having payment made before doesn't necessary means it is correct right?  Upon some verifications and I was right.  It was wrongly charged all these while and God knows how much it has cost us.  I think brain cells are very precious these days.  So they decidedly to use it wisely.  They don't think anymore!  Just do blindly cause "I have done it before!".  

Now I seriously 'feel' Big Cow whenever she blogged about work or Alina whenever she complained about working with morons. I have a whole new perception of the words 'morons' now.  They actually do exists and they got a job! OMG! What a shock!