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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

9th Day of CNY

Chinese New Year come, Chinese New Year go.  As the clock struck at 12 midnight on the 8th day of CNY, fireworks can be seen blasted in the air all over our neighbourhood, fire crackers can be heard from blocks away, and....  our 4 dogs, were driving us mad.  One was found sitting on our window sill trying to climb into the house.  Another was at the back trying to chew off the plastic sheet fastened on the grill thinking he could get into the house if he chew it off. The two smallies were whining and whining.  OMG.... I am so done with dogs this lifetime.  

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fill My Heart With LOVE!

Relatives are the support system of the family. In times of crisis and in times of happiness, no matter what situation you are in, you always find relatives by your side to help you come out of it. Relatives share the burden of your sorrow and grief and double the essence of happiness. 

My relatives are never the support system of the family.  In times of crisis, they hide to avoid involvement.  In times of happiness, they hide too because they are so full of jealousy.  No matter what situation I am in, I can never find relatives by my side to help me come out of it.  My relatives never share the burden of my sorrow and grief but double the essence of it.  Awesome right!  Yay!

We are never given a chance to choose a family. Family is essentially made of those people who look after, who play a crucial role in our upbringing and who teach us such lessons in life, which can never be learned through any textbook. 

Yup, we are born into a family.  No choices.  Maybe we did have.  There must be a certainreason why I chose mine.  Tough luck.  Strangely, my family is essentially made of those people who don't really look after us but take advantage instead.  Who did, in a way, play a crucial role in our upbringing and who teaches us lessons in life, which can never be learned through textbook - watching our own backs and ensuring we are not backstabbed. 

9/1/2012, 10.09pm (16th day lunar calendar)

This linen washing is really an embarrassment.  But then again, behind every closed door, there is a story.  Mine is complicatedly strange.  Not even sure what it was actually.  Year after year, somehow, there sure to be some kind of hurtful episodes.  It never fails.  One thing or the other.  Over time, I sort of  toughen up and got immune with it.  Lashed back irregardless of seniority whenever I am threatened.  Distanced myself too especially so after PP's passing.  The last ugliness was my cue to leave.  

There are many things we must learn to let go in life and that includes people too.  I read somewhere that letting go doesn't mean giving up but rather accepting that there are things that cannot be mend.  We just need to let go and move on so that we can fulfill our life path that is awaiting us ahead.  By refusing to let go of the pain, it will be tougher to let love in again.  On this, I am still learning.  :)

Oh LOVE! please fill my heart.  :)


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Dragon Year!

A surprise gift from a colleague... So cute! So, how's your cny thus far? :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Boxing, Unboxing & Cooking

Steamed Egg With Minced Pork & Stir-fried Potato

We have taken to eating at home more.  Missed simple home cooking.  We had these last night. :) 

CNY is around the corner.  The festive holiday will be starting tomorrow.  Don't need to wake at 7am for the next 9 days.  Happiness to the max!  I am looking forward to the sleeping in and lazing around more than the festivity of it.  Lols... 

Not much CNY atmosphere this year.  Didn't even bother to put up any CNY deco at home.  Most of it has already been boxed up months ago in preparation of moving which has been delayed. :p  Too lazy to dig them out. 

Same goes for the kitchen utensils.  All boxed, and then unboxed cause we simply missed home cooked food. :p

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012 - Reso Time

First day of 2012, Happy New Year People!

Dragged out of bed at 6:30am by the husband for our first touge of the year!  My god.. those ungodly hours.  I remembered mumbling something about.... "today I don't want to go work..." when he nudged me, hahaha.  Outside were still pitch black!

We took a new route today thru Semenyih-Jelebu-Kuala Klawang and breakfast at Titi.  I took over the wheels after breakfast (and coffee more importantly) and it was indeed an awesome drive!  Other than the scenic misty Jelebu stretch, it is also my first time driving after it's engine transplant.  *LOVE*  Can't wait till another drive soon!

So, first day of Twenty Twelve.  I guess time for resolutions?  Well, I only have two....

1) Eat out less, eat in more.
2) Spend less, save more.

That will be good enough for the rest of the year!  :)

(Above was shot on Christmas Night at Putrajaya)