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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby G's Drawers of clothes

Found some time to tidy up the drawers that were filled with Gabb's outgrown clothes and I was quite surprised by what I found.  I bought that much?!  It certainly doesn't feel so.    I have always been very conscious when come to shopping, not to over buy. 2 drawers full of his clothes.  Really?  Mind you,  they are huge drawers.  

Those on the table top are still too big to fit.  Those in drawers are outgrown pieces. :p

These in another drawer (3rd drawer) are his current wear.  Need replacing soon. Some are getting 'body fit'. Time to do some shopping!  Hahaha...  

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy birthday to us!

August come and gone and we both celebrated our birthdays just like any other days.  This year, the husband actually gotten me a cake!  One of the first for the 13 years we were together and I am impressed.  A buttercream cake, my all time favorites.  Love buttercream!  As for presents, he already gotten me quite lot of stuff this year; an iPhone 5, a watch, and so I guess it is justifiable. Hahahaha...

His birthday was 3 days after mine.  Got him a Mont Blanc wallet (probably the first expensive present I ever gotten him :p).  He is in dire need of a wallet.  Tempted to get a Prada but thought it was rather sissy for a man.  Took him to a nice dinner at Mariotte, complete with a birthday cake and wine which we took back instead.  Too full to finish.

Overall, it was a simple affair.  Life these days are very different from what we used to be.  'We' no longer meant only the husband and I.  But, the husband, I, Baby G, my mom + the helper.  All of a sudden, our household doubled from 2 to 5!  Something I am still trying to get a hang on especially when I am so used to being only me, myself & I (ok, the husband too). Hahaha...

Friday, August 22, 2014

National Day of Mourning - MH17 (A man made tragedy)

In view of the latest disaster that strikes our nation, the crashing of MH17, it has no doubt saddened and left many of us in shock especially so when the mystery of MH370 was just barely 4 months ago.      I was so hoping that it was another fabricated joke when I saw the breaking news over in FB.  Seriously?  Shot by missiles?  It was surreal at first.  Then, my heart goes out to all on board the ill fated flight.  I prayed that they did not suffer much.  When it began to sinked in, I got angry.  Why did human brought upon themselves all these unnecessary man made disaster??!

Greed.  It all boils down to more wealth & power.  Thus the fight against each other started.  To accumulate more.  How much is more?  And how much is enough?  If its not because of the greed of wanting more wealth and being more powerful, human beings would not need to fight against each other.  No weapons of destruction would ever be needed.  No conspiracy will ever take place.  

Did they not realized that we eventually turned into the same kind of dust at the end of the day irregardless of the mountainous wealth and boundless power accumulated?  Or nor there any difference in the type of dust of a beggar and a millionaire?

Money is just a paper with number that help us to move forward in this lifetime before transcending to the next.  If we are loving and harmony, we don't event need money. We would just help each other out.

Anyway, all that I can see is, it is inevitable that someday, we will all be destroyed by ourselves.  It has already started.  Every super power nations are building their ultimate weapon of destruction - nuclear bomb.  All it takes are just for them to start launching at each other and the mother of all war will begin and eventually wipe us all out leaving Earth lifeless and contaminated.

Rest in peace fellow passengers & crew of MH17.  Our deepest heartfelt condolences to the families & friends.

The husband & his Chronic Appendicitis

The husband was admitted to hospital for an emergency appendicitis operation yesterday when he decided to go for an ultrasound of a gnawing pain on his lower right abdomens.  The ultrasound then lead to a CT scan and subsequently admission and an emergency operation last night.  Until a moment ago, I still thought it was just another appendicitis.  Not after I ran a check with Mr Google that I learned it is not just another appendicitis, but, a 'Chronic Appendicitis'.

The common appendicitis are known as the Acute Appendicitis where one tends to have intense symptoms which progress rapidly.  Chronic appendicitis however are quite rare.  Symptoms are very mild which makes it hard to diagnose.  Its rate of progression are much slower and one tends to develop stomachache, nausea and high fever. The only effective way to successfully diagnose chronic appendicitis is through an endoscopy, blood analysis or abdominal computerized tomography.

Chronic appendicitis is considered to be one of the most serious forms of appendicitis. This is due to the fact that diagnosis may take a long period of time. In the time that it took to successfully diagnose the product appendicitis, bacteria may have slowly spread throughout the body's internal organs. As there is no abdominal pain with chronic appendicitis this condition can go on undetected, which in time can lead to serious complications later on. If a person is suspected of having chronic appendicitis, they will need to go through a rigorous physical examination, in conjunction with blood tests to successfully diagnose the problem.

The husband is up and about at the hospital today and I took a day off to make myself useful :p.  He will be discharging tomorrow.  At home, mom is taking care of the little one and Ella (our god sent helper), took care of the rest.  All in all, everything is good, thank God for blessing our family.

I learned something from this experience and that is, for the entire of our 6 years of marriage, this is the first time I slept alone!  The bed suddenly felt so big and the room even bigger! O.o. So that's how he must have felt for the so many times I left him alone at home while I travelled the world...*sinking feeling of guilt*!   hahaha...  I will still do it though.  At least now he have a small fart to keep him company! :)