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Friday, May 30, 2008

Redbabe is a Whitebabe!

Am wearing all white today. Yes, this is THE day. The day Redbabe became a Whitebabe for a day. Its our wedding today. We observed Chinese traditional wedding ritual. We are now officially married in the eye of God as well as the law. :)

For starter, I will just post this photo here to share with you. Please be patient for the rest of the photos. Things are haywired now. Give me some time, and I'll post more soon.

And for now, I have something more important to do. And that is, to all my family & friends who are here today, witnessing our wedding, shared our joy & happy occasion, I just wanna say thank you to you all. I am just so so very glad to see so many happy faces, familiar faces, faces that matters to me or faces that shows that I matters to them, thank you so very much. Just that, no amount of thanks, nor any words that can describe my appreciation of you all being here with me today. I am just so very touch and happy. Thank you.

To my mom, dont be a cry baby ok...:) dont worry, i'll be alright. I always do. Thank you for all that you have sacrifised for me, your guidance, your upbringing.... your everything. I may be harsh sometimes, i just want you to know i dont mean it. Just this stupid fuse within me that is short. Gene defect.
To Unc Lester, same goes. Thanks for everything you have done for me. The holidays, the laughters and most importantly, thank you for taking care of my mom. You're the best!
To Aunty Mei Juen & Aunty Alice, thanks for being here despite of your family commitments. I just felt really overwhelmed by your presence. It feel so good to have you lovely ladies around. It makes a HUGE difference. I really enjoyed the company. I just wish that you ladies have come more often. :) It really mean a lot to me to have you both here, with us, be part of this momentus event of ours. I just want you to know that, you are part of MY family as far as I am concerned.
Also, not forgetting my Aunty Irene who came all the way from Singapore just for this happy occasion. Her being here, makes me realised that my family is not that bad afterall. :) Thank you. You too make a BIG difference.
To kammo, wai yin, jack, alan, nixon & dickson... thank you very much. Kammo dont be sad ok. Harrison will take good care of me (hmm... i wonder he take care of me, or i will be the one who taking care of him)...:p hehehe...
Aunty Margrate, Aunty Teresa & the clan.... I am sure you know how I feel about you, aunties. My favourite aunties of the lot! Bestest! Coolest! I love you two so very much. Thank you for being part of our wedding.
Finally, to all my zhi muis (sisters). Josephine, Fernice, Gerry, Florence, An, Alina.... I really dont know what to say..... sem jiu la... (heart shine)...;) I am just so happy to see you all here this morning. Well, i may looked relax, but actually, there is a cyclone that is building up within me. But the moment i see you girls, it just diminished. Really. I am not exaggerating. Seeing you girls around, I know I am in good hand. You girls will ensure that I look perfect. Thank you zhi muis!
Alright. Enough for now. I need to zzzzz to look my best tomorrow. Two down. Three more to go. :)


Thursday, May 29, 2008

My 'ZEN' moment..... finally!

Am now in a spa. Why am I blogging in a spa?? hehehe... am actually waiting for mom's nails to dry. We both came for our mani & pedi. Just that i had my done earlier, therefore, my nails are all dried now, thus the blogging.

This is my mom's first mani & pedi...hehehe... I think she enjoyed herself. Just that its a little bored for her to sit there waiting for the nails to dry. lols... this spa has just set up this internet room, lucky me, get to go online.

Tomorrow will be the big day. So we gotta beautify ourselves. We both came here for massage here yesterday. It was great.. sooooooo ZEN! heheheheh... Finally, my moment of ZEN! Relax mind, relax brain, relax body, relax everything..... (but, with the whirlwind here, how relax can it be? better than none though.....)

My other half? Payback time. He is now in KL, wondering around KLCC while waiting for the bridal car to be ready. It can take hours. Then, he need to collect the flowers.... muahahahahaha.... flowers! The mind boggling object....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Family Outing - Indiana Jones, here we come!

I've finally successfully completed my 7-days meatless pledge in conjunction with the Wesak celebration as my gesture of thanksgiving of all goodness that has been bestowed upon me, i.e. my family, my friends, my health, my life and everything else. I am very thankful. :)
My 7-days pledge is not a pledge to be a vegetarian for 7 days, but, just meatless. I just don't take meat. Pork, beef, chicken, fish & etc. Anything that require killing, I abstain. I still drink milk... you dont need to kill a cow for milk right?

My sentiments of going meatless. I feel good. I can't explain the feeling in detail. I just simply feel better. The only problem that I need to tackle for going meatless is to prevent losing weight. Can't afford to lose more weight or I'll swim in my gowns. :p Solution: Ice cream & chocolates!

My parents are all here. They just arrived today. Yeah... the whirlwind has come : The wedding is just 3 days away. So all are here to get ready for the much awaited big day. Everyone are in high spirit.

Couple of days ago, i booked movie tickets for Indiana Jones for today. Luckily I remembered it this afternoon. So, off we went for movie after dinner at Summit.

Everyone had great fun especially popo. Eventhough she dont understand a word of English, she was so excited throughout the show... the snake.. the crystal skulls.... hehehe. We had popcorns & sodas. Mom & Unc Lester too enjoy it very much. The last time they all went for a movie at a cinema were like more than 10 years ago. So overall, it was a great outing.
I can foresee there will be more such outing in the near future.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Today marked the 4th day of my '7 days meatless pledge'. Still going strong. :) I feel good.

Just an update for you guys out there in case you are wondering how's our wedding preparation coming along. We are doing fine. All that's supposed to be done are done. Time to relax.

p/s: am waiting for my mom's super-maid to come help me do some cleaning, then we are good to go!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Let there be LIGHT!

Was out at this lighting shops last Thursday after setting up our bridal bed from 4:30pm-7pm with my future in-laws to pick out lightings for their new home at this beautiful shop in Sg Besi.

Round shape, pear shape, square shape, chandeliers, crystals, white, yellow and etc etc... for rooms, living, porch, balcony ... ya da ya da ya da...... I've never seen so many lightings in one shot... blur already....!

Well, everyone is walking around looking out for the perfect piece, giving their two cents or just enjoying the beautiful lightings surrounding them.

Can someone enlighten me what is my other half doing??????

Having his moment of ZEN once again, accompanied by a leng lui mannequin!! TL or not...?? (if only I've a L to T)!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today marked the second day of my '7 day meat-less pledge'. 5 more days to go. :) Just hope I dont lose weight or I gonna have problem with my gowns.

Here's a photo of our bridal bed which was set up on the 15/5. Do checked out our wedding link for more stories.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Wesak Day

Happy Wesak Day my friends... :)

My day started off very well this morning, ermm.. this afternoon actually. Cause i woke only at 12:00... :p It has been quite sometime since I last slumbered till noon. Its a luxury! As you all know, have been quite busy lately with all the wedding prep. But dont worry. It's all done now. Thank god i've a super maid-of-honour. She was so kind to come by yesterday and spend the whole afternoon to go thru with me all the details. And I am not gonna do anything anymore from wed onwards till the big day comes. Tomorrow i still need to go see the florist (again..damn flowers) and the musicians. After these, I just wanna sleep, relax, massage, mani & pedi.... anyone wanna company me??? hehehe..
Ok, back to Wesak Day. Since my mom's heart attack last year, I've told myself that I must offer my thanksgiving come every Wesak. And this year, it is with no exception. Harrison & I went to the Siam Temple along Jalan Gasing (the same one i went to last year) this afternoon. It was so crowded. We have to park our car quite a distance away. There were many devotees. Some waiting to be blessed, some waiting to say their prayers and offer flowers & joss-sticks.

We both bought a bunch of flowers and some joss-sticks, said our prayers, lighted an oil lamp, waited for our turn to be blessed by a monk and left after that. Last year, I offered a robe to a monk & lighted an oil lamp as thanksgiving for my mom's life. This year, I pledged to be vegetarian for a week starting from tomorrow to thank for everything that has been blessed upon me which also include my mom. :) Why only starting tomorrow? Cause a friend already arranged for dinner this evening... not nice to ffk mah.. betul?

Oh, also managed to peep over the wall & snap some photos of Harrison's alma mater! La Salle Boys' School (the noti boys school)....hehehe

After the temple, we decided to just stay home to chill & relax. For the past few weeks, we are hardly home. We are always out delivering invites everywhere or buying this, buying that. Damn tiring. So, finally, home sweet home. Harrison decided to watch 'Ah Long Pte Ltd' while I decided to sew one more curtain from the fabric I just bought last night after searching for it hi & lo for the last few weeks. The show were hilarious.... we both laugh till our hearts out (eventhough it's the second time I am watching it). Luckily, my curtain still able to turn out quite alright despite laughing so hard.

Swee or not? Very swee right????? :D I also think so lor... leng leng ahhh.....

It's already 6+pm by time the show & my sewing finished. So we quickly get ready for dinner as we are having it with our usual gang. A friend took a very big effort to organise a makan session together despite of all our hectic schedules cause she has got some fresh fishes & scallops all the way from Tawau to share. It was sooo..... yummy! Love it! (Thanks ya....! When is the next round?) hehehe.... the food is so yummy and the settings is so heart warming that i forgot to snap a photo.... sigh....! (Note: Must remember next time.)

These days, with everyone having their own little family, have their own things to do.... it is very difficut to get everyone together to enjoy a good meal. So today is very special. Besides the good food, it's nice to just sit there, observe and absorb all the happy 'chi'. Haizz... so nice. :D The kids has certainly grown much taller too since the last time I saw them. Remember how friends of our parents would always comment "small small see until u big"... we will just nod & smile and never really understand the sentiments behind that statement? The friendship. Now I know how that feels. They were once like us. Someday, when all my aya-godchildren are all grown up, I am sure I would say the exact same thing....'sai sai tei tou le tai'..... ya da ya da ya da....... hehehehe....

All happy things must always come to an end. My happiness was abruptly cut short when my mom buzzed me. She told me that she had a fight with her sis. (i.e. my aunty herein referred to as no.3). Headache. Let me give u a short history of no.3. She is my mom younger sis. She is always findng faults with us and dont ask me why. I dont know. This is not the first time and i am getting pretty tired of it all.

My mom has been pretty patience with her all these while, taking in her nonsence. This time round, she purposely accused my mom of something which is not true to pick a fight. Can you imagine that? I am so tired of it all that I decided to give her a call and confront her once and for all. I've been keeping quiet all these while out of respect. I just cant take it any longer... my killer tougue need to be unleashed! And I did just that.

Anyway, her picking a fight this time round has long been anticipated. We already expected her to create another drama before my wedding. She hate it when things goes well for me. She will pop a champagne if I screwed up my life. I am not exaggerating. She is like that. So I am not afraid to admit that the feeling is mutual. Come on... after so many years of torturing, if not mutual also will be mutual la....

Whenever there is something happy occasion within OUR family, meaning mine, be it we went for a holiday, or we won some prizes or we did something fun & interesting, she will surely create some drama... or she will show her unhappy face.. lols... I dont understand the rationale behind it and I can only conclude that she is afterall a bitter little old lady that just dont like it when others are happy & better off than her. Point is, we are not. We are just being we. It's just her own perception that is boggling pea size mind.

Phew! It definately does feel much better after voicing it all out at her rather than bottling it all up inside. Anyway, I need to go rest my tired mind now. Luckily I've a really good & happy time for 80% of the day today. Otherwise sure not enough to fight off this evil witch.
Nite nite & sweet dreams. :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Short Note:

I think I beginning to hate flowers. I've been browsing thru various photos of flowers since 10:30pm till about 2:30am. Car deco, bridal bouquet, boutonnier, corsages, wrist corsages, event deco.... I hate flowers.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Guo Dai Li

The much talked about 'Guo Dai Li' has come and gone. Finally...! Everything went on so smoothly almost unbelievable. The return gifts that we prepared were so beautiful that mum and I stayed up till 3am just admiring it. Impressive!
Gifts from Harrison's Family:

Return gifts from my Family:

Oh, somemore, before I forgets, the wedding biscuits were the talk of the whole 'Guo Dai Li'. The packaging were so impressive that many didnt wanna eat them... hahaha.... It was very yummy!

To find out more about our Guo Dai Li, check out :

Another reason why we are so happy with the whole process was because, as far as we can remember, there were never ever a Guo Dai Li as complete and beautiful as ours. Even for all my uncles' weddings long ago, or those of my cousins', their Guo Dai Li custom have very much been simplified. It is not that our parents insisted on following the tradition, but Harrison & I decided we might as well do it. We just wanna experience & enjoy the tradition and we are glad we made that choice.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Moment Of 'ZEN' Admist Total Choaticness

I've been running around like a headless chicken recently. Reason being, our wedding is just 3 weeks away. There are quite a number of things left to finalise. The flowers, the table cloth, the tie-back, the candles and so forth. It'll be pretty simple if flowers are just flower and table cloth are just table cloth. But no, there are hundreds type of flowers and each type have variety of colours. So, that's the problem. To pick flowers that we like and match it to not only the table cloths but the whole setting right down to my dress. Mah fan...

Just got back from a meeting with another florist early this evening, a friend of my future mother-in-law, to discuss about flowers once again. Met another florist last week from the hotel, but they are charging ridiculous prices. We talked and talked about flowers, colours & etc. I tell you, I am actually 'ngan fa fa' already. Personally, am not particular with flowers. As long as it is pretty and goes well with my dress, I am a happy bride. She must have seen my 'expression-less' expression and in the end, she says she will do up some samples send it to us to help us in our imagination... hahaha... It is so nice of her!

And just yesterday, went with my future mother-in-law and some staff who will be helping us to usher on one of the day, to purchase coats for them at KL Plaza. I know it sounds kua cheong.... hahaha... i also dunno how it has evolved into this stage. Sigh... just go with the flow... ;) As long as everyone else is happy, I'll be happy.

Besides finalizing every details, this Saturday will be our Guo Dai Li day (Delivery of Big Gifts - part of chinese wedding tradition). So basically, Harrison's family will deliver to my house the Betrothal Gifts such as wedding money, red cloths for door, candles, liquor, roast pig and etc. And my family on the other hand, will need to prepare return gifts to them such as wedding biscuits, a pair of pants, wallet & belt for the groom, towels for my new in-laws, bed-spread, gifts for brother & sister-in-law plus many other funny stuff like wooden clogs, charcoals, baby tub & potty & etc.. It's a complicated, but part of our chinese cultural which we have chose to observe from the start. Personally, we felt that it is part of the fun of a chinese wedding.

Lucky for us, we have finalised all big issues months ago. Otherwise, it'll surely goes haywired... Not that it is difficult to plan a wedding, but planning a wedding with 5 separate do's can get a bit tacky sometimes. Just imagine this, let's not talk about flowers, hmm... ok, itinerary, it got to be multiply by 5. Different day has different programs. Then comes the song list. It's different too cause the guests are different. And besides these 5 separate events, in-between, still need to organise the logistic of outstation guests, snacks for guest at home + plastic utensils, cleaning & tidying of my house, my furkids, collection of gowns, organise angpows, hair combing ceremony, delivery of wedding invites.... oh boy...! hahahahaha......... its fun nevertheless.

So, when family & friends come with funny request or superb suggestions which they think is better than what I've already done, I am ready to bite off their heads, chew it & spit it back out... hahaha.... I know it is not right, tolerance & patience are the keywords here, but i just cant resist...muahahahahahaha...... looking for an outlet to shoot! lols *let's see who is the unlucky one*

Oh... somemore, not forgetting my business. Still have to find time to design stuff for clients...

Admist total choatic-ness, someone is certainly enjoying his moment of 'ZEN' here. My groom is relaxing with his soothing 'cucumber eye-mask'! Isshhh!

You see la.... stress or not????