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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Well Mannered New Daughter-In-Law

I don't usually read forwarded emails let alone share it. However, this one is too hillarious to let it pass. Received this from a friend recently and I wish to share it with you.
It says that, it is a myth that when a son gets married and a new daughter-in-law arrives in the family, everything changes. Some daughters-in-law are well trained and well mannered.... they don't come to change the family.

A new wife was being welcomed at the husband's home in a traditional manner. As expected she gave a speech:

'My dear family, I thank you for welcoming me in my new home and family. Firstly, my being here does not mean that I would want to change your way of life, your routine . No, I will never do that, never in a million years. I was brought up very strictly to respect my new home rules and their way of daily life.'

'What do you mean my child?' asked the father-in-law.

'What I mean dad is (looking at her in-laws);

Those who used to wash the dishes must carry on washing them.
Those who used to do the laundry must carry on doing it.
Those who cooked should not stop at my account, AND
Those who used to clean should continue cleaning!!!
'And what are you here for?' enquired the mother-in-law incredulously!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

TIPS: Let there be light!

This is an auto-timer where you can set when an electrical appliance should be switched ON or OFF. It is a very useful item to have at home. You can find these auto-timers almost everywhere; hardware shop, electrical appliances shop, supermarket and etc. There are many models to it. Some even come with a small digital LCD screen. Whatever it is, they all functions the same. The cheapest that I’ve come across are those sold in Ikea itself. It is equally reliable & functional. So don’t waste money on expensive ones.

An auto-timer is useful for:

1) Home lightings: To auto ON/OFF lightings at specific time without having the need to do it ourselves everyday. This is especially useful when we are on holiday. We can set the lights in our house to switch on automatically in the evening.

2) Slow-cooker: We may not want to boil our soup for too long. Therefore, we can use the auto-timer on the slow cooker so that it can automatically switch off after 5 hours of boiling and automatically switched on again half an hour before we are home, so that we get to enjoy hot, yummy & nutritious soup after a long day at work.

3) Radio: To auto ON a radio when we were away for holiday to scare off potential intruders. They might think there is someone at home.

4) Pets: To amuse your pets with automatic switched on toys when you are away for holidays. (Just kidding.)

There you have it. Hope this little tips will help you at home. Have a great new week ahead!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Slightly Interesting Happenings (... for the last two weeks) - Part 2

I shall continue my story. I went to see a skin doc last Tue cause i recently developed some stubborn rashes which just refused to go away. So, seen a dermatologist. He said it’s a kind of ezema. Gave me some cream to apply and 2 biji of pills. 1 biji 1 week. Must be damn keng medication. 3 days into applying the cream and taking the med, can see improvement already. And now, it is almost gone. They are not call a dermatologist for no reason. I’ve previously seen a GP for this rash. Instead of telling me what it is, he is asking me what it is. This is one of the things I hate about going to a GP. That’s why, sometimes I refused to go to a doc even though am not well. Prefer to prescribe myself with medication. If flu, clarinase + hot apple cider with honey. If fever, panadol. If sorethroat, Strepsils. Case closed. Anyway, this dumb GP just gave me some meds and ask me to see him again when the meds finished to see how the rash is. Do you believe it? There is not even a cream in sight to treat rashes. Of course I didn’t go back after that. Which fool would pay money only to diagnose his/her own condition? Definitely not me. Better to consult Dr Lee (in case u dont know, that's me).

So, yes, I did something to my hair early this week. Nothing new. Just the standard stuff. Touching up my hair colour and trimming of my unbelievable long hair. My hair grown so long all of a sudden, its kinda irritating cause its difficult to be tied up, and messy when it is let down. Don’t worry, didn’t cut it short even though I really fancy a bob. But no hairstylist is willing to style that for me. I believe, from their experience, they are sure I will look ‘super-cacat’ with a bob. Anyway, halfway thru trimming, I decided to have a fringe like what I had a year ago. So, here I am, a new hairstyle with a fringe + new colour. I am not going to show you any photo of my new look yet cause for time being, I think I look a bit weird with this new fringe. This time, I think my stylist cut it a little too short. So give me two weeks. In two weeks time, it should look just fine (hopefully)…. Hehehehehe…

So, with my new look, I had an oriental afternoon at this Thai restaurant called Celadon in Pavillion with a girlfriend on Wednesday. The ‘Oriental Chic’ themed fashion show event was organized by Harper’s Bazaar & Shanghai Tang. Didn’t dress to the theme cause my cheongsam or my aodai feels as though it gonna burst at its seams when tried on. I can imagine a *gasp* on your end… yes, I think I put on some weight. It’s plain fat, not baby… so stop imagining things…. hahaha…..ok ok… anyway, with my new fringe, also got a bit oriental-ish la…it is just a small fashion show featuring Shanghai Tang’s collection. Overall, it’s nice. They served yummy finger food and delicious lychee mint ice blended. As for the fashion, it is just not my style. Their designs revolving around fabrics with Chinese auspicious symbols prints like the yuan bao (gold ingot), double fish or the mystic knots. I tried very hard to like it, since they are also serving us yummy food, but arr…the price is crazily expensive. No point mentioning it here also. Might as well don't try so hard to like it. Hehehehe….

So, here u goes, summary of my slightly interesting happenings for last two weeks. Ok mou?

Slightly Interesting Happenings (..last two weeks) - Part 1

Chit chatted with a friend thru msn today and she said "update your blog la... sien la..."...now blogging became a stressful thing to do... hehehehe....i've nothing to blog about. Not that I've a boring life or that I've no life or nothing interesting happen. Just that whatever happened are not interesting enough to be blogged about. Understand what I am trying to say?

So, I gonna blogged about what I’ve done for the past two weeks. Its gonna be really long. The slightly interesting stuff that I’ve done are I've watched 3 dramas, read two books, went to a temple, yumcha with a friend, had dinner with another friends, seen a skin doc, coloured my hair, had a new hair cut and last but not least, attended a fashion show on top of the other stuff which I usually do – dinners with in-laws, gym, shopping, house chores & work.

Two of three dramas that I’ve watched are Korean chic’s flicks - My Lovely Kim Sam Soon (16 episodes) & Full House (20 episodes), and the other one is from HK TVB called ‘The Silver Chamber of Sorrows’ (25 episodes). It is nice to once in awhile, glued in front of the idiot box, chasing all these melodramas, disc after disc. With a glass of nice hot tea and a box of tissues nearby so that I can cry whole-heartedly during those standard sorrowful scenes, e.g. girl love boy, girl and boy breakup because of family opposing to their relationship, with a romantic song playing in the background, they will show how girl & boy went thru the break up… damn cham one… sure tears will start rolling down the cheeks until *hic* *hic*…hehehe… oh, word of caution here, make sure u removed all eye make-up before watching, otherwise, with all the tears rolling down, sure will look like ghost one… swollen eyes, mascara stain all the way from eye till jaw line (unless you wanna get a part in Pontianak 4)…hehehe…

Some movies on the other hand, instead of making me cry as though someone just died, they make me feel constipated. You know constipation? Wanna shit, but can’t shit? This kinda movie arr…damn mang chang (agitated) to watch. Logically, certain character should do/say certain thing, but mana tau, the scriptwriter chose to do/say otherwise, that causes further complication in the already complicated storyline. You know those kinda movies? Where they have those complicated plots, conspiracy against conspiracy, father conspire against mother, mother conspire against father to get the family inheritance, end of day, an uncle from dunno where plotted a greater conspiracy against father & mother for the inheritance. It is very stressful to watch this kinda movie. Suspense all the way. 25 episodes some more. You would say, since watch until so kan kor (difficult), why still wanna watch? So, if you shit until very kan kor, you don’t shit is it? Die die also must shit right? Otherwise, lagi kan kor… So, for this kinda movie, die die also must watch till the last disc, at least, less kan kor lor…hehehe…

As I said earlier, I’ve also read two books. One of the book is called ‘Innocent Little Ghosts’ by the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua & his Disciples which I picked up from the temple when we were there to pray during the ‘Goddess of Mercy’ festival. I love to read all these Buddhadharma books. They usually incorporate examples of real life stories into the teachings. I find it easier to understand. This particular book, is about abortion. What happened to terminated life and so forth. I find its content an eye opener, at least, for me as a Buddhist.

The other book that I’ve just finished reading is ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ by Khaled Hosseini. He wrote ‘The Kite Runner’. It is a story about two Afghanistan girls, their life before the Taliban, their friendship, their endurance & their hardship during the Taliban, and their emerging from struggles after the Taliban. Eventhough it is a fiction, the hardship, courage, suffering & endurance are real. It’s saddening to read that such torture still exists in the 20th century. The book is a pleasure to read if you wish to understand what goes on in Afghanistan the last decade, how Afghan women were being treated. How the character in the book have to have her child thru caesarian without anesthetic. Sad hor… go read la… at least, after reading, you will know how lucky you are in Malaysia. So stop complaining about our DPM have nothing better to do than officiating hi-tech public toilets… hehehehe…

As I’ve mentioned, I went yumcha with a girlfriend. We had a really long yumcha session last week at Sunway Pyramid for 3 hours at least I think. If not because she have to pick up her boy, I am sure we will stay thru dinner. Hahaha…Just that, it had been quite a long time since we last have a chance like this. That’s why the 3 hours talking. After that, I did felt my voice was kinda coarse. Hehehehe……It is nice to have someone that is in the same wavelength to talk to. It’s like an outlet for our cooped up dissatisfaction/unhappiness over certain issues or with certain people. The person who is listening, just have to agree and support whatever we are dissatisfied about. And we take turns to talk. Never ever disagree or give one’s opinion. In situation like this, sometimes, we do know that certain things we said or do are wrong, but we are just so unhappy about it that we just want someone to agree & support our decisions. Once all toxic are let out, we will be rational. This I promise. ;) Agree or not girls?

Managed to meet up with another friends of ours for a sate celup dinner which we accidentally chance upon when we were heading to SS15 (taylor’s area, not sure it is SS15 or SS19, whatever la..) for dinner. The sauce is good, the hygiene is good, they don’t recycle the sauce, and they don’t recycle the stick. The only no good is, out of the four of us, two of us ended up lou sai (purge) the entire night. This is being blogged cause the one that lou sai was not me, it was Harrison and our other friend. :D Therefore, we are so not going back there again.

It’s already 1:45am now. I’ll continue my story another day. Meantime, hope you enjoyed this blog.

*…akan disambung*

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Big Sale is on!

The Big Sale is on again... there are so many good deals this time round compared to many previous sales... seriously, very good sale. I really think so.
Whenever any sort of SALE is on, the stuff that is on sale are all usually rejected stuff, out dated, odd sizes or of weird designs which only aliens would wear. This time, all those that are on sale, are wearable stuff =) ... It is not only wearable, but dirt cheap as well after 50% or 70% discount! Surprising huh? Well, with our current economic state, they better give real discounts or suffer more losses... at least can rid all stocks.

With so many fantastic discount everywhere, it is so tempting to just buy, buy & buy.... sigh! With the increased in cost of living these days, every cents count. So, can't just spend, spend & spend like before =( Otherwise, I might have to start working 5 days a week, 9-5pm. Sad

We were in MidValley few days ago for dinner and managed to window shop a little. Everything is just so irresistable and seems to be shouting out at me... hmm... i think i've caught the 'big sale' disease...starting to imagine stuff.... hehehhee....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Beautiful Saturday Morning

Was part of the MRS convoy for a fellow member's wedding last Saturday. We were flagged off at the groom's house in USJ at 10:30am.
From USJ, we convoyed all the way to the Hindu Temple in Brickfields, where the ceremony were being held. Altogether, there were 8 of us. 2 blue, 2 red, 3 silver & 1 white.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning with clear blue sky. What a perfect day to get married.

Our best wishes to the newly weds.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

X-Files - "Where did the money went?"

Nothing interesting nor silly happen lately. Blame it on boring married life (of course there are ‘other’ interesting stuff, but I can’t blog about that here or my site will be categorize as 3-kap). Am cracking my head to look for interesting things to share, but failed shamelessly. How bored… Redbabe has nothing to blog about. Unbelievable.

The only interesting thing that happened since my last entry was that Harrison lost his RM500, don’t know when, and don’t know where. It is not exactly interesting la…sad more like it, but to-date, that’s the most happening thing that took place last week lor…

He took the money on Friday evening and only to realize it was gone on Sunday afternoon. Then he recalled he had accidentally left his wallet at home on Saturday morning when we were all out for breakfast together. As the maid is the only one at home then, she became the prime suspect. It is quite disturbing to think that the maid has taken the money because she has been portraying a very good image of herself to us this past one month. She is very hardworking and requires minimal supervision in her chores. It’ll be so disappointing if she did it.

We decided to just run thru the cctv recording for evidence. To our surprise, she not only did not went up to our room, throughout the 1 hour while we were out, she was just cleaning, cleaning & cleaning in the kitchen. Thank God for cctv or we would have accused an innocent soul.

Sigh…… So, where did that RM500 went??? Strange huh? We were at Prince Hotel for dinner on Friday night and went to Kinokuniya after that. Basically, that’s about what we did on Friday evening. Maybe the money had accidentally fallen out of the wallet by itself. But then if it really had so easily fallen out, why not the other receipts fall out together?

Maybe he had been pick-pocketed when we were in KLCC. But he was wearing his cargo pants which has a velcro seal for the pocket. Which pick-pocketeer would take the risk of putting back the wallet into the victim's pocket after taking it?

So, basically we are still pretty much blur as to where the money has dissappeared. Strange huh? Time to page for Agent Scully & Mulder....

Saturday, July 5, 2008


It is strange how we kept getting ourselves entwined with Tibetan monks lately. As you all know, my earlier entry noted how fate brought us to dine with a Rinpoche. This time round, we were invited by a close friend to join them at a Musical Charity Dinner. When we arrived at the dinner, only then we found out that the Charity Dinner was for Kasih Hospice as well as collecting funds for building of a new tibetan buddhist monastery in India.
During the dinner, had a conversation with my friend's mom and we chatted about a book I've read 'Living & Dying' (this is a book that i accidentally picked up, which was stored in my study for couple of years before reading it. It is something that opened my eyes, something that i can relate to). Anyway, she recommended for me to read "Steps On The Path to Enlightenment, Volume 2: Karma".
So, off we went last night to Kinokuniya. Found the recommended book easily admist millions of books, as if it is emitting some kinda supernatural power that says "look here... i am here".
I begin to tear just by reading the Introduction. Not that it is touching nor that I've read something enlightening, just that its English is so 'deep' that it is kinda difficult to understand without having to repeat each sentence couple of times... thus, the tearing, cause, am yawning non-stop. lols.....
Anyway, here is something to share. An excerpt from its "Introduction". Think about it:
"Once trapped in this cycle (Cyclic existence (samsara): birth, death, rebirth, death... ) we are subject to many painful diseases, some of which led to death. But no physical illness can compare to the disease of samsaric life itself. The disease of cyclic existence is a mental disease, a disease caused when the mind is infected by karma and afflictions. It is a disease that has produced incalculable sufferring because it has infected numberless beings since beginningless time. No ordinary medicine can cure this kind of deep sickness. The only remedy for the disease of samsaric suffering is the powermedicine of wisdom, which comes from the study and practise of the Dharma teachings."
I personally like the words 'incalculable suffering' & 'beginningless time'. How very true.
Just something to share. ;) Have a great weekend.