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Friday, July 26, 2013

Smart (not) Malaysian Identity Card

So, I have 3 months of maternity leave.  It is a lot to many of you.  Thanks to the robbers, half of it is spent running around getting all documents in place.  I have just collected my new IC with new address a day prior to the incident and have no choice but to reapply another.just as I thought I have gotten everything in place (credit cards, IC, ATM cards, passport), I was told I need to reapply for my driving license too despite of all info already merged into our IC.  

Our ICs are one smart cookie that comes with an embedded chip which stores all info as well as can be used as a cash card.  It supposed to be one card for all.  And now, despite of it being introduced at least 10 years ago, it's claimed functions are still not fully integrated and utilized.  

All that is left to say is, welcome to Malaysia.  I love my country very much.  Good or bad.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dear Baby Gabb - New Age Parenting

Dear Baby Gabb,

Tonight, mama carried and rocked you to sleep before putting you into your cot.  This have something to do with your spine & brain which will be elaborated later.  You looked sooo... cute!  You were even smiling (or smirking) despite of screaming your lungs out right before you dozed off.  So much expressions from your tiny little face which never fail to lighten mama.

They said electric cradle is bad for your spine and brain development.  They said formula milk is bad for you.  They also said non organic stuff are harmful. There are just too much info out there and mama is tired of reading them all.   Mama gonna just do her best.

But baby, if all that are bad and so horrific for you as claimed, then mama, dada, even PoPo and lots more friends of mama would have had crooked spine and became stupid for most of us grew up with electric cradle & formula milk.  But seriously, I believe we turned out pretty alright.

Still, because you are mama's baby, mama wanna be safe.  In order for you to gain enough sleep yet not having a bad spine or brain, mama kept the electric cradle to only night time.  Once you dozed off, we would carry you out into your cot.  PoPo on the other hand, would rock you in her arms during the day.  This way, mama is sure your spine would be good.  This is also the reason why you are sleeping in mama's arm tonight.

When come to milk though, mama thinks you have the best of both - breastmilk for all the antibodies your little body required & formula milk for all the nutrients you needed for growth!  Many other mommies may not agree and pretty adamant on feeding only breastmilk.  But, as your grandaunty Jo said, their last life must have been a cow, just let them be.  

Mama just ranting away cause she is just too tired of all those new age parenting crap.  Whatever whatever, mama just wish for you to grew up a fine young man, filled with compassion & love.

Ok, now mama need to do a final pump before she called it a night.

Sweet dreams sweetheart.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What to do when you are being robbed off your purse...

If you are robbed off your purse, this is what you should do:-

1) Cancel all credit cards & ATM cards.
2) Make a police report. Pls get certified true copy.
3) With the police report, apply for IC.
4) With the temporary IC, get new ATM cards.

If you are as unlucky as me being robbed of your passport too, appended below is what you should be doing:-

1) Head to your nearest Immigration Dept.
2) Acquire application form (IM.42 Pin 1/97) & investigation form (IM.42C).
3) Complete all forms.
4) The investigation form need to be signed witnessed by a Commisioner for Oath.
5) Prepare 2 copies of IC, 2 copies of birth cert, 2 passport size photos, 2 copies of certified police reports.  Pls bring along originals for verifications.
6) Submit all to 'Investigation Dept.' of immigration.
7) To call 5 days later for investigation outcome.
8) If approved for replacement, proceed with payments.

As for all the lain-lain cards... loyalty cards/membership cards & etc... just reapply as you go along. I am sure you can't remember all the cards you have. :p. I certainly can't.

To make life easier, as precaution, just make a copy of all your important documents including bank cards.

I shall know the outcome of my lost passport by this Friday.  Hopefully all is well and I am allowed a replacement.  Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Live in Malaysia

In Malaysia...

1) Hit & run.  When your vehicle being hit from behind, just drive straight to police station.  Or else, get robbed.

2) Drive blindly.  Do not get off your vehicle to remove flyers caught on windscreen despite of it blocking your view.  Just drive blindly.  Either way, you die.  Get killed in accident or get killed being robbed.

3) Carry your Prada/LV in paper bags.  Better still, keep them in cupboards at home.  Use only plastic bags for your $$$. Or else, get robbed.

4) Eat in.  Dine at home preferably.  Or else, get robbed.  There were increasing cases of restaurants being robbed.

5) No holidaying at beautiful secluded islands of Sabah.  Or else, get kidnapped & robbed.  Sipadan case.

6) Drag your laptop everywhere you go.  No hiding it even in car boot.

7) No talking on mobile by the road.  Or you will be talking to thin air within moments when the mobile being snatched.

8) At petrol station, get off car, open petrol cap, lock car, filled petrol, unlock car.  Or else, get robbed.

9) Keep your new flashy car wrapped up in plastic sheets at home.  Just keep driving that old junk of 10, 20 or 30 years preferably. Less conspicuous.

10) Just drape in curtains or your kakak's clothes when going out.  Don't look presentable and best if you look like a beggar.  Sure safe.

Conclusion, no dining out, no holidaying, no branded handbags, no new clothes.  Oh dear... we are going to get richer and richer.  How would these parasites handles it?  :p

I am sore cause I was robbed yesterday at a traffic light on my way home from the immigration.  A bike knocked into my left side mirror to distract and another bike with a pillion rider smashed my driver's side window, grabbed my bag which was well hidden between me and the door.  They got my bag.  All it took was just 2 seconds.  

Location: Traffic light in front of Tropicana Club
Date & Time: 10/7/2013, 1pm

Ladies, apparently it is not safe even between the door.