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Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye '07, hello '08!

Time just seem to really zapped by this year. It still feels like Happy 2007, but is already December now and in couple of days, its gonna be Happy 2008! Where have all the time in 2007 went? Or maybe it did really been zapped by some unexplanatory forces. Anyway, here's my resolution for 2008. Just something simple which I think is quite realistic (hopefully).
New Year Resolution
1) To exercise twice a week
2) To finish all existing supplements
3) To sleep more & snooze before 1am every night
4) To drink 1.5ltr of water a day
5) To go diving at least once
6) To get a tattoo
7) To visit a new country
8) To practise more tolerance & patience

Friday, December 28, 2007

"Tagging" Season

This the season to be 'tagging'.. falalala... lala.. la... la....

Yeah.... tagged again by Serena to list 7 annoyances of Rumba and then list and link to 7 more bloggers to do the same (which I am not going to do cause everyone else has been tagged).

Rumba is annoyed:

1) when Redbabe dont feed her human food (Rumba think she is a human and she deserve human food)
2) to eat kibbles (afterall, Rumba dunno that she is a dog and dog eat kibbles)
3) when Redbabe sleep thru the morning
4) when being punished to stay in the play pen
5) when neighbour's kids make lots of noise
6) when postman come to the door
7) when Redbabe is out all the time

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Cup Warmer

While I was at 1Utama yesterday, I decided to reward myself with a 'cup warmer' since it is only RM16+ . This is how the box looks like. So cute right! It says it warm up to 50 deg celcious. I was elated! Hooray, no more cold coffee!

Besides keeping the drinks warm, it will be lighted up too. Very very kawaii!

Unfortunately, my drink doesnt seem to warm even after sitting on the warmer for half an hour. Hmm..... maybe its the cup. Will try another cup next time.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry (haaaa....choo!) Christmas

I've finally fall sick. Am down with fever & flu. My body just function very differently from most people. I can just keep going and going without even feeling tired. WOnder where does all the energy come from. I sleep late, wake early, and am out of the house most of the time. I dont take nap..
When I fall sick, that's when I am too tired. It has always been like that. When I over-pushed myself, I'l fall sick. Normal human being, will feel tired but I dont.

I've been sleeping since yesterday. My body has finally boycott-ed. But boycott-ed at a wrong time. At Christmas? :( I've a function to attend tonight as well as tomorrow. I'll just skip tonight's. Hopefully, I am well enough for tomorrow's.

It's strange that I can never take a nap here in my home. My mind will always be too active and it's difficult to fall asleep during the day. It could be cause there are always 101 things that I need to do here. The laundry, bathe the dogs, clean the house, breakfast/lunch/dinner, check mails, bills and etc. I need to worry about all the tiny little things. That's why I can never rest peacefully during hours that I'm not suppose to rest. There are always things to do. Even now that I am half dead, I even thought of going for a body massage.... lols. Luckily I am too stoned to drive. Otherwise, I'll still be out. :p That's me, Redbabe the bionic woman. lols....

Another reason could be cause I feel that napping is a waste of time when I can complete many tasks rather than sleeping it away and accomplish nothing. I am a weird person. For eg, watching tv is also a waste of time to me. I still do watch tv. But while watching tv, i'll be doing some other stuff such as looking thru a magazine or doing some handicrafts. Or before I go to bed at night, I'll work on some sudoku puzzle or read some boring stuff till my eyes are tired instead of counting the sheeps.

So, is napping a waste of time?

Friday, December 21, 2007

2nd X'mas Party

Had a pre-xmas party at home last night; 2nd for this year, and it was great! Ermm.. no, fabulous more like it! Honestly, none of these words can describe how awesome the party was except for the after effect of it which leaves me 'feeling good' for the next couple of days. Then I know its an awesome party.

Nobody gets drunk or even tipsy cause the closest to alcohol that we served are just sparkling juice, and that is because we have pregnant mommies around. And no, we didnt play any mind boggling games nor any silly truth or dare. All we did was eat, talk, watch tv and the next thing we know, its already 11pm.. (the party started at 6pm). If it is not 11pm, I am sure we will still be munching & talking now... hehehe...

The reason it was so good was because we are all very comfortable with each other. There is no pretense. We eat, joke, laugh & relax while watching the kids running in circle.. while the christmas carols playing in the background and the tv on 'mute'. It was so much fun.

And we teased each other on the food we made... this time round, we have 2 new dishes, the 'bawah salad' & the Meltdown Cheesecake. The 'bawah salad' is actually 'kani salad'. It is called 'bawah' now cause a friend thought 'kani' sounds like down there (kanine). Mind u, she dont speak a word of malay or hokkien, yet she can think of that, creative huh? So, instead of calling it 'down there', they thought calling it 'bawah' will give the salad an exotic feel... hahahaha.. The Meltdown Cheesecake on the other hand was name such cause it practically meltdown! Its yummy though except its watery. So instead of having cheesecake, we all had cheese slurpy/mousse.

(Scott Lee, new addition to our group. He did his first turnover/flip last night. His mommi & daddi first met each other also in this house during my 2002 xmas party)

At different stage of life, we go thru different things. Last time, the main objective of our parties would be to finished as much liquor as possible and the earliest a party end, would be 2:00am. And I still remember those days, the only things you can find in my kitchen are booze and party utensils, paper cup, plates & etc. Nowadays, the main objective of our parties would be to finish all the food and by 11:30pm, everyone will be gone! Its funny how things have changed. Whatever it is, the feelings of these friendship remained unchanged.

This Christmas would be the last that I'll be celebrating in this home of mine of 6 years. By next Christmas, I'll be married, and hopefully there will have more awesome parties in our new marital home.

(Someone don't seems to be having much fun huh?)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

1st Xmas Party

My place has recently been nominated by my schoolmates to have our first Christmas party together and it was being held on the 8/12/07. It was great.
Everyone had fun chatting & eating. Had plenty of yummy food. This time round, the amount of food is just nice. Since I am an ex-convent, all my classmates are girls. Imagine having all girls bitching at the same time... gosh... our voices drown the christmas carols playing in the background. At one point, one of my girlfriend actually asked me to switch it off... I am like, whats is christmas party without christmas carols? duh.......
I always thought my house is spacious enough... but i forgotten that I've more things now.....so, squeezing 15 of us in is quite something...

Here is one for the album!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Friends Forever?

Another day ended beautifully. How often have we sit back and relax and admire the beauty around us? The beautiful friendship we have... our family... our love ones... or simply the beautiful sights around us...

Friends are very important to me (after my family). Boyfriends come and go and even marriage doesnt guarantee an ever after. Friends on the other hand will always be there to share all of our ups & downs. They will always be there to share our happiness when we found our 'the one' or to share our sorrows when our 'the one' turned out to be 'not the one'.

Therefore, I always treasure my friends. Not all friends though, just selected few who are sincere & real. Am suddenly into the topic of 'friendship' cause for the past week, I've had some great times hanging out with some friends. Both good and bad ones. It was awesome.

A good friend of mine, actually took a day off to hang out last Friday. Despite of doing nothing much, we had a great time. I guess the company alone is sufficient to make everything else great. We checked out my wedding gowns, did some shopping at Pyramid and the rest of the day, just lepaking at home. It was nice & cozy. Thanks a million for spending time with me and listen to my cerita-cerita! =)

Then on Saturday, had another great time at a spa's anniversary party with another girlfriend from 11am till 4pm. Besides trying their complimentary services, we pratically ate whole day and talk talk & talk. It was really good. Later that night, she invited me to the Live & Loud Pop Concert. Despite of the bad weather and having to lounge on the grass and also to endure the yucky performance by some yucky artists, we had a great time hanging out together. When Shaggy performed, we went crazy. We end the night with a sinful 'wan tan mee' supper at Sg. Besi.. Thanks for inviting us. Dunno about you guys, I know I had a great time!

The next morning, met up with another girlfriend of mine for brunch, who was once a really really good friend. I mentioned 'once' cause we were indeed really good friend couple of years ago but drifted apart (cause i chose to). She broke our friendship with her neverending lies and zero apologies/explanation. I am not the 'siu hei' type, but trust me, the lies are super. I am just glad that I am finally found the tiny space in my heart to forgive her. Time heals all pain.
Each time, after hanging out with friends, it never fail to give me a 'feel good' feeling. I always had a great time. Being one's friend, its a privilege. So one shall not abuse that privilege. One shall not take a friend for granted or make use of them. Friendship should always be sincere, truthful and honest. We must always respect our friendship and make time for each other. =)
This is dedicated to all my good friends out there.. you know who you are. Thanks for being my friend and you know you guys matters a lot to me.
p/s: oh, btw, just for your info, Whitney Houston's performance sux at Live & Loud. =p