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Saturday, October 30, 2010

My 2days In Between

No, I did not abandon my blog.  Was a little busy.  Still is.  Busy having fun, busy living life, busy clearing the dirty laundries after the fun (the not-so-fun part)... hehehe...  Seriously, I actually have to call the boss to tell him that I won't be going into the office this week (which I told him I would for a day) just so I have time to clear the laundries before the next adventure start or I would end up having not enough clean undies... hehehehe.  I know, I know, I heard of that '1 undies can last for 4 days' technique.  Errm... no thank you.  I rather go commando. :p Lols...  In case you haven't heard of, it is like this:

1) Wear it like normal.
2) Wear with the back facing front.
3) Overturn, inside out, wear it like normal. (terbalik la..)
4) Still inside out, shift the back to the front.

Hehehehe.... According to some 'expert', it was more than 4 wears.  I just couldn't think of it at this moment (zzzz).  Lols... 4 wears already grossed me out! :p
And here's the fun part prior to all the not-so-fun part (i.e. laundries).  Was away in Cambodia for a 3d/2n trip to kiss the Buddha! ;)  It was a great trip despite it being a really short and hot one.  We actually have only 2 full days + 2 nights as we left the country pretty early in the morning on the last day.
Visited all the 'Wats' (temples).  They are amazing.  I'll write more about it with pictures as soon as I get back from my next adventure which is due to depart in exactly 6 hours.

These two days that I had between the two trips is simply crazy.  Besides doing up all the laundries, managed to squeeze in some shopping too.  Got myself some long sleeves shirts when I realized that all that I have in my wardrobes are just singlets (so not suitable for winter) while packing, a new pair of walking shoe to replace my worn out Clark and even visited the Kuala Lumpur Photography Fair this morning and gotten a new addition to my camera before picking up mom from the bus station!   Talking about cekap-ness (efficient-ness)!
And that's not all.  Just got home not too long ago from Frances Yip's concert with mom and my in-laws, courtesy of the later (which was a pink charity event organized in conjunction with the October Breast Cancer awareness month).  Though she is an evergreen singer, I enjoyed her performance immensely!  Her singing were simply fantastic.  I guess I am just an old soul trapped in a young body afterall.  Hehehehe...

Anyway, finally finished packing.  Need to stop now to catch some sleep.  Will blog more when I get back. Stay cool ya!  Be back soon!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Gist Of Everything Last Week

There are so much to do these days and I hardly have much time to sit down, organize my brain and blog.   I gonna just sum everything up.

The Accidental Agent
I recently decided to join a Unit Trust team to gain more knowledge on my own investment.  I am never a finance/investment person to start with.  It usually takes me longer time to decipher financial stuff.  That's why this decision.  Knowledge gaining.  And, I accidentally passed my Unit Trust exam two weeks ago after attending a one day course.  Accidentally cause I wasn't prepared.  On the morning of the exam, of the 6 sample exam sheets that I have, 50% of the one sample sheet I picked to revise on came out in the exam.  The 'lucky' wind must be blowing my direction lately.  First I got the walkman I wanted for free.  And now, the passing of this exam.  :)  Believe it not, I am now an official Unit Trust Agent.  Lols...  
Dance class
Participated a new class on Monday night which I somehow always conveniently forgets throughout the day (to the extend of planning what I wanna do that night, movies, or shopping) until I was on my way home from work in the evening, it will suddenly dawn on me and I'll go "Oh shoot...!".  Haven't quite implanted it in the system yet despite of having attended it for the last 3 weeks. :p  What's happening?!
Morning JogAWalk
Our 3x weekly jogawalk started about a month ago has been reduced to just once weekly for the past week and this week.  Past week cause my legs were aching from a new dance I was trying to master and this week cause of the damn flu bug. :(  I actually went for it yesterday morning hoping it will chase the bugs away.  I always have this strange notion that, as long as I keep working, the lethargic-ness will go away.  Sickness will cure.  Unfortunately, it was just wistful thinking on my part.  It actually got worst.  For the whole of yesterday, the only picture that kept popping up in my mind was this 'battery low' icon.  I actually fell asleep on the couch while watching tv.  My batt must be really low.  Finally depleted after so much activities for the past month.  Quite lasting also....
Mambo Jambo-ing
As it has been quite sometime since we last went clubbing (7 months ago), it was time for us to head down to Zouk again to make our presents felt and we did just that last Wednesday.  The excuse was to celebrate our 10.10.10 run.  Yeah, it's lame I know.  Just another excuse to party and drink.  Hahaha.... Despite of the not-so-good crowd, we had a great time & got home only at 3:30am!  Lols.  Not-so-good crowd was because, on the few times that we were there, we actually have bouncers protecting us from all the attentions we had; people buying us drinks, people wanting to dance with us.  That Wed, we didn't get much attention cause the club was filled with gays from an earlier event nearby. :(  So, it was sort of boring la... what to do? We love attention.  We feed on it.  Our way of evaluating our market value.  Our confident booster... hahahaha.... Agree?

Car Workshop & Women
Being an 'ok' automobile-savy girl, I was awoken by a phone call from Flor the next morning after the night out.  Still feeling rather groggy, all I heard was, is it ok to pay RM3k+ for the repair of 2 doors (auto lock  & power window mechanism), a steering wheels plus a brand new stereo?  I was like... wtf?  Overhauling a whole van cost only RM3k and this few things cost RM3k??!  In the end, had her sent the car to our regular workshop and in total, it cost her only RM1.3k.  Should have been able to save more if she have not felt obligated to let the first workshop fix something which cost her RM600+.  Typical daylight robbery.  I really hate all these car workshops/accessories shop.  I think when they see us women driver coming into the shop, all they see is just $$$$$.  Ask any 10 ladies and I bet 9 out of that have experience this.  They are suppose to help us.  Not take advantage of our ignorance.  Tsk tsk! How many of you ladies out there experience an episode with these dishonest workshops?
Horror Flicks
After picking Flor from the workshop, she convinced me to watch this horror flick called 'Child's Eye'.  Having not watch a horror movies since dunno when, I was actually kinda excited despite of my reluctance.  Throughout the movie, 80% of the time, I was hiding behind my shawl.  I tell you, when I went to bed that night, I was already imagining things and spooking myself out.  Lols... I am super useless when come to things like these. Hehehehe... despite of shielding my eyes with a shawl, I can still see shapes thru it ok...lols...  Can't see it's eyes, nose or any facial expression.  Still, it freaks me out.  :p  At one part, Flor went "just look at the dog, so cute cute one, not scary one"... yeah, the dog may be cute cute and not scary, but the dog is barking at the spirit ok...lols *faint*
Went for an early dinner at Italianese after that cause we couldn't resist the delicious smell when we walk pass it.  Found ourselves a nice table with a good view, ordered two latte and a classic pizza!  Blissful. At least it calms the nerves a little after the first self imposed torturing ordeal. :p

Ex-Schoolmates Gathering
From 4 confirmed pax, it became 3, then 2.  Lols...  Went ahead somehow cause personally I prefer smaller group gathering.  At least I get a chance to really talk to that person.  Coincidentally both of us left office early and decided to meet up at a karaoke nearby to enjoy their happy hour rates singing our hearts out (RM18++ per pax for 3 hours) before heading out for dinner.  It was a good stress reliever (not that I am very stressful or what... nevertheless, it is good to scream our lungs out every now and then.  Hehehe...  Eventhough it was just the two of us, we had a great time!
Car Outing
The husband had a car outing on Saturday, having nothing else to do, I decided to tag along.  The weather was crazy hot that day.  In fact, everyday for the past forever has been hot.  Sometimes, I am not even sure if it is me that is having fever or just the weather that's making me feel hot.  The outing was quite a bored.  But luckily met some other friends who were from my car group.  Not too bad. :)  I tell you, all these car outing are pretty lame actually.  All they do is just meet up at a place, go for a drink nearby, then proceed to checking out each other's car.  The thing is, what is there to see?  All cars have 4 wheels, no?  All cars have engine no? Sigh....  Didn't bring my camera.  Shot with my mobile instead.  The light from the sun setting was too beautiful to resist.  It turned out ok.  Love this pic.

Salsaing @ Modesto
As usual, we try to make it to Modesto on Saturdays for some salsa. It was a little packed that evening.  Plus the hot weather, after couple of dances, we were practically drowning in our own sweat.  Drenched thru our undies.  The weather was that hot.  I gonna so bring extra shirts for change next time.  Gonna throw out the dresses.  It gonna be just jeans and tshirt and tshirt and tshirt... 

The Day I Got The Bug
When I woke up on Sunday morning, I knew I've caught the virus from the husband.  My throat was not feeling too good  *sigh*.  I've already warned him not to pass whatever he got to me cause I am too busy to be sick.  And guess what he said?  He said... "love me, love my virus.". wtf? -.-  I made him repair a handheld battery operated fan for me as a punishment for spreading his virus to me.  :p  I know it is unreasonable, but I don't care.  >:-( 

Am glad I finally feeling much better now *fingers + toes crossed*.  Kept popping pills every 4 hours.  Need to get well as soon as I can for I am due for another adventure in 5 days time.  Can't afford to be stopped for H1N1.

And here you have it, a gist of everything last week. Goodnight!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Nose Ran Too

Whenever someone asked me "Hey, how are you?".  My reply is always, "Great!".  Can't think of anything lesser than GREAT.  I am always great.  Even at times when I am down with a runny nose, sore throat, watery eyes, like how I am now.  Lols.  Yes, I am still feeling GREAT!!!

It may be a little cumbersome having to blow my nose every now and then, a little uncomfortable even with the slightly rise temperature.  All are still awesomely great.  Ahh.... choooooooo! Lols...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wow... I got an Award!

I got a pleasant surprise few days back when I was doing my usual morning round of blog hopping.  Found out that I was awarded "The Versatile Blogger" title from Mrs K of Learn(ing) to Enjoy The Rain!  Thank you Mrs K. ;)
Believe it not, this is my first award throughout my 3 years of blogging (Wow! I've been blogging for 3 years already??!?  Unbelievable!).  So imagine my ecstaticness when I found out that I was awarded with this one!  No, not to the extend of jumping off the couch running around doing that celebration dance in my thong.  But, close to that.  Close... lols...

Though it is just some unofficial awards that goes around the bloggersphere and it doesn't really mean much to most, it meant a lot to me.  It meant that someone out there notice me! Yay!!!  Hehehe....

There are some rules attached to this award though.  I am suppose to:-
  • Thank and link back to the person who gave me the award.
  • Share 7 things about myself.
  • Pass the award along to 15 other bloggers who I recently discovered and think they are fabulous.
  • Contact the bloggers I've chosen and let them know about the award.
So, here you have it.  Seven things about me which you'll never know unless you are someone really really close (psstt.... some they don't even know...):

1) I don't like anybody to touch my brand new magazine.  Only after I've read them.
2) I love sudoku - I'll only do the tough ones and leave the easy ones for mom. :p
3) I have stubby fingers without my long nails.
4) My second toe is longer than the rest of my toes.
5) I hate asian horror movies.  The freaks me out.
6) I dream every night (dreamless sleep are a rare occassions really).
7) I never knew I could cook. I just cook & bake naturally. :p 

And took up the challenge to discover 15 other bloggers who I recently (& not too recently) stumbled upon and think they are fabulous.  Believe me, this is no easy task. :-

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ten, Ten, Ten!!! We 'RAN' the walk!

Yesterday should be one of the main highlights for me in 2010.  An extreme HIGHLIGHT indeed with those fluorescent yellow/green shirt.  I am still feeling the 'high' from it.... lols
The atmosphere at 6:30am in the morning was electrifying with JJ from the Hitz Morning Crew prepping and motivating us up for the run.  Usher can be heard blaring out OMG from kick ass huge speakers every corners.  It was so loud that we actually used our walkman as earplugs.  :p  You can imagine.  Pity those rich folks staying in those expensive/exclusive condos nearby.  But then again, they might have dreamt they were at Usher's concert... lols  :p  
Photo from JJ's blog.

It was horrifying seeing the tees for the first time when we collected it last week.  But yesterday's morning, seeing it with thousands of heads bobbing up and down painting the town fluorescent yellow green as we ran along, it was super duper fantastically AWESOME!  I should have brought my camera (all photos here are taking thru my mobile and stolen from friends)! The sight were mind boggling.  Especially when the street lights went off at the breaking of dawn as the sky turned from black to dark blueish, we actually GLOW in the dark!!! Thousands of us went..."Wow................." simultaneously.  Lols......
 That's us after completing our 5km - Florence (partially hidden), yours truly and Mambo
This one here with all our faces in it taken from Mambo's mobile.  Wanted to take a photo with all the runners for our pledge but unfortunately,  everyone look the same yesterday.  Difficult to locate people.
We do not have a separate run number bib as our numbers are all pre-printed on our tees.  But we are each given a canggih monggih (hi-tech) use and throw strip like this one here which has priory been tagged to us to be hooked thru our shoe laces.  What it does was, it record the time we crossed the start line, the kilometer markers, the finish line and automatically compute the total time we took to complete the 5km.  All I've to do now is to just key in my bib number at their website and I'll be able to see how I did at the run.  Neat stuff huh?
The fastest time recorded for our 5km category were as follows:
Men's Open - 18:06
Women's Open - 23:15
Men's Under 25 - 19:23
Women's Under 25 - 19:01

5km in 18:06!  Goodness me.  3.5min per kilometer.  Must be sprinting all the way non stop.  Where did they get all those stamina/energy??  Shorter than half the time I took.  :p

Our group did pretty well too.  All of us completed what we set out to accomplish. :)  Achieving results better than what we expected!  Well done girls & boys!!
Gladys Lee a.k.a. Redbabe (5km) - 40:31 (approx. 8:06min/km)
Jo Lee (10km) - 60:00 (approx. 6min/km)
Lilian Yeo (5km) (t.b.a.)
Charlie Chia (10km) (t.b.a.)
Evelyn Ang Loo (5km) - 37:02 (approx. 7:24min/km)
Florence Lee (5km) - 46:27  (approx. 9:17min/km)
Mambo Ng (5km) - 47:24 (approx. 9:28min/km)
The organizer distributing bananas out to the monkeys runners at the Nike Carnival site :p.  Supply of energy and potassium.  We were searching for the banana booth high and low when we saw lots of people munching it down.  Not that we are hungry.  We were just greedy.  I had two which had me bloated with gas after that :p.  When I got home, quickly rushed to the toilet and farted the longest most disgusting fart in my entire life which reminded me of that FROG mtv.... prattt pratttt prattttt.... :p  It must have been a result from banana + 100plus + drinking water + breakfast and etc... lols.  A sure 'gas' concoction!  Yeah, I know, this part is pretty EWWWW.....hahahaha...
Went for a hearty breakfast at Levain along Jalan Delima, KL, after that (after the run.  Not after the fart. Hehehe :p)  It has recently been my favourite place to hang out.  Been there 4 times just the past two weeks. :p  They served freshly baked bread, cakes as well as lunches.  Very cosy place with colourful petunias everywhere. 
Together with our cafelatte, we had this bun which we called the 'alien' bun cause we thought it look cute. 
And this strawberry tart too cause it was pretty (tasted yummy too).
No, not just that alien bun + strawberry tart.  Those were just appetizers.  We each had a sumptuos breakfast plate too. :p  Yeah, ran only for 5km but ate like a king and queen.  What the heck... lots of effort ok for first timers.  Lols...
Florence & I got Ari (the purple guy above) as a memento upon completion of our run at the finish line.  I thought he looked sleepy and boring but Florence said he is not sleepy, he is just looking 'cool'.  Hmm.... -.-

I saw some other runners got Jay which was wearing really cool shades and I thought it might be because the time we took to complete was categorized under 'lousy/slow'.  That's why the sleepy  Ari character.... lols...  But when I found out Mambo got 'Jay' too, I knew it must have been random. :p

Thinking back, it was a little hillarious.  We were all so hyped up for this run.  All the trainings, talking, excitement and was even a little nervous a day prior to 10.10.10.  As if we were running 50km. Lols... all those excitement were just for a 5km run which lasted less than an hour.  Hahahaha.... 
But then again, whatever it is, most importantly, WE DID IT! We didn't just talk the talk but we even 'ran' the walk!  Good job!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Face Threading Experience

I've always noticed that I've lots of fine hair on my face (quite a hairy person actually).  No, not gorilla kind of hairy but those really fine and light coloured fur hair.  So on one of the trip back in Kluang last month for Mid Autumn Festival, I itchy backside decided to go for 'face threading'.  Reason being, I've this strange idea that it will result in less pores being clogged up, less blackheads, less breakouts thus smoother and brighter skin. :p
One look at this expression I bet you can tell that it was painful.  Trust me, it was.  Tear jerking kind of painful.   Droplets of tears were forming at the corners of my eyes.  For the first 60 seconds, on that chair of torture, I wonder why did I put myself thru it. - Answer: Vanity.  Lols.....

Short history:
An ancient method of hair removal practised by the Persians for the eyebrows and spread amongst the Iranians for the entire face. 

The practitioner hold one end of a thin, twisted cotton thread in her teeth and the other end in the left hand and rolled it over untidy hairlines, moustaches and so on, plucking hair at its' follicle level.

Advantages (own observation):
Inexpensive (mine was RM25), fast & neat.  Face appear smoother and make up stays.  The pain can be rather enjoyable after awhile... :p

Disadvantages (own observation):
Can get pretty painful at the beginning.  Slight itching & reddening after the procedure. 
Once I got used to the initial pain, it wasn't that bad.  Quite alright in fact.  Only when it come to those sensitive parts - around the lips, it was torture all over again. :p 
Personally, I find this is more painful than when I had my tattoo done.
The end result.  True enough, less clogged up pores thus less blackheads, less breakouts.  Smoother & brighter skin too.  Will I do it again?  A definite NO, NO & NO.  :p

Friday, October 8, 2010

Birds & Tears

A bird poop-ed on me this morning while I was out for a walk with @missyblurkit (Evie).  Yeah, I know, what's the odd right??  The only lucky thing about the episode was, it landed on my shirt.  If I'd walk 0.0003 seconds faster, it would have smack right on my nose.  Imagine that... :p EWWWWWWW.... with everything capitals... that's right... lols!

Anyway, here is something I left out sometime ago when I was back in Kluang.  Went back to visit mom for Mooncake Festival.  Just the usual lepak chill and eating.  Nothing much.  But I did went for something out of the ordinary.  You wouldn't have guess what I did.  Hint: A tear jerking experience.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You Contribute The Monies, We Contribute The Sweat!

Remember I mentioned something about pledging for every kilometer completed for our run come this Nike10KMalaysia Run on 10.10.10?  Well, here's your chance to do some charity thru our blood and sweat with every kilometer we accomplished.

As you already know, a bunch of us will be running on the 10th October and we urge that you can pledge a minimum of RM10 for every KM that we completed. Ken Chin of KCAT Services will be auditing the account for the funds and ensure that 100% of the monies received will be split in equal share in bank drafts to:
(1) HOPE Malaysia
(2) Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

As promised, the sweats will be on us:-
Gladys Lee a.k.a. Redbabe (5km)
Jo Lee (10km)
Lilian Yeo (5km)
Charlie Chia (10km)
Evelyn Ang Loo (5km)
Florence Lee (5km)
Mambo Ng (5km)

So basically you can opt to pledge for all of us :) or even one of us or some of us.  The maths works out as follows:-
--> If you pledge on me (Redbabe) who runs 5km = 5km x RM10/km = RM50
--> If you pledge on all of us ;)  = 45km x RM10/km = RM450

A bank account has been jointly opened by Jo & Evelyn at RHB 1-14138-0040592-3.

Please bank in your pledge and email us at Nike101010@evoke.cc with your reference number and the amount you have banked in.

Closing date: 17th October 2010.

Let's do some charity together.  Every little effort will make a difference big or small.  We will crawl to the finish line if we have to. :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Running, Dancing Plus A Day Trip To Malacca!

The whole of last week has been super awesome.  Did so much, met so many, covered more KMs.  Though a little tiring, it was all worth it.  I believe once I get used to the routine, it will all be alright.  

Other than the cakes that I've baked, the few special people that I've met up with, the kilometers that I've conquered with my run buddies Evie and Florence, the new Walkman from Sony, I have also gone to Malacca for a day trip with my bunch of crazy  friends for some makan-makan (eating spree), made a decision to accept an offer to start training for a dance team audition (not sure if I made the cut yet), completed my first 5km on a threadmill and collected our run pack for the Nike 10.10.10 marathon!  How much more awesome can it get?
That's the official event tshirt that we will be running in.  No separate bib.  The number has been pre-printed on the t-shirt.  Nike dri-fit tshirt... don't play play. Other than that, there were also a 'race day guide' and a dunno what (that red thingy) that we are supposed to latch onto our trainers to monitor our run.  My first reaction when I saw the colour of the shirt was... "Wah... blind also can see wor...".... lols... Florence was even funnier, when she got into the car, she went... "Very nice colour.  When the race is over can wear to direct traffic.".  Hahahaha....

Our trip to Malacca was originally planned for Penang.  As the date got nearer, we decided to just head down to Malacca for a day trip.  The main itinerary was for this mouth watering Cendol dessert. (shaved ice drizzled with generous portion of 'gula melaka' and coconut milk).  The rest of the day is just to go with the flow... lols...
Of course it has to be our first stop.  :)  We even did our meal backwards because of that.  Started with dessert, only then followed by the main course.   Lols...  It does taste heavenly even to a non-santan (coconut milk) lover like me.  Or perhaps it was because after talking & laughing non-stop throughout our 1 hour journey, it just tasted extra refreshing.  Lols...
We ordered ourselves some Nyonya dishes for lunch - Asam Fish (good), Ayam Ponte (so-so), Otak-Otak (good), Paku Vege (good) & Fried Cincaluk Eggs (normal).  The lunch was absolutely hearty.
With stomachs filled, it was time to explore the city.  As it was extreme hot, the thoughts of walking under the hot sun were not really inviting.  We decided to head for Pahlawan mall.  At least, aircond please!  Enroute, passing by the 257 years old Christ Church Melaka.  Landmark of Melaka, our historical city.
At the mall, we went a little mad trying out all those funky sunnies.  Was so tempted to buy one of those with diamond studded frame for Halloween.  But not sure who I wanna go dress up as yet...lols... better not waste $$$.  Am currently on my personal 'OPERATION CODE RED' a.k.a. 'OPERATION DO NOT SIMPLY SPEND MONEY'...lols... But somehow, dunno how it happened, I accidentally bought a pair of Nike shorts last night which sent the husband o.O ... "......... and you BOUGHT it?".  Then I pretended to be ladened with guilt and he bought me Haadgen Daz.  Lols....
Anyway, back to our day trip, our next stop was coffee at this little cafe above the mall that served delicious layered cake.  It was really good.  Slightly different from the standard layered cake we usually have.  Instead of 100% of sponge cake in layers, they filled their's with some cream/egg thingy every alternate layer.  Tasted  somewhat like beaten egg whites with icing sugar.  Yup, that's right.  Beaten egg whites + icing sugar.  Nice. 
Jonker Street (a.k.a. Jalan Hang Jebat) was next after chilling out at the mall for 2 hours.  We parked our car quite a distance away and took the opportunity to explore down some historical corridors.  Well, since it is known as the historical city, I bet every dust that sticks on our skin are historical as well and that includes the corridors too. :p
 Spotted an old fashion set up of a boutique selling these lovely kebayas.  Nice...! :)
We made Harrison take from a high angle so that we look slim & nice. :p  It works!  I think I've slim thighs, slim arms, slim face here!  Praise the man!  The only thing is, I thought we also look like 3 cartoons....lols...
A little research revealed that The Stadhuys was built by the Dutch in 1650 to house the Dutch Governors in Malaya.  It was a reproduction of the Frisian town of Hoorn in the Netherlands between 1420 until 1796.  It was not originally red.  Only painted in 'salmon red' by the British in 1911, 85 years after they took over from the Dutch in 1826.  Why 'Salmon Red'?  Reason not known though.  I think maybe they have consulted some local bomoh who advised them that RED is good to ward off evil kua... lols :p (don't believe me on the last sentence, I just gone mad a little.).  Hehehe....
Pretty flowers dotting the landscape of The Stadhuys.  Lovely... wonder why my garden never bloom like that... Ahhh.... I know, because I am the gardener.  That's why... :p
The cleaned up Malacca river.  What a pretty sight.  Wish that all our rivers in Malaysia look this.  No floating plastic bags... floating bottles... floating carcasses... floating babies, oppstt, did I just said that.
Cartoons in action in front of 'Sam Shu Gong' (a stall selling local goodies).
Sampling all the cool refreshing drink offered in 'Sam Shu Gong' to quench our thirst.  But, didn't buy any... lols....
Jonker's Street.  Apparently it used to be where the rich people live during the era of the Dutch colonization.  Today, it housed the not-to-be-missed weekend night markets for tourists and local alike.  You can find plenty of knicks knacks, keepsakes or even antiques too (but not sure how authentic are they). ;)
Spotted some big white birds (seagull I think) flying in V-formation.  They are so pretty.  Our life are surrounded by lots of beautiful things.  We just have to open our eyes to see. :)
A huge giraffe hidden at the back of some alleyways on way down a narrow path to Cheng Ho's Tea House.  Don't ask me.  Not sure why they built such huge giraffe in the middle of no where.
Our final stop at Jonker was this place - The Geographer's Cafe.  I've passed this place so many times but never once did I stopover for a drink until now.  Quite a nice place.  Very cosy.  Love the colours there - green, orangy yellow, brown....
A bucketful of icy cool Carlsberg beers to the rescue.  It was freaking hot that day.  But then again, Malacca is always stuffy and hot.  Nothing beats a cold beer after a hot day. :)
Can't remember what was the conversation about.  Lols...
Bollywood actors and actresses trying to act natural.  But I like.... :)  Very nice.
Our dinner destination.  Another alleyway.
Eat squatting down on miniature stools.  Check out the red pails in the middle of the table.  They actually make a hole in the middle of the table to fit the pails.
The pails are for discarded shells :)  The shells/clams were really fresh and yummy.  It has been years  since I last had any of those.  Just couldn't open up the shells.  The girls were so kind taking turn opening them for me.  Lols.... So sweet.  No, extra sweet actually.  Hehehe 
We called it a day after dinner and headed straight back to KL.  We had such a free & easy 'go with the flow' day in Malacca.  Everybody enjoyed so much and that include me & the husband.  Never like fixed itinerary.  Fixed itineraries are boring.  Spontaneous is fun.  No expectation, more surprises. :)  That should also be how we live our life!