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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finally Done.

Finally done.  Just completed & uploaded for printing. :)  Was doing the final tweaking at Coffee Bean up in Genting while car talking just now.  The superbikers where there too.  Nice weather + coffee + cupcake + good company while I finish upvmy 'work'.  Not too bad. :)

I felt so relieved.  Next project, finalising Korea itinerary. Oh god.......... -.-

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dilly's Daily Dilemma - Redbabe's Remedy

A listener called up to Dilly's Daily Dilemma this morning on MixFM.  His dilemma was, "whether he should propose to his long time girlfriend who will be working in New Zealand for 6 months".

And I, sitting in my car in the middle of a traffic jam wonders... "What kind of man is that?"  The fact that he have to call up to Dilly to solve his dilemma isn't it obvious enough? 

1) If asking someone he love to spend the rest of her life with him is a dilemma, then why condemed himself thru such a torture for the rest of his life. 

2) For so long they were together, he never thought of proposing.  Just because she is leaving for New Zealand for 6 months now, he suddenly thought of it.  How selfish is that?

3) The 'root reason' for this entire thing is totally wrong.  The proposal was out of fear more than out of LOVE.  Fear of losing her that's why the proposal.  One don't embark on a new journey together like that.

If I were the girl, I would run as fast as possible. :p  Obviously he doesn't love her enough to want her for life. There shouldn't be hesitation more so a dilemma.  If wanting me is such a dilemma, then might as well not.  :)

If I am the guy, I would use this 6 months as a test to our relationship.  If we survive, we will survived whatever else that comes after that.  I would visit her (if I can afford it), and probably, proposed to her at one of those many beautiful scenic spots in the land of the kiwis.  But if I can't afford it, I will make sure she knows how much she matters throughout the 6 months and propose when she return so that she knows I can't live without her.

Stupid guy.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still Photobooking...

Oh gosh... I have finally completed 30 pages of the Photobook.  Another 10 pages more to go before the 'tweaking' stage.  After that, one or two final check before uploading.  How awesome!  Can't wait.

So much to do.  So little time.  I finally succumbed to hire help for domestic chores.  What a bliss!  At least my brain get to relax a little  Can't stand doing anything with chores constantly nagging at the back of my head.  Too much life.  Was just browsing thru all the photos that I was tagged in FB and was already tired just looking at them - cars, traveling, drinking, doggies outings, painting, photography, dancing, diving, karaoke, parties; it is like I am involved in everything.  Hardly have any energy left for chores.

Thankfully, I've recently pulled myself out of the 'flip & dip' workshop after a small injuries.  Can't afford to have more serious injuries.  I won't have the time for therapy & treatment.  At least I have a little more time now :)  For that, I am really glad.

After this Photobook project, it would be the planning of our Korea itinerary.  Oh gosh.... 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Of Photobook(s) & Queen of Procastination

A long time ago, before the existence of all those online vouchers/groupons/milkadeal sites, I bought two Photobook vouchers from Photobook itself.  It was a promotion for Hari Raya or something.  RM69 for a 11" x 8.5" imagewrapped photobook instead of RM256.  I bought two vouchers.  They are valid for 24 months.

Somewhere around last year, I needed to compile photos taken from all vacations with mom.  Instead of using my existing vouchers, I took up another promotion that was going on then.  One for one.  Can't remember how much though.  Mom & I would each have an exact replica.  How wonderful!

Another year passes by and now, the two vouchers I am holding on would be expiring on 31/3/2012.  Of 365 days x 2 years, I've been procastinating.  Finally getting my big fat ass around to rush it off.  Completed one over the weekend.  Another one to go... *yawn*! 

Sigh... lesson never learnt.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

St Patrick @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

This year, is my second time celebrating St Patrick @ Changkat.  Was there last year, sort of like a 'let's go look see then go home' kinda thing but ended up having a great time till way past midnight, had so much fun and swear that we will definitely be back next year (2012).  And this year, after another fun filled evening, all I can say is, "I AM SO GOING BACK NEXT YEAR!!!".  :)
If you have missed it, don't worry, there are few more that you can catch before the end of March!

29th @ Souled Out, Sri Hartamas
29th @ Backyard, Sri Hartamas
31st @ Jonker Street, Malacca (I think this gonna be so awesome)
31st @ Pelita Commercial Center, Miri

There were many highlights for this year's event @ Changkat - free goodies, clowns, shows, big bikes, pretty maids and so forth.  But what impresses me the most was these little bottles of mineral water handed out at various exit points at the end of the night, most thoughtful - "Don't drink and drive", "Drink sensible", "Know your limit".  *Thumbs up*
A brief history on St Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17, the saint's religious feast day and the anniversary of his death in the fifth century. The Irish have observed this day as a religious holiday for over 1,000 years. On St. Patrick's Day, which falls during the Christian season of Lent, Irish families would traditionally attend church in the morning and celebrate in the afternoon. Lenten prohibitions against the consumption of meat were waived and people would dance, drink and feast--on the traditional meal of Irish bacon and cabbage.

I seriously not sure what Guinness has to do with St Patrick's Day.  But I guess since it is a Irish event and Guinness is an Irish beer, over time it sort of became THE DRINK to commemorate that piece of history.  Well, for you & me, it would be another excuse to party. :)
The husband and I were first at Whisky Bar cause we have some vouchers there, second at Bar Flam cause I don't like sitting under the umbrella at WB (feel like being cut out of all the happenings) and third (also finally), at Loco cause we hated the beer at Flam. :p
It was at Loco, specially rsvp-ed for Media only, we had the best spot with the best view!  Check out the awesome crowd on the street down below and the fireworks up above!  What a party right?  I bet you wished you were there too.  Really, if you have never been, mark it down for March 2013!  You will not regret it. :)
Made some new friends....
... rekindled old ones :)
All I know is, it was a night filled with laughters.  Totally in line with Guinness' new mission to make March the month with most laughs!!!  My jaw were totally sore when I got home.  
 Probably from too much talking too.  Lols...
This year they have added more interesting things to the event.   They have set up an Aurthur's Lounge at what used to be Frangipani.  For a mere RM50 per entry, you will get to...
(1) Learn how to pour your perfect pint of Guinness.
First, tilt your glass 45 degree.  Then, pull the tab till 3/4 full.  Then we wait for about 1 minute till all the bubbles (white part) settled before pushing back the tab to fill up the rest of the glass .
There! Your perfect pint of Guinness.  Damn.. looking at the picture now makes me THIRSTY!!!! :(
(2) You will also get a Guinness glass personalised with your name!  How cool is that?!
While waiting for our personalized glass to be ready, we get to enjoy our pint upstairs at their lounge or, if you want to, you can just roam around the premise checking out the brief history of Guinness or even observe how the personalised glass was made. :)  I finds it very fascinating.  I always thought it was rocket science.  Not as rocket science as I thought if it can be done behind a counter! :)  I think RM50 is not a lot for it all.

Nice right?  The husband got one too!  I think it would look perfect for our new kitchen when it is ready!
Arthur's Lounge would probably be around for awhile.  Go check it out if you want a cool glass like that! :)
All I can say is, I am so going back next year. :)  I wanna get my 2013 Paddy's Hat to add on to my current collections (2011 & 2012)!  Happy St Patrick's Day peep! :)  Now go get drunk SENSIBLY.

Note: Photo credit to 3bittersweetlemon.blogspot.com & Guinness Malaysia's FB.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Of Surprises after Surprises (and after surprises)

Come 12th March, it will be 4 years since we registered our marriage.  Since I remember (I still confused sometimes.. whether it's 11th or 12th.. :p), I planned a short getaway for us a few days earlier.

For two weeks prior to it, I just told the husband to make himself free.  He was curious, but not curious enough and played along.  First I told him we were flying off to Langkawi.  Then as we were driving to the airport, I told him our destination were actually Malacca! :p hahaha... As he drove on, dreaming about how "Malacca satay celup" would taste in his mouth, the 'Port Dickson' sign came on and I almost choke on the grape I was munching on.  Kept pointing at the sign asking him to exit there... the only words that came out of his mouth was... "you LIAR!" hahahahaha.......
So, yes.  The surprise was Port Dickson... Hahahaha...  Introduces the husband to my vices.   Nice sun deck facing the sea and he is getting a hang of it. 
It was a great short getaway from the mad traffic in the city which has gone even madder with the last two days of heavy downpour and closure of the Smart tunnel (which is not very smart).
I like short getaway like this.  No distraction, no chores nagging at the back of our heads.  Just us.  Spending quality time, lazing by the pool, bathing in the sun
Enjoying the sunset too.  A nice lookout point over a glass of martini would have been lovely. :)
We had a quiet dinner on our deck with lapping waves beneath us.  It was nice.  Simple and peaceful.  Just us.  4 splendid years.  

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Of 'Shine & Rain', 'Win, Loose or Draw' and 'Lifting & Flipping'

It was bright and sunny when I got to work this morning.  But when I decided to leave at 8:00pm, it decided to rain cats and dogs!  Damn!  Soaking wet regardless of the jumbo umbrella I was carrying.
Since it is impossible for me to get home and come back in town in time for my training, decided to pop over TGIF again.  Met fellow colleagues for a quick bite and drink!  We thought my half pint look so cute next to the full pint. :p
While I was there, I was introduced this apps.  Finds it rather fun.  It's something like win, loose or draw where u play with your FB friends online.  Nice!  Go download.  It's free!
Hopped over to 'Lift & Flip' first class today.  Learned the right breathing technique and realised that it is not as bad as it seems afterall.

Finally got home at 11:30pm.  The husband already gone to JB and return. :p Lols....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Of 'A Drink' & 'A Mushroom Girl'

It was a frustrating, upsetting & stressful day.  Head over to TGIF (though still many days more before it Friday actually arrives)  for a drink and some de-stressing & outpouring session.  It was better after that.
Finds 'felting' kind of thereupedic.  Zen-tifying in fact.  Felted a 'Mushroom Girl' today.  It is by far, my best. :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Of 'Felting' & 'Felting'

My first felt 'Messenger Bear'.  Except that mine doesn't have a messenger bag. :p  I don't know how to stitch like that.  I felt so clumsy making the bear with my fat fingers.  Hahaha...
My second felt 'Cute Chihuahua'.  I only knew it was a chihuahua after completing it.  Didn't realize it was a chihuahua.  I thought it was a squirrel or something.  :p  I made it slightly bigger than the pattern provided thus easier.  :) 
I bought the 'felts' I used from Daiso for RM5/pack of 4 colours of 18cm x 18cm size each.  I thought it was cheap.  Was at ArtFriend (Gardens) just now and they are selling for RM14.90/pack of multi colour felts of A4 size each.  Much much cheaper in comparison and better quality too.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Of Touge & Crafting Books

Our Sunday started at 6:30am this morning for a touge.  Only for motorsports, can the husband hop out of bed at such ungodly hours, not forgetting, on a Sunday too, on his own without a single complain.  Instead, I was the one that needed to be nudged repeatedly to get out of my slumber.
The sky were still dark when we got out of the house.  But it was nice for a change to witness the beautiful dawn breaking out.
Our morning fix while waiting for the rest to arrive - Cappuccino from 7Eleven (only if you are desperate).  It was horribly sweet.  *bleks* 
It was just an OK drive this morning.  The road were still wet from last night's rain (& morning dew?).  A stretch were still covered in mist!  Nice though...   
A furry friend enjoying the morning cool air by the road at our usual breakfast place after our first leg. 

It decided to join us at breakfast.  I find this dog has very soulful eyes...  It's like there is so much he wanna say....
A short stopover on the second leg after breakfast to wait for those who didn't catch up, before finishing the remaining stretch and heading home.  Our morning touge would usually last just about 3 hours odd including breakfast.  Reason for those ungodly hours was because there would be less traffic at that time.  
It has been awhile since I last catch up on anyone's blog (yes, I am guilty but I am working on it :)).  I managed to catch up on Jamie's life @ 'What I did today'.  Other that her super adorable new born baby girl, what caught me was the crafting she did.  All those felt dolls, I suddenly missed sewing & crafting.  I felt so motivated and bought this two books when we were at Kinokuniya last night. :p

I intend to experiment with 'Felties' first.  Look simpler than all those sewing.  Just got back from Daiso and got myself some 'felt' to play with.  Let's just stay tuned and see how it goes. :p  Wish me luck!

Tōge or Touge (?) is a Japanese word literally meaning "pass." It refers to a mountain pass or any of the narrow, winding roads that can be found in and around the mountains of Japan and other geographically similar areas, like the legendary Nordschleife in Germany.
In order to decrease the incline of mountain roads, thereby making them easier for commercial trucks to pass, engineers place a series of S bends in steep roads that provide access to and from high mountain elevations. These passes have become popular with street racers and motorsport enthusiasts because they provide a challenging, albeit dangerous, course.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Of Friendship Soup & Salsaing

Today my girlfriend made me soup! *making me all warm and fuzzy inside* :) We hang out for afternoon coffee, chocolate millecrepe and some sausage platter while updating each other on 'world's happenings' (you know what I mean..haha).

Went salsaing again tonight with hubby at Modesto. It has been awhile since we last went out for salsa. The salsa engine got started last night when we decided to hop in Paradize for a little dancing! I suddenly missed all my friends. It's fun tonight catching up (of course dancing too), and happy to see regular faces again. I think it has been at least 5 months we 'rested'. Salsa overdosed!

All in quarter of a day - jazzy night

Went work, came home, gone out for dinner @ MValley, danced at Paradiso and now home again, enjoying my latest loot.  No, actually just two were latest.  The other two were last month's loot.
My new collections.  It has been awhile since I last bought any CDs.  Here are my newly acquired collections.  Always love jazz and am open to any singers with clear, crisp & strong voices. :)

Bistro Affair by Bevlyn (a Singapore) - Ballads in French.  Pretty romantic piece.  Made me feel like picking up French. :)  But find her jazz pretty monotonous.  No personality.  Recording quality can be better.

不必太在意 by 艾心 (a Chinese) - Some old ballads in Mandarin.  Nice voice & style. - recommended.

Jazz Audiophile Voices II by a selection of vocalists - I've been an avid fans of audiophiles since a long time ago.  :)  Love how each of them sing in their own style. Recording were awesomely clear & crisp.  - strongly recommended. 

Nothing's Gonna Change by Simone Kopmajer - good selections.  Clear and strong voice.  Nice! - You will enjoy this on a rainy evening like tonight, with a cup of hot cocoa warming your palm. :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sweet Serendipity

I first came to KL in 1995.  Rented a room and had my laundry done at a laundrette across the street.  Day in day out, I would send my laundry like any other day.  Started my first job in 1996 and bought a nice suit for more than RM200.  It was pretty expensive by my standard at that time.  Instead of sending it for regular cleaning, I opted for dry cleaning instead thinking that the they would be extra careful with it.  Unfortunately, it came back with a broken zip.  I made a hoo haa out of it and they agreed to had it fixed.

One fine day in 1997, decided to pay a visit to my paternal grandparents in JB as well as my dad whom I've not seen since I was 8.  I don't even know how they look like.  While I was there, wanting me to know more about MY family, my grandparents brought out some recent photos of that time, to show me who is who in the family.  It was taken at a funeral of a family matriarch in Sabah (I think.. not too sure still).  And one by one, my Grandpa was pointing out to me... "This is you Granduncle no.2, no.3, no.4.......".  When he came to granduncle no.7, I thought he looked awfully familiar.  It then dawn on me he was my laundry man!  OMG.... ! o.O I hoo-ed haa-ed with my Granduncle no.7 over some rotten zip.. :p  shoot!  Anyway, he learned of my existence after that and I even went to his home once for his son's (my uncle's) wedding.  Skipped the dinner though cause I had a bad fall that resulted a bad ankle as big as a watermelon.  Missed an opportunity to meet strangers who are MY family.  

Over the decade, my grandpa & dad had passed on and I somehow had lost contact with the only granduncle I knew.  Tried visiting but wasn't exactly sure which house it was.  Strange but all memories just simply wiped clean.  And so, I just let it be.  Never thought of asking though.

Then, couple of weekends ago, as I was browsing thru FB while we were at Mont Kiara chilling out with the car boys, came across a photo of a girlfriend of mine (car/dog/run friend) taken with her mom.  I don't usually look at friends photos, more so to click on one. So it is weird when I clicked on her's.  I almost choke on my coffee when the photo pops up enlarged.  I was so kancheong that I forgotten that I have her mobile no in my phone and FB message her instead.

Holyshit right... what's the odd?  Meeting a family by coincidence twice?!  I still couldn't quite believe it.  A girlfriend is now a FAMILY! :)  How nice is that??  Not just some distance relative but pretty 'close' too.  Imagine this, she and my dad shares the same Grandpa?  This is neat right....  I better be more careful with my other friends who shares the same surname.  For all you know, could be family too... :p hehehehe... 

I guess this is what they called 'Fate'.  What a sweet serendipity!   *love*