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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Let's Do the Rumba, Sunshine & Husky Thingy...

I asked a friend recently to suggest some topic for me to blog about cause I don't have anything in mind that I wish to write. She suggested that I should blog a little about my furkids (kids with fur = dogs) since she haven't seen them for quite awhile. I thought about it for awhile and decided why not?
Then I started to think of what interesting things my furkids have done lately beside eating and shitting. Hmmm.... sleeping? Is that interesting enough? Lols...

By now, you all should know that I have 3 dogs at home. They are the permanent residents at home and we are the tenant cause they are at home 24/7 and we, hardly.
1) Rumba - A Lhasa Apso (tibetan breed), 8 years old (56 yrs old doggie age).
2) Sunshine - A Miniature Schnauzer, 5 years old (35 yrs old doggie age)
3) Husky - A Mongrel, 6 months old (3.5 yrs old doggie age)
So, our every morning and evening routine would be to clean their pee/poo and feed them even before we have our breakfast or rushing out to work. And 15kg of doggie kibbles which cost about RM150++ can only last for 1.5 months at most. And we can't have it replaced with cheaper brand cause that would compromise on their health and the quality of their coat. Conclusion is, even if we don't eat, they still need to be fed.
Our 3 dogs each is their own individual. They have their own characteristic. Each different from the other. Of all the 3, Rumba is the most 'kwailan' (rebellious) of the lot. She have an attitude of her own. Attitude problem that is. If she is not happy about certain things, she'll make sure you get the message. :p For eg, if we are out all the time and hardly home, she will pee/poo at places she is not suppose to. Also, she is very intelligent. She is able to read our body language to the details. And she is able to communicate thru her eyes. You know, that kind of eyes that talks? You get what I mean.
As for Sunshine, she has the best temperament of the lot. The best way to describe her would be, she is very easy going and patience. Whatever goes for her. If she needs attention, she will just sit near our dangling feet. As long as our little toe is touching any part of her body, she is happiest already. Easily contented. We can twirl or push or glide her, she would not retaliate but would come back for more. Cute hor?
Husky. Another nickname I have for him would be Monkey. Cause he always monkey-ing around. Hyper-ly playful. Maybe because he is still a puppy, that's why. We've had him since Nov 08. For the last 3 months, he had accomplished the following:
1) Learned the command 'sit & stay' & 'no'.
2) Learned that he is not suppose to run out the gate when it is opened
3) Learned to sit & wait till we say 'ok' before chomping down the kibbles
4) Learned to fetch and bring
5) Chewed my car bumper
6) Ate the flowers on my potted plants and spit out the bitter leafs.
7) Destroyed Harrison's and my slippers
8) Chewed Harrison's car bumper (mine worst)
9) Disable our autogate twice. He pulled & destroyed the cables
10) Broke the metal stopper on our grill
11) Pull down the rubber hose so that he can chew on the spray tip
12) Pull in the newspaper which is right outside the gate with his paws and then chew it into bits and pieces
13) Destroyed a small water pail meant to be his water bowl which he thought was a toy
So I guess that conclude that we have 1 intelligent dog, 1 sweet dog and 1 destroyer dog. That's the latest updates of our furkids.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's About The Traffic Counter Again (what's new?)

Some of you may have noticed that my traffic counter screwed up again. It was finally more than 2300 count and they decided to suspend it. They as in the people that provide the traffic counter service. Here, they are the 'acme-web-design.info' people. They terminated my counter cause I tempered with their programming codes.

I altered their codes so that the link to their website below the counter will not be shown. Therefore, no free publicity for them. The thing is, I've already altered it from day 1 (which is in Nov 08) and they only decided to suspend it now. Why now? Why not then? If their program is so hi-tech, they should be able to detect it from day 1 what... But no, they have to wait till my counter counted over the span of 3 months to reached 2300++ then only they terminate it. Sour grape.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We Are So Happening!

We attended baby Alexander's 1st birthday over the weekend which was celebrated in Taipan's McD. The kids had a great time playing games, chasing each other and stuffing themselves with the readily available fries and softdrinks. Which kid would not enjoy all that? We, the adults, were not too bad too. Same thing. Gulping down free flow of fries and softdrinks and yakking away on latest happenings.
The birthday boy looked blur on what's happening around him. His sister, Mabel, enjoyed herself the most, as if it was her birthday. I must say that she have such a lovely smile when she smiled for my camera.

We took the opportunity to celebrate the mommi's birthday too. Baby Alex's is on the 19th while his mommi's is on the 18th. Gosh, imagine having to go thru labour pain on one's birthday. What a way to celebrate a birthday huh...
Baby Caitlin being reprimanded by her mommi for misbehaving. She just closed her eyes with her tiny hands so not to see her mommi's angry face. Smart eh?

Then, she tried to look cute, her way of telling her mommi to forgive & forget of her misbehave episode. Hahaha... sometimes, they are so intelligent that it freaks you out. That's basically what we did last Saturday.
So, last night, while on our way home, I informed Harrison that there will be another kid's party to attend this Saturday. It will be Baby Caitlin's.
Him: "Ok, since we already have her present prepared"
Me: "Did you realised, these days, the only parties that we goes to are children's parties???"
Him: "Yalor, buy presents also buy until pokkai already"
Me: "No choice la... these 3 pumpkins' birthdays are around the same time"
Then, we went quiet for about 2 minutes. He back to his driving, me back to my day dreaming. Then, he voiced his mighty suggestion....
Him: "We should have 1 dozen of kids next time. Every month one child's birthday. All thru from Jan till Dec"....
Hahahahahahaha...... I just find it so damn funny...

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Masterpieces (Handcrafted Jewellery)

These are some of my creations, nice right? Been wanting to learn but never found the right time until yesterday when both party is available, finally. My sifu (friend's mother, also my friend) taught me some handling & twisting methods and halfway thru it, I think I got some serious potential in this thing, can make and sell already..... *kaching kaching* (my eyes blinking RM sign).

It is kinda addictive. Once started, it is kinda hard to stop. Especially when you have lots of beads variety. My brain keep mixing and matching trying to balance a design so that it will be able to bring out the beauty of a particular focus bead/stone.
One thing for sure is, whatever jewellery that I gonna wear from now on will be one of its kind; unique. I will not need to worry about bumping into someone wearing exactly the same earring as I am wearing or worry the pieces will break apart (you know how fragile they are) cause I know, those that I made, will not fall apart. And if ever someone compliment what a beautiful pair of earrings I wore, I can proudly say "I made them".

Monday, February 16, 2009

What Is Love? (My Simpler Version)

You know I don't always talk about mushy mushy loving things in my blog. But in conjunction with Valentine's Day, I felt obligated to write something about it. Initially wanted to write something about the meaning of love in my previous post but tak jadi cause I can't think properly then. Mental blocked. So ended up just writing about what we did on V-Day. Apart of me was still thinking about the RM20 that I lost in a mahjong game at a friend's house yesterday and another part of me was thinking about what's the outcome of 'Gem of Life' from episodes 71-82. I've endured 70 hours with dark eye circle and now they said the last 12 episodes is not worth watching??? wth...
Anyway, back to my meaning of love entry. It is always difficult to put the meaning of love in words and the words are always over rated. Meaning, it don't really connect. We know love is 'you love me, i love you and we are happy family'... blah blah blah.. but, what really love is???
As I was going about my stuff this morning, rushing to complete some work for my boss, I was suddenly enlightened by a much simpler version of meaning of love. So, I think love is such...
1) when somone gave him a box of chocolate and he gave it all to you and not taking even 1 piece of it because he knows you love chocolates.

2) when you said you are bored, he suggest to go to so-and-so's place for mahjong/anything and offered to drive you all the way there and stayed till the end of the game which lasted for 5 hours without complaining even a single bit.

3) whenever you wanted something, he will fulfilled your wish and put his own wants on lower priority just so it will put a smile on your face.

4) when you are upset, he'll bring you to eat your favourite food and let you talked about what's upsetting you.

5) when someone said something bad about you, he defended you aggresively.

6) when he take charged of the welfare of your car, making sure it is in tip top condition at all time.

7) when he call you once in a while during the day just to hear your voice even though you impatiently wanted to get back to your task in hand.

8) when he feed and clean the poo of all the 3 dogs without having the need to be asked to

9) when he keep the best piece of his meal for you

10) when he supported you emotionally and financially in whatever you do without even a single doubt/question.

11) when he slipped money into your hand when your 'cash' meter went red.

12) when he accept your fashion advise no matter how corny it may turned out to be sometimes.

13) no matter how angry or upset you are to an issue and lashing it all out at him, he will take it all in gracefully and agree with you whole-heartedly, only to advise you later when you cooled down.

14) when he peeled prawns for you

15) when he cracked that piece of stubborn crab for you.

16) when he walk on the outer side and you on the inner side of the road to ensure you are safe from crazy drivers.

17) when he have no problems for you to hang out with all your male friends cause that is called 'trust'.

18) when you still live your own life, have your own space even after you are married.

19) when you teased him all the time and he gave it all back to you equally.

20) when you played tricks on him that make you rolling on the floor laughing and he'll just tickle you as revenge.

21) when he still fall for the same old trick months later.

22) enjoying a peaceful breakfast/tea together while he read his paper and you read your book.
23) when he have no problems at all if you hang out with your girlfriends from morning till night cause he believe you need to have your own space and time too even after you are married.

24) when he is your remote controlled robot. "darling, can you help me to get this, get that... "..lols
25) when he knows you love Sarah Brightman and offered to sponsor your ticket even though it is freaking expensive and offered to chauffer you to & fro on that day.

I think that pretty much sum up what love is in my little world. How complicated can it be? Like my banner said, 3 things last forever. And, that is FAITH, LOVE & HOPE. Have FAITH in the relationship, LOVE that someone unconditionally, and HOPE for a good future together. Simple eh?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

A friend said, 'if relationship is good, everyday also Valentine's Day'. How very true. What's the point of spending hundreds and hundreds just for that day and then always quarrel on any other days?
As for Harrison & I, we usually celebrate this day low-key. Just a simple stalk of rose and then we go about our usual daily activities. Cause, I don't believe in paying triple for flowers or food that are mass produced and yet, still have to wait for ages to arrive. Might as well just give me the money.
This year, I left a Valentine card for him in the morning before I went out to meet a friend to learn some make up tips. When I got back, he bought me a rose. Later in the afternoon, we went back to Court 9 to grab some stuff and had tea at Papa Rich after that. Upon reaching home, we napped from 5:30 ~ 9:00pm (we were so freaking tired. since 'gem of life', we have been deprived of sleeps).

Having nothing else to do and extreme fresh, we took a drive to Gohtong Jaya for the Claypot Tong Fun Sang Har Mee (Fresh Water Prawn) which we love so very much. By time we arrived and finished our food, it is almost midnight. Still extremely fresh, we decided to head for the casino. Not that we are 'lan tou yu' (gambler) or what la... we just wanna sibuk sibuk a bit. Wanted to gamble but also not sure how to. Ended up putting a RM10 in a jackpot machine but not knowing how to take out the credit and in the end, can't wait to lose the RM10. Apparently, we are suppose to have some Genting card which can be slotted into the machine where winnings can be credited into. Since we don't have the card, I was praying so hard that we don't hit the jackpot...lols.... (see la... how to be lan tou yu like that???).
Anyway, we had good fun doing things we don't usually would do (i.e. casino). Love the dinner and enjoyed the cool air too. That is something about the cool air that seems kinda romantic up there... weird. By time we got home it was already 2:30am. Basically, that's our Valentine. =) Nothing great, just simple pleasure of having each other's company.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Am A Normal Person (I am afraid of dentists)

Over the festive season I munched down way too many junks and tragically, one of my fragile/weak tooth, chipped. Since that faithful day, I was very stressed. Stressed not because of it is painful or ugly. Stressed because I am one of the many normal people that fear ‘Dentists’. Dr Joon said I am normal.
Finally worked up my courage yesterday (after 5 days) and made an appointment with Dr Joon in Taipan at 6pm (my regular dentist). I had two teeth refilled and a scaling done. I almost peed in my pants. But true to her words, it was a painless procedure. Dr Joon said, I am all tensed up even before the drill enters my mouth. Lols…
Anyway, nothing la…. Just felt very proud of myself. That’s all lor… All I can say is, I survived 45 minutes on the dental chair and paid RM210 for the thrill and didn’t felt anything.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kaypochi, 3ku 6po, Busybodies

I have a strong urge to blog about this. Please note that this is STRICTLY NOT DIRECTED to my friends & my mom. Just general unimportant and unrelated people that pisses me off. I just wanna vent it all out. :p
1) When I was single, I hate people kept asking me when am I getting married. And if I say soon, they will continue to give their smart ass advice (which I never asked) that I shall not wait too long.
2) I hate people asking me if I am pregnant cause that questions makes me feel fat even though I know they meant 'when do you plan to get pregnant?'.
3) I hate people asking me to fast fast get pregnant. Hello??? Who is bearing the child? Who is taking care of he/she? Who is generating income to nurture he/she? We do. So we will 'do' as and when we feel like it...
4) Then for those that already have a child, the question would be, when is the 2nd one coming along? Or the 3rd one?
The reason to item (1) ~ (4) is, people constantly felt it is their responsibility to pester people like us into the different stages of life just because that's what they went through and that they felt that we should be doing the same too at our age. The thing is, after a thorough thought about it, my findings tell me that since most of them that asked are married, already have several children usually, some even have grandchildren, based on the natural course of order of life, the next appropriate polite question to ask would be 'when are you dying'? Yes? No?
5) I hate people that complains a lot but never provide a solution. And when you suggest a solution, they will complain the solution also. There is just no solution to their complains. I think they don't even know what they want. It's very tiring. - For example, if you are feeling very warm, don't keep complaining it is warm. Find a solution to cool yourself. Complaining alone doesn't make you feel cool. Cause people around you may be too busy to switch on the fan or aircond for you. Complain and find a solution to your own issue.
6) I hate kaypochi 3ku 6po (busybody relatives) who got nothing else better to do than constantly badgering my poor mom on what my husband send her for CNY - the thing, what does that gotta do with her?
7) I hate kaypochi 3ku 6po who again got nothing else better to do but constantly asked my PP (when she was alive) on how much I give my mom monthly - again, does it concern her at all?
8) I hate people that stand around complaining of an unfortunate situation which has already passed, which we can't do anything to change the fact cause we can't go back to the past - this is because, when PP passed away, we have to wait for my uncle to come home from KL to pick a casket for her. So, while waiting, this relative keep complaining exasperatingly to my mom that we should have pick her casket weeks ago and not wait till the last minute. Luckily I was too busy, or I would have said "So, you must have already picked yours?"
You see, people always mistaken me as being ill-mannered and rude. The fact is, I am just giving back to them their own medicine. The thing is, isn't it rude to ask how much one earned? How much one give? Why one don't do this? Why didn't do that? Or that I have no patience nor any tactfulness. Why should I when the person who asked never used the brain decorated their skull in the first place? And whether I want to get pregnant, or 2nd or 3rd child, is it not rude when they asked? Think about it, they are asking me about my sex life. What does that gotta do with them? Are they gonna be there when I wake up 4 times a night to feed a wailing baby?
I believe many of you faced the same thing as I do. Just that many a time, you just want to be polite and let it go. I do that too. But really, how do you really really seriously feel about it? Anyway, I am just venting out my two cents. Hopefully, those 3ku 6po will read this. But then again, they won't la... cause they got no time. All their time is spent on busybody-ing on other people's business. Can't blame them also. Cause they really got nothing else better to do.

Point is:
1) If you have no contribution, just shut up
2) If you have no solution and no intend to solve a problem, don't complain
3) If you don't intend to die yet, please bear in mind that we might also don't intend to get married yet or have baby yet or have 2nd or 3rd child yet.

So, that's all lor.. I am just stating my point and I don't mean to be rude. I am just being honest... hehehe...:) See, I provide a solution to my complain. You get what I meant???

p/s: my friend Josephine laughed till tearing when I vent my frustrations at her......lols

Thursday, February 5, 2009

EuroStar: London ~ Paris

This picture was taken while I was on a subway from London to Paris. It was a short trip. Was there with Harrison when he attended an exhibition there weeks ago. Was reading about Obama's winning on the London Times. It was the hot topic of the month. Can't resist.









I bluff one la... in my dream la... I was just having fun with the poster in my friend's house taken couple of days ago. :p Gotcha!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Betul tak boleh ke???

Whoever that says firecrackers/fireworks/mercun is banned here in Malaysia must be joking...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Me & Haadgen

(Me & Haadgen, a collie)

Oh, I totally forgotten about this lovely photo taken at my Aunt's place while we were in Singapore. She have altogether 7 dogs in her house I think. 2 collies, 3 shitzus, 1 pomeranian, 1 highland terrier, 1 pengkinese... I am not really sure actually, dunno how many in total also... All I know is, they are all extreme friendly and never once bark. You would never have thought there are so many dogs in the house.