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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bali (Part 1) - The Consequences of Traveling With A Girlfriend

This is the result of going to Bali with a girlfriend.  Shopping shopping and more shopping.  
Bought more than a dozen of slippers - for myself, mom, girlfriends...  Bargained until I was stomping on my feet.  Hahahahaha...  As for the weaved bag, bought it cause better bargain mah if buy more.  In total, we bought 4.  Madness.
Bought countless number of jumpers - tie dyed, flowery, plain pink, yellow, black, blue... almost all the colours they have on their racks.  Been looking for these for ages.  We both went berserk...
I've even bought these miniature ones for my god daughter.  She gonna look so cute in it.
And we each bought one of this.  Our Princess Jasmine's jumpsuit.  Hehehe...  The highlight of our 4d3n trip has something to do with this.  Terri bargained till the aunty got so fed up and threw her calculator.  It was so funny.  Of course we didn't buy from there after that.  Terri wanted it so badly and went hunting for it at other shops on her own while I was stomping my feet bargaining for the slippers.  :p
The rest of the clothes that I bought.  On average, each pieces cost less than RM10.
Bought two of these 3 compartments purses which Terri claimed to be extreme useful and insisted that I should get one for my mom too.  She said... "one compartment for money, one compartment for cigarettes and one compartment for phone".  Very convenient to take out for lunch time.  The thing is, I don't smoke and my boss buys me lunch.  I only need one compartment.  I bought it anyway.  :p
These beaded purse were just too pretty to resist. :)  We bought like 8 of it I think.
And as we were both on a shopping spree, we simply couldn't resist buying these too.  Ginger coffee for myself and teas in batik lipstick pouch for friends.  They make pretty gifts.
Ralph Laurent polo shirt for the man.  It was cheap apparently even though it cost US$45 each.  It looks good on him.  Plan to get few more.

Got two of this patch work batik crossbody casual bags for RM9 each.  One for myself and one for Terri. This bag is really comfy to carry.  A must buy! ;)  In return, she bought two really fancy beaded belts.  One for herself and one me.  Beres hutang lapuk.  
Also bought a pair of this silver earrings to match the pendant Harrison bought for me on our last trip there.  :)

Other than the above, bought some other house stuff too.  All in all, spent less than RM500 on shoppings.  :)  Xtreme economical!

On the last day when we evaluated our loots before packing up, Terri went... "Oh god... I bought so many bags!"  Hahahaha...

And that, is the consequences of traveling with a girlfriend.  Lols...

Shopping tips in Bali:
1) Straight cut off 70% from their offered price. Not 50%.  Not 60%. 
2) Shop from Tanah Lot.  Not Ubud definately (they throw calculator there...lols).  Kuta maybe (if you really like the things).
3) Wears something you bought there to go shopping.  It will cut short your bargaining process thus wasting less energy.  For they would think that you already know the market price.
4) And of course, last but not least, the classic trick - pretend to walk away.  They will call out and offer you better prices.  If not, you can always buy from another shop.  

Love Sex & The City2

Love 'Sex & The City2'.  Love love love.  It was a great outing last night with Terri.  Met up in Pavillion, did some shopping, bought present for a girlfriend's oncoming birthday, dinner at TGIF and then movie!  Love Part 2 better.  Love the fashion, love the storyline.  Could relate to it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Randomness in Kluang

Was back in Kluang over weekend.  Couldn't believe that it has been more than 8 months since we last gone back.  If not mistaken, it was for Mid-Autumn Festival last year.  Still the same saying, time flies.  I guess because mom was here in KL almost every month, it didn't felt that long too.
Mom took a day off on Saturday and we went makan-makan, shopping and movie.  Watched 'The A-Team'.  It was really nice.  Here are just some random photos to share.  Didn't take much.  As usual, breakfast at our famous Kluang Rail.  Our kaya butter toast is still no.1!
That's Dollar, hiding under the settee.  She is a Miniature Pinscher with an attitude problem.  A very 'bad-hearted' dog I would said.  She dislike my doggies, Rumba & Sunshine, and will always pick a fight with them.  At one time, I've no choice but to reprimand her.  And from then on, she will find every opportunity to pee on my shoe and on where I sat.  Evil... evil dog... *shake head*.  Oh also, she is a female dog that marks territories like a male too...  identity crisis.
A view that I am so familiar with.  That's the gate of our house.  The gate that I've crossed thru a million times.
The many family portraits which my mom compiled and framed hanging in the living hall.  Mostly of the five siblings and their parents (my grandparents).  I wonder, how many of them have this in their home?
And on another wall, of something more recent.  Some of which are compiled by me.  The graduation photo of a little girl in red, is me.
My mom's lucky cat waving to the front door welcoming good luck.  Lols...
This blue eye beanie white tiger used to be PP's favourite (also Rumba's favourite).  She kept it on a shelf next to her bed.  She used to have a yellow one too.  Unfortunately Rumba found that one.  You can imagine whatever happened to the rest of it.  :p 
This red B&H plastic box with gold trimmings should have been with the family for more than 30 years easily.  My grandparents would keep all their important documents in it and locked it away in the drawer of the dresser.  Such secrecy and yet the key can usually be found easily on top of the dresser.  People of that era have the most peculiar way of hiding keys.  Eg, spare keys to a room can usually be found right above the door. :p  Hehehehe.... Anyway, scrutinized the box yesterday and found out what B&H stands for.  B&H = Benson & Hedges.
Found this piece of document kept nicely in a piece of plastic.  It was PP's license to carry out food business.  Though dated 1993, it looks more like 1983.  That was how PP look like in 1983.  :p
PP's dresser.  Still strong and solid.  The quality of things back then were never compromised.
The many stickers on this drawer validate the presence of our childhood once upon a time.  PP would usually grumble whenever we stick something somewhere.  But it was usually too late to remove them by time she found out. :p But then again, the stickers those days were of much better quality.  Hehehe...
This is Million, behind bars.  Hehehe...  She is an adorable little thing.  An Australia Silky Terrier.  Can get pretty annoying when she is on whiny mode.  Mom installed a small gate at the doorway to keep her out of the kitchen.  
This table has also been with us for more than 30 years.  Was told by my grandpa a long time ago, not sure from where he got this piece of wood though, but it was a huge piece.  Out of that huge piece, he had it made into several smaller tables some of which was given to PP's siblings.  I wonder are the others still stood strong like ours?
One of the many doorways in our home which I used to climb up (one leg on each side) with my young uncle who has long gone to heaven too.
Fashion guru in the house.... "No Fashion No Life" konon... the shorts that he was wearing at that very moment were so torn that I am too embarrass to put it up.  Lols... But I do like the effect of this photo though...
The evil dog.
The hallway where we used to run up and down play catching or where we used to roller skate (PP screaming down at us for damaging her terrazzo flooring).  Felt like so long time ago...

Mom & us went down to karaoke too yesterday afternoon to sing for 2 hours after she finished all her cookings.  For only RM27 nett in total (RM9/pax), we get to sing for 2 hours, free one soft drink each and a pack of kacang putih to share.  We had a great time... you should hear my mom sing to Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance'.  It was hillarious!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a surprise!

Met up a friend for brunch this morning in San Terri, Bangsar Village.  The brunch lasted till tea.  Had a great time.  Got home at 4:15pm and found a new dog in our compound o.O.  It's a long story.  Anyway, the dog will be on our custody for the next 12 months at least.  Burglars gonna have a great time dog-n-rolling if they decided upon our house! 

-.- zzzz....

Finally completed one slide show... yay!  The bride picked over 200 pictures.   I dont have a choice but to squeeze in 6 songs.  Gosh.  A slide show that lasted 22minutes.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Civic Conscious Mind = Zero

And it was 'Kaiji' and 'Bangkok Adrenaline' at home last night.  Harrison bought them when I was away in Bali.  Both stupid shows.  Don't watch. -.-  It was so stupid that it makes me feel stupid elaborating them. 

There are so much to do these days.  2 slides show to finish, 1 album to process, another ID project to start and etc.  Only 90% thru the first slide show for a client.  When will I complete them all?

Did I mentioned that my tenant has fulfilled his 1 year's contract and had moved out?  Time flies eh... went to check out the apartment on Saturday and it was horrendously filthy.  It's strange how people in this part of the world have the perception that whenever they moved out, they can treat the house as a garbage dump leaving behind everything else that they do not want anymore and they do not need to waste time clean up the house after they left. Tsk..! Tsk!  

Anyway, thru a friend, I arranged for two maids to clean up the entire unit yesterday which, will be charged to my ex-tenant.  My unit is now once again back to its' original glory state.  Am now contemplating to sell.  Less headache.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's blowing the movie wind...

And, it was Toy Story 3 (3D) and Karate Kid last night.  Saw this pop up 'Toy Story' promotion deco and requested Harrison to take a picture of me.  Sorry for the poor quality.  It was from his bberry. 

Went for Toy Story 3 at 7pm, dinner at 9pm, and Karate Kid at 10:10pm.  I wonder what will we be watching tonight now that the movie wind is blowing.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Simple Weekends

Watched Prince of Persia last night.  Decided to go for midnight movie in Gardens after dinner.  Not a bad one.  Love Jake Gyllenhaal as Prince Dastan.  Halfway thru the movie, I turned and told Harrison... "You are in luck!  Looks like droopy eyes are in trend..!"  :p .
Met up with some friends at Modesto on Sat night too.  Just for a little dancing.  In desperate need of endorphine.  The timing were somewhat off.  Need more practise. 
 Hmmm... left pretty early for we have to wake early the next day. Nevertheless, it was good.

Love this photo of us. :)  Probably the best taken for this year.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Don't have the mood to do anything.  But have to find the mood to do everything.  I believe it will soon be alright.  Just have to hang on there for time being.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Tribute To My 'Hairstylist' Chef

I am glad we kept in touch and met up pretty regularly throughout our 18 years of friendship despite of him based all the way down South (Spore); at one time far East (Philippines) and at another time up North (Cambodia). 

Now that it already happened, I understood why I kept having the urge to call him for the past few months.  Just to chat, just to ask how was he coping at his new job at the Wavehouse Spore.  And I am glad I did just that.  I picked up my phone, dialed his number and we catched up a little.

I am glad for the many little times we hang out together whenever we are both coincidentally (or sometimes not so coincidentally) back in Kluang.  Or the many times he took the effort and visited me and some others who he cares here in KL. Or me in Spore.

I am glad for the many happy memories.  Many from a long time ago and many from not too long time ago too.

* The one time he swerved his car onto the grass pavement to avoid a head on collision which he thought was a bike cause the car only have one headlamp on.  No, I was not in his car.  I was in another friend's car and we were speeding side by side. I know it was dangerous but we never failed to joke about it after that.  We were very young then afterall.

* The gambling during CNY where he will forked out the capital and I'll lose them all.  :p  I am a bad gambler and he was worst, a bad investor.

* His funky flamboyant fashion sense.  Super metrosexual.  Striking orange cargo pants like those wore only by firemen, baggy alibaba kind of pants, his favourite green cap (a gift from dont know which girlfriend), the same design white framed sunglasses which he loved so very much and which he repeatedly buy whenever the one he own went 'up-lorry'.

* 'Up-Lorry'.  His favourite phrase to describe something that had lived it's life, served it's purpose and time to discard.  We were walking along Petaling Street during one of his trip here and he spotted a sunglasses that is identical to the one he own.  Bought it, turned around and told me... "... this on can go 'up-lorry' d..." ...lols...

* That one time we dragged him all the way up to Genting Highlands after a party at home.  He was a pretty hardcore body builder then and was quite beefed up at that time.  Let's just say his one arm was equivalent to two and a half of mine.  He insisted that he dont need a sweater.  It was hillarious seeing him, acting all macho trying not to turn into an ice popsicle.

* Or another time, he dragged me along to this gay bar called Liquid to meet a lesbian friend of his.  Throughout the night, I was like O.O this.  Never in my life seen so many open gays & lesbians in one sitting.  And him, stucked to me like some magnet like that throughout the night to keep his virginity intact.  i.e., from the rear.

* How I always introduced him as my 'hairstylist' friend instead of as a chef.  :p  People usually believes and asked for hairstyling advises.

* On another occasion that he was at my place in KL, Harrison & I was invited to a pot luck barbeque party and we dragged him along.  As we were at the supermarket getting sausages which I was supposed to bring for the party, he asked "Is that all you buying?!?".  I went like.. "Uh huh... sausages mah....what else?".  He took over in the end and our sausages were like the prettiest work of art.  They were all sliced and skewered together with some colourful capsicums kebab style, and laid on a bed of fresh alfafas!  It was the most talkabout dish for the party.  Lols..

* Or that one CNY, having nothing else better to do, we headed down to our Kluang funfair together with our other friend Terence to kill time and I dragged him onto one of those childish rides which almost made him sick.  I laughed so hard after that.

* When he introduced me as 'Ah Swee' to his mom... lols... that was hillarious.

* Or on that one Christmas in KL, we chilled out together enjoying Il Divo's cd (his fav.) playing in the background and the flickering lights from the Christmas tree I put up, chit chatted till wee hours of the morning catching up on everything - his health condition, mine and on people we love and cared, friends and so forth...

* And of course the most recent ones when I visited Singapore last year.  We were at Clark Quay together with his Shrinne (his finally found love).  When we arrived at this concourse area that has a fountain that shoots all over from the floor, he told me with utmost seriousness... "Hey... you see that 'Clinic' bar over there across the fountain?  If you can run thru the fountain without getting wet, they will give you a free drink.".  Of course I was not that stupid to charge towards the fountain but I was silly enough to almost believe him.  I said 'almost' and he had a field day laughing about it after that...

All in all, there are so much that I am so glad for and so much that I am so thankful for.  Like I always believe, "It's not the end, but a beginning.  Never ever gone, but moved on.". 
The end of another important character in my book of life. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just like that... :( I Lost A Friend. For Good.

Got back from Bali this evening.  Had a great 4d/3n holiday with my girlfriend Terri.  Switched on my mobile as we were waiting for our luggages and I received the world's most heart breaking news.  A very dear friend of mine had passed on last night.  I was shocked.

He just celebrated his birthday days ago.  Left him a 'Happy Birthday' wishes prior to my trip.  And now, I was told he had left us for good.  How fragile life can be.
He crossed my mind for a brief moment last night as I was dipping my feet in the restaurant's pool joking away with my friend Terri.  Cause he never fails to remind me that if I am ever in Bali, I should let him know and he'll arrange a good friend of his to take care of me while I am there.  Of course I never wanted to bother him.
The brief crossing of him in my mind last night might been his way of saying goodbye to me.
Remembering a life so dear.  Not ever gone, just moved on.  
Rest in peace Jeff, my dear friend.

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Night in I-City

Joined a night photography workshop last week held in I-City.  If not for the workshop, I never knew such place existed.  It is basically a commercial area with offices but decorated with  lots of LEDs lightings - LED trees, snowman, castle, snows and etc.  Absolutely lovely.
And the best part is, entry is free and so are the parkings. But I was there on a Monday night la... not sure whether they charge anything for weekends.
Quite a nice place to visit.  Not necessary for photographers only.  Good place to bring kids to or just chill.
It is situated somewhere between Shah Alam & Klang. Extreme easy to find. From Federal Highway, just go on straight. You will see signboards directing you where to go along the way.  Believe me, plenty of signboards.  Pretty hard to get lost.
Nice le..... :)  I am just curious which party so semangat, waste so much money to set this place up for us, the general public, without having to pay a single cent?    *double thumbs up*

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pleasant Coincidences in Modesto

An impromptu outing 2 weekends ago to Modesto for some salsa-ing.  Coincidentally, also our 2nd anniversary. 
Coincidentally again, met the Fernandez there too.  Harrison's bestman 2 years ago.
Had a great time dancing away that night.  At one point, I was even sitting on the dance floor :p cause someone else's heel got stucked in mine... geng hor...  She probably doing the kungfu fighting rather than the salsaing... :p *sigh*

Monday, June 7, 2010

If You Die Now, You Get 30% Discounts!

Believe it or not, I found this in our mailbox weeks ago.  They now have promotions even for funeral packages.  All you left to do is to die while promotion last... (for peace of mind).

The Surprise ...

Here it is, the surprise for my friend Jenny.  My hard labour. I meant the self made card. Not the Thomas Sabo bag. Hehehe... All in blue cause that's her favourite colour.  Though a little late but it is better late than never. Not sure she got it yet.
Please don't mind the mesh of black fur behind the bag.  I would have made it blue too if it is not my dog, Rumba.  She was sabotaging me.  I susah-susah arranged everything to take a photo, she came sniffing around and thought I was playing with her when I shoo-ed her away. Lols...  She probably wanna send her kisses to Jenny too.... *woof woof* Hehehe...

So, happy belated birthday my friend!  Many happy returns..!