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Friday, November 29, 2013

A Whole Week With The Tiny Bitty Baby

Am off work for a week to take care of the little one while mom is away on her well deserved vacation.   It was awesome! (no doubt a little tiring but fulfilling!).

Practically watched him grow before my eyes!  Both physically and mentally!  They do really grow in lightning speed.  Must treasure every moment.  

Since last Friday, he is at a much huggable size :p, taller & heavier.  I believed he just gone thru another growth spurt.  Been feeding quite constantly.  An average of 28oz of milk + 1 serving of puree per day.

Other than the 7 feedings & 3-4 naps a day, in between would be his highness playtime which includes...

1) Standing & falling in his sleeping playpen (whatever you call that).  He would pull himself up to a standing position and then try to walk to let go of his hand!  Naturally he would just fall cause his legs still not strong enough.  He just kept trying.  Full of zest!

2) Playing and attacking all the balls in his play yard.

3) Lazing on the mattress in front of the TV (off) pretending to be playing with his toys and enjoying the kiddies music in the background.  Crawled at lightning speed towards the TV console the moment I turned my back.  When caught red handed, just gave me a cheeky smile.

4) 25 minutes of Brainy Baby's Left & Right Brain.  He actually repeat after the commenter or said it before the commenter does (cause he watched this for his entire life!) in his own baby babblish.  It was pretty clear sometimes.

Other than these, he would follow me around the house, hanging onto my hip like a koala bear or lounging in this royal pram while I accomplished some houseworks.  Pretty fun actually.  He has been quite cooperative thus far.  Hopefully it remained.

We also managed to get his passport done up and went on short trip to Singapore!  The passport application was a breeze.  He was given VVIP treatment all because he was a baby!  He gets to jump queue and got his application done up in less than an hour and passport collected 2 hours later.  Privileges of being a baby.  How wonderful!  Oh yeah, I thought he looks like a baby hamster in this passport photo.  Hiding something in his chub chub cheeks!

He slept throughout the car ride from KL to Singapore and Singapore back to KL.  It was a bliss.  Let's hope he behave the same on flight to Taiwan come January!

We were there for 2 days 2 nights.  Met up with the people we wanna meet, ate the stuff we wanna eat.  Other than baby a little fussy come sleeping time (due to different place), he was generally alright.  

Not bad for a week.  It was pure joy!  Now I hope I get to loose some weight too. Then it would be A+ Awesomeness!  :p

Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Life Updates! :)

Time simply seems to elude me.  Thinking back, I’ve tonnes of it before the arrival of the bundle of joy.  Yet, I still don’t have time back then.  I need better time management.  Or perhaps I am taking on too much.  Or perhaps, I should change the mindset.  That, I’ve plenty of time (hoping that I would feel free-er).  :D
Baby G is coming to seventh month and I have officially stopped pumping when he hit half year old (6th month).  Baby refused to latch and it was solely pumping for the last 6 months.  Tedious.  Imagine, the first month, baby waking every 2 hours for feed. Feed, change, lull baby back to sleep, pumped and the cycle repeats with barely 30 minutes of sleep.  Thank God he decided to sleep thru from second months onwards.  But still, I have to wake to pump every 3 hourly. O.o 
6th month's milestones:
* Pulling himself up to a standing position without much effort!
* Tasted baby rice, potato, carrot, apple.
* Sprouted 2 front teeth @ month 4th.
* Weight approximately 8+kg, length 69cm

So how’s motherhood?  I would say, fulfilling despite of total changes of lifestyle.  Pretty fun actually.  I think I got it rather easy with my mom being here fulltime taking care of the little one while I am away at work or when the husband and I decided to have some time off.  Nothing beats fighting 1 hour traffics getting home after a long day at work, being greeted by the toothless grin and excited wiggly  legs wanting to be carried.  I am afraid, I would spoil him sometimes.  I couldn’t resists.  How do you reprimand a face like that? :p
Work, has been ok.  Plenty of new roles have surfaced since I got back.  Some of which I wanted very much to take on but after much consideration, perhaps it is not a good timing now with a young baby at home which is where my priorities are now.  A little disappointed though.  But then again, if it is right, opportunity would present itself again in time to come.  The new role that I am interested in is much more challenging & demanding than whatever that I am doing now.  It would no doubt be draining and that is not what I wanted at this point of time.  The little time left of me should be 100% me for my little one.  Not just physically.    
Marriage, has been awesome.  The husband has always been supportive.  Helping out whenever he can or when I needed time out.  We make a conscious effort to spend quality time whenever we can like catching a movies and etc and I thought it is good.  Life shouldn’t just revolved around the baby.  I still very much agree with the saying “starting a relationship is easy.  It is maintaining it that is a challenge”.  It is something that we can’t slack.

As for myself, I am back to my pre-baby weight. :D  The pouch is still there but I am already fitting into my old jeans a month after the baby’s arrival.  Now I am hoping to pre-pre-baby weight.  But the needle on the scale is not going anyway.  Hmm… u see, I’ve gained some right before conceiving.  Anyway,  not complaining.  Just hoping and a tad greedy.  Lols…
Other than the baby & family, there are so much things going on and I can’t help but feeling my brain are stuffed sometimes.  The baby room needed to be done up (space theme as per the photo), the photo frames needed to be filled, the upcoming trip needed to be planned and finalised, the curtains, deco and etc… omg.  *faint*.  When we just shifted into the new home, I was already heavily pregnant.  Lots of miscellaneous stuff were left KIV as I simply couldn’t find more energy then.  Now that the baby is 6+ months old, I guess I do not have any more excuses. :p  Not forgetting, the old house need to be cleared out too. 
Oh yeah, I managed to sneak away for a short getaway at a beach resort with my gf too.  It was a good one filled with good food, talking & more talking.  Hahaha… That’s basically what girls do.  My moment of zen.  Lols…
I may sound like a lunatic with all these that’s going on in my life now.  But I am loving every minute of it.  Let's just put it this way, I believe it all happened at the right timing!