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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Today is just not my day. It started off pretty pleasantly with a nice breakfast session with my mother-in-law. The TV was showing a rerun of ‘Friends’ back to back. It’s nice to watch it again. Used to rush home to catch the show on NTV7 many years ago (8 yrs ago I think).

Then I decided to complete an entry which I wrote halfway for my blog the night before. While watching the TV, I waited for my laptop to start up. This is when everything seems to go wrong. It refused to start. An error message came onto its screen saying something about a missing configuration file in Window32 folder and asked me to insert the setup disk and type ‘r’ to repair. The thing is, I don’t have whatever setup disk it mentioned and I also don’t have the Windows XP disk. The one that I was using then was a pasar malam copy.

I really hate all these computer viruses, spywares, adwares and whatever other wares out there that will corrupt my laptop. Many a times, all the canggih-canggih antivirus company is the main culprit for all these computer viruses. If there are no viruses, who would wanna buy an antivirus?

As I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my laptop, a very good friend called. She needs a favour from me. She need me to collect something from her tomorrow, then go to somewhere else with that something, to help her to get 2 appointments for next week (it doesn’t concern life/death). I couldn’t believe what I heard. Put that aside. I need to settle my laptop first.

So, off we went to Low Yatt. Altogether, for backing-up all of my crucial files, reformat my hard disk, plus a new antivirus to protect my laptop from future infections, I spent RM219. Super freaking sien! Whenever I am poor, I seem to always need to spend more somehow or rather!

Low Yatt is packed to the brink with bargain hunters, holiday makers, or losers, like sardines in cans. I hate crowds. I hate having to wrestle thru to get to my destination. I hate dumb people who walked so slowly as though they are walking down the aisles, blocking the whole long line of people. I hate inconsiderate people who pushes baby prams in crowded places and acted as though it is our duty to give way to them when most of the time, the baby is not even in the pram (if they have some cow sense, they wouldn’t even bring their babies along to crowded malls like this). It is not that I am inconsiderate; this is just plain common sense. I guess some people just don’t have it.

Back to this special favour request for a friend, anyway, she already apologized and I accepted her apology. Just that it somehow prodded me to reevaluate many people who I categorized as close friends, meaning, friends that I would say hello on msn and asked how are they doing or friends that I would call them to hang out once in awhile and these are the friends that I would be there for them when they needed a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear. As I was thinking, I realized that whenever someone ever buzz me, after the ‘how are you?’, it is always followed by a ‘can I ask you for a favour?’

My this friend told me that she thought with the ‘depth’ of our friendship, I would not mind doing this favour for her. Honestly, let’s not talk about a life & death situation, if it is important enough, serious enough, I would do it for her. I would go out of my way to do this favour, but it is not (not to me). Then I start thinking what went wrong? I realized that it could be a result of always being there for friends when they are in need, many a times, will led them to think that we will always be there, and that we love and care for them, we will not say no, and will help them whatever we could. All because, we love them.

Whenever I get a ‘hi, how are you?’, I always hope it will be that. That he/she just want say hi and nothing else. Unfortunately, it is always followed by ‘can I asked you for a favour?’, ‘do you have this or that?’, and ‘can you help me do this or that?’… I remembered an ex of mine said how he hates friends. Whenever someone ever called, it is always about something they want or need. That time, I thought he is just exaggerating. How very true. Even for him, whenever he buzzed me, it is always about something he wants or need.

Honestly, I have concluded that I am tired of this kind of friendship. I know friendship shouldn’t kira so much, that you scratch my back and I yours. I am not kira-ing anything, just that, no one ever scratch my back before. I am the kind of person that would think carefully what to get for each and every person for Christmas, even if it is a homogeneous present that I am giving to everyone, it will be something special that I made/bake or something that have a special meaning. I am also that kind of friend that will be there when you are not well and needed some company, or that kind of friend that will drop everything I am doing and rush to your side when you needed a shoulder to cry on. I am also the kind of friend that would be there on your party when I know there will not be many people turn up, to give you the moral support, to cheer you up a little just so you will not feel disheartened.

Conclusion is, stop asking me for unimportant favours that is totally out of my way (I would not mind at all if it is on the way. I must make this clear. Otherwise, you will think that i am arrogant). I may be free most of the time, but I prefer to spend my free time, my way.

P/s: I don’t mind a sincere get together to catch up. Just don’t try to sell me Amways, Elken, Insurance, Unit Trusts, Investments seminars & etc at the end of the catching up sessions. If that ever happen, I promised you that you will be as good as a stranger with immediate effect.
p/s: If any of you wish to drop me from your list of friends after reading this, I wouldn’t mind that either. Cause I’ve always treated each and every one of my friends from my heart.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Disheartening Happenings

So many things happened lately and I dont know where to start, that's why didnt bother to update my blog, cause dont even know what to write. Everthing is like too sad to begin with.
Some upsetting things happened to a friend lately but dont wish to blog about that either. It wouldnt be nice to write about somebody's somebody's upsetting story.... like so 'pat' like that. Just that, my heart really goes out to this friend. I felt useless of not being able to do anything. So I gather I should just let nature take it course, let time heal all pain. Was thinking, if given the same situation, I would just wanna be left alone. Left alone to think, reason, cry, blame and finally to slowly heal. Similarly, I am sure my friend would want the same thing, time to nurture & heal the wound slowly. The only thing that I am worried about is, would it heal? Not that it is impossible, with proper 'medicines' + determination, I am sure it will.
Things had been rather monotonous for me for the last couple of weeks besides experimenting in grooming Rumba & Sunshine, my lhasa & schnauzer. They look alright and I think it was a job well done (minus the few still matted fur). They are both currently infested with ticks... these blood sucking ticks must have all come out of hibernation for summer holiday from their hiding crevices. I simply hate them. I burned each and every bits of it whenever I get a chance. They are both on 'frontline spot on' since last week. I can see all these blood sucking creatures dropping dead by the masses. Muahahahaha.....
Besides successfully killing ticks with the weapon of mass destruction (the frontline ubat kutu la...) and saved my two lovable fluffy furkids from being sucked dry, one other dog were not so lucky. Mickey John Winter passed away last Wednesday (13/8/08). Mickey is a rottweiler belongs to my in-laws. According to the vet, Mickey was infected with some kind of disease thru ticks which causes his platelet counts to drop tremendously (something like demam denggi i think...). He passed away within 4 days. It was quite sudden. Eventhough I've only known Mickey for a short period of time, I am saddened by his sudden death not any lesser. Kinda missed his barking at me whenever I am in the kitchen. For your info, I am the only one he barks at.
Besides the above bad news, my grandma's health has been deteriorating for the past month too. She now has to depend on walking stick to move about. And the latest news I heard from mom was, grandma's speech is slurring from bad to worst and she is facing some difficulty in feeding herself. She is unable to held on to the spoon couple of times. She might have had a minor stroke that worsen her motor skills. She has always been a lady full of pride. Having to resort to walking stick to walk and being fed her meals now will be just too depressing for her. Disheartening isnt it?
Me, on the other hand, has been developing some nasty rashes for the past two weeks. It is super itchy whenever I sweat. It started around my neck, then chest and now my limbs. Dermovate doesnt work and neither does the cream prescribed by the dermatologist previously. Also dont know what else to do. Probably will go see the dermalogist again.
Sigh..... headache! Sien or not?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Castle In The Air

Castle in the air? Literally.
A photo taken on 7th August 08 during a heavy downpour in the distance.
The condominium look like a castle in the air.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Well Done Beijing Olympic!

The weekend has come and gone. All birthdays kautim. We are 1 year older now. The stupid rain on Thursday failed to drizzle for even 1 extra day... what a dissappointment.

The Beijing Olympic started off at 8pm on 8th August 08 with a blast. Not just a blast.. many many blasts. The choreography of the whole opening were simply fantastic. The scroll, the waterfall, the awesome performances, and also how Zhang Yi Mou took the opportunity to make known to the world that paper & compass are in actual fact invented by the Chinese. It is just simply brilliant. The whole is like saying "Hey, you hidung tinggi gwailos... look here, this is what you called celebration with a BLAST".

Throughout the opening show, we were so overwhelmed by scale of the celebration and can't help feeling very proud of being a Chinese. We felt so so very proud of China. The tv is like 60" big and both of us were sitting almost touching the screen. It was just so exciting. Harrison kept repeating things like... "hmmrfff! the gwailos must be getting really really scare of the chinese after seeing this" or "see la... this is what we called celebration" and etc.

Then I told him, "harlo... u so lansi of the whole thing for what? You Chinese arr? You are only a MALAYSIAN Chinese la.... our great great grandfather abandoned China long ago because of how terrible that country is. They betrayed their country. And now, you wanna earn its credit. apa la... tak malu one arr???"

He think about it for awhile, then he went "yalor hor... sigh........".


Hahahahahaha...... you can actually see all the excitement being wiped off his face all of a sudden. He is so funny sometimes!

P/s: i was laughing my ass off whenever i saw how the fella posed in mid air with a hand on his hip while being lifted by wires before he start to jog towards the cauldron. Its so comical. Like some super power characters like that...

Friday, August 8, 2008


What's with the 08.08.08 buzz all about? Fatt Fatt Fatt?
Besides the opening of Beijing Olympic tonight, many couples also chose to tie the knots on this 888 day as if getting married today gonna make them fatt (rich). My inbox is also flooded with 'Happy 888' emails. For a moment, I thought it is Chinese New Year today.
Hmmm.... if you can fight them, join them.
Here wishing you all a
"HAPPY 888"
(Happy 'Sam Pat' Day)
May you fatt fatt fatt!

Happy Birthday Darling!

Taa daaaa! This is what cut short my afternoon nap today. Not the pitter patter of raindrops on my window, but this. After our breakfast at Kopitiam, Harrison left for work and I, home. On way home, I popped by the baking shop to pick up some ingredients for my little project.
After nap, I started baking followed by icing. It was all done by 4:30pm. I then hide the cake in the fridge. Lowest tier.
When the clock striked at midnight, I gave him a birthday card with a birthday cake doodle complete with its flavour and colours. He went like.. "huh? like that also can arr? no real cake one arr?"
Then, I brought the cake out from its hiding place (i.e. the fridge). He was surprised and beaming from ear to ear! We lighted all the 31 candles together.
(31 small candles.....muahahahahaa.... *revenge certainly taste sweet*)
Well, it may not be the best looking cake in the world, but it certainly is filled with plenty of love!
Happy Birthday My Dear! May you be bless with good health always! Love you tonnes!
p/s: It's super yummy too!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Listen To The Rhythm Of The Falling Rain

#Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain... pitter patter pitter patter, woahh ohh...#
What a pleasant surprised to wake up to the pitter patter of rain outside my window this afternoon. I was extremely tired when I got back from the baking shop and straightaway fell asleep. My back muscle is still aching, it is making me a little lethargic, that's why the tired-ness.

It has been awhile since it rained like this. I always love it when it rain like this. Its cool & refreshing. Nice weather to stay coiled up at home.

Still feel like sleeping but I gotta get the cake ready!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cash Vouchers to Giveaway

Hey... I've got this cash vouchers from Redbox. It was given to us yesterday cause it was my birthday. Anybody wants it?
RM50 - valid only for 5 person and above
RM100 - valid only for 10 person and above
Naturally we cant use it yesterday cause there were only 2 of us. So if you wish to go karaoke, and have more than 5 person, buzz me for the vouchers. :) Both the vouchers expiring 31/8/08.

Thank you, thank you

I had a great birthday today =) and, I received many birthday wishes too from good friends & family, namely, Clarins, Melvin, Tye, Gerry, Alina, Nuri, Florence, Unc Lester, Fernice, Mom, Jeff, Jenny, An, Yvonne, Josephine, Jeannie, Esther, Evelyn, Carol, Irene, Darence, Fenny & Taki. Thanks for the wishes guys!
Didnt expect to receive so many. I've stopped sending out sms birthday wishes to friends this year. I am just lazy and tired to wish. Unbelievable hor? You see, I dont usually receive so many birthday wishes on my birthday. Just a few from REALLY close friends and family. That's all. That's why I gather that it's absolutely alright if I dont wished others too. Anyway, I am not important to them, so, why should i treat them so important?? You un (understand) not un what I am trying to say?
So it came quite as a surprised when I woke up to find 5 sms-es in my inbox waiting to be read and throughout the day, birthday wishes just kept flooding in. Oh boy...! It sure makes me feel so loved! hehehehe....... Many people out there still give a hoot about me... thank you, thank you.
Besides the many birthday wishes, I had a nice breakfast with Harrison in the morning, a perfect afternoon lunch followed by karaoke with a girlfriend and a simple & yummy dinner with Harrison in the evening. After dinner, we went to buy my birthday present. A pair of Lewre shoe! Yippee!
Sorry for not having any pictures here. You see, I brought along my camera today intending to snap as many photos as I could for blogging. But I am so smart-ass that I brought the camera without its memory card. Pandai or not??? Sigh.... must be a 31 years old thingy.... old & forgetful liau. Didnt know aging just happened with immediate effect!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

It is now 45 minutes passed midnight. Harrison brought home a cake today after work. At midnight, he make me blow out the 3 big candles and 1 small candle and gave me a lovely birthday card (1st wifey birthday card). Cis! 1 candle cukup la, no need to tell the whole world what a mature lady i am mah... he somemore say hor, "I make sure I asked for 3 BIG candles & 1 SMALL candle". You see la... this kind of hubby, vomit blood or not??? So sengaja one...

(luckily he didnt asked for 31 small candles! jialat!)

We planned to go somewhere nice for dinner tomorrow night. But havent got any idea where to go yet. There are so many nice and yummy restaurants around... yet always ended up in Unique Seafood. I am a sucker for seafood. I rather go for the food than the ambience. You wouldnt believe it if i tell you we even spent our two valentines there too. I know it is 'unromantic'. But I simply love seafood. The snow crabs, king crabs, oysters, abalone, lobsters, fresh water prawns..... the list just goes on. And those seafood that served in those romantic restaurants are usually yucky. That's why lor...
Harrison suggested Jogoya at Starhill. The 'atas' Japanese buffet. Dont really up to that cause we've been there couple of times. Prefer to go somewhere we never been to and that have good food. If the ambience is nice, it would be a bonus. Anyway, I think I will most probably end up in some seafood joint. Or do any of you out there have any good suggestions?

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Rubik Cube

I bought this Rubik's cube a month ago to challenge myself. But till now, still fail.
Is there any special technique in doing this thing?