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Friday, February 29, 2008

Another 'lift' episode (Muscles Vs Brain)

I was in a lift again recently. This time is at the place where i got my tattoo done. When the lift door opened on 4th floor, a group of youth, mostly big guys and a girl (same group) got in. However, one guy, late 30s i think, still standing at the door. He was looking at me and mumbling something like... "do you mind?"

Before i could figure out what he is mumbling about, i caught the sight of a lighted ciggy in his finger which he was pointing, and automatically i just went "Yes, I mind. Bye.. see you!" and i pressed on the close button.

(he went blur.. I mean, what was he expecting??? expecting I would say, oh no, i dont mind, please join us in the lift with your freaking air polluting device????!)

The door shut. His other big size guy friends who were in the lift went like "huh? what happened??" (mind you, some even trying to re-open the door with their muscle - of course they failed, it was so hilarious). The girl on the other hand, just smile.

So i explained to the brainless mass... "your friend asked me whether i mind him smoke in the lift and yes i mind. If he don't ask, I might not be bothered (i lied, of course i am bothered). But since he asked, i might as well just say yes i mind".

(they went even more blanked. the girl was laughing already by now)

It's not a personal war against ciggrettes or that Redbabe have done it again thingy. I just discover that BIG BODY USUALLY DOES COME WITH A SMALL PACKAGE. Brain la... what are you thinking??? Small brain i mean.

That's all.

p/s: at that moment, all that i thought of is, we are all coming from the tattoo place. so wat if they have a tattoo. I also got what.... so how? wanna compare arr.... lols. :p

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy 74th Birthday PP!

Harrison & I just got back from Kluang last weekend. We went back to attend my Granny's birthday. I lost track of her age. My memory is worst than her's.

So, I checked up her passport and this is what I get:

TARIKH LAHIR - 16th August 1938

Hmmm.. so, she should be 69+ yrs old now. Can't be. Couple of years ago, she was already 70 yrs old. So I decided to check it up with the little info that we have i.e. that she is born on the 13th day of chinese new year and her chinese horoscope is dog.

After doing some cross reference, if not mistaken, i strongly believe that she is born on the 26th February 1934 and she is 74 yrs old this year.

The mixed-up could be cause she was registered for a birth certificate only on 16th August 1938 (4 yrs after she was born). Reason could be that my grand-grandparents were illiterate and were very very poor. Or, that they were hoping that she would die so saving the needs to having to report death if it did happen.

I am sure many of you are aware that for centuries, baby girls are always consider a misfortune/loss for chinese. Cause girls are married off. Its a waste of rice to feed little girls. My granny once relay a story to us that, she was once left under the bed to die when she fall sick. Unfortunately (for her parents & luckily for us), she survived.

How cruel right? Mentality were different then. Livelihood too were difficult. One mouth lesser to feed, one hungry stomach lessen. Daughters were meant to be married off... to carry her husband surname and bore her husband's child. Son on the other hand, were meant to carry on the family surname, one generation after another. So, sons are naturally more precious than daughters.

Its amazing how things has change in this era, this new century. Daughters are no longer an excess baggage in a family but treasure. Daughters help around at home while the sons are out galavanting. Look around, even after when a daughter is married off, they are still taking care of their parents well and spend time with them more than most sons. Betul tak?

Bye-bye Cacat Eye...

Latest photo of me, flanked by two macho macho man.........................hah!

I know.. i know... am very lucky....psst.. anyone want their numbers? (errmmm.. the one in white is taken ya, dont even think about it.... the one in light blue is still very much available, anyone???)

Actually, the point of this photo is not to show of the two handsome I am with, but to show off myself. I am just very happy that my left eye no longer look cacat in photos. Yippee! Time to start appearing in more photos!!!!

p/s: i think i look good in blue too....lols... (yes, i am a vain pot. So what?)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Redbabe at it again!

I did something out of the ordinary yesterday. I stopped a guy with a ciggrette from entering the lift. Yes, I did just that. Spontaneous kinda thing. Harrison was shocked till he dont know what to say. He was dumb for awhile.

As we were waiting for our lift at Maju Junction yesterday, I saw this malay guy happily lighting up a ciggy while walking towards where we were standing. He is not suppose to smoke in the first place as it is an enclosed air-conditioned shopping/office premise. If he is finishing his ciggy and put it out before entering, there will be no issue. Or he is heading upwards instead of downwards, also no issue. But no, he has to light up when he walks towards the lift and share our lift to go downwards.

When our lift arrived, Harrison & I walked in. I turned around and saw this idiot walking in too. I quickly stopped him before he contaminate the air (i just simply hate smokers).

Me: U nak masuk lift?????
Idiot: (nodding)
Me: U nak bawa rokok dalam lift??????
Idiot: (still nodding...+ blur)
Me: Jangan masuk.
Idiot: (still nodding... + shocked)

*Lift's door closed*

I turned around again, look at Harrison, and his face look like this...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Muaks... Everybody!

Happy Valentine Day to everyone ...

Another stuff toy? Roses? and etc etc? We were at Memory Lane earlier and it was jam packed with people, girls & boys, old & young, trying their utmost best to choose something for their love one for Valentine Day. Better just simply grabbed something than being crucified for not getting any... hehehe...

Seen quite a few guys holding bunch of flowers, getting ready for tomorrow. I told Harrison not to get me any flowers for Valentine Day. Any other day is fine except for Valentine's Day. Cause prices of flowers are sky-high. Might as well give me the money. :p

Honestly, I dont know what to think of Valentine Day or how I feel towards it. Flowers' prices are tripled, restaurants capitalising on this 'romantic day' by cramping as much tables as they could and yet still charging irridiculous price for a set menu (pre-cooked mass production food). With the table an arm's length away the next, we will have to really really whisper our sweet nothing or better still, use sign language, so that the next table would not hear.

Nevertheless, there are many other ways to celebrate Valentine Day without having the need to spend too much. But if we are always good to each other, happy, and enjoy every minute of being together, what's the difference between Valentine Day and any other day?

Hmm.... I strongly believe that St.Valentine must have own a rose farm or a novelty shop long long ago and going thru a rough patch in his business. Being a marketing man, he invented a day for love and called it "Valentine Day" to promote his sales. Yeah, i think that's right. Logical.

Hehehehe... enough of blabbering. Hope you all, girls & boys, young & old, have a sweet & romantic
Valentine Day. Mmmuaks........!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Whirlwind Gone

Today its the 6th day of Chinese New Year. The whirlwind has come and gone. Once again leaving no trace of it ever been here. hehehehe.....

This year, for the first time, we are celebrating CNY here in KL instead of Kluang. My mom, granny, the maid + the 2 rascals (million & dollar) arrived on the eve and unc Lester arrived on the 2nd day of CNY. We had a simple reunion dinner at my Uncle's place for the first time. Sorry for not having any photo to show. The food too yummy till we forgot to snap picture of it.

There is no welcoming of the God of Fortune like what we always do back home in Kluang. We just rest & relax & chilled. THat's about it. Kinda don't feel like CNY. :p There are just some things that must be done during CNY and they are welcoming the God of Fortune on eve, tossing of yee sang (raw fish), sugar coated gummy candies, mandarin oranges, tidbits tray, fire crackers, pineapple cookies and etc....only then, it feel like CNY.

Besides the neverending eating... we played mahjong too. Luckily made some money. Otherwise, waste energy only sitting there playing and playing...:p

We did some visiting and had friends that came visiting us too. It was the usual eat, drink and chat chat chat... it was nice. I guess, CNY is also a time to catch up with friends and relatives.

We even took the opportunity of "KL being deserted during holidays" to go to Midvalley and Genting Highlands. Trust me, KL is not so deserted afterall. Midvalley were packed to the brink and Genting Highlands have ZERO carpark available.
We had some really good food though. Mom cooked 'Buddha Jumped Over the Wall' and it was delicious. We all enjoyed it very much. My aunty too cooked yummy food. End of the day, its not so much on what kinda a food we get to eat, or how big the prawn is, it is the sitting down together, enjoying our meals, joke and laugh till our heart out. That's the true meaning of reunion dinner.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gong Hee Fatt Choy

When I was little, Chinese New Year seems to be such a huge fanfare. We will slowly get ready months before the big day. I still remember how I would everyday, pull out the box under my granny’s bed and marvel at the new clothes she bought for me (yeah, that’s where she kept my new clothing). And I would always wish how wonderful it would be if CNY will be tomorrow so that I get to wear all those pretty clothes and I would start counting down.

Every year, without fail, my granny would make us new pillows and bolsters replacing the old and stinky ones. I would help to stuff the pillows with new cotton while my granny will stitched it up. She would also sew us new bed sheets too with her antique manual sewing machine. No matter how big or tall I grown, I would always request for a small mini pillow. I just wanted one.

There were once, we even went to the extend of making our own artificial cherry blossom tree. My granny would go into this little jungle nearby our house and find suitable dried branches for our project. She will usually emerged with beautiful branches plus mosquitoes bites. It’s hilarious. We will then stick the plastic flowers & cottons on to the branches to make it look realistic.

Then come the Spring Cleaning. Not that we only clean our house once a year, just that for CNY, it will be a major cleaning. All furniture will be moved aside; all floors will be washed down with soap & water, mopped & dried. Cushions, carpets and etc, will be ‘sun’ at the porch and whacked off the dust before bringing in. It is really a major cleaning. A sight which is hardly seen these days.

All I know is, Chinese New Year were such a big thing then. Plenty of preparation. New clothes, new shoes, new pillows, new bed sheets, sparkling clean house, and tons of yummy goodies. We would also decorate our house with lots of CNY symbols such as the ‘Fook’ sign, or ‘Fatt’. And when the date come closer, we will be looking forward for the return of our uncles & aunties, the reunion dinners, the fire crackers and most importantly, how much we make that year from our Angpows! Those were the days.

Nowadays arr, I don’t even know where the jungles are let alone finding branches to make Cherry Blossom tree. Furthermore, Pussy Willows are being sold everywhere. With a snap of the finger, we can get a beautiful bunch for just RM25. Easy! As for new pillows & bed sheets, it is not necessary as we get new ones all the time. If the old ones really need to be replaced, we can conveniently get it from Aussino. No need to find cotton to stuff your own pillow. So mah fan. Spring Cleaning on the other hand are also made easy. It is just a shout away… ‘Minah, sudah mau tahun baru cina arr…. Kasi rumah bersih-bersih arr…’ Hahahaha….And angpow, please dont even go into that.... :p

Anyway, would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a

Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year

and most importantly, good health ya…!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

God Bless My Wiper-Stealer (with STD!)

We have heard of many kind of weird thiefs. Perverted thieves who steal bra & panties cause they wanna sniff it and get themselves psycho... laptop thieves who break into your cars to steal laptops so that they could sell it to make some money, pick-pocketeer who steal your wallet for extra money, and plants thief who steal your potted plants to decorate their own garden. But have you heard of a 'Wiper-thief'?? Why would a wiper thief steal wiper for???
You wouldnt believe this. My wiper was stolen when i left my car for a mere 10 minutes when I run down to the bank. Wiper??? I didnt know people steal wiper and definately didnt now wipers are sought after item! I do have a pair of really nice PIAA silicon wiper with carbon fibre. But even if they steal it, it might not fit their car. Or they plan to sell it to make some additional $$ for CNY, how much can a pair of 2+ years old wiper fetch???
I really cant understand why would a person steal wiper. Maybe they cant afford a whip for their kinky sex and therefore use a wiper as the replacement. Ouch! But they can always steal a cheaper set of wiper to spank their asses what.... why my PIAA????
Anyway, I am just venting out my frustration of losing my faithful wiper on a rainy afternoon. I hope my wiper stealer will get STD using my PIAA to spank his ASS.