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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weight, Scars & Overhaul

I stand at 1.66m and in my early twenties, my weight was yoyo-ing between 56-58kg.  58kg for 1.66m may be alright but somehow I look fat & bloated.  Then, along the way, managed to bring it down to 52-54kg.  It was ideal.  As years gone by, I began to pile on again and reached a whopping 59-60kg.  Weird thing is, at 59-60kg, I dont look how I used to look at 56-58kg.  I actually look alright.  Unexplainable, X-Files.

So I have been 59-60kg for quite awhile; I think so cause I don't have a weighing scale at home. Every year, my new year resolution would be to loose some weight. Every year, the husband resolution would be to have a baby.  It's doesn't jive.  Lols...  Anyway, finally bought one scale recently after I had Aaz cause I decided that maybe I should at least REALLY know exactly how much I weight.

When I had both Gabb & Aaz, I started off at 60kg. Gained 12kg for Gabb and 9kg for Aaz.  For both, I lost the baby weight after a month.  When I had Gabb, I was a little conscious and watch what I eat.  For Aaz, I am eating literally like a cow.  Around the clock.  But mostly are healthy snacks.  :p

So basically I am back to my bikini self of course minus the still a little flabby tummy and tonnes of eczema scars which flares up during pregnancy.  Don't care la... I had two babies!  Who cares about eczema scars :p. Say only, I care actually.  Hahahaha....

Plan to have a body overhaul after Aaz is weaned.  That would be in April 2015.  My scars, my boobs and my etc... Lols...  For time being, I just hope to lose another 2kg and it will all be good. :)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Happy Fullmoon Aaz!

With all the dramas at home, a month passed by too soon. Aaz just sort of celebrated his Fullmoon on 5th Nov (we don't celebrate fullmoon but 100 days instead).  His routine - milk, burp, poop, sleep and he grunt a lot (usually a sign that he needs more burping).

Family & friends has been visiting bringing gifts for the little one.  One of the interesting gift would be the diaper motorbike (top right).  So much effort has been put into it and now I feel a little dilemma whether if I should undo it for the diapers! :p

Once again, we ordered boxes of Fullmoon cakes to be distributed to mark the occasion.  

We have ordered numerous times from Yong Sheng - our wedding biscuits, Gabb's fullmoon boxes and now, Aaz' too.  Their packaging are simple & nice and the cakes yummy too.

Here's a gold chain with a little horse pendant (year of horse) & a big angpow for the little one from my colleagues at work.

And so, it has been a month.  Here's wishing our little one, Aaz, a healthy & happy life and he be filled with love & compassion!  We love you tonnes!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mantra of the Day - Just Watsapp!

With modern technologies and social network such as FB, it created an illusion that we are CONNECTED with friends/family.  Reality, we are not.  We may roughly know what's going on in their life and that's because it pops up on our home screen.  It's ironic how gaps are widened with so much connectivity.

Therefore, what I did was, whenever someone pops up in my mind, I would immediately drop he/she with a 'Hi, how have you been?' message.  It doesn't take a lot and it's a lovely gesture.  I know I would like that.  Don't you?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Birth Announcement Card

Aaz will be one month old next week!  How time flies amidst sleepless nights, breast pumping, dengue, blocked duct, fever & etc.  One hell of a month I would say!  

Order for 'Fullmoon cakes' have been placed for family & friends.  Reduced the quantity by half this time round as I lack the energy to deliver them all.  Still, a whopping 54 boxes.

Been busy designing the 'Birth Announcement Card' to go along with the cakes.  Isn't it cute?  :)  Already sent for printing.

By the way, I am getting pretty good in this multi-tasking business; while pumping, I can blog (that explains a sudden surge in my post), does banking, design cards, eat, catch up on world news and etc.  I need to save the in-between time for nap.  Pretty good at time management too huh?  Hahahahaha...