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Friday, May 29, 2009


See, I told you so. With a flick of my magic wand, Friday is here already. Punctually. And tomorrow you can sleep till the cows come home for all you care ;)

Remember him? The puppy I wished for - Labrador cream colour coat with one floppy ear like those of a Jack Russell?? Husky the Menace a.k.a. Husky the Monster a.k.a. Husky the Destroyer??? Well, he has officially been banished to the never never land of our backyard instead of the happy happy land of our front porch. You must be going ... "aww.. so pitiful...."... and please, DON'T.
We have been very patience when he:
1) Dug out my plants from its pot and messed up the whole front porch with black soil
2) Broke the ceramic pot
3) Trimmed off all my plants that grows down to his height
4) Damaged the rubber hose nozzle twice
5) Chewed the dug out plant into zillion pieces
6) Damaged two water pails
7) Pulled out our autogate cable 4 times I think. Not sure, I lost count already.
8) Chewed & damaged 3 pairs of slippers + 1 pair of shoes (I think)
9) Damaged the legs of two wooden stools which was used to raise the flower pots to prevent his attacking it
10) Chewed on my front bumper to a horrid looking piece of thing which degraded my driving skills cause people would be thinking what a lousy driver I am for causing such damaged to my car bumper. So memalukan, but nevermind also... patience is the virtue to success mah...
11) Peed all over the front porch even to the extend of the inner part.
12) Peed into our house thru the grill.
13) Sitting relaxingly at the gate barking left & right opposite neighbours until they finished washing their car every morning at 7:30am while we are trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep above him.
14) Dug out my side signal lamp but we managed to save the bulb.
15) Trimmed of the edges of his master's car number plate.
16) Dig on the rusted edge of our metal shoe cabinet which will eventually caused it to topple if we have not removed it.
17) Ate all my chinese new year's flowers & limes.
18) Damaged 3 rottans.
19) Dug out a door strip from his master's car and chewed it into pieces.
The last straw was, when he successfully dig out the signal light again (which we have replaced with a new one) and this time, the bulb too and chewed it into non-existense and left his bite marks all over another door strip of his master's car.
So on Tuesday evening, when his master got home, he took him out for a walk, around the house, to the never never land of our backyard. All his toys - the squeeky bones, giggly balls, rawhides, water pails; has since been transferred there. His new home for the time being. Anyway, from Tuesday till today, our friend already digged out a pot of plant, played with its pot & soild at the never never land.
All I know for now is, next time, if I plan to wish for anything, I better put in a detailed specifications. Otherwise, I'll end up with a half half like this one and I will die arr... After this experience, I dont know what else to say if people still says that I am impatience. I really think I have the patient of a Saint.
So, have a great weekend ok.. go do something fun & crazy!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Alma Mater - The Canossian Convent

This entry is specially for all my schoolmates, Kluang's readers and everybody who attended this school of mine.
When I was back in Kluang sometime ago, I managed to squeeze out some time to visit a place which I've spent a big part of me there, which had moulded me to who I am today; not to say I am super successful or what la... but at least I turned out to be a good person. Really one... *wink wink*... I am a good person. This special place is none other that my alma mater, the Canossian Convent.
The sight that greeted me were rather depressing. Not that it was in a dipilated state but it no longer look like how it used to be or how I have left it 13 years ago... tsk... terbocor my age pulak... now you know how young I am.... hehehe... Anyway, when I was still studying there those days, the school was run by nuns. I still remember some of their names. Sister Cecelia, Sister Bathilda, Sister Monica, Sister Mary Lau, our primary school headmistress and Sister Mary Teh, our secondary school headmistress. During those time, our main spoken language was always English. And I still remember how proud Sister Mary were whenever she touched on the subject of cleanliness and that we, the Canossian Convent, have the cleanest toilet compared to all the other che kai schools... Lols
This tree was already there on the first day I stepped foot into the school and that was in 1982 when I was first enrolled into the 'baby class' of its' kindergarten. This is also the tree where PP would sit under in her pretty dress while waiting for me to finish my POL classes on a Saturday morning during my primary days. I have flashes of images stored in my brain that shows me sitting underneath it with a bunch of my classmates while eating hotdogs out of my 'batman' lunch box. I also remember playing skipping ropes, collecting 'biji saga' (red indian seeds) that's scattered all over beneath it. Of course, those days, it was sparkling clean and no rubbish dump there. I don't understand why did they build a rubbish dump right there of all places... sad la...

Right opposite that big umbrella tree is this 'yellow flower' tree. I still remember how the roots of the tree would grow like a stairs for us to walk up the little slope by it's side. I used to play 'house' with my classmates here while waiting for our buses when I was in primary school. Another thing about this tree is, whenever it is in blooming season, the whole floor beneath it will be carpeted with a thick layer of yellow flowers. Or whenever the wind blows, the yellow flower will be flying all over. Just like the movie 'para-para sakura'. The only difference is, it is para-para yellow flower...lols. Nevertheless, it is a sight to behold. It is beneath this tree that I would always find my mom waiting to collect me after school. She used to drive a dark green Fiat. By time school ended, her car would usually be covered in a layer of yellow flowers. Dark green + yellow, pretty sight.

This is the official way into our school. Yes, thru the canteen. My alma mater. SMCC. The school I attended. We always joked about it as Sekolah Mong Cha Cha... or maybe, just me... hehehe... Anyway, it used to be known as Sekolah Menengah Canossian Convent when it was still a semi government school. Now, it is known as Sekolah Kebangsaan Canossian Convent. Fully government. Meaning, no more nuns, no more morning prayers, no more bible stories, no more using English as the main language in school.

On the right, is our canteen. During my time, we have mee kari & mee sup, RM0.50 for big bowl (4 mouthful) and RM0.30 for small bowl (2 mouthful). Hmm.. what else we have? Oh yeah, RM0.20 to add fishcake. We also have icy cold guavas, curry puff, sardin puff and etc... I still remember how the uncle will crooned to the tune of Gladys Knight's whenever I am there for some cool orange cordial.... Uncle Jack I think his name was.
And on the right used to be the only path 'up' to our schools - kindergarten, primary & secondary. When we were in primary school, we used to beratur (line up) here before heading upwards to the music hall then to the respective classrooms. There also used to be a small bell tower at the foot of the stairs. Only the 'pengawas' (prefect) have the authority to rings it. As you can see, it is gone now too... sad hor..
The white building you see in this photo on top of the hill used to be our primary school block. It was at this end of the block that we always brushed our teeth after recess during the 'Gigi Bersih Campaign'. The latest news I heard of is, it has long been converted to some kind of Catholic Retreat runs by nuns. I guess that explained the missing roof on this stairway. They have changed the walkway to somewhere else ever since.
This is part of the new covered walkway built, connecting the canteen to the main school buildings, the multi purpose hall and the sports field.

This part of the walkway & the astaka is new too. Check out the size of our field which used to have a 400m track and a handball field smacked right in the middle. Quite big right.. compared to most schools here in KL.

On this field, we used to have a long jump sand dunes. On this field we used to play netball. Also on this field we used to play 'rounders' (something like baseball). Inside this multi purpose hall we have 4 badminton courts which is rented out to the general public to play on weekends. It is in this hall we celebrated Teacher's Day and don't know what day what day somemore... It is also in this hall I got both my wrists blue blacks from volleyball. I am always unlucky to get picked by sports club to play due to my height eventhough I am not very atheletic. I remember I was picked by badminton club, volleyball club and don't know what other clubs. Believe it or not, I was even voted as the president of our swimming club even though I don't swim then. Crazy...

This used to be our science lab. I don't remember seeing this 'cogankata' before. It must be new too since it is in Malay.

As the gate into the school compound is lock, I only managed to take these few photos to share. This building shown here used to be the building for secondary 1, 2 & 3. It has now been housed by the primary school. The secondary schools have since be shifted to the blocks behind this one.
This is the saddest part of all. Can you see the retaining wall at the far end? It wasnt there during our time. It used to have a pathway lined by beautiful pine trees connecting our secondary building to the red hall and then the primary buildings. Of all the halls we had, I love the Red Hall most. It is an open hall with red flooring and cement benches by its sides where we can lepak after school doing our homeworks while enjoying the breeze. It is always sparkling clean where we can lay back on the floor. Sadly, it has now been cordoned off as part of the Catholic Retreat thingy.

Before leaving the school ground, I managed to sneak up to the so called 'Catholic Retreat' to take a peek of what happened to my childhood land.
This is the slope in the kindergarten playground where I used to roll down with my kindy friends. It was good olde days of being a child. Carefree. No stress, no problems, no worries. How wonderful.This is where I used to attend kindergarten. My entire early education was in Convent. Starting from kindergarten all the way to Form 5. Age of 5 ~ 17. 12 years altogether. I've always love my school. I cant exactly tell what I love about it, all I know is, it is different from the others.

This statue of St Magdalene, or was it Mother Mary, used to be surrounded by big beautiful pine trees, home to many squirrels. This is also where we would have our class photo taken year after year. It is a sad sight now. The first floor on the foyer at the back of the statue used to be a little chapel where we would go to say our prayers whenever exams is around the corner :p. I heard they have remained it as it is.

Lastly, I came across this first stone that was laid by His Excellency when they were building this school. I don't remember seeing this one before. It doesnt look new. I am sure it is not a new addition. It stated that it was laid on the 3rd January 1950. Wah... 59 years already wor... but then again, it is acceptable la... cause this school has also been my mom's alma mater.
Other than all these fond memories, the other thing that I can remember the most is the slogan of our school and that is... "Caring & Sharing Is Our Way Of Life". It is in this school that I was taught not only to have compassion for others but many other pricelesss life's values as well.
Thank you my dear school for who I am today.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Recap of my weekend

Weekend has been alright. Most relaxing weekend since dunno when. This weekend was spent staying back at our own home lepaking instead of heading back to my in-laws. It is nice for a change. At least we get to lepak-ed around doing practically nothing. I meant nothing that important la... my other half would be busy going for wars in front of his pc upstairs and I, will be busy editing the photos I took on my laptop downstairs at the same time watching some 25 episodes chinese drama on a small window perched at a corner of my 14" screen, talking about multi-tasking.

Late Friday night, my other half suggested that we take a drive down to Putrajaya to find some nice bridges for my night shots practising and we did just that. Of all the many beautiful bridges, just one that is lighted up majestically. All I shot was just that one bridge from several angles and it took over an hour, experimenting with different shutter speeds & aperture. Not sure whether it is because I am really that lousy or that is a norm for photography... lols....

We headed for a drink at Cyberjaya before calling it a night. I love the outcome of the photos very much. Very satisfying. I've actually shared these photos in FB but some of you might not have access to it. So I've uploaded it here too.

I thought of writing a poem to go with it, but I am down with a flu. No, not swine flu (H1N1), I didnt eat pork.. hahahaha *quote Paris Hilton*. So no mood to write also. Besides, there are 101 things in my mind.... sigh....

Anyway, you guys have a great week ahead. Don't worry, weekend will arrived punctually in 5 days time. Just wait patiently ok :)... Cheers!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Am taking a quick break from my overcharged brain. It is as messed up as the clouds in this photo which I took over the weekend as Harrison's was driving past these pylons near Kelana Jaya. Am currently busy getting all my paper works organised and that include filing of all bills & correspondences, straightening all my accounts and etc. So you can imagine papers flying everywhere at home. I don't even remember where I put my EA form... yeah, you heard me right. I haven't submitted my tax revenue even. Was waiting to finalise my accounts so that I can declare all my multi million dollar business. But somehow, I got that one stuck too. I am just not an accounting person. So for now, die die also I must get that one done. Those are just one of the million things that I NEED to do and I was just thinking of starting a painting few days ago... dream on.... *sob* *sob*

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My 7-Day Vegetarian Pledge - A Success!

I've successfully completed my yearly 1 week 'vegetarian' pledge in conjuction with Wesak Day as my way of showing thanksgiving of the abundance that have been bestowed upon me. The good health, the good friends, the good life, the good mind and the good of many things. Thank you.

I just dont take meat or anything that requires killing. Eggs is fine cause I dont need to kill the chicken for it's eggs. Milk is fine too cause I dont need to kill a cow for it's milk. As long as it doesnt involved killing, I am cool. :)


This is only the second year that I am observing this vegetarian week pledge of mine. Last year was rather tough for me. Was already counting down the remaining days on the first day of my pledge. Lols. This year though, felt like a breeze. Without realising it, it is already 7th day, the last day of my pledge.


Found this nice little cosy restaurant with sickeningly sweet interior which served contemporary modern vegetarian food right outside our house. It was superduper yummy. It could be because of them this 7 days of mine passes by so fast... Double thumbs up for them.


How I felt after this 7 days meatless pledge? Well, I felt good. Felt less bloated. Mentally sharper and of course, proud of myself. Will do it again next year.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Swensen's AGAIN ...

Tak habis-habis cerita ice cream lagi. I think there is not gonna be anything else in my life except for ice creams. Just this connection between us, the electricity, the chemistry, unexplainable.

After dinner on Saturday night, we have 1 hour and 30 minutes to spare before meeting up with our friends for yumcha. So, it was Swensen at Subang Parade again.

I decided to stuff myself with it just so I get jelak with it... and believe you me, I think I am getting there already.... Lols

The classic stain glass pendant lamp in Swensen's. Their trademark of many years.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

TT With The Altezzarians

Was out TT (teh tarik) with the Altezzarian last night at Cyberjaya. The tt was in conjuction with Harrison getting back his 'new' car after sending it into the workshop for two over months. The outing was a success. There were altogether approximately 8 Altezzas, 1 Subaru, 1 Aristo and 1 MarkII.
The guys were very good sport. They park & re-park their cars so many times until I also lost count of it just so I get a good shot of their machine. It was so difficult to work without a tripod under such lighting environment.
Then a fellow member took out this little tripod from his car and passed it to me. We all had a really good laughed at the size of the tripod. It look like an alien more than a tripod to me...lols.. Due to it's tremendous height, I need to put it on the roof of another car. If you were there, the whole damn thing is just so comically hillarious. All of us had a really good laugh!
Nevertheless, it served it's purpose. Alien tripod saved the night and I managed to snap quite a number of good photos.

Coincidentally, the Civic Type R group were also having TT there. We took the opportunity to have a group photography session.
These are all the Toyotas & Honda last night. Overall, it was a good outing. Besides having the opportunity to practise my photography skill, I also had the opportunity to test drive Harrison's newly out-of-the-oven car. The verdict is, it is superduper fast, powerful & smooth! I wonder... my MR-S can make like that also ka? *hint hint*

Friday, May 15, 2009

Grooming Day & Husky Adventure

It is a busy night tonight. When we got home after dinner, I decided to groom & bathe these two furballs.

Sunshine's coat got so long that I cannot tahan la.... seeing her also I feel hot already. So I took out the electric razor and razor-ed her smooth & clean. Nolar.. no Brazilian wax la...

As for Rumba, no razor-ing. Just mandi only. After that, she damn shiok. These two furballs one two weird ones that simply love bathing time.

Tomorrow will be Husky's turn. Oh, btw, when I got home this evening at about 6:45pm, I found Husky merayau-rayau outside our house. Apparently Harrison didnt realise he terkeluar when he went off to work this morning. Why la this monster/destroyer knows his way home???? If he just go and never come back, that will be wonderful *wishful thinking*.
Anyway, he came back panting.... like damn tired working whole day like that. Now, just terlantar there. I think maybe that's what we should do. Leave a bowl of water outside the gate. Let him out to merayau-rayau when we leave the house in the morning. This way, he wont be so bored and start destroying everything in the house.... muahahahahahahaha

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our Midnight Burger Hunt

This is a long overdue entry. One fine Saturday night two weekends ago (I think), when we were spending the weekends at my in-laws' place, Mr Fat Fat said at 12:30am... "Put on your bra... let's go for hotdog. I just watched they ate hotdog in Shallow Hal, like damn shioking yummy like that la..." So because of that, 'Shallow Hal', I have to went scrambling for my bra, and out of the house, at 12:40am++, hunting for our local version of hotdog stand, i.e. the Ramlee Burger Stall)... Nevermind, I like going out. I love spontaneousity... I love fun no matter what time it is.

Halfway driving out, Mr Fat Fat said.. "Eh.. we need to go find a bank first la... no money in wallet le..". Don't look at me, at that hour, the most I brought would be my bra. The camera is just an accidental extra.... hehehe..

First, we went to this RHB's atm at a petrol kiosk near the foot of Bukit Segar. Unfortunately, the shop was closed. Therefore, can't access the ATM inside it. From there, we drove over to Connought Garden. Over there, we tried at AmBank - failed, Hong Leong Bank - also failed.

Only at Alliance Bank (also along the same row) Mr Fat Fat succeeded in withdrawing some hotdog money. Happy-nya dia!
Just for the record, I think most banks shut down their ATMs after 12 midnight. So next time if you needed money urgently passed midnight for hotdog , go straight to Alliance Bank. Don't waste time.
Anyway, after the ATM hunt was over, the Ramlee Burger Stands hunt started. These stalls which used to be everywhere when you not looking for them suddenly evaporated into thin air. No where to be found at all. We circled around Connought Garden for awhile and decided to head home empty handed.

As we were heading back up to Bukit Segar, we decided to circle the area nearby and just as we were giving up, there it was. One stall opens brightly right in front of the 7eleven... Mr Fat Fat finally found his Burger Stand to fulfil his hotdog's craving. He hoped off the car happily and ordered for himself a hotdog but only to get this reply "Bang, hotdog habis la... burger saja ada".

Hotdog takda, burger also jadi la... that's what happened in the end. I also wallup one burger myself... geng le... nevermind la.. not everynight supper. Wont die one la...

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Morning @ UMMC With The Mommies

As promised, this is post is about the Mother's Day event organised by 'My Mom's Best' which I blogged about last week.
Last Saturday morning, still blurry eyes, we gathered at the lobby of Menara Timur University Malaya Medical Center (UMMC) with bags and bags of presents waiting for instructions of what to do next.

The moment the nurses arrived with various trolleys representing various wards, without any instructions, everyone went on a 'auto-cruise' mode and started to organise, arrange and calculate all the presents and subsequently allocate them accordingly for all the mommies in all the paedaetric wards.

It was a really nice outing. Somehow, everyone just clicked. It felt like we have known each other all along like that. I guess it is the mutual goal to this event that has brought about such feelings & emotions.

All these presents' contributors, all these fabulous people volunteered to organise the whole event, and even those volunteered to have their shop as presents dropping zones shared something in common and that is, they all have a compassionate heart.

Someone contributed a big box of these pretty cupcakes. Each of these cupcakes were individually packed into see-thru boxes. It was really thoughtful. At least mommies can share her presents with her babies...:) I dunno, just by looking at it, I already felt happy.

The Director of UMMC chatted with some of us for awhile when he saw there. They were having some other events there.

Once all the arrangement, distribution and calculation settled, we arranged all the 9 trolleys side by side for photography. All the volunteers were taking a break and busy clicking away.

And finally, one for the album. A group photo of all the volunteers and the ever helpful nurses, with the 9 trolleys of presents. As for me, I can't wait for another such event to take place ... :) I'll surely be in. I've seen lots of thing this time round... and learned lots. I believe others too felt the same way I do.
I wont say all, but many parents these days have very high expectation of their children without realising what really matters. It is the kiasu syndrome that has somehow seeped into their mind without them realising themselves. I don't blame them. They usually started off normal, but somehow along the way, got sideways. I guess it is the normal human behaviour to never see what we already have but to amplify what we don't have. Eg, our child not smart enough, not pretty enough, not handsome enough, not cute enough, not rich enough...etc.
Then I thought, what's the point of being smart, pretty/handsome, rich enough if they are not healthy? Isnt it? What really opens up my eye & mind is when a fellow volunteer said this: "So what if my daughter have a congenital heart disease? As long as it is correctable, it is no big deal". How very true.

You can read more about it here:
Alina Grace