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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Of September & Yummy Prawns at Gohtong Jaya

Today marked the last day of September. The end of 3rd quarter of 2009 and beginning of the last quarter. Also the last day for a friend from her 'si beh tu lan' 9-6pm, one-leg-kick job and the beginning of her dream to be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom)... Congratulation ya Flor... *wave* - the 'wave' part of it inspired by Big Cow... must wave more, interactions with readers mah...
Anyway, it is back to work for me today. I tried to be early. Meaning, reaching office before 9:30am (usual: 10am+). I woke up early. Left home early too. Still I arrived office slightly over 10am. The traffic is crazy this morning. Especially the stretch along Motorola onwards. Crazy. Tried snaking thru short cuts, equally jammed up. Note to self: Don't bother going to work early. Waste petrol. Must promote green earth. Reduce global warming.
Anyway, as it is almost lunch time and still pretty cold too from the morning rain, this makes it a perfect time to share these photos with you. :)
Hot boiling 'giant prawn tung fun claypot' in wine soup. Yummilicious. This is what we had on Saturday night. As I've slept most of the day after my morning hike, and my other half slept too (not sure why he was so tired though), we decided to take a drive down to Gohtong Jaya for a late dinner.
As you can see here, the prawns were exceptionally fresh that day.
The aftermath of our gorging.
After dinner, we took a drive up to the peak. Enjoyed the cool air.

The Chin Swee Temple up in Genting Highlands.

The beautiful night view of Kuala Lumpur from Genting.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Photo of the Day: The Prosperity Kolam (+ My Cartoon Mooncakes)

Was in Pavillion this afternoon. Met up with Terri for lunch. Caught sight of this beautiful 'kolam' at the main entrance of Pavillion. Only then did I remembered that Deepavali is around the corner, like 2 weeks/3 weeks away? The beauty of Malaysia is, we are never short of colourful festivals - Hari Raya for the Malays, Deepavali for the Indians, Chinese New Year for the Chinese and many more in-betweens. A constant marathon of holidays. Never run out of excuse to party. :)
'Kolam' is a form of painting drawn using coloured rice by female members of a family in front of their home. Kolams are thought to bestow prosperity.
And these are the mini mooncakes that I put a gun over Terri's head (T-Cakes) so that she'll make some for me. Super duper cute right??? Got Garfield la, Daisy la as well as Hello Kitty, the mouthless celebrity cat!

Male Testerone

Sunshine, my female schnauzer of 5 years, is on heat. Due to my inexperience with a male dog reaction to female on heat, it didnt cross my mind to spay both my female furkids in advance. And now, it is driving Husky crazy. His male instinct to pro-create lodged into full gear. He hasnt been eating much for the last three days, barked aggressively, howled.... gosh, it is driving me mad.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Photos of the day: Jalan Masjid India (Older Part of Kuala Lumpur)

Shot from 15th floor of Semua House at the end of Jalan Masjid India at 10am this morning before the heavy downpour two hours later.

Jalan Masjid India, our very own Little India. One of the older part of Kuala Lumpur. It is strolling along this street that you will be greeted by a riots of colours from saris, fabric emporiums, Indian jewelleries & etc, or loud Bollywood music blasting away.

Was there this morning cause had a replacement class for last week's cancelled class. Hate to admit this, but contrary to my earlier belief, I am actually enjoying QM now.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Photo of the day: Gloomy Sunday Afternoon

Overcast sky indicating impending rain. Taken while awaiting for available tables at Yut Kee. Were there for their famous pork chop. We each had a set of 3-quarter-boiled-eggs and shared a set of toast & pork chop. Cannot eat too much. We are both rounding along the waistline.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gasing Hill & G-String Uncle

Guess what??!?

Managed to drag myself out of my soft & comfy bed at 7am, drove over to Restoran Gasing to meet up with a girlfriend of mine, Annie. And from there, she led the way into Gasing Hill (which I've never been). When the rest of the group arrived, we started off our hike at about 7:50am like that.

(the lookout point at the end of the first climb)

As we were walking into the hill, we were greeted by an old uncle, fifty-ish, flashing his g-string to passer-by (women mostly). Really one. He actually, seriously, flashed it to us girls. I saw it on his face. He waited for the guys in front to pass first. Only then he would bend down, as if to stretch (buttock facing us), exposing his bright red g-string with a single diamante! So chio! Lols... dont play play. People's g-string got diamante one ok....lols. I am so taking a photo of him on my next hike if he is still there...hahaha... actually, before we headed into the hill, my girlfriend already warn me on this peculiar sight. And true enough, he was there. Lols. Apparently he has been there on their previous hike too... The best part is, the g-string that he was wearing is obviously those of female's design.

On the rest of my hike, though panting quite hard due to the strenuous climb, I can't get my mind of it. I just kept having visual images flashing up in my mind on how the balls must have hung... lols... hillariously digusting. I know... hahahaha.... Really, I gonna so.. take a photo of him on my next hike... hehehe
Anyway, with my mind full of hilariously lewd thoughts of balls, I hiked on. Halfway thru the first steppy hill side, I already start having these thoughts "why la...? Why did I condemned myself to this kind of torture on a bright beautiful Saturday morning la...?" gosh... lols. But as we went on, it was alright. Not too bad reallyok. The path is like this, for every 50m of steppy upwards climb, it is usually followed by a stretch of 100m walk. At least can catch a breather. Recover a bit. Otherwise, sure mati kudasai one..

I lost count of how many upward climbs we had but I do remember one pretty chi kek one right after the hanging bridge. Half way thru that one, I actually over exert myself. Body not recovering as fast as it is burning. Felt sick. Rested quite awhile while the rest move on. I tell you, those girls arr, like powered by Duracel like that. Just keep walking and walking... even the pink rabbit 'no-fight' ahh ...

Overall, it was really nice. The hill was crowded with people (even so, the fella still flashed, you imagine yourself la...). As we hike along, fellow hikers wishing each other either a brief good morning/hi or simply just smile. Very mesra atmosphere. I like.

I was so relieved when I finally catched a glimpse of civilization back at the foot of the hill which only indicates that my torture session have finally come to an end after one and a half hour. We yakked a little there and proceeded to this Raju's Restorant nearby for our breakfast. I tell you... I've never tasted so yummy 'roti kosong' before. Maybe I am just very hungry. I dont know.

Will I go again? Of course! I am very motivated now to catch g-string uncle on camera ~~ can't wait! Hehehe....

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Look for Redbabe's Cozy Corner!

A friend of mine said that my 'boring until can die' outlook really bored her to death. Until no motivation to visit. So keng hor...hmm....? The thing is, I also find it really can kill lor... quite sien looking at the plain grey + maroon thing. Until no oomph to blog also. At least now I know, one thing for sure is, I definately need colours in life. Monotone suffocate me.
Since I am home tonight (no dancing), pretty bored doing nothing, decided to meddle with it's layout a little and settled on this totally new theme. So, what do you think???
p/s: oh, btw, Harrison said it felt like Christmas. I wonder... which planet he came from. ;)

Happy Weekend

Isn't it wonderful if every week is like this week? Off 2 days, work 3 days, then off again for another two days. Nice. Am not sure what am I lamenting about. Padahal, I only need to drag my ass into office twice a week. Nevertheless, the thought of it seems rather refreshing. Just like, by thinking of the extended holidays (though it has got nothing to do with me), I already felt totally refreshed and rejuvenated and experience a adrenaline rush of motivation to go work (cause can't wait for the weekends to arrive). You still following me? Hehehe... It is like, the brain just 'usha...' with the thoughts of impending holidays lor.... something like that la...
Another 1 hour to weekend. Yay! Gonna be real busy this weekend. Might go salsa tonight. Invited to trek at Gasing tomorrow at 7:30am. I know, it's crazy. Then tea on Sunday, dinner on monday and yumcha on tues. Wonderful.
It's 10minutes passed nine now. Decided to be good tonight. Lazy to go out. Gonna just play some games then curled up with my 'order of phoenix'.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nothing in particular...

Awaken by my own sneezing at 7am this morning. Went back to sleep. Woke up again at 8am. Went back to sleep again. Then 8:30am, sleep again. And finally, 9am. Whenever I have something on in the morning, I've the tendency to wake up every hour until the time I need to wake up. Biological alarm kinda thing. Afraid I overslept. Especially so on Thursday, when I have to attend my QM class which is taught by a rather sacarstic lecturer. Sure tak habis-habis berleter if anyone is late for class.
Anyway, unfortunately for me, today's class is once again cancelled without me being notified. They said they cant notify me cause they dont have my contact numbers (again). What's the odd? You think. Sigh... Anyway, got back to Tmn Desa, met up with Harrison for breakfast. He said I should call before I go for class next time. No point wasting time & petrol. I told him, it's ok. Just treat it as a morning drive. Really, I enjoyed it.
There seems to be a lot to do at home these days. The moment I turned on my laptop, it will be checking & replying mails, browsing thru FB, farming for both Harrison & me (farmville), catching up with friends, blogging, visiting friend's blog, commenting here and there, and before I know it, it was already 2 hours later.
Apart from the virtual stuff, there are also other more concrete stuff to do. Like washing down the doggies playpen, brush their furs to prevent tangle, wash & folding of laundry, tidy up, and QM revision.
After which, it will be back to the virtual world. It is a neverending story.

Taa daa!! My bling bling shoe!! (finally)

Finally, my long awaited pair of dancing shoe. Collected it last Friday. Luckily there is no defects... already wore it on Friday when we headed down to Salsa Havana. Xtreme comfy. Worth the wait (and the agony)... hehehe... Very bling bling hor?? But I love!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What happened to the cat(s)???!

From my previous post, Gerry asked me... "What happened to the cat?" (or cats). I am not exactly sure what she meant. So I thought might as well just upload these...

This is Dino I think.... honestly, I am not a cat person. A cat is a cat. Just like a fish is a fish. :p Since I am there having my breakfast and yakking away with Aunty Ruby and they came lingering around, give face to Aunty Ruby, I mah snap some photos of her feline mates...

And this is Tiger I think. Kena bullied by some other 3 cats until lousai... so cham. Just bathed by Aminah. Caught here scratching himself drying his ears. :p

This is Honey. Yes, I remember this one. Very sweet and gentle. OMG.... I am remembering cats names..................... 8
As for the rest... Furby la... and dunno wat dunno wat, I didnt see them. Dunno where they've got. Like I told Aunty Ruby, "Aiyah... sure bor they are really YOUR cats?? Or your part time cats?"... lols... hehehehe....

So, this is what happened to the cat(s) lor. In fact, nothing much la... they just lingers. ;)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our 2nd Trip to Ruby's Resort, Cherating

Our holiday to Ruby's Resort in Cherating during the Raya super long weekend holiday started at 3am on Sat (19/9) cause we decided to meet up with few other friends at the Gombak Toll at 4am and convoy together gether there. Since we have to leave the house latest by 3:30am, my other half decided that we shall skipped the sleeping part. We even went downtown had a great time salsa-ing away and met Alina & Mike coincidentally. Got home only at about 1:30am, showered and did some last minute packing.

By 3am, we are all set and ready to go. Even Rumba & Sunshine knows they will be coming along with us this time round as they were getting all excited & restless running around, grumbling impatiently. Can't wait to be allowed to hop onto the car.

We finally left our house at 4am. Half an hour delayed cause another friend who were suppose to tumpang their bag with us came late. When we finally arrived at Gombak toll, we had a shock of the traffic that greeted us. It was crazy. At 4am+, it was already bumper to bumper jammed. Total madhouse.

Due to heavy traffic in Gombak, we decided to meet up in Bentong toll instead. But when we finally crawled to Bentong, it was equally packed. There was no available space for us to stopover. In the end, all of us went our own separate ways. We were caught in the traffic for a good 2 hours. No way I am going to travel at that hour of the day again on holidays like this one. Might as well start at normal hours at least can get some decent sleep. Whichever way also will get caught in bad traffic. Betul?

Traffic only started to ease up fully after Temerloh. The breaking of dawn on this stretch of road was really beautiful. Most part of the road was covered with thick layer of morning mist. Visibility still very good la... so don't worry about not being able to see. Just that the mist added on a different feelings to the overall atmosphere. Somewhat magical/wintery of sort. A good experience. We finally got to Ruby's Resort at 8am, a total of 4hours drive which would usually take only about 2hours+.
Aunty Ruby herself came to welcome us. But I was too tired. Told her something about I need my sleep now... blah blah blah... lols. I can imagine how horrid I must have look without any proper sleep the night before - opened pores skin, panda eye, pale face & etc...lols... Therefore, cannot let anybody see me yet. Not until I am well-rested. Lols. Yeah, vain pot. Lols... So we somehow got all our luggages + the 2 dogs into our room miraculously, set up our room cozily before we hit the bed and slept for the next 4 hours. In between, someone knocked on our door saying something about lunch and I just blabbered something about giving it a pass.

When we finally woke up at 2pm+. We were famished. The first food that came to our mind were of course Tong Juan's stuff crab. We quickly changed and headed out to Kemaman town for it.
This is how Tong Juan looked like. From Cherating, go all the way straight till you come to a cross junction with a circular LED board on your right. Turn right at the cross junction. Then go all the way straight till you see a single four storey, white colour building with a signboard that say "Hai Peng", diagonally on your right. Turn right there and go all straight. Tong Juan is approximately 200m from there. Understand arr? Aiyah... wont get lost one la... only one road in Kemaman. Lols.

We were so hungry that we ordered 4 stuffed crabs, 4 bbq prawns and one big plate of fried rice with crab meat. Of course it ended up being too much for us. We were struggling to finish them.

Me, attacking my first stuffed crab of the day. Check out the crowd behind me. The restaurant is always packed. 24/7. We were lucky there was an available table when we were there the that day. No need to wait until the cows come home. Btw, there is this weird thing about me. I hate having to queue for tables. I rather dont eat. :p

You can see all the crab meat together with eggs + taugeh (I think), being stuffed into the crab shell and fried with a batter. Harrison said it was baked. Whatever la.. baked ke, fried ke, apa-apa la... I dont know. I only know how to eat. :p Anyway, I've blogged about this place before. It was November 2008 if not mistaken. You can check out that one too if you want to.

We got back after lunch, took Rumba & Sunshine to the beach for a swim. No photos. Sorry. Dont ask why, I also dunno. Maybe malas kua... Sunshine got into the water pretty fast. Rumba on the other hand refused to even step in the water initially. But after a while, a pretty long while in fact, after she had observed enough, she actually swam!!! What a natural! It was hillarious when we noticed how her legs would still continue to pedal when we lifted her out of the water. Harrison & I finds it so comical that we laughed so hard... I laughed till I cried...lols

Sunshine only mastered the skill on the second day we brought them to the beach. Even so, it was because she was forced to. My other half simply carried her out to the deeper end and she automatically swam her way back to shore. What a clever dog!
This poor chicken which Aunty Ruby fondly called 'Brownie' was chased up the tree by 'Ben', the Shitzu in lampshade. Lols. His mommy said the 'shade' is to prevent him licking/scratching himself. Something like that la. I, for one, am definately not used to seeing such sights. Nevertheless, it they are ok, why should I be complaining. It is not me who is wearing it. :p

Over here, it was 'Duchess' the schnauzer that is chasing after 'Brownie'. I tell you arr, this chicken arr.. also one kind one. So many dogs chasing him/her arr, he/she still wanna lepak around the area. Like mengada-ngada like that la... fatt hau....

Later that evening, Aunty Ruby arranged for someone from the 'Turtle Sanctuary' next door to bring over some baby turtle for us to release back into the sea. We gathered by the beach for that at 6pm.
The cutesy little turtles in styrofoam box. "Pick me! Pick me!". RM10 per turtle. All proceeds will channel back to the sanctuary for their various 'save a turtle' program.

That will be mine. "Remember to say hello when you see me diving next time turtle!"

"Run! Run! Run for your life... into the big ocean... into the awaiting jaws of the sharks...(opst)!"

And this loser here belongs to Harrison. It dashed into the sand instead and had it's head covered in sand the moment we released it... lols. But still, it made it into the sea in the end. hehehehe...

After the super tiring 'turtle releasing' activities which lasted for just 10minutes, our friend decided to rest on this huge hammock... hehehe.... like very comfy like that hor??? But I dont really like it cause I find it pretty rough on my skin. Thin skin people like me cannot survive it. Only thick skin people can sleep on it comfortably. :p

Since I can't lepak on the hammock and my other half is too busy to entertain me, I went to make friends with these two fellas. Meet 'Geesey' & 'Goosey". Lols... Geesy, the while colour one, is a male goose. Goosy, the grey one, is a female. Seriously, that's not their names. I simply made it up. Chicken also can called 'Brownie', what more goose??? Sure got name right? Lols...
We had bbq dinner that night under the tree house. Aunty Ruby even set up a camp fire for us to main-main. We had sotong, lamb, prawns, fried rice, salad, frankfurters and chicken wings. We had a great time eating & yakking away and the same time, feeding mosquitoes too. Yeah, lots of them. Happily sucking my blood dry. Luckily Jo let me use her mossy repellent. Otherwise arr... sure kena bitten like 'ham chien piang' like that...

We even climbed up to the tree house to look see look see too. I tell you, it is so comfy and cozy up there. Very very nice. Was later told that one of the family with children, from our group, had successfully pestered Aunty Ruby to rent the tree house to them on their second night there. Lols. Which kid wouldnt like to live on one??? I definately wont mind.

The staff list of Ruby's Resort written on one of the walls of the tree house. Stout - a black labrador who is in-charged of the resort's security. Furby, Tiger, Dino, Kitty, Ginger - are the cats that in-charged of pests control. I am sure her rabbits names are all there too. Their duties are probably to increase the population in the resort I think...lols...hehehehe......
Overall, it was a fun trip back to Ruby's Resort. It is always nice to be there. How to explain? Hmm... it felt just like going home. The atmosphere there is very easy going which can't be find in most 5 stars hotels/resorts. The staff are friendly. Aunty Ruby is always obnoxiously funny. A very good concoction of beautiful clean beach + cozy settings + warm people = perfect relaxing holiday. Very nice indeed! Can't wait for our next trip there.....Aww... I sure gonna miss that obnoxious woman!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Last Day in Singapore

I better hurry up complete my entry on our Singapore trip before we embark on another. Dont wanna end up with too many backlogs.
We didnt do much on the last day of our trip. Hanged out a little over at Jurong Point (again, since it is so blardy near and we are so blardy lazy). Had dessert over at a tiny HongKong dessert stall there. We just ordered some snacks and sweet soups (tong sui) cause when we woke up that afternoon (yes, you read correctly), Jenny already bought some wantan mee for us. She is really an angel. Cant wait for them to come down to KL so that we can return her hospitality. But I am not too sure if I am able to wake early enough to prepare breakfast like them. Lols...

We saw this all pink cute little cake shop called 'The Icing Room' while we were at Jurong Point. So fairy tale like... ahh... like directly out of some manga book like that... the unique part of this little shop is we can DIY our own cake's deco. They have cakes of different sizes for selection and the price include a creamed plain cake base, some icing flowers & icing tubes for you to work your masterpiece. So if you are in Singapore, and have that special someone to impress, do give this a thought. Yeah, like it or not, we girls are a real sucker for all things romantic & sweet despite however old fashion it may be. :p

We ding dong around whole day. Talk talk talk... and finally, it's time for us to head home. As I've mentioned in my first entry on this trip, our flight back to KL was delayed. By time we finally reached home, it was way past midnight.

Overall, it was a good trip. No rush. Holiday lor... holiday suppose to be free & easy mah... and relaxing too. Managed to meet up with people that matters. There are more, but it's difficult to squeeze everybody in. I was on holiday. Not on some friendship ambassador goodwill thingy...lols.
Food wise, well, since we have practically been stuffing ourselves the moment we touched down, all I can say is, their food is still a long way from ours. Now I know why most Singaporean stuffed themselves crazy whenever they are in Malaysia. It's like, eating is their main agenda like that. I am just very curious how it is possible to have such drastic difference in the quality of food since we are just a causeway away. Swim also can reach. Same raw materials, same people. Yet, so different taste buds. Anyway, it is not yucky. Just have plenty of rooms for improvement. Or maybe generally, that's Singaporean's preference.

Shopping wise, though I didnt shop much, cant help but notice that when shops put up the sign that says 'SALE', they really meant what they said. Their 'sale' is for real. Unlike those over here which usually only meant for out-of-season/missing buttons/spoilt zips items. I was at 'This Fashion', a clothing shops similar to our Nichii and they have 50% storewide sales. I ended up buying a rather nice tube dress which can be passed as an elegant cocktail dress anytime for only S$9. What a steal! No, I am not going to show how the dress look like. So that when you see me next time, you wont know if I am wearing 'the' cheapo dress...lols.

That basically wrapped up our short getaway to the land of the Merlion!

p/s: oh, that's something else I discovered. you know how one always said one wanna be on diet to shed some weights yet always fail cause the food are just too tempting? I found the solution to it and that is to stuff one crazy with food until jelak. Since we got back from Singapore, we kinda gotten jelak with food...lols!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Dancing Shoe: Sequel II

Remember my dancing shoe? That was supposed to be due for collection last Saturday? Yet, cant collect due to some hiccup on the maker's part? And was ask to collect on Wednesday (which was yesterday) instead?
Jo finally got her's thru the courier on Tue and she told me that she is not entirely sure that's the material she chosen. But ok lah... acceptable also la... just that the workmanship was pretty bad as traces of glue can be seen everywhere.
I sms-ed her on my shoe update yesterday and she replied, "Better dont rush them or you'll get a lousy job done". And I replied:
"Too late. Already rush-ed. Told them if it is still not ready today, they better pay me back my money".... :p
So, conclusion is, if anytime you need a new pair of dancing shoes, do go to 'Flash Dance Shoes' in Taman Midah. THAT IS, if you have a heart of gold and patient of a saint.

Day 4: Jurong Point, Vivo City, Sentosa & Clarke Quay

We managed to meet up with Uncle David for lunch on Day 4 in Jurong Point too as he is also living within the viccinity. Havent seen him for many many years. As Harrison & I both woke late which lead to late breakfast, we were still pretty full for lunch. In the end, we just settled for something light at a chinese restaurant there. It was nice catching up. It is always funny to hear him reminiscing how I would polished off watermelon right down to the 'white' part just before the green skin when I was a little girl. I told him then that it could be because of that that I look young...lols....
We had some 'xiu lung pau' and some dont know what... the dunno what doesnt taste good. It was just some wrapped glutinous rice. Find it quite tasteless in fact. Anyway, we chatted for quite awhile catching up on the happenings in each other life. It was nice and also kinda sad. Nice cause we havent meet for quite awhile, sad cause he aged and I am all tall and big. Sitting there, how I wish it was back to 25 years ago again. Where I would sit at the door waiting to collect goodies as toll charges for them to get into the house - kit kat, candies... lols. Or when they pretend to be asleep to avoid entertaining me and I would pull on the hairs on their legs....lols. Yeah, the evil part of me started when I was a tiny weeny bit.,.. hehehehe...
After lunch, we bidded farewell. Not sure when will be the next time we meet again. Harry & Jenny picked us up from there and we headed straight down to Vivo City. They wanted to check out some new car being launched there and we just tagged along as there was nothing much to do anyway. While we were there, Jeff & Shrinne met up with us. I thought we were just meeting up for a drink. Manatau, we were whisked off to Sentosa. There is a monorail connecting VivoCity straight into Sentosa.

Jeff took us there to check out this up & coming, next most happening place in Singapore. A USA chain restaurant called 'The WaveHouse'. He will be it's Exe Chef when its' door open in Oct/Nov. It was still under renovation while we are there. It is a one huge restaurant with tables space right up to its roof. I can already imagine the atmosphere when it open. Must be very laid-back and fun place to hang out!

The restaurant come equipped with two waves pool for its patron. Very interesting 'themed' restaurant. This one here is for beginners. If only I was prepared that day, meaning, if I've brought extra set of clothing + ICIs, I would have gotten wet. It sure look like lots of fun. Oh yeah, that's Shrinne.

A tour from the man himself. Jeff showing us the wavepool for the experts... I am not that ambitious to go into that one yet and being twirled around like I am in a washing machine like that... haha... (that's what he said how it felt like, word for word.). For starter, I should just try to aim for able to stand & balance on the beginner wave pool and not being washed out. Lols...

A bird eye's view of the beginner wave pool. Still pretty bare as the trees are not up yet. After hanging around there for about an hour, we headed back to Vivo to meet up with Jenny & Harry.

There is a shallow pool on the roof top of Vivo City for kids to play in or adult to dip their tired feet in. Very nice and relaxing environment. We also have it here in Malaysia and that is in KLCC park and cannot play or dip foot one. Lols... That's the difference between Malaysia & Singapura!
From VivoCity, we decided to head down to Clarke Quay for dinner & look see look see. Actually, it was me. I wanted very much to show Harrison the pub call 'The Clinic'. Lols.... THat's why we worked our dinner around it. ;)

Everywhere you go, it is so clean. So clean until quite tulan to see also.... where got place so clean one??? I thought there are lots of Malaysian in Singapore? How come they dont dirty the place one???? How come Malaysia so dirty one especially JB?? All these people from Singapore must have kept all their rubbish and throw in JB one shot when they crossed over. Lols. Vented up frustration!
Professor McGonagall (Harry Potte) was also in Clarke Quay in disguise as a cat....hehehe... This cat sat so still in front of a restaurant along the river right next to it's menu stand, not flinching even a tiny bit when we got close to it. We thought it was a fake cat. It was only when it squinted its' eyes, we realised it is a cat for real :p. So civilised. Fur, checked. Legs in, checked. Head tilt, checked. hehehehehehe

We settled for dinner at this place called 'Jumbo' along the river. It is a chinese seafood restaurant with little tables spread out onto the pavement right next to the river.
You can spit directly into the river halfway thru dinner...lols... But in Singkapoh, better not la.. afterwards kena saman....lols... The weather was very nice on that day too. It was a real pleasure to dine outdoor.
I had them poised for me in the 'drool' napkins provided by the restaurant. Very good hor. At least wont get seafood juices splattered all over our baju. How come our Unique Seafood here tak la one??? So louzi... Malaysia Malaysia......
We ordered some kind of dinner set for 4 fellas one. It comes with a 'cold dish starter platter', 'vege', 'prawns', 'fried rice', 'dessert' and of couse this too...

the famous 'Singapore Chilli Crab'! Unfortunately (for me), by the time this one is served, I was already 90% kenyang... So I only had the gravy with some hot buns. Equally yummy. Already not hungry enough to want to dirty my hands.

After a satisfying dinner, we walked to the other side of the river to check out the night life there. As I've already mentioned on Day 2, we finally decided to lepak in this one here called 'The Clinic'. Where did we went??? The Clinic. Lols. Of all the hangouts in Clarke Quay, this one here is the most unique ones.
Check out the furniture in The Clinic. They made the chairs we lounged on look like those metal hospital beds. Real hor...
And their freezer (maybe are just cupboards, I dunno), look just like those we will find in a morgue. Lols....
Check out those wheel-chair in the far end. Not sure to say it is cool or what...lols. In a way, it is kinda cool... but in other way, kinda like 'tai ka lai si' (pantang/supertitious) like that...lols. But I guess it is something different from the standard stuff we will find lor...
The blinds & lightings. If not mistaken, those lightings does really look like those in the operating theatre. I wonder, did they acquire it brand new or second hand from some hospital. If it is the later, again I wonder, don't know got any traces of human brain's juice splattered on it or not hor... ewww......:p hehehehehe
And this, my friend, was Harrison's drink. Mind you, it was pretty expensive just for the fun of it. Cause the drinks are prepacked into these transfusion fluid bags and served on a drip. Nolar... not with needles la... but just suck on the tube. Lols.... Quite hillarious. Tourists walking around were busy snapping away.
One for the album from The Clinic.
Cheers!!!! Lols... Luckily the waiters & waitresses does not served in nurses uniform. Otherwise, after couple of drinks, I might think I am in the clinic for real....lols.
And with that, we ended the night.