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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wonderful Kluang

(Kluang Rail Coffee)

It has been quite fun spending time with mom these past few days. It was nice. It has been a long time since we last spend time together, just the two of us. There's nothing much that we did, nevertheless, it was good. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner together and we bought many dvds to watch. We even slept in the same bed! I usually sleep with PP whenever I am back. Since PP is in hospital now, I didn't wanna sleep alone.... scare mah... shhh... don't tell anybody...lols
We watched 'Money Is Not Enough II' on Wednesday night. No doubt the show is quite a bored, the storyline did portray what's really happening in families nowadays. How people are struggling to earn a living and how they are running away from their responsibilities, i.e. caring for their ailing old parents. Overall, it is quite meaningful...
Then, it was Wall-E on Thursday night. Personally, I think with all the modern technologies these days, the citizens in Axiom may not be just a fiction anymore. We may someday end up like them too. Too fat too move about, have muscles that we don't know how to use. Cause whatever we needed are either a click on a button or a yell away. We can just sit on a lazy chair whole day, worked from our laptop, click on the air condition and tv, set the robot vacuum on auto mode, have a maid to serve our ever whine... So, is citizen of Axiom still a fiction? Anyway, other than the above, we are also following a TVB drama called "家好月圓" (Moonlight Resonance). It's nice.

Overall, it was a great time spent in Kluang with just my mom.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Many Dramas In Ward Melor

These days, you will notice that I'll update PP's condition here every now and then. This is to keep my cousins (those who are rajin to read my blog la) informed of PP's condition.

Mom & I went to the hospital this morning at 9:30am to check on PP. She was fully awake as the nurse fed her thru the tube. When we call out to her, there is a very slight movement in her eye & her hand. Her way of telling us she knows we are there.

The maid has been a godsend since PP's stroke. She has been very helpful and assisting mom in taking care of PP. During the night, she will stay in the hospital to keep an eye on PP. In the day time, it would be mom's turn. As PP is sleeping all the time, there is nothing much that we can do except to cool her body with wet towels when she is feverish, change her diapers it is full, talk to her every now and then and of course change her sleeping position every hour to prevent bedsores.

PP has been hospitalised in our local general hospital. I always have the perception that government hospital sucks and I was wrong. I was impressed with their services. Their nurses were attentive and efficient, facilities were good, doctors were friendly and best of all, they don't charge ridiculous prices.

For the past few days that I am back here, we spent most of the time in hospital (it's mom's routine anyway). The visiting hours were 12:30pm - 2:00pm, 4:30pm - 8pm. What we will do would be to go to the hospital at 9am to catch the doctor to get an update of PP's condition. Then we would go catch a quick bite. After that, will drop mom off at the hospital and send maid back home to rest before going back to the hospital to accompany mom till 2pm. When the afternoon visiting hours is over, we will go home and return only at 4pm and stayed till 8pm.

Tiring hor? Quite la... but then right, there are quite lot of interesting patients there to keep us entertained. Few beds away from PP, there is a lady who tried to commit suicide by swallowing 18 panadols i think. Didnt die la.... according to the husband, he said his wife suffered from depression. He encouraged her to go karaoke with her friends. Mana tau, as days goes by, her obsession with karaoke got worse and only get back at 2am. Of course the husband fed up la... mah scold her lor and forbid her to go karaoke lor. She got upset about it and telan 18 biji panadol. When her husband come to visit her in the hospital, she cried and wailed she dont wanna live anymore. According to her (wife), she said her husband abused her and forbid her to go look for job. Don't know which is which. They have 3 kids, eldest is 18 years old... After a few days in the ward, and her husband pujuk-pujuk (pacify), saw them held hand. So I guess that's the end of the story.
Then, there is this other patient directly opposite PP's bed, she is 39 years old. She suffered from schizophrenia i think; otak tak centre. She was hospitalised cause she couldnt sleep and suffered from anxiety. When we met her yesterday afternoon, she seems perfectly fine. Talked & joked. By night fall, about 6pm onwards, she will start screaming & crying insisting she wants to see so and so (PP just slept thru it). The nurses have to hold her down and strapped her to the bed. She is double my size. So it is pretty scary when she starts to go amok. According to her parents, she became like this when she broke off with her boyfriend of 3 months when she was 21. She had been transferred to Hospital Bahagia in Tampoi. A special place for special people. You see la... men!
Another bed was an old malay grandmother who is already 'nyanyuk'. She is about 80 years old. She kept calling out for her mom like a small child "mak... mak... mana mak??" also keep asking the nurses for candy.... haiz....... life!
Interesting right? Just wait and see if there are new action in the ward tomorow. Otherwise, it would be quite bored.

P/s: Doc told us that the urea level in PP has been increasing gradually since the day she check-in. Meaning, her kidneys is giving way. Doctor has increased her water consumption hoping it will clean her kidneys.

I am in Harper's Bazaar!

Check this out! October issue of Harper's Bazaar. Yours truly is in there.... ;)

As I mentioned some time ago, I was invited by a friend to join her for an 'Oriental Chic' afternoon organised by Harper's Bazaar. The photo is finally out. Sweet!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Update on PP - Hospitalised again

After my hair modelling stint of two days, I left for Kluang on my own the very next day (Wed). Wanted to hop on to a train/bus initially, but thought better of it. I will surely got lost somewhere in between. In the end, decided to drive instead. Flexible & save time. Started my journey at 12noon and arrived in Kluang at 2:15pm. The drive was very pleasant except that I was a little sleepy towards the end. Other than that, everything was fine. I even stopped by at Baskin' & Robbin in Air Keroh and bought a small pint of rum & raisin to take home with me. Yes, the ice cream survived the 1 hour 15 minutes drive home.. hard..! lols (what r u thinking? naughty naughty...*wagging finger*)
The reason of going back was to accompany my mom since Unc Lester has to go back to Spore to get his passport stamped. Thanks to my understanding boss, I don't need to report to work this week (but next week gotta work full week... *sob sob*). Therefore, I'll be staying here in Kluang for 5 days, till Sunday.

PP has been hospitalised again on Monday to stabilise her sugar. She does not respond to insulin nor metformin. Her sugar level shot up to 28 and she have been sleeping all the time. Have been accompanying her these couple of days at the hospital throughout every visiting hours. She is drifting in and out of sleep every now and then. Even when she is conscious, she can barely open her eyes. In fact, she can't move at all. We have to turn her every now and then to prevent bedsores. Mom have also bought a special mattress which generate cool air for PP to sleep on.

PP's condition is getting worst. She has been sleeping for the past 5 days without really waking up. Even when she opened her eyes, it is just a small slit. Not sure if she is aware of what's happening. According to the doc, PP suffered a no-symptom heart attack and she have some infection in her lungs too. Doc also said that it's usually the case for severe diabetic patient with second stroke. Due to her infection, she is feverish most of the time. We constantly wiped her with wet towel to cool her body. Other than that, there's nothing much we can do except to make her as comfortable as possible and let her know we are there constantly.

Anyway, that's all the update for tonight. Gotta sleep. Need to go to the hospital tomorrow morning. Goodnight & sweetdreams!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hair Modelling for Joico

(this the group photo)

I was invited by a friend to participate as a hair model for her company on Monday. Her company planned to print a new catalogue for the hair colour which they are distributing, called Joico. What I was supposed to do was to volunteer my luscious lock for their experts to work magic on and present their creativity. Well, I need the colouring and they need my hair. It's a win win situation, why not? Furthermore, can be a bit glamourous…. Ok wat….

The only downside was, I was rotting from 11am till 8pm there to get my freaking colours done. Reason was, there are more heads than hands. That's why. So have to wait patiently for my turn lor.

Well, I arrived at the in-house salon not so punctual, slightly after 11am. Afterall, I am the 'hair model'. Being the diva I am, must act a little like a diva. Just kidding. I was almost punctual, just that I've to go a couple more extra rounds to find a carpark. Finally got one, not quite a legal one, right opposite my destination. But, what the heck! There are hundreds of illegally parked cars. By time they come to mine, I'll probably be gone already. As long as they don't tow it away.

As I arrived, I was whisked off to the conference room to wait. Whisk konon.... to sound a bit glamourous mah... I managed to catch a glimpse of all the other hair models and I was petrified. All of them look barely out of college. Petrified not because they are young, but because I am old. Sad-nya!

While I was waiting in the conference room, some of these young models came in. By observing them alone is sufficient to keep me entertained for the rest of the afternoon. I think, that they really think, that they are real models. Cause, personally, I think they tried too hard to look cool & be 'in'. It was hillarious. Of course there are few that are friendly & 'real'.
I finally got my hair done at 8pm. Mine is a combination of copper & purple layering with a black colour base. The result was stunning. At least I think so. The combinations make it redder than copper or purple. Nice. I like red. After all I am Redbabe mah.. Red hair match my car.. match my nick also… :D
(this is my second hairdo for 2nd shot. my eyes so big... a bit like alien... lols)

Went for the photoshoot in this studio in Shamelin yesterday. It was fun despite of the long hour. We started at 11am and got everything wrapped up by 7pm. Tiring but a good experience for a free hairdo. Oh, also plus a bit of glamourous feel..... lols.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sex And The City

Decided to watch 'Sex & The City - Get Carried Away' today. Yeah I know. I am a bit ketinggalan (outdated). The dvd was in my work bag for the last one and a half month, I think. Finally got a chance to watch it today.
It was nice and I enjoyed the show very much. It reminds me of such a friendship I used to have. Anyway, let's not get into that. After watching it, I decided to google for its soundtrack. Among all of its songs, I like these two best; The Heart Of The Matter & Kissing, and thought I should share it (the first two songs that is currently playing). As for the 3rd song, it's just one of the many version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" that i love. It got nothing to do with Sex And The City. Hope you enjoy it. Here's the lyric to "The Heart Of The Matter".

I got the call today, I didn’t wanna hear
But I knew that it would come
An old true friend of ours was talkin’ on the phone
She said you found someone

And I thought of all the bad luck and all the struggles we went through
How I lost me and you lost you
What are all these voices outside love’s open door
Make us throw off our contentment and beg for something more

I’ve been learning to live without you now
But I miss you sometimes
The more I know, the less I understand
All the things I thought I knew, I’m learning them again

I’ve been tryin’ to get down to the heart of the matter
But my will gets weak and my thoughts seem to scatter
But I think it’s about forgiveness, forgiveness
Even if, even if you don’t love me anymore

These times are so uncertain, there’s yearning undefined
And people filled with rage
We all need a little tenderness, how can love survive
In such a graceless age

And the trust and self-assurance that lead to happiness
Are the very things we kill, I guess
Pride and competition cannot fill these empty arms
And the work they put between us, you now it doesn’t keep us warm

I’ve been learning to live without you now
But I miss you, baby
The more I know, the less I understand
And all the thins I thought I’d figured out, I have to learn again

I’ve been tryin’ to get down to the heart of the matter
But my will gets weak and my heart is so shattered
But I think it’s about forgiveness, forgiveness
Even if, even if you don’t love me anymore

All the people in your life who’ve come and gone
They let you down, you know they hurt your pride
Gotta put it all behind you ‘cause life goes on
You keep carryin’ that anger, it’ll eat you up inside

I wanna be happily ever after
And my heart is so shattered
But I know it’s about forgiveness, forgiveness
Even if, even if you don’t love me anymore

I’ve been tryin’ to get down to the heart of the matter
Because the flesh gets weak and the ashes will scatter
So I’m thinkin’ about forgiveness, forgiveness
Even if you don’t love me anymore
Even if you don’t’ love me anymore

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bling bling..!

(not bad right? simple and nice!)

Out of boredom, I've recently 'bling' my laptop with purple & pink mini diamonds. Personalised it a bit mah... make it little bit more sweet looking. The standard plain black & silver colour laptop doesnt match my personality la... also, cannot afford to buy those new colourful VA10 or Dell or Macbook... that's why lor.... Have to bling bling it a bit with cheap stick on diamonds to make it tiny weeny bit more interesting!
My first intention was to have the whole screen surrounded with these pretty & shiny diamonds. Mana tau, it cant close properly after that. So, gotta take it all out and left only the bottom part. Even that, can't stick right to the end. Otherwise, it will hit on the on/off button whenever it is close. Mah fan right..... a bit disappointing la.... I was so looking forward to a diamond studded border. Cheh...!

Anyway, I told Harrison I dont mind inheriting his old LCD monitor which already calar (scratched) one. He can go get one new one for himself. He asked me why? How come suddenly I want an external monitor? Cause he had always talking about getting me one but i rejected it as I dont see a need for it. So I mah tell him lor.... "cause i wanna decorate it with sickeningly sweet diamonds.... can?" He looked at me with an unbelievable look on his face, say nothing, and get back to his game. I really meant it you know!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blabbering - Astro

As I was scanning thru the local channels on tv, TV1, TV2, TV3 and NTV7, I came across this HK movie acted by ShuQi, Simon Yam and some other actors on TV2. It was unbelievable silly. Simon Yam will tap dance while fighting... the sunflowers would laugh...they fight using durians.... oh, did I mentioned it was shot in Malaysia? Sabah or something... I've never watch such stupid show in my entire life. Even Stephen Chow's famous idiotic comedies are no match to this one. Really. Oh, i've just googled for the title so you can go watch how stupid it is. Why not? Quite entertaining le.... lols... here you go...

I've been watching our local channels for last month. You must be wondering why. For the last couple of months, our Astro is always disrupted after a heavy thunderstorm. The management would then notify the Astro's technician to reset the centralised system in our building whenever it is disrupted. After couple of times, I was informed by my neighbours that the management would not be responsible of our Astro anymore and we are supposed to install our own Astro dish. I was fumed.

The reason why I was so upset was because I've kept my Astro's dish for the last couple of years, taking up a space in my house and finally decided to get rid of it since I wont be needing it. The moment I got rid of the dish, the management tell us to install our own dish.... WTH?? I wanted to install my own dish initially but the management says no, cause it will ruined the facade of our building. Apparently, it won't ruined it now. How contradicting...

That's why I decided to just terminate the damn Astro. Afterall, I'll be shifting out soon. No point wasting $$ to install a new Astro dish.

I tell you arr... sometimes arr, it is such a pain to stay in places like this. Suka-suka, they change their regulations. Somemore, can't keep pets la (I still do)... no potted plants at the corridors la (I still do too)... no drillings after 7pm & weekends la... irresponsible neighbours who smoke/spit in the lift la... and most importantly, it is so mah fan to carry up my car roof when I decided to drive hood-less & etc etc... haizz....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update on PP - Acupunturist

Thank you to all of you for including our PP in your prayers and well wishes SMSes. Sorry for not able to reply. Everything is so haywired at home that most of the time, I dont know where my mobile is. Our PP's critical condition on Tuesday has been stabled. She is still strong & kicking (literally). Really, kicking.
Sept 16, KLCC, Afternoon
I met up with Josephine for lunch in KLCC after I finished running some errands in town. While waiting for her, my mobile rang and it says 'Mommi'. My heart missed a bit on seeing that. Answered nevertheless. At the other end of the line, I heard her were mumbling in between uncontrollable sobs, saying something about PP is breathing very hard now and she felt that this is it. No matter how much i've braved myself to face this day, i was disoriented and just stare blindly to the crowd below in the main concourse. All I remembered was, I said a silent prayer. A prayer for the Almighty to take her fast and let her not suffer more if her time is up and also to provide all those who love her, strenght to accept it.

We had lunch at Little Penang. I had only 'hak lor mai' dessert (black glutinous rice soup). It tasted horrible. I am not sure whether is it really that bad or perhaps I just not in the mood for anything. Josephine was worried. I remember I kept mumbling thru how we should accept all these and etc. Honestly, I am scare. That's why I just want to constantly remind myself to accept come what may, and most importantly, to be strong.

Back at home, I just clean clean & clean. Swept & mopped everywhere, wiped all dust, do the laundry, aired the pillows, cleaned & refilled the hot water pot, wash down the toilets... I dunno what else. I was on auto-mode. After that, I just packed up my overnight bag and waited. When Harrison got back, I just told him I wanna go home.

Sept 17 - Kluang
PP's condition is bad. Everyone is back home. But she is better compared to yesterday when mom called. But, still bad. Her breathing is back to normal. She seems to lost control of her nerves. She is constantly moving. Her arms, legs, body... it is not spasm kind of movement or parkinson's, for eg, she would lift her right arm, then another second would be her left leg, then her right arm and so on. Then she would move her abdomen. Every seconds she is moving. This resulted her in constantly sliding further down the chair and we have to lift her to upright position almost every minute. This is very tiring for us as well as for her cause she is not able to sleep/rest at all with her limbs moving all the time.

Her head is constantly turned to right. Her eyes on the other hand is constantly staring to the right top corner and look glassy. Eventhough she lost practically all her 'motor' skills, her mind is still there. She is still able a very slight nod for 'yes' or turning her head left right very slightly to indicate 'no'. She is also able to lift her arms or legs when we asked her to.

We managed to brought her for acupunture today. Personally, I think she hated it, or maybe frighten of it. I don't know. Cause she moves a lot and quite aggresively towards the end of the session till couple of needles were flung out. Whatever it is, acupunture is good for her condition and we have signed her up for 10 sessions. The difficult part is getting her there to the acupunturist. I am just very worried how my mom going to manage it. The whole process is quite tedius. Carrying her into the car, out of the car into the clinic, hold her down for half an hour during the treatment, and later into the car again to head home, then out of the car into the house. Anyway, I just hope after the treatments, it will make her feel better.

(taken on 11:30pm, 16 Sept. It's a beautifully lighted up roundable with thousands of blue twinkling lights. Harrison just go round and round the roundabout for me to snap this)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update on PP's Health - No good.

A short update on PP's condition (PP = popo/granny). For the last 3 days, she has shown tremendous improvement. Her mood was better and she is very cooperative with all the physio therapy. She even tried to chat up with our maid. A very good sign and everyone was very glad with the good news after so many bad ones.

However, just as we begin to see some sunlight, it gets gloomy all over again. All the improvement seems to have halt all of a sudden today. According to mom, PP vomitted the milk which was fed thru the tube to her this morning. Mom quickly send her to the hospital and the doctor on duty assured her that everything is alright and had the tube replaced on the account that it might have not been inserted well. After the ordeal, everything seems to go downhill again.

PP was very restless when she got home from the hospital. Mom's description was that she wriggled about most of the time subconciously. Meaning, she seems to move about on the chair and once, she almost fell off. But, whenever mom remind her to stop moving, she would. It's kinda hard to imagine, I can't really picture it either. It just seems so strange.

Also, she refused to lie down and rest. She would just dozed of sitting. Whenever she is in the room, she would ring them to help her out after 3 minutes in there. And all these is taking a toll on everybody at home. Sigh...

Mom says that PP been trying to tell her something this afternoon. She would first point to my mom, then to her own head. My mom still cant figure out what was PP trying to tell. I guess PP is disturbed about something and yet we cant figure out what it was. Mom has been asking her tonnes of questions whether is it this or that.

pee/shit ?= no
hungry/thirsty? = no
wash hair? = no
headache? = no
can't breathe? = no
uncomfortable? = no
something painful? = no
wanna go for car ride? = no
wants mom to dye her hair for her? = no
she seen something (spirits or something)? = no
she dream of grandpa? = no

My mom is really at the end of her wits now. She felt so helpless and she don't know what else she should do. She just held on to PP's hand and assured her that she would take care of her and tell her not to worry and that she will sleep with her. That stopped PP's restlessness for awhile. Half an hour later, everything starts all over again. According to mom, apparently at one time, PP was tossing and turning so badly that she and my aunt thought her time was up.

What's wrong??? Arrgghhh.......!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Mid Autumn folks!

(very pretty right? don't know can eat one or not?)

It's Mid Autumn Festival today. Happy Mid Autumn to all of you. Hope you have a wonderful reunion dinner with your family and love ones. It's a pity it rained today. Can't admire the otherwise beautiful round moon hidden behind the cloud, or has the cloud cleared? Am too lazy to stretch my neck out of the window to check out the sky... whatever la..

For me, it's just like any other day. No walking around the neighbourhood carrying paper lantern or lighting of multi coloured candles in the porch or any 'yuit kong wui' to attend. Just another Sunday like any other Sunday, doing our own stuff and later, dinner together. Except that, we had a very nice dinner tonight compared to other Sundays cause today is 'tai yat zi' (big day), that's why.

In fact, i just realised that it is not just me that didn't do what we used to do during a Mid Autumn Festival, I don't see any other people doing it as well. All the way from Taman Desa to USJ, tak nampak satu orang pun walking around with their colourful lantern or any house that is brightly lighted with candy colour candles or even any folks sitting in their front porch enjoying mooncakes with their chinese tea. What's happening?

Is that an outcome of staying in a city for too long? Or cause our rakyat are disturb by our current political turmoil and the many uncertainties 916 would bring? 916 is barely 36 hours away, I guess it is a good reason to be restless (oh, for those of you that is under the tempurung, we are not talking about 916 gold ok.. we are talking about 16th Sept). Personally, I am awaiting 916 with full anticipation. Awaiting for change. Awaiting for some excitement. Awaiting for some happenings. And most importantly, awaiting for 'hope' for my country. We need to get things moving. Eh, ter-off-topic pulak. See la.... I think yalar... the rakyat is definately disturbed by 916. Even me, supposed to blog about Mid Autumn festival, ter-blogged about 916 pulak. You see la... haizzz....

Sorry la... Can't help it, it is the berita hangat now. Everywhere I go, people are telling me to stock up on food at home. I still have some rice left, maggi mee, potato chips, meow meow prawn crackers, cream crackers, oranges, pears, honey dew, luncheon meat, fish fillet, sausages.... I think enough kua.... worst come to worst, share Rumba & Sunshine's kibbles lor....am sure they wont be kedekut one... sure can kenyang one... or bbq them... oppst... did i say bbq them? :p Ok.. better stop talking about 916, or next, you'll see the headlines read "Redbabe is arrested under ISA too". Shh shhhhhhh.............

Mid Autumn Festival. As I was talking about the lanterns and all.... when I was very young (not that I am very old now), I always look forward to it. Can't wait to light up the front porch with hundreds of flickering candles or bobbling lanterns. I would start collecting candles way before the festival arrived and hide them in this huge vase which is about a meter tall stored in the back room. You see, I stayed with my grandparents then. And, my other cousins would always come by, unfortunately, almost every day. Some of them, would always help themselves freely to things that doesn't belongs to them. Therefore, I have to be very creative with my hiding places.

Anyway, festival come and go. The leftovers will be thrown back into the vase for next year. Many months later (or years, I dont know), one fine night, as I was rummaging thru my wardrobe in the back room, I heard some strange noises coming out from the vase. Some kind of click click cluck cluck sound. For a moment, I was hoping I would find a genie in there to grant me 3 wishes. Took a torch light, shined into it, and found a mickey mouse (rat) instead. What a disappointment. Luckily didnt waste time to think what wishes I want to be granted. Buang masa only. Anyway, granny took care of it. Dont ask me what she did to it or how 'it' fell into the vase. I dont know and I am not interested to know. 1 thing for sure is, I never use it as a hiding place after that. Geli!

That's just one of the many stories. Whatever it is, one thing I always remembered is, I am never 'ngam' with this Mid Autumn Festival. Despite of how many cold drinks/ice creams i would give up to stay in good health come the festival, somehow or rather, I am always down with some kind of sickness - asthma la, cough la, fever la, sorethroat la....never fail. Very 'chun' one. This year, its sorethroat & fever. No 'chow kai' one.. just a matter of how serious it is. Strange eh...? Somehow, i figured out the reasons why. Its complicated. So let's just not get into it. :)

Anyway, nothing much I did today except for attended Tracy & Calvin's wedding lunch. Even though it was just for a short while, it was a very warm and nice reception. Just like to wish the newly weds 'Congrats' and 'Zhou Sang Kwai Zi'.... hehehehe. =)

I wanna go find the moon now (in my dream). Goodnight. Zhong Qiu Jie Kuai Le!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update on Granny's Condition

Things has been rather gloomy lately. My granny has just been discharged from the hospital. From her CT Scan, doc observed quite a major stroke. No wonder her health seems to be deteriorating so badly with each passing day.
Was back in Kluang over the weekend. She seems so frail. She is totally unable to walk and need to be wheelchaired from room to living hall or to the toilet. She is only able to make very vague and simple hand gesture. She totally lost her ability to talk and swallow. She is currently being fed with high nutrient milk thru a nasal gastric tube every 3 hours. Same goes for her medications.
Mom is particularly stressed up with her new role as a caregiver. Besides the financial issue (cause she is currently not able to run her stall), she constantly have to keep an eye on granny to ensure she is ok and comfortable or to carry her whenever she want to move around. It's not easy cause granny is totally slump most of the time (zero energy). She would even dozed off while being showered and move about. That's how bad it is.
I just feel sorry for all these things that my mom have to go thru. Just hope she would hang in there for awhile and in time to come, things will be better.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Darling, A Car Is Still A Car...

The weather today is nice. Gloomy and rainy. I love rainy days. It has been raining almost everyday for the last two weeks. Can’t complain because I’ve asked for it. I prayed very hard for rain. Better rain than oven hot. On days like this, as long as I don’t have to hit the road, I am happiest. When I was a little girl, I used to be able to smell rain long before it start. Once, I even imagined that I am some kind of rain princess, that I can summoned rain as and when I like. How imaginative!

Anyway, just got back from KL. The traffic was crazy. It took almost 2 hours to reach downtown. We ended up having dinner at Passage Thru India instead of going where we suppose to. Harrison’s left leg wobbled like jelly courtesy of his ‘sports’ clutch (in case u don’t know, sports’ clutch pedal is many times harder than a normal manual clutch). Aww…. poorthing… *he asked for it*. :p

Sometimes, it is quite difficult to comprehend the rationale behind his actions. For example, he would purposely pay money to remove a good clutch pedal only to have it replaced by a hard & tough sports clutch pedal knowing very well of KL’s famous bumper to bumper traffic and best of all, end up with wobbly jelly leg.

Another weirdest thing that he would do was to remove the whole darn original engine and get it replaced by a turbo charged engine so that the horsepower will be increased to 320 from 210. The point is, for me, no matter how much horsepower a car has, you still have to hit on the brake when you come to a standing traffic or some stupid ass hogging the road (which is a norm here). Now, he is starting to talk about removing his turbo engine and got it replaced with a 1jz engine (don’t ask me. I don’t know what the heck that is). I told him if he is so crazy about horsepower, don’t drive car, fly a plane instead. A car is a car. You can’t change a car into a plane. It still won’t fly.

That is not all, he will take out the original yellow headlamps and install a new pair of don’t know what HID light and each time when we are stopped at roadblock, he would tell the police that they are original and the police will believe him.

Once, he also removed his original spoiler and installed a carbon fiber one, only to remove it again and got another one installed later.

And when he had a minor accident sometime back which dented his front bonnet slightly, he used it as an excuse to get it replaced with a carbon fiber one (which he had always dream of getting).

These are just some of the things he did to his car. There are many more which I can’t see (meaning, internal organs la…) and I don’t know. Sometimes I wonder, why spend so much money to buy a nice car only to have all its organs removed and transplanted? Might as well just buy an empty car shell and implant whatever superpower organs he wants to implant right? That’s more logical isn’t it?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Malu Sial.....!

I did something quite silly & embarassing one fine weekend couple of weeks ago. As usual, on weekends, we will be in Tmn Desa. One afternoon, as I was watching TV at the living room upstairs, I saw a reflection on the screen and straightaway I thought that it was Harrison and that he is awake, and he is going to scare me from behind.

So, before he has a chance to do that, I quickly turned and went… ‘Hah!’ What greeted me was not Harrison but my wide eye brother-in-law, scratching his head with a smirk on his face, wondering what was that all about. Malu sial…..! He was just collecting his newly pressed laundry which was neatly folded and arranged there.

I just couldn’t believe it. How could I not remember he is also in the house??? Darn! You should've seen my face. I think I look like this.

Damn Viruses

My laptop is detoxified and rejuvenated now after its ‘Spa’ session at Low Yat Plaza last Saturday. It’s performing better and faster now. With the new immune system (antivirus), hopefully it will stay healthy for a long time to come. I still haven’t had enough money stashed away for a MacBook (it’s just something cool that I thought I should have, but I haven’t really weighed the pros & cons of switching to an Apple as yet). I guess for time being, I just need to make sure that my ‘orange’ can last long enough till the next epidemic of viruses. Damn viruses.

Things have been pretty crappy these days. Besides my laptop crashes, the so called ‘fungal’ infection on my skin seems to be getting worst. Somehow, the medications, cream & soap prescribed by the doc last Thurs seems to aggravate it further. It was all red & inflamed. I’ve been experiencing tremendous burning & itchiness on the rashes since last Thurs. Couldn’t bear it any longer, I made a phone call to the doc and was asked to drop by her clinic this afternoon. She said my rashes could be allergy to something. For time being, she would just give me another cream to bring down the inflammation. At this moment when I am writing this, the inflammation has reduced quite a bit. The burning & itchiness is almost gone too. The doc says that we will have to slowly observed and see what new things I’ve acquired lately to narrow down the cause of the rashes. It almost blurted out from my mouth that the only new thing that I’ve acquired lately is my new husband. Does that count? But thought better of it. Damn viruses. Am making me not even thinking straight.

My granny’s health has not been good either. She actually suffered another mild stroke which affected quite a bit of her mobile skills; i.e. walking, bathing herself, swallowing. She is finding it hard even to swallow food or drinks as she constantly choked herself. She gets out of breath whenever she is caught in one of the choking frenzy. We can see that she is very fearful of eating or drinking. Nevertheless, mom encouraged her to eat bit by bit slowly and she makes her yummy porridge, easier on the swallowing part. The reason for choking, in laymen’s explanation is, the stroke weakened the muscle at the back of her throat resulting in her air valve not closing fast enough whenever food or drink are being pass thru to the stomach, therefore, causing it to enter into the wrong path thus, the choking. I think. My mom has temporary stopped business at the stall to care for my granny. To watch over her, to bathe her, to feed her as well as helping her to re-strengthening her throat muscle using the lip trainer. Hopefully, it will reduce her choking a little if not a lot.

Goodnight. Hoping for a better tomorrow. Sweetdreams.