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Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Lurve Colours!

My cozy nest used to look like this and i love it very much....my walls are blue, yellow and white.

Then, it became like this cause I got a new set of sofas. I didnt get to choose the colours of the sofas or the type of the sofas. My uncle just deliver a set to my house. So I've transform my colour scheme to match the sofa (usually is the other way round). So the blue wall repainted to light brown (hmm... it suppose to be darker brown, somehow it turn out like this.. well, will just live with it. Am too lazy to do another paint job).

Somehow, brown, beige, green just seem extremely soothing and a little dull for my characteristic. I find it boring. :(

While I was at Ikea yesterday, i picked a colourful rug to brighten up my otherwise boring nest. Here u go!

Next, I am gonna do something bout the curtain. Just waiting for inspiration and the right stuff to come by :) I just simply lurve colours!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Teh tarik anyone?

We received a sms from a fellow MRS member to meet up for t.t. (teh tarik) tonight and off we went to Aman Suria. Yoohoooooo.....! Finally somewhere to go... really need to go out and breathe some fresh air. Otherwise sure will go siow...! When we are there, we ended up hanging out with the Altezza-reans instead.. :P Everyone just so scattered. MRS one group, Altezza one group, MR2 another group...
We had some drinks, Harrison had his supper and we talk bout horsepowers, suspension, rims, tyres and dunno wat zz with the other car enthusiats.... i also blur... lols.. I only know how to drive car, pour petrol and that's bout it. These t.t. sessions used to be quite fun. The girls will all sit together bitching about everything whereas the guys will check out all the 'horsepowers'. And sometimes we will convoy to Genting Highland at night to enjoy the winding roads and the cool air! Sigh... those were the days!

Friday, September 28, 2007

1 month anniversary!

It has been exactly 1 month since I started working at Beaufine Design. What started off as a part time job somehow evolved into more or less, a full time job. Well, I will be at the office at least 4 times a week. On days that I dont go into the office at all, there will surely be some clients wishing to see me (must be my new hairstyle, too cute to resist, lols). Anyway, cant complain much. I am doing sales, so I'll need to be there when I am needed... even when I am not needed sometimes.... just gotta have thick skin.....:p

I've also mastered the art of fabric selection. Ahemm....yours truly have always have a little flair in interior decorating. So fabric selection is not such a difficult job afterall. Will just select designs that i like, mix and match a little, and voila... masterpiece!

Initially, I was quite demotivated. My manager already closed 2 big ones and I, nil. They keep telling me not to worry cause my clients are different cause they are mostly big organisation and they have more decision makers compared to restaurants/cafe. But still.... I was hoping and hoping for something to boost my confidence.

I guess I've a high expectation of myself. Only two week into my job and I am hoping to close big sales. Must be more realistic (*slap*) ! :p Perhaps, its because am working for my uncle that's why such high expectation. I want to proof my ability and differentiate myself from the other bad apples in the family who have also worked here previously and who have not only performed badly (never perform.. hah!) but also make used of my uncle. Or could it be the fengshui of the factory that all family members who worked there will surely turned into a traitor in times to come??? Then I'll slowly wait for my metamorphosis into that. lols

Anyway, the seeds that I've planted & watered earlier is slowly bearing fruits :) My clients are now calling me one by one to offer me businesses and I am very glad. All of sudden, I feel really good. Feel good cause I am able to contribute to the business and the salary paid to me are not wasted! hehehehe.... maybe its time to ask for increment! muahahahaha.....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hurricane hit my home sweet home!

My house was hit by a hurricane over the weekend. It quieten down as fast as it has come..... it threw my house and my life into total choaticness. The hurricane that i meant was my family, which comprises of 3 adults, 1 maid & 2 furkids. Just imagine how it would be like to have a total of 5 adults + 4 furkids living in a 1000+sq feet apartment?? Yup, you got it.

As mentioned, it went as fast as it came. They arrived on Friday afternoon, messed up my otherwise idyllic settings, and went back to where they come from on Monday without leaving a hint of their presence. Thanks to our super maid.

Just a run thru of what we did. On friday, my mom accompanied me to salon for my hair cut which was long overdue (my last hair cut was in Feb 07). Instead of sticking to my usual trim, decided to give myself a new look. These are the comments I received.

Mom: hmm... cute la.... but not stunning like yr previous hair style. This kinda make your face look long.

Harrison: Aiyo....... I cannot recognised you le.... dunno wat to say la... cant give u any compliments... pls dont try this style again! (wtf??)

Lester: I dunno.... I've always like this kinda hairstyle. (thanks a million!)

Popo: Last hairstyle nicer. But this one also nice la... (so layan...)

Whatever it is, I kinda like it. At least this new hairstyle give me some attitude la.... I've been having the last hairstyle for the past 10 years.. sien lor...

Then on Saturday, we had lunch in Subang Parade and walked around a little. Then At 4pm, mom and I headed off to a spa to enjoy our massages cause mom said she never been to a spa. So decided to let her experience it. We had dinner at home after that and later at night, we went to NTV7 to support Hishiko. On the way there, mom and I had a row over some petty issues. Anyway, point is, I just want her to know that she dont need to try so hard to be in her best. She is already the best.

Then come Sunday, D-Day. Am very glad that all went well. Both parents seems to have a good time over dimsum. And the dowry discussions went on very diplomatically and a deal was made. Theoretically, at this point of time I am more or less sold. However, nothing is exactly confirmed yet until exchange of $$.. muahahaha... just kidding.

On Sunday nite, we went over to my uncle's place at Sg Long supposedly to celebrate MoonCake Festival. Instead of admiring the beautiful moon over mooncake and chinese tea, we had a great time singing our lungs out with his newly acquired karaoke set which has thousands of songs... by time we called it a night, our voices were already coarse! Hopefully the neighbours will ask for an encore....! lols....

On Monday afternoon, I left for work while they are still at home. I dropped by home at about 2:30pm and they've already left. The house was sparkling clean and you wouldnt believe they were even here (or did they??)... After 3days of choaticness, I kinda not use to the peacefulness now. Guess, it will take another 3 days of peacefulness for me to get use to it.


Thursday, September 20, 2007


Harrison & I have been going out for quite awhile and as you all know, the big day is coming and we have more or less finalised the wedding arrangements... i.e. the dates, hotels and etc...

The best part is, both sides parents have yet to meet to discuss the 'fine details' of the wedding.... i.e. the traditional part of it, what the groom should give, what the bride should give, how much I am sold and so on... opst.. i meant the dowry... and D-day has been arranged for this Sunday.

Harrison's side is gonna be well equipped with their machine guns. But dont worry, we have a tanker standby in our garage. So, its a win-win situation... muahahaha....

Hopefully there will be no requirement for those and all will end in peace...lols.

Praise the Lord

I've been so busy lately. Busy seeing as many clients as I can for my uncle and also juggling Springtime in the process. There are just so much to do and I hope I didnt missed out anything. I did write down the stuff I need to do, the problem is, the notes are all over the place... hah! Gotta be more systematic.
Just wish to relate about something happened this morning. I've a client and a colleague both preaching to me on how great the Lord is over lunch. Well, it is just a normal meeting which somehow got off track. They said something like they are planting a seed in me now and let God do the magic later. They encourage me to join the Sunday school and etc.

As the lunch goes on, they were talking about some parts of the bible and I was nodding away and in between give my two cents (mind you, i do know the bible)...and straightaway I was being shot at to not read the bible like a story book but to try to think what God is trying to convey.

Point is, how can one person pre-judged a person's understanding on bible studies just because he/she is a buddhist? Strange isnt it? Just because one has not accepted Christ doesnt mean one do not understand the sacrifised of the almighty. Dont get me wrong, I've nothing against Him or my client or my colleague. Just a thought that leaves me very confused.

You may find it strange that why me, a Buddhist reads the Bible. Well, I dont only read the Bible, I also read books on Buddhism teaching and many others as well. I attended Bible studies when I was young and I still remember how we would always say our prayers during our school assembly. During college days, I joined the Christian Youth Club and praise the Lord. I goes to buddhist temples often too to offer dana to the underprivelege. And not too long ago, I ventured to a Hindu temple and did some prayers too. Besides belief/religion, I frequent orphanage once in awhile to teach the kids to paint and so forth...

There is only a simple reason for all these... and that is, that I have faith in God (in whichever face he appear in : Jesus, Buddha or Allah) and I will continue to do good, good to my family, my friends, people around me, contribute to the society with no expectation. At the end of the day, when I am being called Home, whether my Home is up there or down below, whether I'll be singing with the angels or burning with the devils, it is not important to me. Most importantly is I've touched lives, make a difference and contributed in one way or another without holding back.

Many people may not understand where I am coming from...I am a staunch believer in this.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lousy Design?

This fridge was a house warming gift from some close colleagues and my boss. It's a small fridge, but sufficient for my usage. This fridge has been with me since 2002.

The story is, I never knew where the excess water tray was. Whenever I defrost the fridge, my kitchen floor will be all wet by time I got back from work. Such a stupid fridge. So whenever I wanna defrost my fridge, I would place lot of towels at the base to soak up the excess water.

As I was clearing the stacks of warranty cards & manuals of all the electrical appliances in my house yesterday, I came across the fridge manual and decided to check it out. Found out that it does have a water tray and it is located at the back of the fridge. I did try to look for the water tray for the past 5 years. Looked left, looked right, looked everywhere... everywhere except the back.

Honestly, is it a bad design or it is me??? Harrison looked too... also find nothing. Fridge is usually placed against a wall. How on earth are we gonna empty the tray if it is located at the back against the wall??? duh..............stupid designer!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Malaysia Boleh!

Am organizing my files and came across this beautiful photo of our Petronas Twin Towers taken two weeks ago when I was there at the exhibition and thought I should share it with you.

Whenever I look up at the towers, it never fail to make me feel proud of being a Malaysian. It is just so spectacular. The Petronas Twin Towers were the world's tallest towers from 1998 to 2004 until the Taipei 101 and that has put us on the world map.

Point is, no one being is more superior than the other. If they can do it, so are we Malaysian!

Malaysia Boleh!

Note: This photo is taken by my faithful 3 years old Nikon Coolpix 5200.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Star Idol Malaysia - Hishiko!

Have just watched Hishiko, and am glad she survived this round. Hopefully, she will brushed up on her acting skill. Yesterday's episode was a little below my expectation. Perhaps, she felt kinda lost after her partner was being eliminated last week. Anyway, am keeping my finger crossed and hope for the best for her.

It is not everyday we come across a young person who is working hard to achieve his/her goal. Majority are just moving aimlessly without a direction. Meeting one that is given a great opportunity to materialised his/her dream is even lesser chance.

After getting to know about Hishiko and this Star Idol Malaysia thingy thru her highness (i.e. my mom) on my last trip back to Kluang, I've googled 'hishiko', just to please her highness... you know how long winded they can get sometimes. Anyway, after checking out her profile, it is very obvious that this pretty lass has all along knows her direction and have been working very hard to achieve it.

To cut long story short, she is talented and had worked hard to arrive where she is today. The least I could do now is to pray and support her and bring her one step closer to her dream.

For those of you that wish to know more about her, go check it out at http://profiles.friendster.com/43913227. And for those of you that wish to see her performance, the next show is on 21/9/07, 9:30pm, NTV7.

Well done Hishiko and keep up the good work!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fabric? What fabric?

Today, I was instructed to go check out some fabric at a fabric supplier's showroom, select fabrics that I deemed suitable for the clients I've met last week and if possible, try to con them to give me some samples without having the need to pay a deposit of RM1k.

Oh boy..... 1 week into the job, I've to select fabric for furniture! Fire-retardant??? Scotch-guard???? Floral, checkered, stripe and etc.... The only fabrics I know are those that I've in my wardrobe!

So, I marched into the showroom confidently, believing that I will be able to walk out with some fantastic designs with my exquisite taste. I was wrong. Exquisite taste doesn't help. There were hundreds of fabric booklets with thousands of designs of different colours. The lady took out samples after samples, all thrown in front of me... I beginning to see stars. Choosing a fabric have never been so difficult! In the end, I just grabbed whatever I deemed lovely. I took quite a number of fabric samples without having the need to pay the RM1k deposit. At least 1 mission accomplished!!! No deposit paid.

Ok, explanation of this fabric choosing drama. I've accidentally gotten myself into a furniture business last week. It just happened so naturally. It all started after I, being kind (as usual), helped my uncle's manned his booth during the recent exhibition in KL Convention Center. I should have stayed low profile. But being a Leo, it is quite difficult sometimes (Leo is a show-off in nature...lols). So, at the end of the 4 days exhibition, I was offered a job. As the outcome of the exhibition was very good, he need extra help to follow up with all the contacts. Once again, being kind, I accepted but on the following conditions:

1) It will be part time job for me. Meaning, flexihours cause I hate being stuck in the morning/evening traffic and I still wanna enjoy my gyms & spas.
2) I will still do my own business, i.e. Springtime Favours
3) Nobody smokes whenever I am around :p

Eventhough I've stated the above conditions, I've been so so busy last week just meeting clients after clients. In the end, I cancelled my gym sessions as well as my facial all due to my stupid sense of responsibility...sigh!

Working with a family or business partnership with a friend is never part of my plan. I will avoid it if I can. Reason being, dont wanna spoil an otherwise beautiful family relationship or friendship as misunderstanding are usually inevitable in a business environment. In this particular case, I've gave in lots of thoughts and concluded that my uncle really need my help due to some issues. In a way, its good for me too. I wont be able get this kinda flexibility working elsewhere. The extra income would mean more bills can be paid ;)

Hopefully things will be more settled once I get a grip of the ongoings. Then I'll have time for my little luxuries and fabric choosing will feel like a breeze!!!