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Monday, March 31, 2008

Stupid Kitty

As we were crossing the road to a friend's house, I saw this cat 'squeezed' underneath a car tyre. First thing that came to my mind was that the cat must have been ran over! Poor kitty.....:(
I am not a big fan of cats. I hate their confusion of where their loyalty lies or which home is really their home. But I dont hate them to the extend that I will pop a champagne whenever I came across one that is dead!
I dont like to see gross stuff and I cant stand sight of bloody road pizza... but to quench my curiousity, I've no choice but to I asked Harrison to check it out while I stand quite a distance away until Harrison give me the green light to go over when he ascertain that it is not bloody nor gross. Come on.... the kitty died quite artistically right..... it deserved our attention.. :p

As Harrison got closer, the kitty 'meow'... that caught us both in surprise. So i guess it must have been injured but not dead... aww... poor kitty kitty......must be suffering!

Then, the fella 'meow' again.... and this time, it kinda like stretched a little bit followed by a lazier 'meow'...... and another, and another....
Stupid unloyal kitty. Of so many owners it have, and of so many houses it can go to for a lazy afternoon nap, no, it must nap squeezed in between the car tyre & the road. I guess it must have live too long and wish for a termination! Or maybe it still have many lives to spare. Afterall, a cat has 9 lives right?
Stupid dumb cat.. and I am right, they are stupid.

Friday, March 28, 2008

New Look, New Feel...

New skin for a new mood :) Decided to change my blog's skin to a more 'romantic' feel... that's why all the pink pink...... anyway, i think i like this one better.... can see the different postings clearer..... enjoy!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Messed-up mind & Redbabe's little experiment

My mind has been quite scattered these days.. perhaps cause there are too many things happened at the same time and I havent actually got time to sort out my thoughts.
Besides the fact that I just got hitched, there are many other things that just popped up from no where.... before I even have a chance to linger on 'cloud 9' a little longer, I was kinda like being sucked back into reality.

There are hundred and one things to do and to think. Clearing back-logged works (eventhough I am not really working, but still do have works to do), sorting of photos, reorganising my brain to accommodate new plans for our wedding in May & etc etc...

Also, gotten myself quite troubled with a very good friend's domestic issue which almost cost them a separation. And that got me thinking double lot, and that sustaining a marriage is really not just commitment, compromising, trust & honesty... there are many many in-betweens that if overlooked, will cause accummulation of unhappiness in a marriage. In the long run, a time bomb waiting to explode.
Men & women are both very different species. Afterall, men are from mars and woman, venus. Ask a man & a woman what they think of a plate of fried rice for example, you will be amazed with their replies.

Man's reply: fried rice lor, can eat la....

Woman's reply: wah, they use ikan bilis to fry le..... the colour of the rice so yellow and nice... they even have shredded veges.... wah... the plate's colour goes well with the fried rice.... especially the fine details of the design of the plate.... the chef must be from HK.. blah blah blah....

You understand what I mean??? Sometimes I also dont understand why a man & a woman must get married since they are both so different. And best part is we have to work so hard to understand each other and try our very best to make things work (which there is no guarantee it will). Now you understand why these days there are more and more gay/lesbian couples around. They are the smart ones, skipping the mahfan parts of a men/women relationships. We are the losers...sad, but true :p

Anyway, that is not the main point of my entry today. For the relationship issue, I guess we just really have to work VERY VERY hard on it, keep our fingers crossed & leave it to faith. Case close.
Let's start with something interesting. Today, I just wanna share a little experiment I did last month. My mom bought me this 'Egg' when she was here for CNY. It suppose to grow within 7 days, and it will sprout some kind of auspicious message when it is fully grown. So, On 22nd February 2008, I decided to 'grow' it. This is how it looks.

Look at this 'smart ass' instruction. It says, 'suitable for children above 8. Dont take seed, soil, fertiliser and so on for food'. So, children above 8 can play with this 'Egg' but I dont think they are smart enough to read the instruction. But I am sure they are smart enough to not eat the seed, soil or fertiliser as food, unless of course their mom starved them.

Anyway, according to the other instruction, i was suppose to break the tip of the egg, water it enough and only to water it again moderately after two days. They emphasized that it should not be over watered.

On 27th February 2008 (5 days later), I saw the green!!!! I was so excited!!!!! Can't wait for my auspicious message to pop up! Wonder what it will be.

And... mom came on 11th March 2008 (2 weeks plus), I told her the egg still look like the above. No changes. It supposed to be fully grown by day 7. She asked me whether i soaked the egg in water prior to growing. I told her the instruction did not say so. But she said the seller of this magic egg told her to soak the egg overnight first. Anyway, she decided to water it to the max and did just that.

Today, 25th March 2008 (almost 1 month), it still look like the last photo. Nothing sprouted, no auspicious message. Experiment failed. Does this mean 2008 not auspicious arr????

Haiizzz.... cham lor.....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Redbabe is now somebody's wife...

Our Civil Ceremony has come and gone and we are now officially married (on paper). Being Chinese, we still observed our traditional ceremony which will only be carried out on 30th May. Therefore, we are still not exactly 'officially' married as yet.

The atmosphere of our Civil Ceremony was DREAMY. That's the only word I can think of to describe the atmosphere after looking thru & thru the photos. The ceremony went on beautifully and everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did.

The day started at 8:00am for us. We were there early for our bridal photography. We had a great time throughout the photography sessions. It was fun.

Our civil ceremony started off at 1:00pm with Uncle Lester walking me down the short aisles (Shania Twain crooning 'From This Moment' in the background). Everything were so romantic until I saw my groom still busy chatting with his dad & the Registrar at the aisle when he is supposed to look at me dreamily.... sigh.... men! (I wonder what's the topic that got them so engrossed....!)

The signing ceremony were fast. We were hoping the Registrar would say more things, but I guess he is more nervous than we are cause he actually told me to be a good hubby instead of a good wife (of course he realised it and corrected himself immediately). It was hillarious!

After the Registrar pronounced us as Husband & Wife, we cut the wedding cake & popped the champagnes. It was then followed by photography sessions and a simple tea reception with snacks. As we have a limitation to the amount of guests we can invite, as much as we love to, we are not able to invite everyone. :( Sorry ya!

Anyway, all start well and end well that day and now I am not only somebody's daughter but also somebody's daughter-in-law and most importantly, somebody's wife too! It still feel strange.

Anyway, thank you very much to our families & friends who witness our union as husband & wife. And thank you for the tears that welled up in your eyes... I felt it. *muaks....!*

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A New Bride's Memoir

For those of you who have visited my mom's blog (http://me-n-my-million-dollar.blogspot.com/), you must have drooled over my semi nude photo. For those of you who have not, go check it out. This is even better than Edison's. My back is so beautifully arched and my butt has a perfect perk... even cecelia chung can't get that right! hehehehehhe

My mom blogged the entry in conjunction with my civil ceremony come this 12/3/2008. I guess that's how every mom should be feeling. That their little girl (eventhough am much bigger size & taller than her), is going to be somebody's wife. It seems just yesterday that I was still a little bitty baby. And that I am still learning my ABCs, riding my tricycles or mastering my chopsticks skill (am still a lousy chopsticks user).... yeah... time really does flies.

Despite of not having the privilege to be with me all time, my mom has taught me many things in life.

1) Don't ever hunch my back. Always put my hand behind my back to prevent hunching habit.

2) Never ever bite my nails or I would end up having really ugly nails.

3) Whenever I can't find something she ask me to, she would say, "use your brain. things are dead, brains are alive, think."

4) Or whenever I dont use my brain, she would go "do you think Einstein's brain would fetch a better price than a brand new brain that has never been used?"

5) If I hesitate on whether to do something or not, she would say "if you wanna do it, then just do it and not regret 20 years later on if only I have..."

6) Don't grow up being a vase, which is only good to look at. Must be smart too.

These are some of her advises which I remember till this day. Honestly, during then, I don't even understand the things she said. I don't understand why my nails will be ugly if I bite them, or why Einstein's brain would fetch a better price. I just follow lor... Afterall, these are just some minor 'not-to-do' things. I can live with that. Nothing compared to my long list of 'to-do's'.

1) chasing butterflies & trying to net them

2) catching of spiders for fighting

3) trapping of iguanas, leashed them & dragged them home

4) catching fishes off rivers (longkang) - actually, tadpoles

5) flying kites with glass thread so that I would win the boy's kites

6) fighting with boys

7) cycling

8) hoping onto helicopters with our army neighbours

I've done a couple of things that I wanted to very much eventhough it means i've to do it behind her back sometimes. Only to inform her when it is done. Such as scuba diving, getting a tattoo and so forth... I am just following her advise no.5. Cause I don't want to regret not doing it some 20 years later. Just do it!

From baby to childhood, from childhood to teenager, from teenager to adult, I've grown up alright following her advise. I've turned out ok. The worst I've ever done is that I drink too much and party too hard. But then again, I did the right thing at the right age. ;)

Most importantly is, I've managed not to be a 'vase' and have learned to use my brain (i bet my brain can surely fetch a good price now). I've built a character/attitude so strong that sometimes said things I shouldn't, only to regret later. I am sorry if i've hurt you in anyway. I just want you to know that you've done a great job in my upbringing despite of all the impossibles.

I've never been a wife just like i've never been a daughter 30 years ago. I am excited and a little worry. Excited that I will be stepping into a new stage in life. Excited about all my new roles, being a wife, being Mrs Woo, being a daughter-in-law and being a sister-in-law. Excited about starting our own family, excited about our future kids. Excited about my beautiful wedding gowns, excited about the ceremony come this Wednesday (12/3/08).

Am worry that I will trip over my gown while marching down the aisles (eventhough Unc Lester promised to trip together), worry that the song does not coordinate well with the march, worry that I will not know how to be a good daughter-in-law (for those of you who knows me, you know what I mean).... and worst of all, worry that I made a wrong choice and I would suddenly changed my mind (image of Julia Roberts in the Runaway Bride pops up in my head, perhaps I should just bring a pair of sneakers for just in case!), .... All these must be what they called pre-wedding jitters or having 'cold feet'...

Whatever it is, I just hope that all will be well and that I've finally found my prince charming in shining armour and that we will live happily ever after. 30 years down the road, hopefully my son/daughter would say the same thing I said about my mom, and that is,

"Mom, you have done a good job! Muaks!"

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Total Blur Case

I wonder what gotten into me these days. I got all the party time mixed up.

Couple of weeks ago, a friend held an open house for cny. Despite of numerous reminder that it was a lunch, I assumed it was a dinner. So I went about, did my stuff, until a call came in.

friend: gladys, are u coming to KY's house?

me: of course I am!

friend: where are u now?

me: at home lor... (I thought she wanna come over and go together)

friend: huh???

me: dinner right?

friend: lunch la........

me: OMG

Another one happened just over the weekend. This time I remembered it was a lunch. However, I got the time all mixed up. I thought the party starts at 1:00pm ~ 3:00pm. In actual fact, it started at 12:00pm. Anyway, I had already pre-informed the host that I'll be late. I just dont understand where I got the 1:00pm from???

Haizz..... blur blur.........hopefully i wont remember the wrong date or time for my wedding. By the rate i am going, not that it is impossible.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Clubbing Scene - 2008 Vs 2002

A friend of Harrison from the Altezza Club invited us for his birthday party at BarClub over the weekend. It has been such a long time since we last did any serious clubbing. Serious meaning, those really dressed to kill kind, hardcore drinking & shake the booties all night long. I was thrilled and excited by the invitation.
I gonna dress to kill.. muahahaha..... I dug out my shiny white bare back, bare midriff top and paired it with my authentic Levi's. Perfect make-up with extended eyelashes.... lovely! It felt good to dress up! I was too engrossed in beautifying myself till i forgot to take a photo... sorry... hehehe.
We were there at 10:00pm. Oh boy, how the clubbing scene has changed compared to 6 years ago. Then, all clubs will be filled to the brink by 10:00pm. Now, it is still eerily quiet at 10:00pm. I constantly illuminate my o.d.m. (trying to show off my party watch :p), to keep watch of time, just to see what time does the crowd actually start to pour in. Only by 12:30am, the party starts to heat up.
Grooved on the big podium with some girlfriends... it was crazy. Was hit on by couple of guys, whom I suppose barely reach the age 25. A girlfriend of mine said... "look at the brighter side"... lols. My ego were certainly boosted...lols... I may have aged 6 years since the last time I went clubbing but am still equally hot if not hotter! hahahaha....so vain! This reminds me of the good old days, how hard we have partied then, and all the podium dancing. Sigh.... those were the days!
Were a little tipsy when we finally left at 2:15am. You wont believe the traffic there in the wee hour of the morning. People & cars all over the place. We all had a really good time. It feels that i do belongs in this kinda lifestyle!
p/s: oh, did i mentioned that i went bra-less too! lols....

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sweet Kisses

I came across a friend's sickeningly sweet blog. Its always warms my heart to see friends finding their soulmate, their 'the one'. This particular blog which they have set up is like their memory lane... ahh....how sweet! Down the road, 20 years time, when their children all grown up, they can flash by their virtual memory to see how their relationship has evolved since they first met. Hmm... how shall I explain? Its like a time capsule. Just that this time capsule allow one to constantly add on the bits & pieces of happiness as time goes =) Sweet isn't it?

I somehow got attracted to one of their entry and just have to say something about it. Yalar... i know i am kaypoh..... can't help it la...

Quote "Sweet Cottage": "Kisses & Hugs".

"Girls love kisses! They will deny it, however they love kisses, they adore them. It can be a peck in the cheek, smothering kisses, kiss-on-the-hand, or flying-kiss, but they love them all. Works most effectively, when they are angry, sad, moody, this wonderful unhygienic action will change the negative energy to positive energy."

How very true. We may deny it, but we are absolutely crazy about it... especially stolen pecks on the cheek! We feel loved, wanted & adored. We girls are just simple human being (who complicated guys think that we are complicated) who are thirst of attention. Fly some kisses our directions and you can be assured of diabetes.... hahaha.....

This simple unhygienic gesture is indeed so great that it can change negative energy to positive energy almost immediately. I said almost is because we still need a split seconds to decipher what had just hit us. lols

Even fengshui takes much longer time to change negative to positive. Maybe its time for Joey/Lilian to modify their fengshui technique! Selling kisses perhaps??