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Friday, October 31, 2014

Mantra of the day - Keep Calm & Keep Ignoring

Over the years, I've friends who called up to chit chat every now and then be it over coffee, lunch, watsapp & etc and it always inadvertently will end up with some life issues and that gave me a 'light bulb' moment!  I've decided to inject some personal life mantras that I've been living by here in my blog every now and then (whenever I am inspired :p), with an intention to help & share.

We are all in our own learning path.  Everyone has their own ways.  Mine may not be the best.  But if it is able to fuel you with the slightest positive energy, my job is done. :)

Therefore, Redbabe's first MANTRA of the day would be:-

Don't allow what others have to say or think about you affect YOU.  We can't control what they want to think (unless we are Megamind) or say.  But, we can control how we want to react to it. You can choose to be upset or you can choose to ignore.  I would say...  KEEP CALM & KEEP IGNORING.  They are just being smart ass without realising it.  :p  

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gabb and His Episode of Dengue Fever

I should have known better how the 'law of attraction' works.  But, I can't help it.  Despite of taking as much precaution steps as we can, Gabb still got bitten by an aedes mosquito and got dengue fever.

To put everything in a gist, he started having fever a week after my delivery.  Fever subsided 5 days later and rashes appeared.  Rushed to emergency unit at hospital and doctors ruled out dengue, reason being: 
1) Dengue rashes are just red spots.  It will not be raised rashes.
2) He is too strong to be having dengue.  It took quite an effort to hold him down for the blood test.
3) His fever is just hovering around 38 deg celcious.  Dengue fever usually will peak at 40 and drop to normal next.  Very erratic.

We were asked to return next morning to see Gabb's regular paediatric.  We requested for another blood test (the night before failed due to clotting) just to have peace of mind.  An hour later, result came back positive and Gabb was admitted immediately.
Thank God somehow, for some strange reason, he choose to cling to his daddy.  I had a c-sec barely two weeks ago will not be able to carry him (12kg) 24/7.  He refused to be put on the bed.  Poor daddy have to carry him for hours and if lucky, roll him onto the bed without waking him up and quickly go for a toilet break or grab a bite.

I on the other hand, instead of 'confinement' where I am not suppose to expose to wind/rain/chill, was commuting between home & hospital & running little errands.  Spent the nights in hospital too just in case he wakes when daddy is taking a leak.  Despite of properly wrapped up, the super cold aircond at the hospital doesn't help at all.  Brought extra quilt on night two and set up a cozy corner for myself to snuggle.  Woke up drenched in sweat instead. Damn those post-partum hormone adjustment.  

It was actually pretty hard that few days there.  Body still exhausted, wound still healing, mentally still adjusting to the crazy breastmilk pumping hours (dozing off halfway in the middle of the night). The only good thing is my wound doesn't hurt much.  He is my son.  I will be more worried staying at home. :p

Glad that everything is alright now.  Apparently for dengue, from the start of fever to recovery, it takes 10 days approximately.  When he was admitted, it was already the 8th day.  I was not that worried but didn't want to say it out afraid it will jinxed it.  I am an Asian mom after all. :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Introducing Our Second Boy, Aazriel Woo

Our second boy, Aaz, arrived on the 6th of October 2014, safe & sound.  He is a dream!  We are so smitten.  

This second time delivery experience were even better compared to the first time (the previous time were already very good).  Probably cause I already familiar with my doctor, anaesthetist and the husband decided to join us in the Operating Room as well.  I know what to expect and I know I am in good hand.  The entire OR atmosphere were rather 'relaxing' with some latin music playing in the background. And I felt less nausea too unlike the previous time.

We were chit chatting on something (I think the doc just trying to relax me) and before I knew it, they already pushing the baby out.  I opted for c-sec due to too close a gap from my previous delivery. The first thing I said when I saw him was.. "Aiyo... you sooo CUTE!" hahahahaha...

Gabb has been great to his little brother, checking on him every now and then, patted his head gently. I believe he doesn't really bother about his existence and going on with his life as usual. Lols... The poor boy caught dengue fever the following week which I will write another time.

So now, for the past 3 weeks, we are reliving all the night feeds.  We are like... OMG!  Why are we putting ourselves thru this all over again? :p  We are still trying to gauge his feeding pattern.  Quite erratic.  When trying to poo, he cry for milk.  Trying to burp, he cry for milk too.  So sometimes, when he cry, we are not exactly sure if he is hungry, want to fart or want to burp.  He probably not sure himself too.  But we are slowly getting a hang of things.  

I on the other hand, is back to cow-ing.  Am pumping milk every other hour.  Trying hard not to miss any session so that I can maintain a good supply unlike the previous times, can hardly feed Gabb for half a day.  So my schedule is like... 12am, 3am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm.  The in between time during the wee hours, if I am lucky, will get to catch an hour or two of sleep after settling Aaz feeding/burping/nappy change.  The in between time in the afternoon, I try to nap as much as possible as mom will be helping out with Aaz.  

Was down with fever and flu like symptoms last two days due to a blocked milk duct is not helping at all.  Felt like I have been run over by a truck!  Anyway, fever is gone for now but duct still remained blocked.  My boob sore.  Am trying all means - hot/cold compressed, massage, pump.  Hope it clear of as soon as possible.  I am so exhausted.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Awaiting His Highness No.2

Hospital bag are all ready at the corner waiting.  Approximately 3 more sleeps to go before the BIG day.  Hopefully No.2 will stay where he belongs, snugs and warm, till then.  His EDD should be somewhere around third week of Oct. But due to elective csec, it will be two weeks earlier.  Rightfully, we shouldn't be expecting him anytime sooner than that but somehow, there were mild symptoms that labour may be anytime soon. *sweat*

Sleep has been rather uncomfortable these days.  My tummy has always been rock hard with this pregnancy and it is much worst now.  I told the husband that I feel like masking taping a huge rock to his body so that he knows 'exactly' how I am feeling now.  Hehe... 

Carrying Baby G throughout nine months was a breeze other than the first trimester nausea and never ending hunger pang.  I don't feel pregnant other that having a big tummy.  This time round, I really do feel like a whale.  A beached whale more like it.  I just wanna lay in the bed sideway and nothing else.  :p. The hard and stretched tummy is giving me aches all over the place.  I felt so exhausted.

My total accumulated weight were a couple kilos lighter this time round.  Hardly any water retention; still wearing my same pair of shoe.  Not much cramps either.  Have yet to reach 10kg mark. Hopefully able to shed them off and tone up all flabs in no time.  Can't wait to try on couple of new dresses still hanging in my wardrobe.

Anyway, we are all ready for His Highness arrival.  Hopefully, can yield better breastmilk production this time round.  Come what may. I am loving him already.  In full anticipation of having two little cheeky rascals running wild at home.