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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Secret Is Out ---> Fengshui Face for an Ideal Wife!

My tattoo is completely heal and it still look pretty. Am glad that I got many positive feedbacks too pertaining the design (not that it matters since i can't delete it and re-do again if comments were otherwise... therefore, irrelevant) nevertheless, i am glad for the reassurance..... thank you thank you ya....!

Ok, back to the subject, I've recently attended a Fengshui for 2008 talk and something the fengshui master said somehow got my mind working and hooked on a rather funny image. Just thought of sharing it with you all. One part of the talk, he mentioned something about if you are looking for an ideal wife material, they should have the following facial features (mian xiang):

1) phoenix eyes (outer tip of eyes slanting upward)
2) the side of the nose bridge shld be moderately big to signify storage of wealth
3) mouth shld be small so that she wont eat until the husband bankrupt

And, I think this ideal wife fengshui face will look like this....

(I don't know how to use photoshop, so i use my face instead!)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My First Tattoo...

This it is, guys!! SURPRISE!!!
The surprise that I was talking about last week. Sorry for keeping you all in suspense for so long! I need to wait for it to heal before I can get a nice photo of it to show off.. hahaha... so, what do you think?

I started of this entry with a long story on how I ended up getting a tattoo, how everything was meant to be, blah blah blah... but decided to just shorten it to why I choose this design just so you wont be boring to death with my grandmother's stories.

Well, choosing of design. I've seen many designs but can't really connect with them. While I was doing some designing work for our wedding stationery, I chance upon this design and immediatelly fell in love with it. It fills the emotional gap between the tattoo & me... most importantly, it connects! I am not sure you understand what i meant, but it is just a feeling la...

Some may think its silly to do an initials of you & the one you love, but i feel that's romantic. Especially now that we are stepping into another phase of life together as one, it signify something really important to me. Yes, I know tattoo is forever and I hope our union will be one that is forever too. Some friends asked, 'what if'? Well, my answer to them is, find another one also with an initial of H.... just kidding.... if 'what if' did really happened, at least I know I was once very much in love with H. I guess that's sufficient for me.

Important Notes:

1) 18yrs & below, do not try

2) only go for the best tattoo artist to ensure perfect artwork

3) ensure new needles used

4) do designs that meant something to you

5) all those scary stories on how painful it is, is a BULL! :p

6) what you should really be worrying about is the itch after that.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rojak Entry

It has been so quiet lately. All bloggers have gone into hibernation. I wonder why? Or is it a norm to hibernate during this time? To recuperate and come out in full force for CNY? All my bloggie friends has been so so very quiet lately. Really strange. Or perhaps they are still recuperating from X'mas & New Year!... Even the famous blog queen of spore, xiaxue, have nothing to blog about. What's happening to the blog world??????

Me too have been away for quite awhile. You guys must be wondering what have I been up to these days...:) well, the moment we welcome in 2008, Harrison & I realised that we dont have much time left to plan for our wedding and therefore 'kelam-kabut-ness' set in. Though our big day will only be in end May, our ROM will be in mid-march, and that's like just 2mths away. Ya.. ya.. that's the panic button. Besides having to ensure we look handsome & pretty, we have to finalised many little details like gowns, shoes, registra.... & etc. That's 1 of the reason why I've been missing for awhile. :)

One other reason was, my mom has recently detected another blocked artery while undergoing a stress-test and immediately did another angiogram.. balloon... angioplasty... whatever you called it la....everything... don't ask me. I know it sound strange to have another blockage so soon as she just had an angioplasty barely a year ago. And best part was, it is almost the same spot with the previous one and this time, it is bigger block. How is this possible? I still cant find the answer. Or perhaps a job not so well done one year ago? Anyway, better not think so much of 'why'.. just accept it... easier. Afterall, its a blessing the blockage was detected. Otherwise, I can't imagine of going thru the whole episode of heart attack all over again. Mom is recuperating well. Hopefully, no more blockage.

Besides the above 2 reasons, I've also been chasing this TVB drama showing on Astro called 'wars of the in-laws 2'. It was hilarious! It's the classic story of relationship between mother-in-law & daughter-in-law. Personally, I think it is a great show. I would recommend all MIL & DIL to watch this show. It teaches us to look at things from different perspectives and understands each other better. :) Nobody is at fault. No bad MIL nor DIL. Just different perspective.

Oh, have u guys watch 'In the name of the King'? If not, let me spoil it for you with a personal review of that show. Its a story about a failing kingdom invaded by some ugly looking creatures called krugs which was created of course by a power greedy enemy using black magic (like Harry Potter) and in the end a long lost Prince saved the kingdom. And along the picture, there is a standard traitor relative in the kingdom that betrayed the king to make the story line more interesting. However, the producer feels that the traitor relative is not interesting enough and decided to add in some ninjas (from Kill Bill?) and some elf-ish looking girls who live in a 'cursed' forest (like LOTR?). Conclusion: Come on....! If we want rojak, we will order ourlseves a real rojak. We dont need a rojak movie!!! tsskkkkk..! (For those of you who have watched this show, let me know of your review!).

I know this is a very mixed up entry. Just that everything has been so mixed up lately and I dunno where to start. Hope you guys enjoy my rojak entry inspired by the rojak movie. Goodnight, sweetdreams & have a great weekend ahead.

P/s: I've a surprise for u guys next week. :) Watch closely!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Hurt? Served me right!

Actually, whenever I've been missing for awhile from my blog, it is not because I've nothing to blog about. In fact, I've plenty. But most of the thing I wanna blog about are things that disturbed my thoughts, troubles me, makes me upset & dissappointed. But then again, those are also the things that I can't blog about cause I will hurt people I love.

Well, I don't blame others for the hurt, upset or dissappointment I felt. Many a times, it's me who brought it all upon myself cause of my bad temper (they said), or my laser mouth. All I could have done is just to tolerate the situation and keep my bloody mouth shut. Take a deep breath and swallow every bit of it. Simple. End of story. But no, I've to voice my opinion (which miraculously always got interpreted wrongly), and turn everything upside down. In the end, hurt everyone. And when it come to this point, my burning hurt or upsetness or dissappointment within, is no longer significant. Cause, afterall, I am the cause of all hurt from my smart 'opinion'. I would then feel so lousy and in order not make the situation worst, I'll just shut up, retreat back to my cocoon and curse every bit of my tongue.

Back in my cocoon, I would live on the tiny little happy spots which survived the overwhelming hurt. As time goes, the happy spots will grow stronger and thus I would forget all unhappiness. It's not easy but I know I'll survive. Being an only child, makes the whole ordeal more difficult cause I don't share (or I never know how to). I've never shared my problems or sad-ness with anyone unless until I've a solution to it. That's me. I am like that. So I guess when you have only 1 brain to work with, it takes longer time to fix a problem. :p

Impatientness + lethal tongue is never a good concoction. And it is even worst if you are a person with opinion (all time). Unfortunately, yours truly, are made of all those. I know I am not perfect and I am aware of that. I am still trying...

But then again, opinions are not always bad. It's just that we do not have an open mind to accept those opinions. Why would we think only of the negatives? Why not accept opinions positively? Personally, I feel that 'negativity' is always the culprit to many misunderstood opinions. Why do we always being so uptight and defensive? Why do we not take a minute, reflect upon the opinion in a positive manner and only then, make a decision? Why do we have to always jump into conclusion to think that opinion is a criticism or he/she is trying to hurt us? Or why didnt we think why did a person even bother to share with us his/her opinion?

Perhaps, sometimes we give our opinion is cause we care? And that we wanna make something better? Or that we are uncomfortable of a situation and hope that it can improve by voicing our opinion? Or maybe, for some, is just plainly to irritate and create negativity (that'll be the works of your enemies, not friends or someone care about you).

Anyway, whatever la... I am hungry now. Looks like it requires lots of energy to grow the happy spots. Goodnight.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Household tips #1 - Bye bye grease!

Last night as I was doing something (can't remember what it was), a bright idea strike me. Instead of blogging about silly stuff all the time, I will blog about something useful once in awhile such as life's tips/tricks which I've picked up as I go about my life, just to share with you. Hopefully, these little tips/tricks will help to make your life like a bed of roses.
I would like to start off this label with a household tips. Remember how we hate to clean up after a cooking storm? Splattered oil all over the stove? How you would need to use soapy sponge to clean the grease followed by a wet cloth?
Maybe you already know of the trick. Anyway, for those of you that is still cleaning up using the conventional ways, here's how you should do it. Just spray some glass cleaner over it, and wipe it off with a damp cloth. Voila! All grease gone!
Oh... one more thing. Please don't get cheap brand. Cheap brand usually come in other colours like purple and etc. Those are not as effective as the blue ones. Good luck!

Friday, January 4, 2008

That familiar miserable feeling...

As I was browsing from blog to blog getting updated with all the on-goings, I came to know that a very good friend's hubby will be posted to JB for work for awhile and she is feeling rather miserable right now and I feel her miserable-ness... as ironic as it is, the feeling of miserable-ness has inspired me to blog about it.

I hate that miserable feeling. Its yucky! The feeling of knowing that he will need to leave in couple of days. The feeling of not able to see him for the next 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or more. And all of a sudden, emptiness starts to creeps in and everything seems meaningless. And I feel lost. Things or activities that used to be interesting doesn't seem that interesting afterall.

The moment he is out of the front door, it feel as if all my happiness & meaning of life has suddenly been zapped out of me leaving behind a void which no matter what I do, will still feel the same, i.e. empty. Then the 'how would I survived till he is back?' & 'what shall I be doing while he is gone?' questions will start popping up which will makes me feel even more miserable & lost. Damn the miserable feelings! Oh, not forgetting the lonely dinners too!

I still remember that is exactly how I felt when Harrison has to leave for the first time for a business trip to Japan for about a week. Luckily for me, two days after he left, I was scheduled to be in Malacca for a competition. Nevertheless, the first two days were miserable. I don't know what I should do after work. I don't know where I should go eat. And eating out alone seems super miserable. In the end, maggie mee always seems to be the right choice.

Then come his Germany trip. The first few days was shitty too. It got better after couple of days. But still, it feels like forever till the day he is back.

The longest was his Shanghai trip. 2 weeks I think. It felt miserable too at the beginning. But after couple of days, it doesnt seem that bad at all. And perhaps it was because I was looking forward to my trip to Taiwan on the second week :p So the 'missing' was replaced with 'excitement'. ..hehehehe....

After Shanghai, there were many more trips and by time it reached his latest 10 days in Sydney, I just don't feel miserable anymore. Not that I I don't love him anymore. I do. Just that the 'missing' doesn't come with a miserable/empty feelings anymore. I just feel sad that he has to go away for awhile. But don't worry, I can survive that.

You can say that perhaps I've gotten used to it. So, I'll just go on and do things which I usually does like working out in the gym, facials, massage and catching up with friends or completing abandoned projects. As for dinners, I'll treat myself to yummy quiet dinner somewhere or I would self-invite to friend's place for a hot home cooked meal and hang out (trust me, i've got skin that is thicker than the elephants...).... hehehehe.........

I still remember there was once, while Harrison was away, I went shopping by myself. And after that, I just hopped into my car happily without having a second thought that I've to pay at the autopay first until almost nearing the exit. These are the little things which I always taken for granted. He is the one that take care of all the little things while me, always be the silly me, day dreaming away. With him having to be away once in awhile, I get to refresh my 'being independent' skills........... :p

What I am trying to say is, it will be more bearable once the pattern set in. Afterall, he has to do what he has to do and i.e. for the family, for the future. Least I could do is to take good care of myself so that he'll have a peace of mind.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A new year, a new beginning...

2008, a new year, a new beginning... am looking forward to a new start to a new life. As for the rest of the unhappiness and sadness, I'll just ignore it and leave it in 2007. Even the air feel fresh & crisp in this new year (must be the after effect of the rainy season.. hahaha). Still, it's a good sign.

I've no idea what I shall be doing or which directions I shall be working towards. Nor do I have any particular goal to work towards to besides the ordinary resolutions that I've conjured up.

Anyway, hopefully, all undertakings in 2008 will be good ones cause i've sucked in the first fresh & crisp air of 2008!