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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where is Superman?

Had hell of a party last night. It was mad. Crazy mad. We partied with the Count Dracula, Witches (good & bad ones), Dark Vader, Frankenstein's brother - Greenkenstein, Egyptian mummy, Foxy Devils, Angels and god knows what else... It was mad house. A happy mad house nevertheless... Will update photos next time when the photographers uploaded them. I was too lazy to drag my dinasour along. :p
Supposed to go hiking this morning but decided to sleep in instead. Got in late last night from the mad party. Lucky for such change of plan. My toe kinda hurt a little more today. I think I gonna get it x-ray just to make sure the bones is in place. If only Superman was there at the party last night, I would be able to save on x-ray cost. Tough luck!
Just got back from Midvalley and caused quite a dent in my piggy bank. Replenished some of my make-up stuff from Mac (and I realised that it DOES cost $$ to look good) and got myself a new toy from Canon!!! It gonna keep me busy for awhile... Yippee!

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Movie Night!

Last night, we had a movie night together (the girls) at my place. The idea was materialised over the last weekend during our Malacca excursion. Not sure how exactly though. The choice of movie: 'Twilight' of course, cause Gerry haven't watch it yet. She said it was her 'initiation' to be a vampire. Whatever that means.
As usual, I got the mood set just right. Lightings dimmed, lighted little aromatic candles filled the air with a kind of somewhat sweet scent. Together with its' dancing flickers, it set a cozy ambience all over. I fluffed up the cushions a little, brought out the hot lemon tea and three identical mugs, set them out nicely together with a plate of freshly cut pears.

As I was waiting for the grand arrival of the vampires, I decided get Ms Dodo duck pose for me. She obliged and I managed to get one ok ok shot.
Gerry arrived shortly carrying bags of yummy McD. We were famished. We ate without waiting for Terri to arrive.
We had the movie rolling the minute Terri walked thru the door. We had a great time watching it together (it was re-watching for Terri & I). Throughout the movie, Terri & I were busy discussing details of the book while Gerry kept shushing us up. We called it the book club. Why this, why that. If the vampires skin is as cold and hard as marble, nobody notice one meh? They dont shake hand or hugs with other people one meh... etc... that sort of things la... no brainer kind....Lols... It was really funny.
When the movie ended, we proceeded to the kitchen to chat a little while they drank some nourishing soup Gerry brought before we called it a night.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Day Out In The Park With The Furkids

Rumba & Sunshine
Redbabe was out whole of Saturday. We thought we gonna missed Shalom's party the very next morning. Thank God she came back. We were both invited to attend Shalom's 6th, Berri's 3rd and Elly's 2nd Birthday. Though Husky was also invited but Redbabe said something about she is not going anywhere with him.
Redbabe was up early on Sunday morning and she look awful. As if she has been awake all night like that. She was busy cooking something in the kitchen. It was strange to see her cooking on a Sunday morning. *sniff* *sniff* Ahh, from the aroma that fills the air, we have a hunch that she is frying eggs! Cooking eggs on a Sunday morning? Have she forgotten about the party??? :(
After awhile, she packed up the eggs, and took out our travelling carrier. Yippee... she didnt forget about the party!

I managed get out of bed at 8:15am on a Sunday morning, into the kitchen, to prepare the 'sunny sides up' which I committed to contribute for the human food potluck. That's a feat ok! Rumba & Sunshine just stared at me from the playpen. They must be wondering why am Iup so early on a Sunday morning. I felt like zombie. I bet I looked dreadful too. If not because of them, I would still be snuggling up in my comfy bed. Sigh...
Planned to fry 20 eggs, but did 14 instead cause I am running out of time. The party starting at 9am. I quickly packed up the eggs and took out the travelling carrier. Also packed some poo bags and a water bowl for the dogs before I wake the husband, a.k.a. the chauffer in this particular situation, before loading Rumba & Sunshine into the car. Boy! They sure was excited!
Rumba & Sunshine
We got to the park after a couple of left and right turns. It took approximately the duration of a bath to arrive. When we finally got out of the carrier, we were greeted by many friends of different colours & sizes. Some look exactly like Sunshine but none look like me at all. How can Sunshine and me looked so different? I thought we were sisters. Strange.

There were so many of us. More tails than humans. Couldn't keep track of who is who. It was afterall, a furkids' birthday party. Other than catching up with old friends, we managed to meet some new ones too.

This is our new friend but we cant recall his/her name. We just called him/her 'ponytail'.

This is also our new friend, Nova, a 3 months old German Shepherd, a new addition to Aunty Jo Lee's family (Redbabe's friend).

We were so happy to be able to meet up with Ayako again. The last time we met was during our vacation to Aunty Ruby's resort. Ayako is always looking prim & proper. Very pretty. Unlike us, always looking rugged like boys like that.

Redbabe said he looked like Chubaka in Starwars. Not sure what's his name is. His mommi said that he is very anti-social. That's why he was leashed to the tree. We thought he was alright though. Never even bark once. He just sat that quietly. What a lovely furkid he is! Redbabe was drooling all over him. She thought he look fluffy like a toy!

Aunty Evie gave out treats halfway thru the party. We crowded all over her. Naturally, Sunshine and me couldn't fight with our bigger friends. We just stood around and hopefully Aunty Evie notice us and yes, she did. She fed us some treats and it was really yummy. They were all her homemade treats. Love it.

Finally, it was time for Shalom & Elly to blow their birthday cake. Berri didn't turn up though cause her daddy overslept. Poor Berri... :( She would have enjoyed the party like how we did! Redbabe even got her a present of rawhide chewy! Maybe she will pass them to her daddy when she see him next time or maybe she can just give it to us to save all the trouble.

Uncle Dennis (Shalom's daddy) distributing the birthday cake. Lena, the American Cocker Spaniel was perpectually glued anywhere there was food. It was funny sights. Waiting patiently in front of the cake for her turn to be fed. Very civilised.

Sunshine savouring the yummilicious birthday cake... she said it tasted like lamb or something. We had two helpings of the cake. Very delicious indeed.

Uncle Dennis was walking around feeding us all barefooted throughout the party. Barefooted just like us. It was hillarious. We were all crowding around him all the time. Everyone behaved very well that day. Nobody fights or quarrel at all. Very harmonious.

Redbabe kept saying that Sunshine used to look like this 3 months old schnauzer and that how wonderful it would be if she never grows up. I for sure would prefer Sunshine looking like this forever cause at least she will be smaller than me, unlike now (when she is bigger size). I secretly called her a fatty bom-bom. She is so fat that I heard Redbabe complaining how heavy she is all the time.

I just wonder how come Sunshine looked so different now. So different from the 3 month's old schnauzer. But I prefer how she look now except for her bigger size of course. But I still managed to bully her la...

The aunties had fun too catching up on their latest gossips while we busied ourselves sniffing each other out or stalking Aunty Evie for more treats!

As for the uncles, they too had their own fun talking about something on 4 wheels and horsepower. What is wheels??? Horsepower?? Or was it dogpower??? Yeah, we must have heard wrongly. Dogpower make more sense and of course we are powerful... hmm...
Another aunty made another birthday cake. So altogether, we had two birthday cakes in total. Sunshine said it tasted funny. So she just left her's uneaten. I thought it tasted funny too. Smelled like a perfume more than a cake. I was happily rolling over it to get the scent all over me until Redbabe spotted me doing it and started screaming down my neck! Oh boy... that was scary. I just wanna smell nice. What did I did wrong???
In the end, Lena & Shadow (We dont really know his name. He is just a black cocker spaniel) cleaned up the cake. They are the only two that doesn't find it taste funny. Lols...
Overall, we had a great time. We spent a good 3 hours outdoor at the park chasing after our friends, being chased in return, stuffing ourselves crazy with treats and cakes and even watching some of our bigger friends went swimming in the pond. We were both very tempted to join them too. The weather was really hot that morning. But we bet Redbabe will not be too happy about it though. Better not risk the chance of coming to the park again. ;)
When we got home, Redbabe showered us both and blow dried our coats. Ahh... it felt so good to be fluffy again. We were both so tired that we actually fell asleep right underneath darling's desk. I was awoken rudely couple of times from some strange sound coming from Sunshine (or was it from myself?). Darling was laughing with Redbabe something about us actually snores in our sleeps. Excuse me.... we, ladies, dont snore ok.... :p Hehehehehe.....
I was so tired when we finally got home. It was a great day at the park. I had fun, Harrison had fun, we all enjoyed ourselves very much. I bet Rumba & Sunshine did too. It has been quite awhile since they last went to the park. Despite of my aching muscles all over, I quickly showered and blow dry both of them. Can't stand the thought of having them walking around the house with grimes from the park sticking all over them. Ewww...... so die die also must bathe them. Harrison told me later that night that he actually heard them snoring when they took their nap underneath his table. Lols... It must have been a cute sight seeing doggies snores. They must be dead tired...hehehehe....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Day In The Historical City (Doing nothing historical at all)

Dragged myself out of bed with tremendous effort after a whole night of dancing. Got ready and the girls, Terri & Gerry arrived at about 9:45am. We went for a light breakfast of yong tau foo outside my place before departing for Malacca.

It was a pleasant 1 hour plus drive filled mostly with story telling (no, not gossiping). Terri & I updated Gerry with the Twilight saga and later, Gerry & I updated Terri on Harry Potter's. Lols...

Our first stop was supposed to be lunch at the famous Malacca Chicken Rice Ball along Jonker's Street. Unfortunately, there was not a single carpark available and one look at the long queue under the hot sun kinda put me off already. I hate queuing for food. :p Luckily the girls also agreed that we should just skipped it and go right to 'sate babi' instead which was just around the corner at Kota Laksamana.

Terri emptied her bladder prior to our departure. The moment we arrived this place, she need to go again. Gerry & I went like... 'Again??'. She replied that it was because she drank coffee and I went like, 'Coffee? Coffee suppose to dehydrate right?'. And she said this: "Because it is dehyrating, that's why I need to go more........". I almost roll out of the car laughing...

Fact of the trip: Coffee is dehyrating cause it makes us wanna pee more.

The 'sate babi' looks yummy but Terri & I agreed that it dont taste as good as how we expected it to be especially the sate sauce. I think it was because both of us have a mindset of how a sate should taste like, i.e. those malay's type, sweet sate with aromatic peanut sauce. These are nothing like that. The sauce is kinda salty & sourish, no peanuts kind. Something different la...

In the end, Gerry had the most. 15 sticks. She simply loves it. :)

And at 2nd place is me. I had 7 sticks.

We had a tie for third place. Both Terri & Jo (who came to join us later) had only two sticks each. Jo agreed that this outlet is not as good as the other outlet that is located somewhere else.

Since we are all still hungry, Terri suggested that we go to this little place that she went once for some nyonya's cuisine which she described to Jo that we have to walk up some stairs before reaching its' dining area. Jo scanned her brain for a place closest to Terri's description, and voila... she brought us to Donald's & Lily's. Once there, Terri confirmed that was the place she went last time.

We had gado-gado and cendols.

Jo had curry laksa.

And I, couldn't resist a yummy 'Ayam Ponte'.

The interior of the shop is painted in yellow and decorated with little knick knacks collected over the years. It is very crampy and to the max, can only fill approximate 25-30 pax.

After Donald's & Lily's, we went karaoke at the jetty from 2-6pm. By then, the aching on my body (the aftermath of Friday night) already spread to every tiny muscles that I never imagine could exists. With the dim lightings of the karaoke room + the cool airconditioning, I could just doze off without trying too hard. Instead, I dragged myself outside into the bright day light to practise on my photography. The location is beautiful. It's a pity not to. Die die also must.

Karaoke finally ended at 6pm. Sang until no energy. Too tired to sing anymore. Jo brought us to this place which is famous for its' 'Ikan Bakar' (bbq fish) for dinner. It was really good. We enjoyed our dinner very much. And it was pretty cheap too. Only RM69 for the 4 of us.

This goes very very well with the bbq seafood. We asked for an extra serving.

BBQ Ikan Jinak (tamed fish)

We love this very much. Deep fried stingray with some sambal/chilli sauce. Absolutely yummilicious. The one in the background is deep fried calamari. Very good too.

Terri and her kick-ass-huge coconut.

Gerry and her kick-ass-huge dslr.

After a fulfilling dinner, Jo dropped us off at Jonker's street as we have earlier parked our car there. Before heading back to KL, we went for a walk with Doraemon at Jonker's Street.
Meet Doraemon.

Gerry wanted to get a pair of 'princess' slipper for her daughter but unfortunately, it was all sold out. Instead, she bought some jigsaws for Thea as well as for Christian.

Little stalls selling little novelties in Jonker's.
'Big Foot' treatment shop.

Colourful lanterns decorated the front porch of the ancient building.
That pretty much wrapped up our one day excursion to the historical city. I survived. When I finally got home at about 10:30pm, I felt like my body has been torn into pieces. I can hardly lift my feet. Trust me, I am not exaggerating. Instead of heading straight for the shower, there are still couple of things that I need to sort out.
I still need to wrap up some gifts for a doggies' birthday party which we (except husky) will all be going the very next morning. Other than that, I still have to make arrangement for the 'sunny sides up' which I've committed to make for the human food potluck to complement the fried beehoon someone else is bringing. 'Make arrangement' meaning, sort out the stove problem we are having and making sure there are enough eggs.
Arrgghhh.... still need to wake early the next day. Party starting at 9am at BU Park. How I wished to be able to laze in bed right up to lunch time. Will I be able to drag myself out of my soft comfy bed of 6 pillows?