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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Coming Soon & Bundle's Arrival

The husband suggested the other day to shoot a similar photo taken when I was 36 weeks pregnant but this time round, Baby G will replaced my big round tummy instead. Thought it turned out rather well despite the fact that Baby G was all red from his fussy & crankiness.  He was half asleep when we stripped him for the shot.  Hehehehe...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It is day 22 with the little one. With the new addition, my life sort of felt completed. Or rather, he completes me. At 35, I guessed I have more or less gained all life experiences I needed to at this stage and being a mommi came just about the right time. Believe me, it's kinda fun despite of the sleep deprivation.
Of course there are times when the little one got all cranky & screaming, but as time goes, I've sort of decipher the many types of cries – the 'feed me' cry, the 'change my diaper' cry or simply 'I need attention' cry, thus making things much easier. 

The husband & my mom has been of great help. Taking over whenever things gets a little out of hand or when I am in need of beauty sleep. 'Beauty Sleep'? Let me rephrase that. At this stage, it should be more aptly put as 'survival sleep'. Lols...

Anyway, everything at home now revolves around the little one. Each and everyone of us can just spent the whole day marveling at the bundle and nothing else. Even Rumba too. The little one is so filled with love.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Introducing Baby G

This year's Mother's Day bring a whole new meaning to me.  With the arrival of our little bundle of joy, for the first time, I am too, entitled to be part of the celebration.  But then again, I am still so excited with my bundle and couldn't care much about the day.  Lol... Well, he is simply too freaking adorable & perfect.  The new daddy & mommi, as well as new grandma just couldn't get enough of him.  
Our son, Gabbriel (Baby G) born on the 38 weeks of my pregnancy, on 30th April weigh 2.68kg.  A tiny little fella but good size.

For this first Mother's Day, I just wished for him to grow up filled with lots of love, happiness & kindness.