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Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Weekend!

It's Friday again. What happened to Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed & Thurs??? It's not gonna be a leisure weekend. Mom will be here tomorrow to spend the weekend cause a cousin will be getting married come this Sunday. Yeah, will also be seeing lots of relatives. Time to bring out the mask of pretentious!
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I survived & am loving it!

I've survived my first day back to school! Hip hip hooray! Just got back not too long ago, had lunch and now sleepy like hell... Can't nap cause meeting a client later in MidValley.
The traffic was quite good this morning (maybe they know I am going back to school). It took me less than 30 minutes to reach my destination and carparks were aplenty. No problem at all. The only thing is, the parking is pretty expensive. It cost me RM9 today. RM3 for first hour and RM2 for every subsequent hours. Luckily for me, my classes is only once a week. Otherwise, sure pokkai sial....
It is weird that I am saying this, but I kinda enjoyed the 3 hours class this morning. The lecturer were helpful and he speaks 'clear' English (no accent at all). So that make it easier to understand whatever that he is teaching. Long ago, I remember attending a class lectured by a South Africa lecturer, her accent were so heavy that by time I am able to figure out what the heck she was talking about, I totally missed all the lecture points.
Anyway, it is a positive first day back to school and 'Correlation & Regression' don't seems to be as complicated as I used to remember it. It could be because it is a 3 hourly class and the lecturer is able to cover the whole topic in a single session unlike last time, 1 hourly class, and the whole topic have to be broken into a few classes to complete. I think I am beginning to like QM.
As for my classmates, I think in total, there are just about 10 of us. 7 are Nigerians, 2 Malays + me. During our 15 minutes break, one of the Nigerian actually bought a whole box of Toblerone and shared it among all of us, how sweet.... (Note to self: 1 point for Nigerians)...
Anyway, cant wait till next week. :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Including this one, i have posted 30 entries this month. Average of 1 post per day. Looks like I've a lot to say in July....

Monday, July 27, 2009

'Self Torture' Sessions Starting This Thursday

Years ago, I took up a part time course with ABE (Association of Business Exec) at the Sunway College for a Diploma in Business Administrative. I took a 2 years break halfway thru it cause I decided that I should eleviate myself off any kind of stress and concentrate on doing nothing else but happy things hopefully to recover from my thyroid issue faster and it really did.
Another reason of the break was because the remaining paper that I need to complete was Quantitative Methods and I just simply hated it. I am just made out of one of those dna that finds calculations mind boggling. Needless to say, terms like 'linear regression', 'binomial', 'poisson' and dont know what else, scare the shit out of me. So I chose to ignore it for two over years. And not forgetting those thing that they called 'scientific calculator' which is freaking complicated to function. I can never tabulate anything out of it. Not even simple mathematic equation. Give me a razor and I can easily razored Sunshine into a mohawk fashion anytime (that's exactly what I did couple of days ago. She look so cute now. Like little donkey like that...). A scientific calculator? Haiz...................
I was a little over ambitious initially to think I can do it self-study way. Why self study? Cause the only college that is still offering this stupid paper from ABE if filled to the brim with blacks (nigerians I think). Not that I am racist. But when 99.9% are them and that 0.1% are us, I dont feel too comfortable. That is because I heard enough stories of them. While, I was there last week to find out more info re the classes, one of them already asking for my number and of course all he got was the famous Redbabe reply: "No. I don't think so...". That's the reason why I thought I wanna do it the 'self-study' way.
I was at MPH in MValley yesterday to check out some books on the subject and that is when I decided that I dont have much choice except to attend the class cause I am already seeing stars simply by flicking thru the book. There are few friends though who are very kind and agreed to help me thru it if I choose to do self-study. But I can foresee my own intelligence level pertaining to this subject and thought better of it. I need someone who is obligated to explain, explain, explain and keep explaining till the cows come home and I sincerely don't want to torture my friends in that way. Lols...
So, I've decided that, a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. I need to complete it by hook or by crook. Only after this that I am free to do any other things that I wish to do. I will be attending the classes starting from this Thursday. Oh, and someone said I should uglified myself for it. Lols... so 'kua cheong' as if I am glass shattering pretty like that *kembang* (but then again, it feels good la when someone actually said it - eventhough I know I am... *shiok sendiri + lagi kembang*). Lols...... Anyway, hopefully by end of the term, I'll be able to perceive them differently.

Greed & Stupidity

Sitting in my living hall enjoying the cold breeze gently blowing into the house, something happened sometime ago also breezed into my mind. Something that felt disheartening when I first heard of it, furious after I processed the information, absurd when I re-think about it in the end and it makes me feel like laughing out loud now.

After PP passing in January this year, all hell broke loose at home. I felt embarrassed even to be typing out this family drama. It was all merely because of the couple of tens of thousands that was left in PP’s account which was thought to have more by some. I wonder where they got the notion from. It was hilarious because PP was just a hawker when she retired more than 10 years ago and during those 10 years, she dug into her savings for some of her own medical expenses, buying gifts for her grandchildren’s weddings, great grandchildren birthdays and even bailing out one who constantly faced with financial issues rooted from his own laziness. How they can still think that PP left hundreds of thousands in her account for them never fail to amaze me. Greed does blind people. How they can suddenly lost the ability to even compute simple mathematic formulas. Strange.

After the drama of the assumed hundreds of thousands, there comes another sequel. And this time, it was even more interesting. They somehow assumed PP had left behind ‘bucketful’ of jewelleries. The assumed ‘buckets’ are in actual fact, just half a cigarette tin. I do agree that she used to have more than that. However, over the years, she sold off some to build their house which now stood, melted some old ones for newer design, and traded in some in exchange for others for her grandchildren and great grandchildren. So her collections will surely be depleted. No? In actual fact, the remaining half a cigarette tin of jewellery was meant only for my mom cause as you all know, mom has been the only one that has been taking care of PP since 1991. 17 years. But they insisted that it MUST be evenly distributed among them and she did just that. Greed does blind people. How they can honourably take what that is not theirs and never contributed anything in the first place is nothing but a laugh.

Those are just the gist of the many dramas that have taken place ever since PP’s departure. Yeah, I know, it’s disheartening. That’s life what….it happens in all families and I won’t blame them. Because they are merely humans and majority of the humans are like that. They would never claim the responsibilities that are rightfully theirs, but when it comes to credits/advantages/wealth, they would never hesitate to claim it cause, to them, it was rightfully theirs. Even it means to severe family ties. That’s greed. Their 50cents coin is bigger than a bullock cart wheel. That’s just how they perceived materials. I just pity them and glad that I am not one of the majority of those mere humans that are greedy.

What breezes into my mind this morning was none of the above. Those are just an intro to what I was to share. What breezes into my mind was another sequel which took place right after PP’s 100 days. I was not there when it took place. It is strange how it was always the case. But I guess they don’t have the guts to tell it to my face, that’s why. Anyway, it was just a story that was conveyed to me and the story was, they said that I should return a bracelet that PP gave me over tea ceremony on our wedding a year ago. Honestly, if there is a joke-of-the-year-award, this would surely be it. Greed not only would blind some, it makes them stupid too.

I am not trying to take credits of the things that we had done for PP but, where were they when we were short handed in the stall? Who is the one helping at home and at the stall till way past midnights, at the same time, rushing her homework and revisions and goes to school again at 6am the next morning? Where were them when PP needed cataract surgeries? Where were them when PP had tuberculosis? Who sent her phlegm samples to the hospital every morning to be tested for a whole blardy month? I was only 17 then. Hardly anyone of ‘them’ visited. I even overheard one of them saying this to her children… “Eee…TB is a highly contagious disease, better don’t visit…”. Didn’t they know all of us had TB vaccination??? Oh yeah, they are stupid. I forgot. Pardon me.

Who wake up in the middle of the night to pat her back and bring her hot water when she was coughing none stop and spitting out blood? Who took a week off from work to take care of her when she survived her first stroke years ago half paralyzed? Who carry her to the toilet when she needed to go? Who went back to spend a week with her when mom was away in Canada for 3 weeks? Oh, that would be me also cause some of them said they can’t because they need to go Genting Highlands with their children and to that, I just spitted out… “Up to you, she is your mom. Not mine.” (The initial plan was that we each take turn so PP won’t feel too bored).

Where were them when PP was depressed and demotivated and her only source of cheer were her grandchildren and children? Please, spared me the 'we have our own family now' crap... If they really think that it is a reasonable reason, then, they should pass it down to their own children too.. "girl../boy... when you grow up and have your own family, don't bother about us ok... can write us off cause you have your own family to take care of"... lame.
And now, they want my bracelet. Lols. Hilarious isn’t it? Honestly, to me, a bracelet is just a bracelet. A momento from PP to me. Its’ value is greater than what it actually worth. But still, I would gladly give it to them with one condition and that is, for them to tell it to my face, an acceptable reason as to WHY THEY THINK THEY DESERVE IT. By time they are finish, I might be able to publish a book on ‘Greed & Stupidity’.

Our 'Look See' In Sepang Gold Coast


A plumber came over our place at freaking 8:30am in the morning to repair something in our water tank. I know I know, I can repair it if I want to but the thought of climbing up to the roof doesnt sound too attractive for me. Anyway, my better half woke up to oversee the whole thing. I've told myself to wake up too the night before and I did, but the bed magnet were too strong. The soft sheets & quilt, the cold cold aircond, the whole bed to myself... it was just too hard to peel myself away from it.

We woke up at noon. 'We' cause our friend crawl back into bed after the plumber left...lols... yeah, i know, he is unbelievable! After lunch at one of the neighbouring shops, off we went to 'Sepang Gold Coast'. The road signs were all pretty clear and we didnt get lost.

There were not many people there unlike Port Dickson which would be packed with people on a weekend. Maybe cause it was low-tide that's why. Just a scattering groups of people here and there. Mostly, the Malays. They had their tent set up, tok kok sing song makan makan. One or two were flying kites with their little ones, two bikini clad girls were sun-bathing and others, like us, just loitering around enjoying the breeze. Or was there any breeze dear? I was too busy figuring out the shutter speeds & aperture to notice any of that.
Look, the tide has gone so far out and I couldnt quite make out where it actually end. Some beach goers actually walked all the way out and all that I could see of them was just little black dots which my better half said are 'people' (I thought they were rocks).
After lepaking for awhile, we decided to head down to Low Yatt cause I wanted to check out some jewellery as a gift for a cousin who is getting married this Sunday. But ended up having chee cheong fun for tea instead cause the jewelleries were just too expensive. Way beyond my budget. Forget it. Lols..
Overall, for Sepang Gold Coast, I think it is a 'not too bad' beach. Pretty nice beach to go to in fact to lepak. Only thing is, have to find out when low/high tide. Like us, blur blur went during low tide, cant feel the sea also.... hehehe...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aging & Liquer

I had a mojito over dinner just now. I am not tipsy but my better half said I am exceptionally cheery. All I know is everything was pretty funny just now and now, I am just darn sleepy. Sigh.... liquer definately doesn't go hand in hand with aging.

My Picnic At Home

Few days ago, on one of the days that I wasnt working, Monday or Tuesday, not too sure, I was bored. It is strange how I would actually feel bored these days. It is like, all that I ever want to do are all done. I've read countless books, watched countless movies, completed countless sudoku puzzles and etc... I actually felt bored. But I am not in the mood to start any other projects also.
After mulling over what I should do to entertain myself, Morib Beach popped into my mind and I did just that. I quickly cooked myself some lunch and packed it into a lunchbox, grabbed my camera and headed out with Rumba & Sunshine. I've this vision of a lazy afternoon lepaking by the beach with my two furkids while experimenting with my Eos.
From my place, I took the Putrajaya highway into KLIA and then into Sepang. As the haze was pretty bad that afternoon, as I drive along, my eyes got heavier and heavier. Sleepy. Can't wait to get to the beach. After driving for approximately 45 minutes, I arrived at Sepang town. Still, no beach in sight. I continued driving on passing some durian stalls & dragon fruit farms by the road. It was nice but gave up when I came upon a sign that says there will be another 40km before we reach Morib Beach. Forget it. Yeah, I know, all this way and gave up. lols.... let's just say I gotten lazy halfway... hehehehe

Made a quick u-turn and began our journey home. Surprisingly, our drive home took a much shorter time than our way there. When we finally arrived back home, I let Rumba & Sunshine out of the car. They were both extreme happy to be home. Weird dogs. But then again, they must also be thinking, weird mistress too. Took us out for one and a half hour drive and yet we still end up where we started... lols

Anyway, my better half had a great time laughing his ass off. He said... "so, in the end you have your picnic at home?"... niamah... rub it in, rub it in... but he also said we'll take a drive there together gether come this weekend la to look see look see... :p

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I hate smokers, I really do (they spoilt my blissful morning)

Woke up to such lovely weather this morning. I have always love weather like this. Gloomy but not entirely thunderstorm lightning kind. Just gloomy with cool breeze and little drizzle every now and then. I love it. Went breakfast at the coffee shop outside with my other half. I still lingered on reading my morning paper while enjoying my 'teh c kosong' absorbing this lovely morning weather long after he left for work. Ahh.... it felt so good to be breathing such fresh air after god knows how many weeks of polluted hazy air that we have been contaminating our lungs with. All were well and blissful until some idiots on the nearby tables start firing up their lighters to light their cigarettes. Sigh... both husband & wife some more... with their little daughter sitting in between them... what were they thinking? There goes my fresh air!

I grew up in a family where majority smokes. Therefore, I was never really bothered with smokers (not until 6 years ago though). My grandparents, parents, uncles & cousins, basically everyone. So I used to be absolutely alright whether I sit in a smoking or non smoking area. Whether the friends I hang out with smoke or not. Or whether the next table is firing up or not. It never bothers me.

Not until about 8 years ago when I started to date my better half (i guess that's the reason why I always refer him to my 'better half'). He, being also a non-smoker, hate it whenever someone on a nearby table started to smoke. He would get so agitated with it and would quickly finished off whatever food he ordered (sometimes not even finishing it) at the same time grumbling & cursing under his breath. He simply hate it. I on the other hand would get even more agitated. Not with the smokers, but with his agitated-ness. I couldn't understand what's the big deal of it. Why is he so rigid? Why can't he adapt? We, as a human being, should be easily adapt to any environment. Why wanna spoil a otherwise lovely dinner/lunch/tea? So most of the time, in such situation, I would just quickly gorged down whatever food I've ordered and just go.
As time goes, I got used to his quirkiness. Adaptive mah... So whenever we goes out, we will pick tables further most from people who looked like potential smokers. Or, we would sit where the fan is so that it will blow away potential smoker's smoke that come our direction. I know you must be thinking, "go to non-smoking tables la..". Well, the thing about Malaysian restaurant is, they are very clever one. So clever until I also don't understand how a 'smoking' and 'non-smoking' area can be set up within a same indoor area. You tell me la... anyway, nevermind la... Malaysia Boleh mah...apa-apa pun boleh!
So, as time goes, other than I gotten used to fresh air, another realisation surfaced. I've used much lesser tissues than I used to before. You see, I've always have this runny nose problem. Sinus? My nose is perpetually runny. Since young, our family doctor have prescribed me high dosage of Vitamin C, still, the problem persists. Then, another doctor gave me some kind of nasal spray. Also no effect. I remembered my mom jokingly said once... "haiz... next time, you better find someone from Scott paper to marry... at least lifetime free supply of tissues"... lols...

Back to my realisation. The 'sinus' that I've been suffering for my entire life was due to cigarettes! Unbelievable. Why didn't I ever thought of it? But then again, I was young then and still not very smart. So I began to pay more attention whenever I start rummaging thru my handbag for that packet of tissue. When I said "began to pay more attention" it was because I've got so used to runny nose that I wont even realised that I am holding on a tissue. You get what I mean? So I began to pay more notice to it.
It was then that I confirmed that cigarette is one of the main thing that triggers off my sinus. Whenever we are in a restaurant, all it take is just one cigarette that is being lighted up 10 tables away and I'll start sneezing away and searching hi & low for a tissue. That's how sensitive my nose is and I couldn't believe it. After all these years... Vitamin C la... nasal spray la... at one point, I even thought of laser-ing it. Anyway, at least now that I know the cause, I can control it a little.
The thing is, why do people still smoke knowing very well that it is bad for health? Not only their own health, but for those around them too, their love ones, their little ones. They would say, "oh... but i dont blow it directly to their face" or "oh... I don't smke in front of them"... the thing is, smoke travels in air and lingers on. Blowing at the face or not, it doesnt make any difference or whether you smoked 100 miles away, the scent still lingers on your hair, your clothes, your kisses, your everything. I, being a fully grown adult with strong antibodies is still vulnerable to it. Can you imagine what it is like for the little ones? Do they have the intelligence to point out what is making them sick?

Most smokers knows very well that smoking is bad for health and that it causes diabetes, heart attack, dry skin, gangrene and etc... still they smoke. Or whenever they are in an air-conditioned enclosure that do not allow smoking, they rather stand outside puffing away enduring the hot weather. And best of all is, the habit is not cheap at all. A packet of cigarette cost how much these days? RM8? Let's say a packet a day, it will be RM 240 a month. Might as well just literally burn the RM240. At least it is better for health and causes less damage to the body. Imagine this, RM240 x 12 months = RM2880 a year. Can go holiday already lor...

Most said that they feel 'cool' and one class higher to be smoking and I can strongly tell you, it doesn't add any value to your image at all. None. It is just little denial thoughts that are conjured up in your little brain. Then, there is this other thing called 'temptations'. I do agree that we are, after all, human beings. We fall into temptations and that goes without saying. But we are also equipped with something called 'will power' & 'determination'. If we are able to allow ourselves to fall into temptations, I also believe we are able to conjure up enough will power & determinations to fight it. All we need is just a little faith in ourselves. And please, never underestimate our capabilities. All we have to do is to just BELIEVE we can, and we can.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Flash Back of Our 'Girls' Night Out'

Remember my last post about my Friday night out with the girls? Well, it was indeed a "happy" Friday night... Though we didn't do much, it was still so much fun that I don't know where should I start. Actually, it was a belated birthday dinner for Gerry... remember the 'moon' shape cake? Yeah, she.

(Chicken Caesar Salad, Friday's Shrimps, Jack Daniel's Steak & Key West Fish)

It was initially just a small makan session among the three of us (Terri, Gerry & me). In the end, An & Florence joined us too. I don't know how it happened as I was pretty much off-line the last two days before the dinner day but as usual, for me, the motto has always been, "the more the merrier", what the heck! It's just a pity that Alina was not able to join us (cause she was partying away at some other MORE happening party as compared to our "auntie" gathering)... :p

(From left: An (standing), Terri, Florence, yours truly, Gerry)

We had dinner at Fridays in Subang Parade. Ordered 3 main dishes + 1 salad and shared among the 5 of us. The portion were just nice. No wastage for once. Not that we always waste, just that most of the time, when the three of us gathered, we always tend to be over ambitious with the food and always ended up with more than we could finish and can hardly walk after stuffing ourselves full silly (yeah, i over exaggerated a little here)... hehehe...

As it was a Friday night, I won't say all, but some of us refused to end the night early and even threaten to blog about what a sucker we are if we decided to just go home after makan. It was hilarious. One suggested that we should go somewhere that can be seen... somehow, that one ended up being suggested to go stand in the middle of the road (surely can be seen)... lols. Another suggested that we proceed for dessert or coffee at Starbucks which none of us responded... hahaha... I think most of us were too full to even reply to that one... lols. In the end, since we are living in a democratic society (kononnya la...) we voted and majority voted for karaoke-ing at Neway nearby instead. So from Friday's, off we proceeded to Neway!
(I think it was in this photo that we were trying to do that super trouper dance...lols)
It was unfortunate that Florence couldn't join us cause she said her heart was at home that night, hehehe... never mind la, another time la. The rest of us had so much fun singing screaming away. I tell you, all the songs we sang, quite keng one... we sang songs from Beyonce la... Fergie la... Black Eye Pea la... Britney Spears la...Kelly Clarkson la... Celine Dion la... fulamak... you wouldn't believe it, don't play play ahh. And I think all of us sang screamed very well! Can hold our own concert already. The only thing is, it has to be a sit down performance. Because aunties mah... quite tiring after standing up for awhile... hehehehe
At one point, we were joking about we should do a performance for our daughter's 16 birthday in the future, ala Mama Mia's style, but I forgotten what was the title of the song we were talking about... was it "When I grow up..." by the Pussycat Dolls? (and suffer the possibility of being disowned by our daughters)...lols
(this is merely for self idolising cause I like this one taken by An)

As there were 4 different flavour Kampai, we ordered all 4 of it - original, blueberry, lemon & black current I think. All I know is, mine was lemon and it tasted like toilet... lols... the girls laughed when I told them so but after they tried it, they do agree with me. I remember someone once told me that anything lemony always tasted like toilet, how very true! hehehehe.... But then again, anything black current always tasted like cough mixture also what... I guess, next time, a safe bet would be anything but toilet & cough mixture...lols. I was too busy picking out songs that night and my brain couldn't care less of the drinks. Toilet mah toilet lor... won't die one la... singing more important.

This one is taken when I was concentrating on my pitch and tune and practising for my concert when these women come and kacau-kacau wanna camwhore... sigh... distracting only! Anyway, when we finally decided to call it a night, it was already 1:30am. 4 hours straight of non-stop singing! Poor An were already yawning away and she still need to head up to Bukit Tinggi the very next morning. I am sure she will think twice before joining us again next time...lols..
For more cerita (story), go check out Gerry's Blog too.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thank God It's A Happy Friday!

Thank God It's Friday!!! Go out and have fun, let your hair down.

The carousel, when lighted up, it's magical.
Whether we are 30, 40 or even 50, it will still bring out the child in us.
I gonna have fun tonight with the girls on a girls' night out! Yippee!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Photography @ Titiwangsa

This morning was a very fruitful morning. After my appointment with a client in town, I headed down to Tasek Titiwangsa to practise my photography.

I was thinking of making full use of the current weather to see what kind of picture can turn out in this kind of hazy environment. Thought can captured misty winterly effect photos. But, as it turned out, my photo sucks. The trees were too green to look winter. So I mah photoshopped it lor... Manatau, now look more autumn than winter...lols...

As I was walking around snapping away, I met Syed, a photo journalist working for Bernama. His camera lens is bigger than even my arm...hehe... We chatted a little and he was very helpful. He told me where I can find cheap secondhand camera accessories and even taught me a few tricks.

This is one of the shot I tried with the new technique. I know, I made a tree look more like a monster than a work of art. Give me some time, I can surely perfect it. :) Syed even invited me to tag along to cover stories whenever I am free. I am getting excited. This is gonna be fun.

Anyway, we parted ways after the short exchange and decided to head home. On my way out, took this one. The outdoor weather is so bad that even the 'Twin Tower' & 'KL Tower' decided to stay indoor. Can you spot them?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

High School Musical

If all our schools are like 'high school musical', I dont mind failing SPM for the rest of my life. Just finished watching it. Like I said, need to clear hdd space.

Maybank Expose (Part 2)

They are so persistent that they sent me another email today.

"Dear Valued Customer,

Maybank found a serious security problem in your account as several unauthorized transactions were attempted from an unknown location. We have deactivated and also restricted access to your account for security reasons. Your immediate attention is required to reactivate your account. Please be informed that your account will be terminated if not activated now. Proceed Now: www.maybank2u.com.my

Maybank Group"
This bunch of people is so efficient. Maybe Maybank should consider hiring them.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Maybank Fraud Expose

I just went into my mailbox and found this rather misleading email sitting in there yelling out for my attention and thought that I should share it with you guys. Maybe some of you might have already known this but nevertheless I'll still like to share it to prevent any of you being conned out of your Maybank user id & password.

The email says:

"Dear Valued Customer,

Maybank found a serious security problem in your account as several unauthorized transactions were attempted from an unknown location. We have deactivated and also restricted access to your account for security reasons. Your immediate attention is required to reactivate your account. Please be informed that your account will be terminated if not activated now. Proceed Now: www.maybank2u.com.my


Maybank Group"

Rather convincing huh? The email was from a mberhad@lead2u22.com email address. Why would a corporate bank have a 'lead2u22.com' email address??? As I never have a Maybank account, I knew immediately it is a fraud. So I sibuk-sibuk click on the link shown in their email and true enough, when clicked, it does bring me to a pretty believable 'Maybank2u.com' login site. But on closer inspection, the web address shown on that page is a branching out of some iov5may2u.com (http://www.iov5may2u.com/M2ULogin.htm) instead of the standard branching of a Maybank (https://www.maybank2u.com.my/).
What this crook does is, the moment you key in your user id & password, their system will automatically record it down. Then they will log into your maybank2u account and transfer out all your hard earn money.

Anyway, this is just another classic case la... just want you guys out there to be aware of this. Spread the words to your brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, father, mother, friends... anyone la... just be extra careful when you receive emails from banks ok.


Someone said something to me yesterday and mind you, it is not something pleasant. This fella must have lots of guts to be spitting venoms like that on me. For once, I held myself very well. Instead of hurling equally if not more hurtful words back or screaming my lungs out or one tight slap across the face, I just kept quiet. Quiet not because I am accepting what that person had to say but behind my mind I was thinking about something else.
That person said something about I am wasting my time away and that my blog is a rubbish blog and that I have no objective in life. Phew...! Full of toxic. Pretty harsh neh? Well, that's just the major points. There are few other smaller points too which are overshadowed by these two. You must be wondering what have I done to this person to deserve such outburst. Trust me, nothing.
Of course it triggered off something within me. Defensiveness + anger + insult, but mostly are just a whole puddle of depression. I tried very hard to just wash out the toxic within but somehow some of it seeped right thru into my blood and soul. I am not too offended on the part about my blog being a rubbish blog. That person is angry and I can understand the root of the anger. Even if it is a rubbish blog, it is mine. I've already earned US$100 from my rubbish. I know it is not a lot but at least my rubbish helped me to pay off some bills. I am ok having this kind of rubbish.
I am most affected by the part that says I am wasting my time away. Why should I even be affected? I don't know. Maybe a part of me do agree with what the person said. Or maybe, it is just pms... I dont know.
I haven't been doing much for the last two years since I quitted my job. Other than setting up Springtime Favours & Rainbow's End, I more or less kinda waltzed thru it and enjoying every moment of it. I blogged, I danced, I cooked, I baked, I sewed, worked a little at my uncle's company, gym-ing, prepared for wedding, shifted God knows how many times, went holiday, karaoke, lunching, yumcha-ing, photography, painted, groomed my doggies, learnt to pray, running and other misc household stuff. Other than that, nothing much concrete. Mostly are just things that I did to entertain myself. Hobby stuff to keep me happy. Even for work, it is flexihours to suit my time. Could this be why I am being labelled as wasting my time away?
As I was sitting there taking in all the bullets that is being shot at me (without any bullet proof vest), I thought to myself (that's why I am quiet), what's exactly is the definition of 'wasting my time away'? Is it because I do not have a full time 9-5 job like most people does that's why I don't have objective in life?
Let look at it from another perspective. Let's say I am a full time employee that leave home at 8am daily, reached office at 9am, work my ass off talking to subordinates, bosses, clients, attending meetings, achieving sales target, chasing datelines, tackling office politics, finish work at 6pm/7pm/9pm daily, only to reach home dead tired at 7pm/8pm/10pm daily, too tired for dinner, shower and hit straight for the bed. Only to repeat the whole scenario all over again day in day out all for X amount of pay cheque come month end. How can that not also be defined as I am wasting my time away? I am spending most of my waking hours for work and nothing else. Is it because of the X amount of pay cheque that's why I am deemed making full use of my time???
Seriously, I am not defending my situation. In fact, me too sometimes do thought that this person may be right. I am doubting myself. I know the part about we living our life for ourselves and we do not need to answer to anyone anything. I am not answering. Just that, sometimes, no matter how positive I always am, I do have the tendency to fall into dark pitches (remember magnet & longkang).
I just feel that the answer to the question is very personal. It is very different with each individual. Some may put monetary as primary objective in life. For some other, would be for job satisfaction. For some, merely being alive each passing day is sufficient already.
I am sure some of you out there knows that I do work. But I am not gonna go into that cause I am not defending myself or even finding excuses for myself per say. The thing is, how fat should the pay cheque be only then we are being defined as not wasting our time away? How much is enough? Can I not, not be ambitious? Can I not be contented with what I already have? What if my objective in life is to live a healthy & quality life doing things I love doing and putting monetary objective last? Is that not an objective too?
Please enlighten me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dream... Dream... Dream...


We had lunch @ tmn desa. Went Kinokuniya @ KLCC. Then yumcha at Starbuck there and tok kok, sing song a bit. Then we left KLCC and drop by at Volvo to sibuk sibuk check out the XC60. I felt in love with C30 and day dreaming away while my other half firing the salesman with 101 questions re the XC60.

Still day dreaming cruising around in my brand new C30 when as I was taking a sharp corner, I was suddenly snapped out of it by you-know-who with a 'ok, let's go darling'. Btw, this is irrelevant but i think the salesman is a gay. Why? Cause at first he speak quite manly, then towards the end, his body language is shouting out 'I am hot' in bright RED... maybe he is trying to recruit my other half...lols

Went home, I continue with my old tvb drama episode 8, story about Gateau Cake something. Want to finish all the movies so to free up some space in my external hdd. My other half continue with his cartoon. Yeah, talking about immaturity. Lols...

Went dinner later that night and over eaten. Too much food. My enthusiastic half suggested for us to go for a morning run the next day, which is today. My eyes almost pops out upon hearing it. Morning run, who is he kidding? We? The thought of running is already not a very motivating thought, let alone waking up from our sweet slumber in the wee hour of the morning to RUN??? Nevertheless, must show support mah... so I mah start to imagine that nice cup of hot coffee, yummy breakfast & beautiful cool weather awaiting me after the run. Have to find my own point of motivation mah...

Back home after dinner, I continued with episode 14 and he, back to his cartoon again. We slept at 3am when I finished all the episodes. I set the alarm for 8am... konon.


Alarm went off at 8am sharp. I turned it off and gave him a kick... "run or not?"... he mumbled something like this.. "we go run in the evening la..". as expected. That's why I didnt even bother to sleep early the night before. Lols. Got sleep dont want to sleep... go run, siow arr... bluff who wor...

Finally wake up at 11:30am and had brunch somewhere outside our place. After brunch, off we went to Naza with the guys (fil & bil). No, we are not getting a new car. It is just a favourite pastime of this family.

I am never so into big names like Ferrari or Porche. Even though the moment we walked in we were greeted by candy colour variety of them; red, yellow, black, blue and dunno what else, non capture my attention until this baby came into view... ahh... the Skyline GTR35... sweet..... thus the day dreaming re-started...

Imagining myself driving this yummilicious sleek looking car... ahhh... heavenly! Must have look gaya liau liau... Hmm... It would be fun to send those ah beng's wira-lutions that always tend to come to close to my car smelling nothing else but my smoke. Ahh.. the pleasure of the horsepower... once tekan, straightaway can fly one.... shiokalingam muthusamy....! hmm... colour, what colour look best for me??? I was still dreaming on as I was walking around it checking out every inch of this yummilicious killer machine, inside out, outside in until a bunch of figures greeted me. It has so many numbers that I have to stop dreaming for awhile to make some sense out of what I was reading.... holycow.... the bunch of numbers is this baby's 6 digits price tag start with a 7! A freaking RM7XXXXX! I was immediately sucked back down to earth from wherever I was earlier. Wide awake. What kind of stupid car is this???? Really can fly one meh???? Only a stupid Nissan what... fu lat...

Then we walked on checking out hundreds of car on display there. As I was plodding along behind Harrison, still feeling a little cheated by that RM700k fu lat car earlier, I spotted this cute little car with a fierce looking front and a sexy butt. It is the Subaru Imprezza STI. Before falling head over heels over it, I quickly checked out the pricing first. Ok, the price of this one is a little more reasonable, agar-agar RM250k i think. Not that I can afford la... but at least RM250k sounds more realistic for a car than RM700k right??? As I waited for the boys to finish their sight seeing, I pulled up a chair nearby, sat down and re-wind my day dreaming. This time round, I was tackling the sharp corner in this sexy little thing instead... ahh... nice! Hehehehehehe.....

Got home @ 3pm+ and watched MJ's mtv. We went out for tea later at Bakeroni. I had an ice blended mochacino and harrison had.. had.. wait a minute, I didnt realize what he had?! I was busy with my sudoku puzzle... hehehehe... but we did shared a ham + egg + cheese sandwich and tok kok sing song a little... lols. After tea, we continued the MJ's dvd at home.

Decided to go for a walk at the park @ 5:30pm. Walk and not run cause according to you-know-who, he said it is a lazy Sunday today. So it is ok not to run. Like that also can... I tell you arr, there is really no cure for laziness one. Lols... Anyway, we walked 3 rounds and ran 1 round. Ok la.. Sunday mah...lols

A very interesting topic came up as we were walking and that is, "What if we have RM15mil?". That set off another bout of day dreaming, arguing, negotiating & giggling that lasted from the walk started from our house till the end of the 3 rounds of walk in the park. We both agreed that we shall each get 7.5mil.

Him: Then what about our parents?
Me: You give yours and I give mine la... (very smart cause I only got 1 mom mah...cheaper)
Him: Ok. Then i give each parent of mine 500k.
Me: Wah, so generous arr... then me leh?????
Him: You got your 7.5mil already what...
Me: That's beside the point. i also want 500k.
Him: Wah, u very clever to count hor... ok... ok... then what car you wanna buy? the Gtr35 arr?
Me: I buy car? Not you buy for me meh????
Him: wah wah wah..... you really very clever hor?
Me: Aiyah, i tell you arr... men. They better dont get rich. The richer they are, the more kedekut they arr.... sigh... kedekutnya... one car also cannot buy meh.... ??? So kedekut!!! tsk tsk

It just keep going on and on.... from car we went on to house... from house we went on to investment... from investments I went "can buy aeroplane arr?". In the end, after we had enough fun irritating the hell out of each other with the crooked most ideas I had we had, we both spoke for real and that is, we will sponsor as many underprivileged children as we can, take care of their welfare and provide them with proper educations so that they are given an opportunity like any other children to be able to materialize any dreams they have... che wak.. very wei tai hor... (honourable)...

Now, is this noble or what? So God, will you be kind enough to materialize our RM15mil please? So we can execute this noble plan of ours and at the same time materializing more dreams of the children. You see, it will be one stone killing many many birds... I know it sound cruel and I dont mean it literally, you know what I mean... hehehehe.... So how? Can?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Easy & Relaxing Evening

Last night, Terri dropped by after she finished trimming her hair at a salon nearby. I cooked up some simple dinner for us all. Chicken herb soup & tomyam dory fish + ladies fingers (sorry, forgot to take photos). Last minute added some fried 'purse' eggs (hor bao dan) and told my other half to tapau some extra sweet & sour pork cause Terri's hubby & son will be joining us for dinner.
After dinner, my other half left for t.t. (teh tarik) with the Altezza & Calzdina group while the rest of us, stayed home and enjoyed the night away. We had an easy & relaxing evening enjoying a bottle of wine (leftover from our wedding, you hear me right, leftover) and yakking away while Christian busy playing with Rumba & Sunshine throughout the night while enjoying the MP3 blaring out from his daddy's macbook... The little fella is so funny and cute.
Anyway, it was a good evening.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Lazy Meal - 5 minutes cin cai fried rice

I surprised myself yesterday by not leaving the house at all. Very strange by my own standard. I am one of those that always have something to buy or do outside. That's why am always out of the house buying this buying that or doing this doing that...
Due to my current 'laziness' spell, I was too lazy to drive out for food yesterday. So, I just ransacked the fridge to see if I can find any edible food. Lucky for me, I found some leftover rice, mixed beans & eggs and decided to make some fried rice out of it.

Taa daa.... here's my 5 minutes cin cai fried rice!
Here's the recipe to my 5 minutes cin cai fried rice. First, heat up some oil in wok, poured in beaten eggs. Break it up as it is being cooked. Removed from wok and set aside. Add oil, reheat wok and sauteed some slice garlic until fragrant. Add rice and mixed beans. Make sure rice are well coated with oil. Drizzle one table spoon of soy sauce over it and mix well. And finally, throw in the earlier cooked eggs. Stir a bit and it is ready to be served. You must be thinking, does it taste well? Erm... I think it is ok la... edible lor... what you expecting? It is a 5 minutes cin cai fried rice, hehehe...

Warming Up Old Bones

Ooo.. ahh... ooh... ahh.... 1 ah... 2 ah... 3 ah..

I stretch, stretch, stretch...... ahhh!... cannot reach!

Someone so semangat warming up & stretching to go running with me the other day...! Well, at least some real exercise that sweat and detox his internal system other than his lame "hand-eye-coordination" exercise (computer games) which he would fiercely defended as a form of exercise whenever I accused him of being unhealthy and not exercising.
Hand-eye-coordination my foot. Fingers exercise maybe since there are so many hundred buttons on that blardy mouse. Then again, to think of it, no wonder he have long and slim fingers... lols.
Yeah, I know, that hand-eye-coordination thingy, though lame, is pretty original taking into consideration it is coming from him... I would give him a star for that... lols.

Two Bored People Went Shoe Shopping

We went window shopping at Sg Wang after dinner last night. While we were there, I thought I might as well see if i can find a pair of shoe that is similar to the ones that i was wearing, the one that has got its heel chewed up by Sunshine (but i am still wearing it cause i think it looks kinda cool, torn jeans match with torn shoe mah...lols) cause another part of it is starting to tear up and I cant live in denial anymore...
I just simply love those pointy toes plain colour slip on with a low heel which I can just slip my foot in without having the need to hook or buckle and still look stylish. Unfortunately, little did I know, what I love must have been so out of style now cause I cant find a single pair of it throughout the entire Sg Wang *sigh*...
After awhile, I got bored walking. We got bored more like it. I know cause that is when my other half mumbled something like this....
"Dear, listen. You wear one shoe says 'stylo' and another that says 'milo'. Then you mah 'stylo-milo' lor"
and... he laughed. For some unknown reason, I laughed too... That's when I know we are both dead bored and decided to just head home instead. Lols... two bored people bored out of their wits.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Neway Karaoke

Here are the photos taken of mom & her cousins when we were at Neway Karaoke the other day. Though they talked more than they sang, it was nevertheless a fun outing for us all. We all had a great time.

Photo of mom acting all cute. Is she trying to do the 'Peace' sign?

This one here is really nice. :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Am A Yellow Face Wife (for today only)

I felt like a typical housewife today... you know, those yellowish colour face type of housewife. I served my hubby egg mayo sandwich for breakfast this morning before he left for work. Actually, not that I purposely wake up early to prepare breakfast for him la... just that when I plodded down to the kitchen whipping open the fridge and fetching out the bowl of egg mayo from yesterday FOR myself, he looked at me and I cant not offer him one right?
Wifey: You want egg mayo sandwich for breakfast before you go?
Hubby: Got arr?
Wifey: Yeah...
Hubby: *nodding*
As he is a typical cina-pek, he can't have cold stuff for breakfast. So I have to heat up his egg mayo sandwich first. Thank god for microwave oven. Breakfast is served under 1 minute and that makes me a role model for all wife-kind... come on, can any of you served breakfast under 1 minute? I bet you can! hehehehehe....
After the man of the house is fully stuffed and shoo-ed out of the house to print more money, I proceeded with the laundries. Washed two loadful of dirty laundries today; 2 loadful cause I separated the light coloured & dark coloured ones, and not because we only do the laundry once a month :p. I also folded two basketful of cleaned laundries and put them back into the wardrobe neat & tidy. This also makes me a role model for all wife-kind. No? Ok, how many of you out there have a neat & tidy wardrobe??? Come on, be truthful, maids' is not counted ok.... hehehe..
I know I've been blogging a lot about food lately... must be because I've a whole blardy week off and I've stocked up a whole blardy week's worth of food & sundries for the supposely 'quarantine' for a whole blardy week. As I said, supposely la.... :p So can't help it lor... what else you expect me to think of if not food? Hehehe... so just bear with me la... I bet there would be much food blogging next week onwards when work starts. Lols... Anyway, these are what I had for lunch this afternoon.
Found some 'lady's finger' in my fridge, washed & cut it up, throw it into the steamer of the rice cooker as I cooked some rice. Then, I opened up a can of sardin, and cooked it over the stove with some onions + extra tomato sauce + little sugar. Took out the lady's fingers 20 minutes later, drizzled some olive oil + soy sauce over it (MIL's style), voila! Lunch is ready... another lazy people's lunch for all the lazy people out there...:p It was really yummy especially the lady's fingers. Healthy & refreshing. As for the sardines, personally, I am not a sardine person... sardine mah sardine lor... I always thought sardine are for cats anyway...
After lunch, I decided to relax a little and watched 'Confession of a Shopaholic' which I bought weeks ago. It was a nice light hearted chick-lit movie and totally entertaining. I like watching brainless entertaining movies like these - The Holidays, Beverly Hill Chi Hua Hua, you know, those kind la... no need to think too much ones... already so little brain cells left, no point killing more... hehehehe... Oh, I also completed my fabric coaster with my mom's sewing machine as I watched tv. Multi tasking, save time. Another trait of a good housewife to be applauded *clap clap*
When the show ended, I figured that the chicken thighs which I took out this morning must have defrosted. I wanted to make roast chicken for dinner tonight but havent quite really thought of what kind of roast chicken to make. So I rubbed some salt & pepper over it. Then I found some garlic in the kitchen and it gave me an idea.
(1) I blended the garlic and had it mixed with some mixed herbs (rosemary + oregano + thyme + basil), olive oil, salt & pepper, and lemon juice.
(2) Then I stuffed the blended mixture under the skin of both the chicken thighs (Jamie Oliver's style) which I've loosen earlier.
(3) Covered the base of the pan with some sliced lemon & garlic and placed the stuffed chicken thighs over it.
(4) Scrubbed and cubed some potatoes and throw it into the pan.
(5) Squeeze some lemon juice and sprinkled some olive oil over the chicken & potatoes.
(6) Covered with clingwrap and throw it back into the fridge to be marinated.
My other half came back two and half hours later and we went for a jog at a park nearby. I preheated the oven at 220 degree celcious before I left for the park. We both had a good run. He ran 3 rounds and me, ran 2 rounds & walked 1 round.. lols... ok also what... must listen to our body mah... cannot over pushed, nanti pengsan susah... the poor husband would have to lug his not exactly small size wife all the way home... we would both ended up pengsan in the end... lols...

When we got home, I took out the chicken from the fridge, removed the clingwrap and throw it into the oven to bake for 20-25 minutes. As it was being baked, yummy aroma filled the air...

When it was out of the oven and ready to be tucked into, it looked like this. Yummy right... ? Being the good yellow face wife (for today only), of course I also prepared some rice for my cina-pek hubby la... the verdict is, he love it. He love this 'Garlic Lemon Roast Chicken ala Redbabe' very much. He walloped his rice, chicken and everything else... ;) hehehehe

So, can get award or not? I cooked, I cleaned, I watched tv, I sewed, I exercised & I blogged too... all in one day. A role model for all wife kind. Shiok sendiri only...! Lols... nevermind la.. it is my blog anyway... can shiok all I want...hehehehe

No title

Psst....... did I mentioned that I am banned from going to work by my boss this whole week? Meaning, I dont even need to go work on Wed & Fri. I can stay home watch tv until my eyes pop out, laze until i rot or experiment with my mom's sewing machine which I borrowed or start my pastel painting project??? And all these is because my hubby got back from Australia last Friday; A1H1 precaution. Lols. Kiasi!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

An Inefficient Day + My Egg Mayo Sandwich Lunch

I felt so unlucky & inefficient today... reason being...

1) Only found the meeting place after circling the area for about 30minutes or more - as i've always pride myself as the bio-gps-navigator, this is totally unacceptable.

2) On way home, I took a wrong turn which is highly unlikely of me cause I've always been using that road. Finally got back after couple of u-turns.
3) Wanted to buy bread & mayonaise for my egg mayo sandwich but couldnt find a carpark in Danau Desa and the car wash which I always dump my car at whenever there are no carparks is closed.

4) Went over to the other old shoplot, found a carpark, run down to buy a bottle of mayonaise. Only found a huge bottle. Walked over to another mini mart few shops away to look for a smaller bottle. Found none also. Walked back to the earlier shop and enquired for smaller bottle. The attendant point it out to me on the upper shelf. I must've been blind to have not note it in the first place.

5) Got back into the car, drove out of the carpark, only to realise that I've totally forgotten about the bread. What is a sandwich without bread?
6) Drove back to Danau Desa for bread cause I wanted to buy an extra cranberry loaf from that particular bakery. Double parked my car, went down to the shop and asked for one plain loaf and one cranberry loaf. The bakery said, "cranberry loaf not ready yet"... *damn*

Luckily everything is well and orderly back at home when I was preparing for the sandwich. Made some hardboiled eggs, meshed it together with some mayonaise, onions, salt & pepper to taste and throw it into the fridge to chill. It was deliciously cold twenty minutes later. Yummy! At least some consolation for an otherwise bad day.
I think I am suffering from premature aging... my forgetfulness is really getting out of control!!! How arr? Gingko biloba?

Dim Sum @ Connaught

Since my other half got back from Sydney on Friday evening, we have fell back into a healthy sleeping pattern and that is, snoozing before midnight and waking up before 9:30am unlike our usual unhealthy weekend routine of 3am - 12noon.
Since it was a beautiful cooling Sunday morning, we decided to head down to a dim sum joint nearby. In fact, not that nearby also also la... Still have to pay a 50cents toll plus making a u-turn. All the way in Connaught Garden (or is that place called Titan? whatever la...).

Looks like more than half of the population in Klang Valley wakes up before 9am on weekends. We are categorized as the minority group that rise late. Nevermind, they can have the worms. The amount of people there in that little dim sum restaurant can passed as some kind of illegal gathering or that sort of thing la... people standing around waiting on almost finishing tables pressuring them to eat up faster, like vultures circling its' prey in a desert like that.... Luckily there is only two of us. It is always easier to find table/seats for 2 fellas. We found one rather quickly.

This dim sum shop is like one of those we see in HongKong TVB series those kind, minus the aircond and sexy waitresses wearing high slit cheongsam. Instead, they have Ah Beng/Ah Lian looking waiters, wearing the most unsexy house tshirts + shorts, wrapped in the most unflattering apron, walking around shouting out whatever they have in their serving tray.... "siu mai! siu mai!" (dumpling)... "har kau! har kau!" (prawn dumpling)... If you wanted anything they served, all you have to do is just to echo what they shouted.... that easy.

So, with so many varieties of dim sum out there, it was pretty difficult to enjoy a peaceful sunday breakfast over a pot of chinese tea. Because, suddenly there will be someone shouting behind you "char siu bao! char siu bao!"... then 5 minutes later, another one shouting in front of you "lor mai kai! lor mai kai!" ... then another shouting "chee cheong fun! chee cheong fun!".... How la to enjoy a quiet dimsum breakfast while sipping hot tea out of tiny chinese tea cups?

Anyway, as I was with someone who had been away in some Mat Salleh land for the past whole week, we ended up ordering more than we can finished. Standard lah...

I wonder what happened to our supposely voluntary 'self-imposed' 1 week quarantine for just in case? Sigh... fu*k it la... let's just hope all is well. Otherwise, the whole blardy dim sum shop customers + shoppers at Low Yatt + shoppers at Pavillion + tourists along Bintang Walk, will surely kena already.... hmm.... that's like almost the whole working population of the golden triangle.... hehehehe.... well, at least there will be no traffic jam tomorrow for sure! God bless!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Grill Dory Fish

Had this for lunch today. Bought it for RM3/pack (2 pcs per pack) last week when I was at Carrefour. Took it out from the freezer just now, defrosted it in the microwave, slabbed on some Lea Perrins + mixed herbs + pepper + salt + maggi seasoning (basically everything I felt like it), covered the base of the plate with some sliced big onions, placed the fish on it, drizzled some olive oil over it and throw it into the pre-heated oven for 15 minutes. Kautim, lunch is served. Lazy ppl lunch. :p

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Swensen with Mom

These photos here are taken on of our makan outing last week when mom was here in KL. Remember the day I attacked the plumbing works at my apartment? Well, this happened before the plumbing works. As it was a super hot sunny afternoon, we decided to cool down a little at Swensen in Subang Parade.

After scanning thru the colourful menu, mom decided to try this dunno what ice cream. 'Apple Crumble' if not mistaken... or something apple la... After waited for awhile, the waiter arrived with our ice cream (vanilla flavour) rested on a piece of brownie in the hot plate. He first poured in the apple pieces... it went sizzle sizzling....

Then, some kind of syrup/caramel with a tinge of cinnamon aroma over the vanilla ice cream & brownie and stir-fried it a little. Like we fried vegetables at home like that.... more sizzles...

Finally, kautim. Ready to be enjoyed and I tell you... it is... hmm... HEAVENLY. Hot, cold, sweet, crunchy (apple), soft (brownie)... mamamia!

Of course mom tucked in immediately and got hooked.... she kept saying... "hmm.... hou hou sek.. chen hei hou sek" (very very yummy. really yummy). All thoughts of her strict diet evaporated into air. Diet? What diet? hehehehe.... Other than the Apple Crumble thingy, I also ordered some calamari & cheese sticks. The calamari were delicious. The cheese sticks on the other hand, a little below what we expected. No taste of cheese at all... if you do go, dont order this one. Not nice one. But if you wanna taste cheese stick without much cheese taste, then it is a must try. :p

After makan-ing all these unhealthy food, we took a walk around Subang Parade for awhile before leaving for my apartment to do all the hard work. I meant those plumbing stuff.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday again....what happened to Mon, Tue, Wed & Thur?

Suddenly, it is Friday again. With a blink of an eye, it has been a week since mom arrived and now, time for her to leave. When she arrived last Saturday, it felt like she is gonna be here for quite a long holiday and not sure what we should do to fill up the time. And now, her holiday is over. Quite fast hor.....anyway, holiday always flies by. Work day always crawl by. Standard one la...what's new?
I had wanted to take the day off today, just so maybe I could hang out a little bit more with my mom before she leave. But, taking into consideration that I havent really been exactly hardworking lately (i.e. start work late, go off work early) and my going to be banned from work next week by my boss (due to my better half returning from Aust tonight, as a precaution for H1N1), I thought better of it. Eventhough it is a known fact that I have the greatest boss in the world, still, cannot take for granted mah.. right?
So, I managed to arrive office at 10:30am this morning (slight improvement on my side). Turned on my laptop, switched on the aircond, make myself a nice hot cup of 3-in-1 nescafe, checked out all the incoming faxes, emails, made a few phone calls to set appointment for next week and reading up all the blogs that I've neglected this past whole week, commented here and there, surfed the net a little on some subjects and, and then.... my boss called me. We exchanged a few words and told me to go home if there is nothing much to do in the office... ish!
HIM: If nothing much to do, you wanna go off early, go off la....
ME: Orr
HIM: Your mom alone at home arr?
ME: No wor, she left this morning cause I need to work mah...
HIM: Aiyah, then you should have take the day off...
ME: Nevermind la... *continue mumbling dunno what*
If like that, tell early early la... like, instead of me sending in a written leave application form, maybe he can send me a form requesting me to take off??? Then save me all the trouble to play the guessing game mah... ish ish ish!
Anyway, mom is already on her way back to Kluang. Should probably arrived already. And my better half is dunno how many hundred feets high in the sky now, on way back to Msia. Maybe I should just go shopping.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Drama-less Day + Neway Karaoke-ing

For once, for the past whole week that mom is here, there is no drama today. Just as I was getting used to it... hehehe... Today turned out to be a peaceful & harmony day filled with easy fun activities. No missing handphone, no opened gate, no snatch thief. All is well & good today.

We had a good night sleep last night. I slept till almost 11am. We went for brunch at the foodcourt nearby. I had western breakfast while mom had 'ipoh hor fun + prawn wanton' and a bowl of 'sui kow' (dumpling). Mom said that her hor fun tasted yummy just that she dont like the green dunno what vege they put in there. You know, those kind of vege that look similar to spring onion but it is not? It is called 'kow choy' (vege number 9)? Anyway, whatever la... as for mine, mah western breakfast lor... 2 slices of toasts + slab of baked beans + sunny side up + 1 sausage & ham that tasted kinda rubbery. You know, those cheapo taste type... it is plainly made of flour which has been shaped into a sausage or a ham kind? Like that lor... can filled up stomach can already la.. chin chai la...

Later in the afternoon, I organised a karaoke session at Neway in Cheras for the ladies (mom + her two cousins) as Cheras is the most strategic location for all of us. We were there from 1pm till 5pm and throughout the 4 hours, they were busy catching up on gossips rather than singing most of the time. Only me, me alone that is singing the entire time, shiok sendiri-ing. Well, as long as they are happy lor... ok what... got aircond, can sing song, some more can tok kok... quite fun also la despite of singing oldies most of the time. Like they always said, oldies but not mouldies! So, quite cool also la... hehehehe

After karaoke-ing, my aunt invited us over to her place. Back at her house, mom & I took turn to try on her Osim massage chair. When I stood up 25 minutes later, I thought I felt my body wrigglying, as if it has a mind of its own or perhaps like I am doing a really lousy breakdance/bodyrow like that. But when I look down, my body was as still all the furniture that is surrounding it. Hmm... the after effect of an Osim massage chair. Maybe if I sit on it more, I might be able to pick up breakdance or perfect that bodyrow move... just maybe... :p

We had dinner together later that evening. My aunty's nephew (Meaning, my second cousin - my mom and his mom are cousins. So he & me are 'second cousins'. Un or not understand?) and his family who is back from London, in-transit for Melbourne, joined us for dinner. He quietly paid the bill without us knowing... haiz... pai sey... it is nevertheless, a really good dinner. I still think we had too much food. Really need to start running... but then again, that stupid lingering haze. By time the haze is fully gone, I might have died suffocated in my own lark. Or maybe I might need a forklift to move me out of the house....lols.. damn haze... it is all your fault that i am rounded! Lols

After dinner, we proceeded back to my Aunt's place and continue with our 'Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah' session (Today in History) - who came from where, went where, did what, who died, what happened to who, why, when, old boyfriends, old girlfriends..... blah blah blah... I did enjoyed the whole session though. Anyway, I had always enjoyed their company. They are just really nice and warm people. I always felt right at home over at their's.

Oh, we did touched a little re my little monster that had been banished to the never never land of our backyard. Apparently they used to have a monster of a beagle too. My monster is an angel compared to their beagle. I was told that their beagle stole a side of the shoes from the whole neighbourhood. They were so embarassed by the mount of shoes it stolen that in the end, they hang up all those stolen shoes on her tree together with a sign that says "My dog is a shoe thief. If you see your property here, please take it back". Another time, they saw him running around the neighbourhood with a triumphant look plastered across his face cause he had with him, a stolen stocking flapping about on his mouth as he ran.... now that's a blardy hillarious sight to behold! I think, the thing is this. As long as it is not our dog that is doing it, it is hillarious. If it is my dog arr, I can die arr.....seriously, really can die one arr.... scratch head until botak also dont know what to do arr...

We finally called it a night at 10:30 and headed home. It was a good day for me & mom. We both had really good fun today.

I learnt a whole new meaning to family ties today. It is indeed very disheartening. I just pray for those involved to be strong, to never give up in search of the inner strength to forgive, and hopefully, to forget eventually too. It will not be easy. Nothing is.

Drama @ Waikiki Bar

Last week, I was invited by Ramesh to join him and Terri at Waikiki bar in Kelab Syabas, PJ to see his friends' band performed tonight. As mom & I were having dinner with my uncle & his family in Sg Long, I only managed to get home at 9+. I then quickly showered, changed, put on some make up and rushed out again in my cK heels (which the sole fell off along the way, dunno which way... sigh).
I arrived at the bar at about 10ish and spotted them quickly. Sat myself down, ordered a Malibu Dream and enjoyed the music while waiting for my drink to be served. 5 minutes into my arrival, Terri suddenly looked ill. She rested her head on the table. I could see droplets of sweat forming on her forehead. I was observing her and she shot up suddenly pointing to her mouth and I quickly pushed over the empty mug in front of me. She just puked into it. After that, she thought she is feeling better only to be washed over by another wave of whatever that is making her sick. We decided to leave.
It is then that my Malibu Dream choose to arrive. I walloped the whole glass in one suck (using straw mah.. ma suck lor), grabbed her bag and everything else while Ramesh held on to her. As she stood up to leave, she just passed out. She was drenched in cold sweat. Two things came to my mind then. First, food poisoning. Secondly, heart attacked? Well, everything is possible right...? I reached out for her heart, and it was beating fine. Just a little weak but alright i guess.
She regained consciousness a moment later. The waiter were very kind. They brought out a low chair with a back rest for her to rest on and gave her a glass of warm water with lime. They probably thought she mabuk with just a sip of the whatever cocktail she ordered I think... :p When she was feeling a little better, we left the bar. She is alright and able to walk. Just weak.
It is so strange. I wonder what might have caused such sudden illness. Allergy? Food poisoning? She said she dont feel any pain or discomfort priorly. Just suddenly dizzy and started to see colours. Hmm........ could she be allergy to me? My perfume (Sunshine was sneezing away when I was spraying on)? My cheapo attire fabric? :p Anyway, she is back home snoozing already. Hope she get well soon and hope it is nothing serious. Will see how is she doing tomorrow....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Special Gift For Someone Special

Yesterday, after completing all the plumbing works at my apartment, mom & I walked over to Terri's (T-Cakes) place nearby, to complete this lovely cake for a dear friend of ours, Gerry, whose birthday falls on the 4th July (Sat). I know what you are thinking, it is only 30th June yesterday. Why so early? Well, we decided to give her an early surprise and leave 4th July to her & her family.
Lovely cake isn't it? Why 'Moon'? There is also a story behind it. Among the 3 of us, she is known as the 'moon'. Terri's the 'star' and I, the 'sun'. Long ago, we also baked her a similar cake. But of course, at that time, none of us is a professional baker yet and it turned out pretty ugly. So this year, Terri (now a professional baker) announced that we should bake Gerry a really nice 'moon' cake for her birthday to compensate for the ugly 'moon' cake we did long ago.

(That's Christian in the background (Terri's son). According to the mommi, he always placed himself at the most strategic spot whenever there is a camera in sight... )

Honestly, the baking & decorating is mostly done by Terri. All I did was just sticking on the daisies & those metallic sugar beads. Overall we think it turned out well. Simple & sweet. I on the other hand, picked out the birthday card and found a book that I thought might interest her. After everything is done & complete, we took a drive down to Kota Kemuning to deliver her this lovely cake together with the present & card.
For us, it is not so much of the cake or the book or the card. It is just fun doing this together specially for a dear friend, a friend that is always closed to our hearts. Like picking out the flavour she likes, the colour she likes (ok, this might not be true, cause yellow is a colour we made her like from long ago... but then again, where got moon red colour one right? lols). Sifting thru hundreds of cards to find one with the right kind of messages for her and squeezing out all our brain juice to think of something that she would like or something that will help in her life journey. It is simply nice to be doing all these.
Anyway, Gerry, we hope you like what we put together for you. Your first birthday cake, birthday wishes, birthday present for the year. We love you lot.