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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Bump @ 8 mths

At 8 months, there are less kungfu kicking/elbowing but more squirming.  It feels like I have a really really large goldfish that have limited space to move about.  Beginning to feel a little clumsy and if I walk too much, will feel a pain on my heel and a little strained on my lower back.  Other than that, it was ok.  Still sleep well, eat normal.
Talking about eating, for lunch & dinner, I eat much smaller portion as compared to before pregnancy.  But I do need to snack in between.  Averagely, every 2.5 hours or so, snacking on fresh fruits mostly.  Had lots and lots of fruits.  Have always love fruits anyway.  

As for cravings, no cravings.  Would prefer not to eat if I have a choice (just plain no appetite).  Can't stand outside food.  I suspect it is the 'ajinomoto' that puts me off.  The husband on the other hand, eat more than he used to.  Once in a while, odd cravings too!  He gets agitated if his cravings not fulfilled.  Hahahahaha.... strange!

Monday, March 25, 2013

8 months (already?) - Reality Check.

8 months already?  Holyshit...!  It's happening.  Reality struck.  A baby really gonna be coming out of me.  Holyshit, holyshit, holyshit.  It only strikes now to find out how much hospital would cost or detail description of how delivery would take place.  :p  And we've yet to know if I am going for natural or c-sec.  :p  Speaking about denial... hahaha... All I know is, I can't reach my toes and they are hideous.  Time to visit the manicurist.
Got a reality check shock when the pregnancy apps prompted to get ready the hospital bag on 32 weeks.  Halfway thru some chinese drama on tv I went like.... O.o  "WHAT? hospital bag? So early? OMG!  Hospital bag!".  It could mean the baby could come anytime!  Holyshit!  Hurriedly I went, dump everything into the bag!  For... just in case.  You never know.

Checklist for hospital bag (for mommies):
Comfy PJs
Going home clothes
Disposal panties
Sanitary pads
Nursing bras
Breast pad
Ipad & a good book
Contact list for notification

Checklist fof hospital bag (for babies):
Receiving blankets
Going home clothes
Change of clothes

Good thing is, I already have most thing in place.  Just need to ensure they are at the right place.  Hahahaha... These past few weeks, have been collecting hands-me-down for newborn, and washing them.  Apparently hand-me-down are more comfy for newborn and no point wasting money since they grow out of it pretty fast.  It was a cute sight seeing all these little clothing drying out in the laundry room.  Don't even know how to fold and put them away.  So tiny & adorable!  
I bought this one.  Couldn't resist the bunny feet.  Lols...

Friends has been very kind sending over stuff like dozens of wet wipes, baby bouncer, bottle steriliser, breast pump, belly belts, baby plus early education and so forth.  Felt very blessed to be surrounded with kind souls. :)  

Checklist for baby stuff:
Layette & Diapering
Baby wipes
Towel hanky (burp cloths)
Swaddle blanket
Bath towel
Newborn socks/booties/babylegs
Newborn cap

Baby Care Product
Natural baby shampoo/bodywash/lotion/oil
Diaper cream - Bepanthene
Nail clipper
Brush/comb - don't think our baby have enough hair to be combed.  Lols
Gripe water (for colic)  - necessary?
Pacifiers (2-3 brands) - avoiding the need
Bath tub & insert
Umbilical cord oil
Umbilical cord towel
Powder & case
Cotton bud for babies

Baby Gear
Carrier (the kangaroo thingy)
Car seat
Bouncer seat
Diaper bag - gonna use my Timbuktu
Diaper disposal bags

Furniture & Accessories
Baby cot/crib/pen
Waterproof pads
Changing pads

Nursing Necessities
Nursing pillow
Breast pad
Soothing gel pads/cream
Nursing bras
Breast pump
Milk storage bottles

Milk bottles
Bottle warmer
Bottle sterilizer
Bottle & accessories cleanser

New Mother Care
Disposable undies
Extra long maxi pads
Comfortable PJs/slippers/socks
Bath robe
C-Sec - post partum support belt & scar healing cream
Confinement herbs
Massage therapy

Health & Safety
Digital thermometer
Nasal aspirator
Baby monitor
Dyes & perfume free detergent
Baby gate

Other Good Ideas
Full moon ideas
Maternity photography - DIY
Temporary helper
Stem cell banking

I improvised the list a little to my own needs.

The excited husband has gotten the crib and dragged home a stroller behind my back which he got a really good deal for.  'Behind my back' cause I wanted one model and he, another.  So he cheated.  He quietly went and purchased the one he wanted.  But then again, it was a really good deal.  Half of it's original price!  :)

Believe it or not, we are going to be parents in another month or so.  PARENTS.  Yeah... believe it.  Two self centered adult kids being parents.  Hahahaha.... One more month for just us (the husband & I).  After that, it will forever be the girl/boy, until the day we die.  I am just so glad that I've done pretty enough for myself this far.  Cause I know that a month from now, every decisions we make, he/she will always be our top priority. It's about time anyway. :)

I tell you... this baby business thingy, is one EXPENSIVE business.  Lols...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spying the Cleaner

I am up early today because... I wanna spy on our part time cleaner. :p  Lols...  

Every Sunday morning, I would let the cleaner in, and crawl right back into bed.  Wake up much later when she is done with downstairs for her to clean up our floor.  Come on... it's SUNDAY.  

Over lunch with two colleagues last week, the topic was 'part time cleaners'.  They lamented how their cleaners does the job.  One rag to wipe the entire counter surface without rinsing leaving trails of dirt stain (!), dish washing sponge to clean the sink (!), not vacuuming and rolling up the mats after that to mop underneath it (!) and when wiping tables, they would only wipe area that is not covered by stuff.  *gasp*

Both of them have their fair share of stories from experiences and all that I contributed was... "I am satisfied with mine..." :p and they went like... "Gladys, you are the only one with no complains...".  I went like... o.O  And that makes me wonder, am I being too RELAX? 

The thing is, I don't watch what she does.  If she is cleaning downstairs, I would be snoozing away.  When she is cleaning upstairs, I would be downstairs doing my stuff.  As long as it felt clean, I am fine.     From their instigation, I became suspiciously curious.  Hahaha...

And so, here I am, since 7:45am on a SUNDAY morning, pretending to be working away on my laptop but, actually, SPYING.  *james bond theme song in my head*

The Findings
She wiped all counter surfaces.
Yes, she rinsed the rag.
She wiped most grill the max her height could reach.
She vacuumed the place.
Rolled up the carpet.
Mopped the floor.
Swept & mopped the patio & verandah.
Wash toilets.
Removed deco/books on table before wiping it.
Tidy up the place a little.
In kitchen, she wiped around the appliances :p
Cleaned the sink with a cleaning brush.
Cleaned the used vacuum.
Iron clothes.
Replaces rubbish bags in the bin.
Take out the garbage.

I am not expecting 100% squeaky clean.  She is, afterall, human. If I were to clean myself, it would not be 100% too.  One cleaner, 4 hours, 3 floors.  Not an easy job.  

The Verdict
I am still satisfied.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Guest Chef

 Two Sundays ago, we were too lazy to go out for dinner.  Prefer to rot and laze around at home.
Guess who decided to cook?
Simple fusili with cheese sausage.  :)

2013 Valentine

The husband took me out for a V-Day dinner.... Wow...!  Impressed with the effort (eventhough I was hoping the surprise to be a short vacation to somewhere...) lols....

Post CNY Gathering

Some long overdue entries.  Some friends pop by for CNY gathering (though CNY has come and gone).  Home cooked dinner, meringue cake, poker games....
Also celebrated Jeff & Penny's wedding anniversary... :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Baby has been having a party in my tummy for the past few days...  experimenting newly acquired skill of kungfu kicking!  At it's most active, I can see my belly shaking left and right, vigorously as if baby gonna burst out of it anytime soon.  And today, halfway thru work, I was experiencing a rhythmic thumping in my tummy.  Baby hiccuping in me!  I didnt know they hiccup in womb! Interesting!