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Friday, June 14, 2013

Baby G with Popo, Daddi & Mommi!

One fine weekend, after bath (Baby G), we decided to camwhore with the baby.  Here is Baby G with popo.

Baby G with daddi.

 Baby G with mommi!  Check out his 'Astro Boy' hairstyle!  Hehehehe

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Men in Tutus rock!

Went for 'Men In Tutus' last Thursday with a girlfriend and it was disgustingly fantastic.  'Disgustingly' cause imagine 'men' in tutus!  Hehehehe.... They were all real awesome dancer though.  Had so much laughters enjoying the show.  A good change to pumping milk, feeding & changing diapers for the last one month.  Hehehehe...

If you have yet to catch them, they will be performing until 23rd June 2013.  Check out www.gardnerandwife.com.  Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Baby G's Fullmoon

29th May 2013 marked Baby G's Fullmoon, also, the end of my confinement.  'Confinement' where a new mother supposed to be confined at home, no shower, no washing hair, no aircond, no contact with water basically, plenty of rest.  I, on the other hand, has been going out (hospital/buy stuff/movies & etc), showered, washed hair, aircond, taking care of Baby G & doing minor houseworks.  Come on... no shower in our super hot weather?  You must be kidding me! I felt like a dump by day 3 without shower.    By day 30, I probably grow mouldy.
So, fullmoon, marked Baby G's one month old!  Instead of a fullmoon feast for family & friends, we decided to distribute cakes instead.  Just don't feel comfortable for him to meet so many people when he has yet to complete his vaccinations.  
I've also designed a birth announcement card & got it printed to go with the gift boxes.  Love how it turned out to be.  Took the photo focusing on his feet instead of his face.  You see, I've received birth announcement card with baby picture and I always have the dilemma of whether to keep or to throw it out.  To keep, I don't feel connected with somebody else's baby.  To throw it out, I feel bad cause the face is so cute.  That's why I decided to focus on the feet instead and blurred out the face.  This will save other's the dilemma I experienced.  Lols....
We ordered a total of 118 cakes gift packs (coincidentally an auspicious number!) of 4 different varieties from.  Other than the mandatory red eggs & ang ku (symbolic meaning of good fortune), some come with swissrolls, some almond cakes, some 'wife' biscuit and some, honey cakes.  Just wanted varieties for our colleagues so they can share among themselves.
Like our wedding cakes 5 years ago, these baby fullmoon packs too were from Yong Sheng.  Always love their products.  Not only yummy but also presentable!  Oh yeah, and it was fuss free ordering too.  Just call them, place your order, remit the payment and wait for delivery to your doorstep (for order above RM1k).  Easy right?

Anyway, besides the end of my confinement period & baby G's fullmoon, it also marked on month has come and gone and I've left two months before starting work again.  Oh gosh, time flies even faster now!  
How to get back to work with a cute face like that?