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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sungai Klah Hot Spring

Woke up really late today. I wouldn't even say 'morning' cause it wasn't a 'morning' when we finally dragged ourselves out of bed. I got up first, and decided to run a search on the internet to find if there are any hot springs in Klang Valley. The result came back with only one in Selayang. After browsing thru its' photos, I changed my mind about it. It doesn't look inviting at all. Continuing on with my search and the one in Sungai Klah (which was recommended by a friend some time back) pops up. Browsed thru it's website a little, photos and all, it look rather welcoming.

(click on the picture above to go to it's website)

As we were getting into the car on our way out for lunch, I filled the man-of-the-house with info I found and suggested that one of these days, when free free, we can take a drive there to look see look see. As he started the car engine, he turned to me and said "why not we go look see look see afterwards?". I went like... "Huh??? Then we might as well bring a set of clothes for change and some towels too...". Off we went, back into the house, packed some towels and extra clothes. We are mad like that all the time. Not only 'sometimes'.

The issue with 'hot spring' all of a sudden was because of late, I am suffering another bout of eczema flaring. It has gotten so bad that it is driving me up the walls. Nothing that I did seems to be helping it at all and I am avoiding skin specialist not until the very last resort cause I don't want to be treated with steroid (which is usually the case with eczema issues).

Ran a research on the internet last night and it mentioned that 'sulfur bath' would help. That's why 'hot springs' came to my mind. I also remembered what my grandfather used to say, that, hot springs are good for any sort of skin issues. So I thought, hmm.. why not? Hot springs are not only good for problematic skin issues, they are also good for rheumatism, backache, basically, general well being la... Most importantly, to me, they are also very relaxing and calming... very zen... I like :). The last time I had was when I was in Taiwan for holiday many years ago. I've been missing it since then.
The drive should have taken about 1 hour 15 minutes except for us, we took longer time cause thanks to my photographic memory, I gave a wrong turn and we ended up in Bidor. Yeah, 'bio-gps' malfunctioned :p. All you have to do is, from the North South Highway, exit at Sungkai. Turn left at traffic light. Drive on for about 800m until you see a signage that says "TRAP. Taman Rekreasi Air Panas Sungai Klah" asking you to turn left there. From there, just drive on for another 8km like that. Plenty of signages. It is pretty impossible to get lost. We are just the exceptional few. :p Don't be jealous.

Once there, we each purchase a ticket to get in. The entrance fee is RM10 per person. Inside the park, they have:
1) a huge spring water pool (I assumed they are cold, didn't try),
2) a huge hot water pool (where we dipped, nice...),
3) a few smaller hot pool (really hot ones, didnt try either cause saw it only after we showered),
4) a foot reflexiology trail submerged in hot water,
5) an egg boiling spot

Other than all these hot and cold pool, they also have:

1) Cafes (No outside food are allowed in there. Not even raw eggs. I think you can smuggle them in. Not to say they have police going around to check or what)
2) Ayurveda spas that offers traditional treatments (massages & all that)
3) Hotels
4) Private villas that comes with a private hot jacuzzi pool

Anyway, to cut long story short, we dipped for about half an hour to 45 minutes and it felt good. The eczema look less angry (red) now. :p But this kind of stuff don't heal overnight one la... you think what? 'Sin dan' meh...(elixir)? hehehe... Need to make a few more visits before we can really see the result.
Overall, as for the facilities there, by Malaysian's standard, I would say it is fairly good for now. Nicely landscaped, clean bathrooms, plenty parking space... let's just wait and see how it fare in couple of years times. Whatever it is, I think I'll be there pretty regularly from now on. :)
Note: Pictures taken with my olde faithful, Nikon5200. ;) To lazy to drag the elephant along.

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Moon

Just got back from watching 'New Moon'. Ahh.... Jacob oh Jacob.... what a hunk!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Me & My New Boy...

Of me & my new boyfriend in Waikiki...

He was halfway munching thru his food when I said... ".... show your camera face".... and that's the story behind this classic smile! hehehe...

My New "Life Is Good" Mug

We headed down to KLCC for coffee after dinner on Sunday night. When we got to San Francisco Cafe, this humongous "Life Is Good" mug caught my attention and I just gotta have it. :) Very convenient. No need to refill constantly. ;) I can even fit my whole fist in it!
We ended up with a ice blended mocha each instead of plain coffee cause it was on a buy one free one promotion. We sat there, with our cuppa, shared a roselle cheesecake, tokkok, sing song, laughed... enjoyed light moments together until they start to dim the lights. Meaning, time to go. Shop closing. Hehehe...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Photobook Is Just So Nice!

Remember I mentioned about compiling a photobook of our photos taken in Bali? It's finally kautim and I just picked it up two days ago at PHOTOBOOK's office.

Here's the box where the photobook was packed into.

The cover of the compiled photobook :)

The inside of it.

Nice hor? So if you wanna compile all your memories into books like what we did, your wedding photos ke, baby photos ke, vacation photos ke, can do so here: http://www.photobook.com.my/. Just download their software and start your project. Believe me, it's pretty user friendly. The software is so simple that it gets on my nerve. Cause I thought they should have more features. Anyway, I am not being paid for blogging about them. I just love my Bali book so much that I thought I should share them with you. :) Got good things must share with friends mah... oh, btw, i think they are currently running a 40% discount till end of this month. Hurry up! You certainly don't wanna miss out on this one.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Swensen Earthquake, Giant Ones

This is a long ovedue post. I stole these photos from Alina. What turned out to be a normal phone call to congratulate a friend of her resignation + a new job, led to a pigging out session at Swensen's. Coincidentally it was Tuesday. Meaning, 'Earthquake Day'!!!

We ordered not just any earthquake but a giant one. I was a little apprehensive of our enthusiasm. Nevertheless... whatever la... First, we posed with the bowl of 8 giant scoops of ice creams with our most hungry face. But I think we turned out looking more 'scary' more than 'hungry'. The wind must have changed during Halloween. We got stucked in that scary face. Lols...
Then we cheers with our spoon before we dig in.... sam pat... I know. A bit la... but what the heck... good fun... hahahaha...

Then we eat, yak, eat, yak.... Before we realise it, it was all gone. We did kept a cherry for Mike (he joined us much much later) but in the end, it look kinda gross submerged in ice cream's melt and we got the waiter cleared them away instead. Sorry Mike, next time you can have two cherries k...lols...
Mike finally joined us 2 hours later. He ordered another bunch of food. A pizza and a something else which I was too full to even look at. Lols... You know, pau until can puke like that? hehehe...
I think I really need to lay off ice cream for awhile. I didnt even finish my single scoop of Haadgen Daz last night. Me? Not finishing ice cream? It gotta mean something...lols

Bon Appetit!

Happy tea time!

Gasing Hike (Again)

On Saturday morning, I started to wake at 6am, then 6:30am, then 6:45am and finally, at 7am. Even when I was wide awake at 7am, I was still debating with myself..."Should I go? Maybe I should just sleep in. Nolar, I must go. But I am so tired... yadda yadda yadda". Then I decided to just let the weather decide for me. If it is raining outside, I can just go right back to my soft comfy bed that look so welcoming.
I got out of bed, wishing hard hard it was raining outside as I pulled open the curtain. Unfortunately for me, there was not even a single drop of rain outside. Then, I looked up to the sky, "Hmm... it look kinda gloomy. Maybe the hike is off". I sms-ed to my friend that read.. "hey, the sky looked kinda gloomy. Still on?" hoping very much it is off. Lols....
Anyway, to cut long story short, I went eventually. I didn't get a reply from my friend and I don't wanna ffk either. Decided to just drive there. If they are not there, I'll just hike on my own. Luckily for me, my friends were there, at the usual meet up place. :)

I am sorry I didn't manage to capture 'g-string' Ah Pek on camera like how I've promised. I realised his existense only after I walked past him. Sigh... takkan I reverse, whip out my camera to snap right? No, that would be too obvious. I certainly don't want him to mark me. Don't want him to think funny thoughts of me. Don't want him to start conjuring disgusting thoughts... eww...
The hike was pretty easy this time round. Maybe cause I already know what to expect. Anyway, as there were only three of us that morning, we managed to convince ourselves to cheat also la. Instead of going on a full hike like what I did on my first hike, we actually took a shorter route and omitted the killer slope which is very tiring to hike. Lols...

(We spotted this bright colour flower with seeds sprouted from the ground. Nice contrast.)
The hike that morning was very pleasant. Not many people. Somewhat peaceful. The only downside was, it was pretty muddy from the almost non-stop rain this past weeks. Speaking of which, I've forgotten to clean my sneakers off mud.... darn..!
As usual, after the hike, we head over for a breakfast of roti canai + teh tarik at the famous mamak shop along Jalan Gasing. My girlfriend and I each have 2 pieces of roti canai. Guilty like dunno what like that. Dah lah took short cut, eat also eat more than people who took long cut. Bunch of useless buggers.... hahaha

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Tribute To Kindness @ Waikiki

Two Sundays ago (15/11/09), I was given an opportunity to cover the photography part of a charity event held in Waikiki - "Tribute To Kindness". It was an invitation from a friend's husband (a photographer) and it was a totally awesome experience.

In case you don't know, Waikiki is a pub in Kelab Syabas along Lorong Sultan, Petaling Jaya. If you know where the pioneer A&W is, the one opposite Amcorp Mall, you'll know where Kelab Syabas is. It is along the same road, just few doors away. The atmosphere in Waikiki is always pretty good. It is sort of an open air pub with a laid back attitude with waiters dressed in bermuda shorts and tie-dyed shirt. Very beach like. :)
Being still pretty much an infant in this field, I do not own much add-on equipment. An & Lee were kind enough to loan me their speed flash making the evening event shoots a breeze. Thank you my friends :) Without your speed flash, my photos would probably have turned out pitch black... lols... time to invest in one myself. Sigh..... hope the money tree behind the house grow faster. :p
There were live music performances by quite a number of bands from our very own backyard and they were really really good. I never knew such good bands existed in Malaysia and I've always thought only the Filipinos can play well. I am ashamed of myself *one tight slap over the face* Ok ok... from now on, I shall have more faith in barangan 'buatan Malaysia' (music bands included)! 1Malaysia! Yay!
(This is Vijay. He is sort of like a mascot in Waikiki. He performed there pretty regularly. I am always bad with faces. I only recognises him thru the hundreds of piercing on his ear - yeah, I over exaggerated a little.)
All the bands played really well that night. I was caught awestruck couple of times and totally forgotten of my purpose there. Luckily the taiko didn't catch me with my jaw dropped all the way down the floor drooling with saliva. Otherwise, sure no chance for future events already. :p *sob* *sob*

The "Tribute to Kindness" event was an event for the Waikikians to give back. It was a fundraising event held in conjunction with Waikiki's anniversary where all proceeds from that night will be forwarded to Kirtarsh Home and by end of the evening, they managed to raise a whopping RM20,000.00. Well done guys!
The highlight of the night were of course a performance by this 'cun' violinist together with a percussionist. They were like... really really took my breath away. She is so good. He is so good. What a combination! She played some numbers from Vanessa Mae, Bonds... and etc. Even the kids were enthralled.
We have MJ impersonator that night too. He did the moonwalk, the crotch grabbing dance and all miming to MJ's tune.
Other than live music performances, there were yummy food served all night long too. The kids from Kitarsh home were enjoying so much. At least I know I did. I loved the 'char bee hoon', the curry chicken, the spring rolls and etc.

There are still lots of photos but I am too lazy to load them here. Will share it over in FB instead. Overall it was a great night with great experience for me. I had fun, the kids have fun, the patrons had fun, so does the Waikikians.

Kudos to the Waikikians for making such a tribute a success! Keep up the good work.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Drive Up & Down The Hill

Friday night, got home after dinner at Tony Roma's. The wife felt restless staying-in on a Friday night and the husband need to test out his new suspension and off we went for a drive up to Genting Highlands (again) at 9pm plus.
The first part of the drive was pretty misty. As we were nearing the top, it cleared out. I kinda like it with the mist though. Yeah, I am weird like that sometimes. The husband drove very conservatively that evening due to the still wet roads from the earlier rain. 'Conservatively' meaning, slow & careful unlike his usual mad self like kena possessed by some daredevils like that.

We reached the top and headed downhill straightaway to get to that particular spot for practise. We parked the car on a safe corner, got out, jumped over a moderately large drain, got onto the cliff, set up the tripod and I was ready to start clicking away.

It was so cold that night. Luckily I remembered to grab a knitted sweater (by my mom) on way out. Otherwise, will surely turned into ice popsicle in no time especially the wind was so strong that night.
The husband have zero sweater on. He said "no need" when I asked him earlier. Fine. If he wanna be a hero, he shall be a hero. Like I said, it is a democratic society :) lols... As I was meddling with the shutter speed & aperture, he was fighting back chattering teeth. At least something to keep him busy...hehehe... Told him to go wait in the car but he refused... hero mah...lols...
We were at that cliff for about half an hour before we moved on downhill. Spotted the 'Chin Swee Temple' and decided to drive in to look see look see. It was in there where I took shots of this beautifully lighted up pagoda and some night views.

As usual, it was a pleasant & nice outing. All always were. :) Thru this short trip, I realised two things:
1) Firstly, we realised that it is safer to go for photography practise with more people cause whenever a car pullover where we are, we will suddenly go all alert worrying they are up to no good.
2) And secondly, I think I seriously need a 18-200mm lens (Merry Christmas people!) lols

Friday, November 20, 2009

Excited! (New ICIs)

As I was getting my make-up done this morning, ready to go work, I was smiling sillily to myself cause I was just very satisfied with some toys which I recently acquired.
(1) 'Coral' blusher from MAC - This shade is like, it goes with any colour... practical & convenient.
(2) 'Black Tied Velvet' eyeshadow from MAC - Very useful and freaking easy to blend.
(3) Liquid eyeliner pen from Shu Eumura - This is like the best invention of all... Finally able to do that 'tail' thingy without breaking a sweat! (a big thanks to Terri for recommending!)
Honestly, item (3) is a must buy, must have. If not mistaken, it cost RM110 for first time purchase. Subsequently, you just need to buy the refill for RM45. This is great or what? Lols... I know I sound a little like TV adverts. Pardon me, I am just super excited. hehehehe....
Money well spent. Nice! *grinning still*