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Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Jalan Alor. Period.

It's Jalan Alor again! Finally, they are doing something right.
Whenever we talk about good hawker food, it is always Jalan Alor. How can it be Jalan Keroja. It just doesnt sound right.
At this current political & economy situation in our country, there are 101 things for them to look into and decided upon. But no, they rather decide to change the name of Jalan Alor to Jalan Keroja with no apparent reason as though by changing the street name it would help the country's situation. Wasting our money only.
Thank god for the people of Jalan Alor fighting to retain the original street name. Otherwise, I bet my Jalan Alor Bull Frog Porridge would not taste the same anymore. Afterall, it's the street name Alor, plus the variety of food and the atmosphere that makes it exciting to dine there.
Anyway, we just got back from our 'Bull Frog Porridge' dinner at Jalan Alor tonight. It was a yummy and satisfying dinner.

Taste : 8/10
Pricing: Cheap (about RM20 for two person)
Cleanliness: Street food lor... dont expect too much.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Meet My Hairstylis Friend - Jeff

A good friend of mine, from Singapore, was in town lately for a short break. He just got back from Cambodia after working there for almost a year. He is a chef in one of the fine dining restaurants over there. I always teased him that he look more a hair stylist than a chef. Whenever I go out with him, I always introduced him as my hair stylist friend. He never fail to roll his eyes at me whenever I said that... hehehehe. He is one fine chef that has won couple of awards before... hair stylist??? lols... But really, I think he has the potential to be even a hair stylist lor...

Anyway, admist the choaticness of house moving & wedding dinners, we managed to meet up last Friday at KLCC over dinner. It is always nice to catch up with old friends.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Basil Leaf, KL - Another perasan moment!

Another excuse to dress up and look pretty. How wonderful. I just love to doll up and look stunning. I love the attention. Attention from camera man especially. Tonight, we attended the 2nd dinner reception of Steven & Carmen's wedding which was held for their friends at Basil Leaf, an old bungalow in KL. Since we are family, we are also invited.

Basil Leaf is a quaint little restaurant set amidst a small housing area smacked right in the middle of KL. The atmosphere were pleasing and the overal set up is perfect for a small wedding reception.

This is how my lovely dress looks like :) Bought it last Nov from Takashimaya in Singapore, a design by Daniel Yam. Didnt do much justice to the dress the last time I wore it. This time round, with full make up and hair do, I idolises myself even more... ;) perasan hor?

Moral of the story is, besides properties, shares or even engines, lovely dresses are also worth investing sometimes. Their value may not increase, but the number of head turn it caused are priceless.

Another Happy Day - Steven & Carmen's Wedding

It was another busy day today. Was at MidValley (my fav mall these days) by 11:30am. Did some last minute shopping for a really low cut strapless bra for my Elle evening gown, a gold clutch purse and a pair of gold earrings to go with it.
Had my make up and hair done by Grace, who I met at Joico's photoshoot. She did my make-up & hair just the way I had envisioned myself to look like. It was all done perfectly.
When everything were put together, the dress, the accessories, the make-up, I was overcome by a sudden feeling of thankfulness, to the Almighty (or was it my parents?), for spending more time when creating me. Perasannya......hehehehehehe... Ahem!.. Really, I love everything about me. No photo yet. Will update another time.
I always believe that we are the greatest critic for ourselves. We always have the tendency of thinking that we are too fat, arms too big, breast too small, too skinny and etc. We should start to accept & love ourselves. Only then, we will have the aura of confidence to pull thru anything we wear even if it is a rag.
The dinner went well. Standard wedding dinner. Carmen, the bride were really pretty. Like I always said, no one bride that is ugly. All brides are pretty. At the end of dinner, we stayed back for a Kodak moment, of the Woo's Family. It sounded so strange to me when Steven; the groom, announced thru the PA system for all the Woo to get on stage for a family photo. For a moment, I just stood there, totally forgotten that I am also a Woo now. Hehehehe...
You see, my mom is also a Woo and I grew up with the Woo's (my mom's parents). But, I am Lee. So, I am always an outcast (at least, the wicked witch always reminded me of that, she always says I am not a Woo, and I am an outsider). So, when Steven announced for the Woos to get on stage this evening, my subconscious mind reminded me that I am an outsider. hehehehe... understand the complication? Anyway, it was just a split second thing la...
To think of it, the wicked witch, who is a Woo, married a Lee. Therefore, she should be Mrs Lee. Whereas, I am a Lee who married a Woo and therefore, I am now Mrs Woo. That makes me wonder, who is the outsider now? Muahahahahahahahaha.......
Whatever it is, nowadays, I find it kind of pleasing to hear, "Come come, let's take a family portrait of The Woos". Somehow, it never fails to create an imaginary evil grin in my head. Who is having the last laugh now?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Diving Again

Been busy surfing the net for information on Phuket. What to do, where to go, where to find best deal for diving, nightlife, shopping, food and etc... Reason being, I've been offered a 2 rooms suite for 4d/3n early Nov. Since it is free, why waste?

Can't wait to go. The last time I went diving was 5 years ago I think! Not sure whether I still remember how to breathe underwater. Can't remember much of the hand signs either. Hopefully, my middle finger don't appear amidst the confusion.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've Swept Enough For This Lifetime!

I've never swept so much at one go in my entire life. 4 floors altogether. At the end of the sweeping, I can feel my hands shaky and backache. This morning, after breakfast, together with Harrison & the maid, we went to clean up Maseira. Within 3 hours, we managed to clean all the grills, swept the entire house + vacuumed the highest floor.
Later in the afternoon, went downtown to have my hair coloured. Yes, you heard me right. As you know, i've just had my hair coloured done barely a month ago. My greys is back again (my mother's fault la... she also had her grey since 30). Usually I would only do it every 2.5 months. This is exception cause I need to attend a wedding next week. Not just any wedding. It's the wedding of Harrison's cousin. So, gotta look good mah.... otherwise, sure 'set lei' my husband(embarass). The wedding is on Wednesday and the dinner is in weekend. I haven't even thought of what to wear yet....tsk! tskkkk!
Oh, btw, my sleeping hours is slowly back to normal. What I did was, I purposely tired myself out... hehehe... siow hor... I guess the reason of my imsonia was because I've stopped going to gym. Too much unused energy. That's why.
Anyway, wanna sleep already. Very tired. Been out whole day. Gonna continue with the cleaning tomorrow. Will be easier as there will be more of us tomorrow.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Passport Renewal

Remember how it used to be to renew our passport long long ago? We would have to wake up 6am in the morning, arrive imigration office at 7am so that we can get a queue number that is not too long away and hopefully, able to get everything done before end of the day?
Anyway, I decided to get my passport renewed today since it left less than 6 months validity. Less than 6 months validity means can't travel anywhere.
Arrived at the Subang Immigration Department at 10:35am. With my expiring passport in hand + 2 stunning mugshot photos + photocopied i/c + completed form which I downloaded from their web, I went straight to counter 1, to 'semak' my submission. As expected, I was told that my photo can't be used. 5 years ago, when I did my passport, also photo issue. This time round, they said that the background of my photo have to be blue, not green. To me, it is blue. Just different shade of blue. That's all.
Anyway, they always find faults with photo. Your shirt colour is wrong la... hair cover eyes/ears la... background colour la....face too big/small la... photo too small/big la....Couple of months ago, I susah susah purposely make-up nicely, went to studio to snap a photo, photoshop-ed it, so that in future, I would have a stunning like 'HK Actress' photo to be used on stuff like these instead of the standard 'stoned' face photo BUT... they still insist that I go to the cubicle at the end of the hall to snap one with 'their' shade of blue background. You see la...... I think they are just jealous of my pretty photo. Ishhh!

(left: taken in studio, right: taken at the department)

Anyway, the photography session was quite fast la... less than 5 minutes, kautim. RM10 for 4pcs. Luckily it turned out quite alright eventhough no make up or whatsoever. Didnt even bother to comb my hair or put lipstick. Won't make much different anyway. It's express photo. Meaning, it will turn out ugly anyway.
I tell you arr... if I am the government arr... I don't give at @%*# if your background is red/orange/green. As long as your face is there, it's cool. Or maybe I would implement pink background for female and blue background for male (orange for lain-lain). Wouldnt it be cute?
Anyway, with the correct blue background photo, I went to this passport renewal kiosk that looks like an ATM machine. The officer on duty verified my passport & IC. Then he inserted my passport in a slot on the machine. I was told to verify my thumbprint thru a reader. After that, I just followed the step by step instruction on the screen to confirm my personal details and finally, paid my renewal fees of RM300 thru the machine. I was informed to collect my new passport 2 hours later from counter 13.
All in all, I only spent 10 minutes at the department to get my passport renewed, which include the photography. It's a far cry from 10 years ago, a one whole day affair. Impressive huh? Point is, dont bother to go to the studio for passport size photo. Just get it done at the immigration dept. Sure no problem one.
I've collected my brand new passport today :). Whatever it is, it's a happy day with lots of things done. Have a pleasant evening!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Annoying lunch

I just got back from lunch with the most annoying person. It can't get any worser than having to have lunch with a person who is an insurance agent as well as a christianity preacher. He is a friend of my boss. We had lunch together. Just because I am the only non-christian there, he just kept preaching at me. I just stare straight at my boss - fast fast eat, fast fast go.
Just dont understand why some people simply like to impose. Cant they just eat peacefully, pray quietly and %#?@ off.

Goddess Of Mercy

We were at this old Goddess of Mercy temple behind Wisma HLA yesterday morning. MIL bought us a classic Goddess of Mercy statue sometime ago for our Tmn Desa home in future. We brought the statue to the temple for blessing (hoi kong).
We are now in the midst of moving Tmn Desa to Maseira and after that, Court 9 to Tmn Desa. It will be pretty hectic these couple of weeks. After all the movings is done, am planning to close up Court 9. Am tired of commuting between 2 homes, surely go crazy with 3.
For time being, we'll just concentrate on moving Tmn Desa to Maseira. We'll be cleaning up Maseira this weekend.
Don't ask me how I would do up Tmn Desa, the theme, colour and so forth. I don't have a clue yet. The only this I am certain is, I gonna keep all the walls white and use furnitures & fittings to play with colours.


My sleeping hours has gone haywire these days. I will not fall asleep until 4am and I will not wake up before 1pm. On days that I've to work, i.e. Wed & Fri, I have to force myself up early. And even that, I would only arrive at office earliest, 10am. How arr like this? I tried going to bed early only to end up tossing & turning till 4am. So, when I drove to office this morning, I was still sleepy. How to find a 9-5 job again?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Have you been spa by fishes?

When I was participating in this hair modelling thingy couple of weeks ago, while waiting for my turn to be beautified, I overheard a conversation by some other models regarding 'fish spa'. They were oo-ing and ah-ing about it and yadayadayda....

I was suppose to blog about it sometime ago but unfortunately, had it slipped off my mind. Don't blame me. Blame it on aging.

What is a fish spa? A spa where fishes goes to relax? hehehehehe....kidding. I am sure you guys knows what is a fish spa. I've never been to a fish spa. No, let me correct this. I've been to a fish spa, just that I've never been spa by fish. You see, I instigated Harrison to stop by one of this fish spa one fine afternoon many months ago, to find out more of its services. You know, like what does the fish actually do? What kind of packages they have? Legs/hands only or they even have it for the whole body? And if it is a whole body treatment, are we suppose to be fully naked? And when we are naked, is it errm.... you know... dangerous? The fishes might nibble what it is not suppose to and etc etc....

The owner was very patient. He explained to us everything we need to know about the various treatments. We left the spa enlightened of the new miracle! Hallelujah!

So, these little fishes supposed to spa us by nibbling/feeding on our dead skin. What we have to do is just put our feet (whole body if you desire) into an aquarium full of these skin eating fishes and they will come charging at our feet as if they havent been fed for the last hundred years. We will then sit there for about 20 minutes or so, 'enjoying' being eaten alive (literally).

Why are we paying $$ for our skin to be fed to fishes? To think of it, I think these fish spas need to pay us to feed their hungry fishes. No? Hmmm....

Anyway, it's raining cats & dogs out there. Drive safe.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

We are in .... TRU LOVE!

February Edition's of True Love. Sure cannot find the magazine one... just sibuk sibuk only on the internet and found this 'create yr own magazine' thingy..... hahahaha... Nothing to do mah......kacau sikit lor...!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Been Kissed By a Flu Bug

Would like to wish all my muslim friends
a beautiful Raya,
and all my non-muslim friends a wonderful holiday.

Sorry for this belated Raya wishes. I was kissed by a flu bug day before yesterday and was too tired and groggy to update my blog. So what did I did on Raya besides sneezing and finishes packs & packs of tissues rubbing my nose off? Well, I was entrusted by MIL to bring Kak Usiah (our domestic helper) out for jalan-jalan and a nice KFC lunch. We brought her to KLCC since she have never been there and since it is also a famous Malaysia landmark. Snapped some photos of her with our mega structure as the backdrop so that she can bring it back with her to Indonesia and boast to her family & friends that she have set foot there.

After dropping off Kak at Taman Desa, we went back to Court 9 to lepak with Rumba & Sunshine. We felt super guilty having to leave them alone at home while we spent the nights in Taman Desa these couple of days. The moment we reached home, I just went comatose! Slept for two hours.

In the evening, decided to look for company for a good dinner. Afterall, it's Raya. Must celebrate mah. We ended up in this really nice German restaurant called "Bavarian Bierhaus" in The Curve with The Fernandez. Even with my tasteless tongue (due to the flu), I've never drank such good beer in my entire life. From now on, it will only be German's Beer and nothing else. We had pork knuckles, sausage platters, hams & bread and chocolate medley for dessert. It's yummy but didnt eat much though. Appetite-less. :(

(look at this sam pat fella...)

Oh, my Malay neighbour in Court 9 gave us a bag of Raya goodies; rendang, ketupat, pulut & etc. It's very heart warming. A muhibbah gesture which havent been practise for the last decade. We brought the goodies home for Kak. She will enjoy it. :)