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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Goodbye To My Cocoon of 7 years

I still remember how it happened. I was out with my friends in Summit playing pool one night in December 2001. My mind was very troubled then. Due to some reasons which I do not wish to disclose, I need to find a new accommodation pronto! Halfway thru the game, it occurred to me sometime ago, a friend had an apartment he wish to let go. I quickly gave him a call to check if he had sold it or not and if not, can I put up in his empty apartment temporily till I find a place of my own. He was kind enough to allow me in. After putting down the phone, a thought crossed my mind. Maybe I can afford to buy it up. I called him again to ask for his best price. A couple of more phone calls later, a decision has been made.

You will laugh if you know how I bought it. Without even looking at it, I already decided I will buy it. I picked up the keys from this friend, and went to check it out. Look once in the afternoon and once at night. Felt good, no eerie feelings, kautim. This is it. I didnt even check out other apartments within the same viccinity or compare prices. Dumb right? It was my first property and I don't know the procedures of buying a property, i.e. we should always survey and pick the best one to our liking with the best offered price. The way I did it as if I am just buying a t-shirt or something.... damn blur right? And that was not it, when it came to the legal part of it, I almost fainted. I was only 24 then. Bound to be stupid & blur. Somehow, i threaded on and finally a proud owner of a 1000+ sq ft, free hold property's owner.

(my kosong house. newly painted then.)
For the next couple of weeks, my friends came and helped to repaint the walls. The only furniture that I ordered was a queen size bed for myself, can't afford anything else. But I did splurged on a set of cotton sateen bedsheets which cost me more than RM600. I am a sucker of good quality sheets. Sometimes I've the tendency to over prioritise my priorities. The excuse was, I spent half of my lifetime on a bed afterall, RM600? Considered very cheap already lor. Once the bed was delivered, I moved in with few boxes of my stuff. No cupboard no nothing. Just my bed and my expensive sheets. All these was done even without any S&P signed.

(3 years later, still using my expensive sheets :p)

(slightly furnished)

One thing I gonna missed dearly would be the spectacular sunsets which can be viewed from my living hall. Sometimes orangy and sometimes pinkish. It is just so beautiful. In some part of the world, you'll need to pay for such view, I was told.

And all theuncountable number of parties we used to have... christmas parties, trial birthday parties and no reason parties. Those days, we find every excuse to celebrate. If I remembered correctly, we once had a party at a friend's house on ghost festival, and another time, it was the demised of our dear Agong or something... unbelievable, but true. Don't get us wrong. We are not celebrating the sad event, but, the holiday granted. :p

(first Christmas party in Court 9, altogether 15 of us I think)

(I am not sure what is this. Christmas or trial party for Sidney's birthday..hmm...)

(Christmas with my ex-classmates)

Come every Christmas, I never failed to put up my little Christmas tree with twinkling lights and Christmas socks on the wall. Come every Chinese New Year, the red decorations will be up instead eventhough I don't spend them here.

This is my favourite wall decorated with memorable photos. When I was young, my grandparents never allow us to nail the walls to hang stuff. The rationale was that it will spoil the wall. I can never make any sense out of it. If I were to live there, why would I worry whether the wall will be spoilt or not as long as the beautiful things that I am gonna hang will enriched my life. Right?? So, you can imagine the pleasure I have when I got my own place & hammering all the nails into MY own wall and putting up all the beautiful frames. So shiok!

(my favourite wall with all my memories. I must stressed here that I sewed that red curtain)

Another funny scene would be where the two little rascals would rush to the door, wagging their tails, waiting eagerly for Harrison to appear at the end of the corridor when they heard his car entering the guardhouse.

I also love how on a gloomy rainy day, I would light up all the candles and have its shadows dancing on the wall at the same time, have an aromatic burner burning away at a corner filling the room with relaxing scent of lavender while sitting curled up on my cozy couch with a good book and a cup of hot tea with soothing music in the background....ahhh......

(My favourite time, tea time. I sewed the placemat)

Over the years, my apartment has transformed from a very bare apartment to a very cozy snug. My cocoon, my personal space, a place I feel safe. I've spent 7 christmases & chinese new year there. From cupboard full of boozes to cupboard full of vitamins & kitchen appliances. It shows how much I've grown with this apartment of mine. I am surely gonna miss my cocoon...

(Decided to change the wall colour to suit my new couch. Cozy cozy.. my cocoon.)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Luna - Goddess of the Moon

Luna. Goddess of the Moon. A club on the roof of Pan Global building in KL. Was invited by a friend to hang out last Friday. It was awesome.

This is my second time there. Still, awesome. The music were good & the atmosphere were fantastic. Especially fantastic cause they have a separate non-smoking section. If you still don't know, I hate smokers. Hate them so much that i wish to wrap their head in a plastic bag around the neck, and pump in ciggrettes smoke. Let them feel how we non-smokers feel.
Anyway, enough of that. Didnt manage to capture nice photos with my lousy camera while I am there. Therefore, borrowed from amoswong.com instead. Here you go!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Confession of an Ice Creamolic!

Besides my mom & my other half, I've two other loves. My other loves are, firstly...

There is not a particular flavour that I like. I like them all. Any flavour, any size or shape. As long as they are ICE CREAMS, it will do. Of course I would prefer a Haadgen Daz, Baskin Robbins or Swensens, but if those are not available, Walls & Magnolia also can la.. Be it hot sweaty day or cold rainy day, down here in the city or up in Genting Highlands, I can never resists an ice cream stand. I simply love it.

I still remember back in school days, how I would chase after the ice cream man passing thru our house. Sometimes when they skipped our street, I would have to chase after them two streets away or yelling at the top of my lung from our house "Ice.......cream.................!"
I was not very healthy when I was a kid. Am always down with asthma, cough or flu. I never failed to visit the doctor every month. Same stuff... asthma, cough or flu. I would swear in front of Dr Soo Hoo that I would never ever again touch cold stuff (that includes ice creams). After couple of days, when I felt better, my addiction would starts all over again. Lols...

Of course my granny tried her best to hold up a stern face with a 'NO', but unfortunately, she failed miserably most of the time...hehehe. I still remembered how we would each hold a drumstick ice cream in our hand enjoying the coolness on a hot sunny day. End of the day, she decided that ice cream is good for kids after listening to her elder sister (my grand aunt) who is based in Singapore. My grand aunt told my granny that, ice creams is made by milk and milk is good for growing kids... hehehe... there you go! I guess these two old ladies live by the motto of "if you can't beat them, joined them"! hehehe....

There was this other time when I was in Singapore to spend time with my mom during a school holiday (mom works there). Mom brought me to Swensen's. I still remembered all the stained glass lamps over my head (the trademark of all Swensen's outlets even now). Believe it or not, she ordered an 'Earthquake' and there is only 3 of us I think. I was only 9 or 10 years old then. It was hillarious how our teeth were chattering so hard half way thru it. Of course we didn't manage to finish it. If not mistaken, one of the leftover flavour was 'Mint', the greeny stuff. We hated it. On way back, my mom said "see if you still dare to ask for ice cream anymore" followed by an evil laugh... (unfortunately mom, your evil plan failed, i still LOVE ice creams). Till this day, I always have a soft spot for Swensen's despites however lousy their food are. It always reminds me of that faithful day 20 years ago.

There you have it. My confession. I am an "ICE CREAMOLIC". Any rehab for this one? Hehehe... The best part was, for the last 7 years, I've been living with a freezer that is not cold enough for ice creams. I've never keep any decent ice creams in my home for the last 7 years. Can you imagine an 'Ice Creamolic' living without ice creams??? It was quite suffering, really. Whenever I craved for one (which is like at least 3 times a week), will just make do with Walls from the provision stall downstairs if there are no other choices available. Pathetic huh?

Finally, we are now in our new place. Of course a new fridge too which has a full separate freezer. Eventhough we've yet to store any ice creams, I am already feeling the joy of it all. May God blessed my new fridge with lots lots of yummy ice creams. Thank you.

P/S: I'll reveal my other love when I feel like it. For time being, just make do with ice cream ok? :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

A song dedicated specially to my mom

This song, is one of the soundtrack from MamaMia. I found it very meaningful. Best describe how mothers felt. Wanna dedicate this song especially to my mom. I bet that's how she (and all mothers) must have felt on my wedding day.

Schoolbag in hand
She leaves home in the early morning
Waving goodbye
With an absent-minded smile
I watch her go
With a surge of that well-known sadness
And I have to sit down for a while
The feeling that I'm loosing her forever
And without really entering her world
I'm glad whenever I can share her laughter
That funny little girl
Slipping through my fingers all the time
I try to capture every minute
The feeling in it
Slipping through my fingers all the time
Do I really see what's in her mind
Each time I think I'm close to knowing
She keeps on growing
Slipping through my fingers all the time
Sleep in our eyes
Her and me at the breakfast table
Barely awake
I let precious time go by
Then when she's gone
There's that odd melancholy feeling
And a sense of guilt
I can't deny
What happened to the wonderful adventures
The places I had planned for us to go
Well some of that we did
But most we didn't
And why I just don't know
Slipping through my fingers all the time
I try to capture every minute
The feeling in it
Slipping through my fingers all the time
Do I really see what's in her mind
Each time I think I'm close to knowing
She keeps on growing
Slipping through my fingers all the time

Sometimes I wish that I could freeze the picture
And save it from the funny tricks of time
Slipping through my fingers -

Schoolbag in hand
She leaves home in the early morning
Waving goodbye with an absent-minded smile

A Sad Day + A New Look

I sibuk sibuk wanted to change the design of my blog to a more Christmasty feel in conjunction with the season next month. Mana tau, screwed up big time. My blog counter gone. All my favourite links gone. My furkids, Rumba & Sunshine's photos, gone too. Live feed & playlist also gone. Basically everything gone except for the standard stuff like 'category' & 'archive'.
Paling sakit hati was, susah-susah my blog finally reached 5000 visitors, all wiped out sekaligus. Have to start all over again from zero. Haizzz... sadnya... I am not Kenny nor Xiaxue, so it's quite difficult for me to reach 5000 visitors again. It's gonna take awhile...haizz....
How it happened was, as I was trying to insert the new template, my love was sitting next to me. When a reminder popped up saying something about not supporting some stuffs, I hesitated but my love on the other hand said, "Darling...just do it! Click ok, click ok... just do it!". I mah obediently clicked 'ok' lor... Mana tau, when the page loaded, everything hilang!
I told my mom, the feeling is like dying without finding the body (cantonese: sei mo si hai). Haizz.........! Anyway, from now until December, this will be the new sickeningly sweet look at 'Redbabe's Cozy Corner'.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our 'Holy' Day

Believe it or not, yesterday was a 'Holy' day for me. When I told my boss the reason why I have to take yesterday off and replaced it with today, he gave me a look and said, 'You???? I don't see the halo above your head..."
You see, I am never the praying type. I believe in myself mostly and for 'faith' part, whether it is Jesus, Allah, KuanYin or etc, I just believe that there is only one God appearing in many faces. Whenever someone asked what's my faith, I would usually just blabbered, Buddhism. What many people do not understand is, Buddhism is not a religion but a teaching.
So, back to my 'Holy' yesterday. Somehow, my boss finds it quite hillarious when I told him that we need to set up the altar at our new home yesterday. I just replied "Yeah.. me. Don't laugh. Even I find it sound weird having the words coming from my mouth." He smirked and further affirmed it "Yeah... sounds weird. (now u see why i am straightforward. I am surrounded by this breed of people all the time)

(this is our newly set up altar which we inherited from my in-laws)

Our Kuan Yin was blessed in an old Kuan Yin temple in KL. I bought all the fruits & goodies and help to set up the altar. The whole activity feels weird too. I can get used to it.


We were officially staying in our new home yesterday. I cooked up a meal for the family (shit, I forgot to snap a photo of it. totally forgotten until now) to celebrate the new altar. It was a good simple home cooked meal. Everyone enjoyed it.

1) Potato chicken

2) Steam pork rib

3) Fried eggs with carrots

4) Fried lettuce

Basically everything is still quite messed up in our new home. Lots of stuff still not shifted over to the bungalow yet. We've only shifted our clothes over from Court 9. The rest of the stuff would have to wait till everything else is out and the paint work is done (haven't even started yet. Still awaiting quotes).

Anyway, still, believe it or not, I pray to God to bless our new home with peace & happiness, Amen!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Phuket - Day 3 & 4

Day 3. As promised, we were punctual this time round. The tour van picked us up together with some other tourists around Patong area at 7:30am. By 9am, we were already on a speedboat cruising to the Khai Islands which comprises of 3 smaller islands namely Khai Noi, Khai Lak and Khai dunno what... can't remember. Not sure whether I even get the first two right.

(First snorkelling stop in the middle of no where. Peace.)
When I first jumped off the boat into the cold sea at our first snorkelling stop, one of these cute little fishy bit my sexy thigh. Ok la... the cute little fish must have bitten me accidentally. He/she must've thought I am food.

(finally making full use of my marine casing)

After our snorkelling session in the middle of no where, we were dropped off at this small little island for swimming and sun bathing. The sand were soft & white. It felt like cotton under my feet. Wanted to tapau some home for decoration purpose but I forgotten to bring along an empty mineral water bottle. If I try hard enough, I should be able to find one around there, but I am also a little lazy. So forget it. Will collect from Cherating instead as we will be going there in Dec.

(Colourful umbrellas dotting the white sandy beach of Khai dunno what island. Pretty right?)

As Josephine & I were exploring this little island, we came across this aunty harvesting oyster from some rocky patch. How she did it was, she used a little sharp hammer and knocked it on the shell (to me, I can't really tell which is rock and which is shell. It looks the same.). Once broken, she will use a dinner knife and scrape the oyster out. I tried to tell her to let me try but she just smile and continue showing us how it was done. The strangest thing is, as I was watching her does her stuff, I thought I can taste 'orr-chien' (fried oyster egg).

(an islander harvesting mini oyster - yummy orr chien)

(found this crab in its' hiding place)

After this, we hopped onto another island. Another Khai island. Coral fishes are abundant on the shallow ends of this island and they are not afraid of people. I was initially sitting in the water with the colourful fishes swimming around me peacefully until this stupid Korean guy threw a piece of bread my direction. No doubt the fishes are small & cute, but when they start charging at you, cute is no longer the right word to describe them. It's scary.

(Fish feeding; fishes feeding on me.)

That morning, I was bitten 3 times by these supposely cute little fishes. Josephine actually saw one that was circling by ankle before it sunked its teeth into it. Scary huh? Little piranhas. I gave up snorkelling on the third bite and enjoy the sandy beach instead. No, I didn't built sand castle.

We got back to our hotel at 1:30pm, had burger king lunch, showered and lazed. In the evening, we hitched a ride on the hotel's shuttle boat to Laguna Beach.

(the Laguna shuttle boat which provide shuttle service between all resorts within the Laguna's Estate)

(Some of the water villas)

(Sunset at Laguna Beach Front, breathtaking!)

As we were all showered and clean, we were too lazy to swim in the sea. We just look see look see and hopped back onto the shuttle boat for our resort. Upon reaching, we drove straight to Patong for our dinner. Halfway thru, we stopover at a "Pasar Malam" in a village. A variety of stuff are being sold there ranging from food to clothing. It is quite similar to those Pasar Malam here in Malaysia.

(BBQ skewered meat (chicken, pork/beef). Also known as satay to the Thais. We love this one. It's deliciously sweet.)

(BBQ squids. A little yucky cause its soft and slimy in the inside, eww..)

After the Pasar Malam, we continued our journey downtown. Despite having eaten quite a lot earlier, we still insist on having a seafood dinner. Must try as much as possible mah... right..? Tourists what...

(Thai Dessert - Sticky Rice & Mango. Personally, I am not a big fan of sticky rice except for lo mai kai & bak chang. Sweet sticky rice? No thank you.)

(the seafood stall that we finally settled for dinner. Note the cook in white. She is a he.)

Personally, I still prefer our seafood here in KL. Swimming fresh seafood. Sweet & tender. One thing that I do not understand is, despite Phuket being an island, why can't they offer 'live' seafood? All the seafood store that I came across had their seafood chilled in ice. How fresh can that be? Those that we had are certainly not fresh. After dinner, off we went, back to the hotel... zzzzz....


After breakfast, we checked-out and bid our lovely rooms farewell for now till we visit again. We drove to the airport and upon arrival at the departure level, we were met by a representative of our car rental agency to collect back our car.

(Our faithful VIOS which has served us for 3 days, No.3665, sob! sob! thank you.)

That's the end of our 4d/3n Phuket Holiday. We had a great time exploring the island, basking in the sun, swimming in the sea and enjoying its spicy food. One thing about Phuket is, you can see all sort of relationships openly.

Men + Women

Men + Men

Men + 'A qua' (cross dresser)

Men + One Night Stand women

Overall, we enjoyed ourselves very much. Totally rejuvenated & refreshed. Can't wait to pack for another vacation!

P/s: My sunburned has yet to peel. :D

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Phuket - Day 2

On day 2, we left our hotel at 7:15am rushing downtown to Patong. We need to be there by 7:30am cause, that's the time we will be picked up for our islands hopping & snorkelling trip. Of course we failed miserably. We only arrived at about 7:45am, which, by then, the van has long gone. A taxi stand agent & a motor taxi driver nearby saw our lost & confusion and took it upon themselves to help us solve our problem. He contacted our agent thru the number shown on our receipt, and in the end, we came to an agreement that we will join the next morning trip. And this time round, we will be punctual. Finally, some pleasant, polite & helpful Thais.

With nothing else left to do and a whole day ahead of us, we decided to take a drive around Phuket.

(Patong beach in the morning, quiet & peaceful)

From Patong, we went to the bungee jump site in Kathu and watched San Mei dive from 50m above. The bungee jump center belongs and run by a New Zealander. Everything was very professionally done. I was so excited that I totally forgot to snap photos of San Mei. From top to bottom, I think it only lasted about 2 seconds the most. At the end of the jump, she was presented a certificate and a roll of film of photos they took of her jump.

After the jump, we stopped by at a roadside stall for our brunch on our way to town. We had a seafood fried rice, a fried kuey teow and a noodle soup. The stall operated by a Thai Chinese family in the front porch of their house. Halfway thru our meals, their old matriach came out and chatted us up with a mixture of hokkien & thai. If not mistaken, she mentioned she was from Malaysia a long long time ago. It was a lovely brunch.

(the daughter cooking our brunch)

A peep into the house tell me that they prayed to Goddess of Mercy (Kuan Yin) too.

(the entrance of the house flanked by well wishing chinese characters)

Initially, when we stopped our car by the road, we wanted to eat in this shop next door with all the blue chairs and a tent outside. When we reached the entrance, we realised that it is not a makan shop but an electrical store instead. We gathered that they might be having some open ceremony or something. Therefore, we opted for the stall next door. Later on, we found out from the old matriach that her next door electrical shop neighbour is having a wedding going on. hehehehehe..... the owner must have thought we wanted to crash her party earlier!

After brunch, we stopped by at Phuket Ceramic. They have a great variety of ceramic products, all were very pretty. There is no photo for this one cause there are 'no camera' signs everywhere. Was so tempted to buy a bathroom set for lotion, shower gel & shampoo but didn't. It was so freaking expensive. More than RM100 for 3 little bottles with a tray. Probably I am just freaking kedekut. I dunno which.

We got lost for a while in Phuket town after our Ceramic visit. All the maps dont seems to reflect the real scenario. It's like the moment we hit Phuket Town, all the roads just messed up! After about 40minutes, we managed to identify our location and decided to head back to our hotel using another route and vowed never to drive into Phuket town anymore.... lols... On way back, we stopped by a Sleeping Buddha temple. We made a u-turn and stopped by. Out of politeness, we wanted to seek permission to snap photos but there was not a soul around. What the heck, just snap and move on la...

(me acting all touristy again, mimicking the Sleeping Buddha. In case you are wondering if I wore anything down below, yes, a short short... shorts)

(a nice shot of the temple)

From the temple, we continued our drive looking for a 'Ton Sai Waterfall' which stated in our map and which also located along the way back to our hotel. After a couple of wrong turn we finally found it. This is the smallest waterfall I've ever seen and they are charging B200 per person per entry. Can you imagine??? Worst spent money! Look more like a longkang than a waterfall to me. Standing there looking at it, I dont even know how to dip myself in the cool water which we have so look forward to. If we really wanna do it, we would probably need to stand parallel against the rock. Pathetic. Kena conned.

(The Ton Sai Waterfall or longkang?)

After the disappointing 'Ton Sai Waterfall', we went straight back to the hotel to chill. The weater is extreme hot and we were all very tired. After a short nap, I went and dipped myself in the hotel pool. The pool was very nice and the best part is, it is totally free of charge!

Feeling totally rejuvenated after a cool dip in the hotel, we went down to Patong for dinner and absorbed the nightlife around us.

(The famous Bangla Road. It is at this very spot that I kicked into something and got my big toe all bloody.)

(hey... ! They even have Tai Pan in Phuket. I thought Taipan is in USJ?)

(Believe it or not, they have night club called 'Banana' and few doors away, another one called 'Papaya'... Probably 'Banana' is for gay or woman whereas Papaya is for men)

(our dinner in Patong, tomyam kung, green curry, pineapple fried rice and dunno what else)

(Singha Beer)

(the infamous drag queen luring customers into their den)

We have an enjoyable day 2. I was dead tired by time we reached our hotel. I remember dreaming of something, but not quite certain what it was. Sex changed? Drag queens? I dunno.

p/s: I told a friend that there are plenty of gwailos all over Phuket. She asked whether I got picked up by anyone. This is my reply "Thank God none or it will means I look like a hooker!" lols...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Phuket - Day 1

I am back, fresh, rejuvenated, tanned and smell a little of salty sea breeze. Got sun-burned a little too on my back, but what's an island holiday without some sunburn? Sweet... :)
I ended up carrying my yellow bagpack instead of a separate handbag as I was leaving the house for airport last Wednesday cause Harrison went.... "Why a separate bag?" and I went on explaining to him as he was locking up the gate on how the yellow backpack doesn't go with my shirt. He said "Don't be ridiculous, of course it matches" (without even lifting an eyelid to evaluate the 'matching-ness'). So I thought to myself, he may have a point. Better look like an idiot than be an idiot lugging all the unneccesaries.

(the view from the hotel lobby)

Throughout our 4d/3n trip, we drove around Phuket in our rented car. We went to Fantasea Phuket, Patong Beach, snorkelling trip, temples, ceramics factory and the list goes on. We also tasted a variety of Thai food from road side store in the outskirt to the cut throat seafood at Patong.
One of my girlfriend even went on a 50m bungee jump. Of course I didn't do it. It's definately not because I am scare, just that I thought 50m was quite a short jump, not worth paying Rm200 for it. I prefer a higher jump like 100m or so...fulamak!..hehehehe.....(as I was chatting with my mom last night, she told me that 100m jump would probably cost RM400! Yeah hor? How come I never thought of that? Better still, no need to jump altogether!)
Anyway, upon arrival in Phuket airport, we were greeted by swarms of taxi touts who asked us to go to hell when we told them 'no thank you' and headed straight for a taxi stands with meter. We were so shocked. Apart of me feel like grabbing one of my shoe and fly it his direction but thought better of it. Unbelievable! I thought the Thais are polite.

(in a buggy being transported to our suite upon checking in at the lobby)

(our 2 rooms suite that comes with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a living hall)

(surveying what to do & where to go in Phuket)

(the car rental agent that organised our Lamborghini)

Once we settled the car renting paperworks, we headed straight to Patong. On the way, we stopped by at Phuket Fantasea to purchase our tickets for the night's show.

(me acting all touristy with Fantasea's signage as a backdrop)
Everywhere we turned our head, there bound to be huge photos of their King. The Thai people really respect their King. Very patriotic. I don't even know who is the current King of Malaysia. Even more patriotic :p

The island of Phuket are generally hilly. Most of the roads are winding and up/down hill. One thing I always love about Thailand are the quality of their roads. I've never seen a potholes anywhere in Thailand and the roads are always clear of sand. Very nice road to drive on (i missed my car even more when I am there, damn good roads to chew & spit out the hilly and windy roads). Compared to our country, which are deemed much more developed, the quality of our roads are a far cry to those in Thailand. Can't blame it on the weather for ruining ours since we both share almost the same weather. Corruptions MAYBE???

(little shops lined along the road in a village we passed thru)

(3 relatively big size school girls squeezed into a relatively small bike)

Once we were in Patong, we checked out the local dives shop and settled for a half day island hoppings + snorkelling instead cause all of us havent been diving for quite a while. Therefore, it is not advisable for us to dive unless we go for a refreshing course. We decided that we should dive in Malaysia till we are pro rather than wasting time refreshing in Phuket... hehehe...

Before heading for Fantasea, we had a quick dinner in Patong. We had a set meal for 2 which include tomyam kung, chicken, beef, vege & beer. The portion was more than enough for the 3 of us. It was yummy!


(our first Thai beer - Chang Beer)

(our first tom yam kung, there are 6 big prawns, I counted)

We headed for Fantasea after that. Upon reaching, we were all in awe of the colourful lightings. Inside Fantasea theme park, there are various little stalls that sells souvenirs. Everything were maintained in tip top conditions. It was very nice. The highlight of Fantasea is some cultural show. I forgot the name of the show... something about some elephants. Personally, I enjoyed the show very much. It tells stories of Thai. Eventhough it was a little costly, B1500 per entry, it was impressive!

(some dance performance in the center stage)


(some lighted up birdcage with fake birds)

That night, I slept soundly dreaming of elephants & neon lights.