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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

3 Months Post Pregnancy

3 months post pregnancy.  Taken in Bali.  :)  The wonders of breastfeeding. Time to firm the flabs.   

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Baby G & Caterpillar

The phone has nothing excepts hundreds & hundreds of baby G's photos these days.   Even the Canon D7 dslr have to step aside when come to taking pictures of the moment (the moment will b all over by time I lugged out the camera. .. :p).

Anyway,  as I was going thru those photos,  decided to compile a few ala Xiaxue's style.   Here

Must be wondering why i can blog more now i started work??  Nothing else to do in this 8x6ft mother's room while waiting for Medela to finish it's job.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to work *yawn*

Its back to work today.  I almost forgot the road to work.  When I got into the lift,  for a moment I can't remember which floor.   Lols...

The husband whatsapp me this this morning. Sooo... cute!

And i got a welcome back coffee this morning. How wonderful!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

'Happy Getting Hitched' Cakes!

Last minute decided to bake some sweet stuff for a girlfriends brunch get together tomorrow which sort of morphed into a hen's party/bridal shower celebrating one of them who will be getting married next month.  I think it turn out pretty alright!

A heart shape cake for the bride and some cute cuppies for the girls!

Lessons in life to uplevel

Something I wish to share.

I believe our souls are recycled thru many lifetimes. And in each lifetime, there is a lesson (or more than one lessons) to learn.  Until we learn that lesson, only will that lifetime be fulfilled before moving on to the next.  Otherwise, we will keep facing the same test (problems,  issues, unhappiness) over and over again till we acknowledge and learn. If we didnt resolved it this lifetime, then it will be repeated in the next or the lifetime after that until we get the lessons.

I guess, to put it in a more comical outlook, it is like playing computer games.   We have to accomplish & achieve all targets before we are allowed to move on to the next level.

Some may asked... "How do one know what lesson is in store for he/she?".  Well, all that i can say is, all of us knows our own path & lesson.  Everyone is mindful enough to know.  It is just a matter of whether we are honest to ourselves enough to face & accept it.

Think about it. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Baby G is soooo... CUTE!

Finally dragged myself to the long overdue dental visit.   I survived.  Like majority of the human population,  I dreaded going to the dentist. Anyway,  visited mine today and it cost me only RM180 for a scaling,  polishing & filling.  Another dentist that I visited the other day wanted to charge me RM2k for root canal & crown instead of salvaging my tooth thru filling, RM600 for veneering one tooth instead of polishing and when I finally convinced him that I only need a filling,  he wanted to jab me for the procedure.   I've never ran quicker! 

My 3 months maternity leave is coming to an end.   Will be starting to work next Monday and not sure how am I going to survive the early and long hours after resting for 3 months.   But then again,  it just a matter of time before I fall right back into routine.   I am adaptable to situation changes.  :)

Baby G is 3.5 months old already.   It  feels like it was not to long ago when he was born.  
Tiny scrawny little thing who weight just slightly over 2.6kg, 45cm 
in length.   And today,  he is about 7kg and 
grown 18cm taller!

He smiles a lot these days.   Playful & loves to mimic.   Recently acquired the skill to blow saliva when we accidentally showed him how.   Besides, he also loves moving all his little hands and legs to 'Fantastic Baby' by Big Bang.  I thought it was so cool!   Lols...

He has been growing out of his clothes in an alarming rate.   So much so till some only survive one wear before we have to pack it away.   Well,  I am not complaining.  At least he is growing healthily (at a slightly above average rate) and I get to go shopping for him!  Believe me,  it is really fun shopping for your little one.    It is an expensive expenses no doubts but for once,  it is a necessity!  We have a growing boy!  Btw,

Lately,  he has been sucking his thumb pretty aggressively.   Yes, he suck his thumb.   I thought it was super cute despite some advising that it would be a bad habit to break.   Well,  to me,  let's just let the baby be a baby.  If it is his thumb he wanna suck,  so be it.   If he still haven't break the habit by 18 years old... it will be his own embarrassment.   Not mine.