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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year folks!

(photo stolen from Alina's FB)

Happy New Year folks! First entry of 2009. All I can say is, time flies ('zapped off' more like it). Honestly, I don't know what to write except to wish you all a great year ahead. There are so many fancy new year wishes coming thru my sms which I only bother to read the word 'happy new year' (just to make sure it is a generic new year wishes) and followed by a reply of 'Thanks, happy new year to you too". Most of the time I would love to add "Errmm.. excuse me, by the way, may I know who is this?" but thought better of it. Better to not knowing who the wishes come from than being rude....right?
In fact, I've earlier wrote another new year wishes but decided to take it down cause no point letting few dissappointments ruining my entire 2008. So, here I go ranting about how great 2008 has been for me.
So, I did had a fantastic 2008. Will not go into details of my achievements but my appreciation. I am thankful for...
(1) Thankful that PP managed to attend our wedding before her stroke complications
(2) Thankful that mom is strong and always taking care of PP tiredlessly
(3) Thankful that we are still breathing & healthy and able to make a tiny weeny bit of difference in other's life
(4) Thankful that we have home to go back to, food on table, clothes to wear, family & friends to love
(5) Last but not least, thankful for the Almighty for listening and bestow upon me abundance (Husky is a good example eventhough he chewed my car's bumper, my plants, shoes, my chairs, our autogate's cable.. etc). I am not complaining ...lols
So, let's make 2009 an even more fantastic one. "Be Crazy, Be Stupid, Be Wild, Be Silly" Goodnight.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Love Butter

There is this thing about me. I simply love butter. Especially salted ones. I know it's unhealthy but... it's just simply yummy. I love kaya & butter toast (must have thick frozen butter), strawberry jam & butter sandwich or simply butter on hard rolls. And of course butter cakes as well but those that are not too sweet or too oily (which can never be found). So I decided to bake one myself instead using the recipe at http://www.malaysiabest.net/2008/01/31/recipe-butter-cake/.

Nice eh?

All I wanna say is, my cakes turned out beautifully. It is super yummy & the sweetness is just nice. Not too sweet & not too oily. I only used 200gm sugar. Herewith the photos to tantalised your taste buds.

Butter Cupcakes. Cute right?

You must be wondering why everytime I baked, there are cupcakes. Cause, those are leftovers that can't be filled into the baking tray. :) I bet you must be drooling now... quickly go bake one.

Have fun!

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Wonderful Career

I only worked 2 days a week; Wednesday & Friday, a permanent part time job. Even on these two days, I find it extreme difficult to get to work. Though work starts at 9am, officially, somehow, I always ended up late for work. My version of 'on-time' would be anytime before 10am. If ever I am early, it would be before 9:30am. Terrible worker huh? lols...
I am not usually like this. Everyone who knows me knows that I used to work very hard when I was employed full time. I would get to office before 9am and leave after 6:30pm (earliest). Most of the time, I even worked thru public holidays. And when my parents were in town, they would have to be on their own most of the time cause I do not have the time to bring them around. Everyday there are important super urgent things to look into that cannot wait any longer. Leaves will be accummulated which will eventually be burnt cause there was never a 'free' time to take off.
My previous job of 8 years requires me to travel out-station quite extensively to wherever we have an on-going project. I started off as Secretary and promoted to Sales Coordinator later and subsequently a Sales Manager before i quit. Being a small 'chinaman' company, besides working my ass off compiling piles and piles of proposal for stupid people and bringing in businesses, I am also the one that handled whatever that concerned the goverment departments as well as sourcing for financial support for our projects (I went to DBKL so often that as it if is my home then). The stupid reason was, I was familiar with the procedures and the people there knows me well. If you ever seen a headless chicken running around town couple of years ago, it was probably me. That is also part of the reason that I am Harrison's GPS Navigator. I practically knows all the roads in KL with my eyes closed. I know the roads better than my KL boy.
Eventually, I grow to hate my job. I hate the people I see, I hate the things I do, I hate the places that I need to go, hate my bosses, hate my colleagues... practically hate everything about it. I dreaded having to go work and tried very hard to find slightest motivation in the things that I do but ended up more stressed instead. I think it was the stress that triggered off my thyroid then. And I felt even more pissed at whatever I was doing.
After months of planning an online business (Springtime Favours) and with some support, I quit my job. My boss of 11 years was devastated. He knows my frustrations with the company on some issues and my stubborn-ness. My last day was 30th May 2008. (Anyway, after couple of months, my same boss offered me this permanent part time job).
I was apprehensive of my decision to quit initially. I was worried. Worried alone is an understated, super worried was more like it. I have loads of responsibilities sitting cozily on my shoulders (which don't seems to budge even an inch). Mortgages, electricity, water, broadband, mobile, maintenance & sinking fees, insurance, credit cards, astro, petrol.... the list just goes on. As I was chatting with Harrison yesterday, somehow, we don't know how, I survived the last 19 months gloriously eventhough I earn much lesser now compared to what I used to earn. 'Gloriously' meaning, I still enjoy little luxuries of life like mani & pedicures, massages, facials, gym at reknown outlets (which I quit in July due to shifting) and also many many yumcha sessions with my girlfriends. Strange huh..? Somehow when I was working fulltime, I never seems to be able to afford all these.... money just miraculously zapped to don't know where the moment the salary is in. I guess Santa must've been slipping money into my purse quietly all these while :) "Thank you Santa, I promised I will be good this year... so slip more money into my purse k.. lols"
Seriously, my online business is doing alright. It somehow managed to make enough money every month for the bills. Not too much nor little, just enough for the bills and once in awhile, when I fancied something, it will have couple of hundreds more, just enough for what I fancied. I told you, I am HIS favourite.. now now... dont get jealous children... hehehe (if HE up there didn't hear, I will give out very loud hints so that he down here will hear..lols).. one way or another, i'll get what I want, subtlely.
I am very glad with my current employment arrangement. 2 days a week and remaining 5 days, I can do whatever silly stuff I want. Roll on my humongous settee.... jump on my bed... read a book and have a cuppa tea or simply chased Husky around and irritate Rumba & Sunshine. And sometimes, bitching with girlfriends or crying away watching some silly TVB soap opera...lols...
I do sometimes felt left out and a little jealous when friends are doing so well and climbing so high up on the corporate ladders and me..., me..., still the same old me doing silly stuff. But it is just a spur of emotion which lasted probably about 5 minutes and only to evaporate into the thin air surrounded me. Afterall, I get to do all the silly stuff and them, all the boring stuff.. aww... poor working fella... my heart does goes out to you all... *grinning evilly*
Then, once in awhile, I would suddenly get so motivated to get a job and I would suddenly scanned thru all the classified pages. When I finally spotted a few potential employer and going to type my resume, I would then start to wonder if I do get the job, would they grant me leaves in next two months during my probation cause we will be going for a holiday then. Or I would think, if I get pregnant next year, I would probably be on MC most of the time and when the baby comes, I would probably wanna spend more time with he or she... then, what's the point of working now? I might as well enjoy my life now till the nerve wrecking little monsters arrived. Right? So, that's why I am still 'measuring the roads now' (jobless).
Anyway, enought of my crappy employment history... it's boxing day today (a day to open up presents, is it?). I only received two presents this year from two very good friends. Harrison asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him he can get me everything that are listed on my "wish list". But since we are kinda tight now, in the financial sector I mean (what are you thinking?), I told him that not to worry about getting me a present this year. I will write it down in my 'buku tiga lima' (IOU). He can make it up when situation gets better (with interest).
And, today is Friday, my working day. Having Christmas sandwiched in between Wednesday & Friday this year, I was again told by my boss when he called me at 11am just now, to go home if I've got nothing to do ('again' cause I went home early on Wed too). What a blissful job!
I am still here now at 1:19pm cause I initially decided to write a short entry on how wonderful I get to get off work early today. But unfortunately, an alien took over my body and blabbered 13 paragraphs. My goodness! I seriously gotta go! Home to do my silly stuff.
Happy Boxing Day. Tata...

Note: Cliparts are downloaded from www.illustrationsof.com. Just in case they sue me, free adverts for them here.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our Christmas Dinner

(Father-in-law carving the turkey)
We just got back from a sumptuos Christmas dinner at my in-laws' place. They decided just couple of days ago, to celebrate the occasion and invited some friends over. There were altogether 10 of us. We have 2 turkeys (but only managed to finish one), salads, Christmas pudding, tiramisu, fruit cakes, wines and etc... no, I think that's about it. Seriously, everything were fantastically delicious. Is there a word that describe something super duper yummy? Ultra delicious? or Uber delicious?
The turkey was done just nice, not too dry. The Christmas pudding & tiramisu were so good and the fruit cakes, the fruit cakes... I love it the most! Very well done. All these delicious foods was done by Mr Enzo, an Italian, at this Bella something Italian restaurant in SS2. They serve very good food there.
This year's Christmas have been quiet for us. Not many parties around... strange. Last year we have so much. So this last minute Christmas dinner came as a blessing. Otherwise we'll have a boring boring Christmas this year. The food were super yummy, the company was great.
Once again, another day ended beautifully. Ahh... super duper yummy delicious foods....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Furnitures Are Finally Here

Our settee and dining chairs are finally here. The settee is gigantic (and I though my previous ones were the altimatum). It look smaller when we ordered it. Somehow, it has grown I think. Harrison havent seen it yet. I wonder what he would say. Nevertheless, it is beautiful and goes well in our living hall. It's so huge that I dunno what to do with it. We can jump, roll and even dance on it I think. I can already imagine what our friends whould say... "throw more parties & invite us over more often then"...lols...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mama Mia - It's a blast!

We just got back from the smash hit musical, Mama Mia, which was based on the songs of ABBA. It was a blast! We enjoyed it so much eventhough we were sitting on the highest floor and almost the last row. All because, we are kedekut (stingy). Actually it is basically the last two seats that are still available when we bought the ticket. Yeah..last minute. So, we don't have a choice but to be stingy.
The cheapest tickets that we bought also not that cheap ok.... It cost RM163 per ticket and it is 3rd class. How I wish I was sitting nearer to the stage so that I can get to see their faces. But then again, we gathered that RM163 can see equally good performance. Better in fact, cause we get to see what's happening at the back too. So, what's the point of spending RM600+ for a first class ticket which can only see the front of stage?
Throughout the show, can't help but thought my mom would certainly enjoy it if she is here. After all, it's ABBA and it's from HER time. Many people says that they much prefer the movie than the musical... but i like them both equally good. Anyway, we both enjoyed the musical uber much. Can wait for more to come. Phatom of the Opera next?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Winter Solstice = Go Tong = Dong Zi

It's 'Go Tong' tomorrow (winter solstice/dong zi). People always says, 'go tong tai ko nien'. Meaning, Winter Solstice is bigger the Chinese New Year. Therefore, I made some 'tong yuen' (glutinous rice balls) before we left for An's house. I didnt make them from scratch. I always confused with all the various flour. So I never know which is which.... flour, baking flour, plain flour, rice flour, corn flour... seriously, I never know which is for what except corn flour. So I simply bought the ready made dough from the fruits stall.

The tong yuen turn out alright. Anyway, it is not that difficult la.... basically just boiled some water with pandan leafs & sugar & ginger. Usually I would just smashed the ginger and throw it in. But unfortunately the only ginger that I can find in the house are some already slice leftovere gingers in the fridge. What the heck... i just throw them in. Better than none.

(Lee taking a photo of the yummy food before we charge at it. From clockwise, Sidney, Isabel, Chin, Harrison, Lee & An. Another couple were feeding their baby)

An invited us for a sit down dinner tonight. She says it is dinner for those who have no Christmas this year. Cause this year we wont be having any Christmas party among ourselves cause two families will be going away, and our house is still a mess, not ready to have any parties yet... lols...

The dinner was fantastic. I expected to be poisoned but it was quite a disappointment. The food were indeed good. She served us yummy roast pork with carrots and mashed potato for main course and followed by a super delicious brownies topped with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. Anyway, anything that has ice creams are always exceptional delicious for me. I am a sucker for ice creams. After dessert, she entertained us with this cute flower tea & served us the tea later.
(a ball of flower tea which just been dropped into hot water)
(after awhile, the flower ball slowly bloomed.. quite entertaining la... lols)
Overall, it was a perfect dinner... main course, dessert & tea. Oh, she also served us very refreshing drinks.. some sparkling lime or something. We also met some of their friend who were very pleasant and fun to be with. Anyway, it is always nice to meet new people and widen our circle of friends. Can't wait for another session of An's cooking with this bunch of friends.
We left An's place at bout 10:30pm and popped by at Alina & Mike's to drop off their X'mas presents. Everyone is so surprised for getting presents from us since I have stated earlier that I won't be getting any presents for anyone. Just that I came across that lovely present for them after I made that statement. So I told them to treat it as a bonus for having me as a friend...hehehehehe........
Another day ended pleasantly. Thank you for the wonderful dinner An. Thank you for the company Alina & Mike.

Friday, December 19, 2008

History of my mom's stall

This is me helping out at my mom's stall during my last trip back to Kluang and Harrison got nothig else to do but snapped photo of me. Was preparing duck noodle. Ooooh... how i missed 'duck noodle'. So yummy. I would usually go for 'kon lo ngap mee' (dried duck noodle) or 'kuey teow sui ngap mee' (soup kuey teow duck noodle). As I am typing this, I kinda can taste it in my mouth. Talking about the power of our brain.

I grow up knowing this business outside in/inside out. Believe me, I am good at it. I still remember how I was able to tabulate the bills for 2 tables of 10 pax without a calculator and I was only 12 then. I am able to remember orders of 5 tables without having a need to write it down. That's why it always gets on my nerve whenever I am in a mamak stall or any Malay stall. Cause they take forever to calculate our bills eventhough it is only two of us and sometimes, even got that wrong. So, being the super worker I was, my mom had a big problem when I left for college. That is when the maid starts coming in. I think to date, we have more than 10 maids already (including those that ran away).
Anyway, back to my story. I know everything about the business except for the secret ingredients of our gravy. The secret ingredient of the family can only be passed on to the sons of the family. So, when I was young, I was taught everything about the business from slaughtering of ducks to chopping them up but never preparing the gravy. Bias huh??? What to do... the business belongs to my grandfather and old people are like that. Sons are more important than daughters.

Don't believe me. I am just bluffing. My mom is a daughter, she also knows the secret ingredients. And my grandfather loves his daughters as much as he loves his sons. Got you! hehehehehe..... I don't know cause it was never my department to handle that. Seriously, come to think of it, yeah hor.. how come? Maybe its true.

This stall that my mom operates now is at least 25 years old. My grandfather operates it from 1983 ~ 1991. He passed away abruptly on 11th Feb 1991 and my mom took over the business. It has been 17 years since 1991 and all is as good as before. You wouldn't believe it if I tell you before 1991, my mom knows nut about cooking. Whenever she says she's cooking, we'll all rolled our eyes... hehehehe... that is how bad she was in kitchen. To think of it, throughout my life from 1 year old till 11, I've never eaten anything she cooked except for some sandwiches which she would make once in a blue blue moon. Even that, don't really need much cooking. Just slab butter & ham. Done.

My grandparents started the food business way before 1983. I remembered how they used to operates out of a cart by the road where I would sometime sleep underneath it. 1979 I think.

(Something like this stall but not so nice. Those days, no fluorescent light. We used kerosene lamp. - photo from yahoo search)

(A 3 years old me enjoying a plate of duck noodle at my grandparents' road side stall. The aluminium table is older than me. 45 years old i think.)

Before this stall, I was told that long ago my grandfather used to carry his 'stall' over the shoulders and sell curry noodle all over the place where there are crowds. And once, he even got himself burned quite badly when he fell trying to balance the heavy wares over his shoulders which resulted him hospitalised for quite awhile...

(this is how he does his curry noodle stall minus the little boy and of course the 'songkok' as well. I am a Chinese and so is my grandfather)

Besides the above, i heard they once have a shop selling roast ducks, roast porks and steam soups. Then I also heard that my mom & her sisters used to man a cooling tea stall after school. Other than that, my grandmother also used to operates a little stall by herself selling char kuey teow (fried noodle).

Basically, that's the history of my mom's stall. All in all, I think it has a history of at least 35 years. A long time eh...? My grandparents' stall has such a good reputation that those days when I was still in Kluang, wherever I go, people will know me. Ahh.. that's Fong Kee's suin..(granddaughter). Everyone in Kluang knows my grandfather as Fong Kee (芳記). So basically, I can go everywhere without worrying that I'll be kidnapped and I can buy anything without paying first...lols... There are people watching out for me everywhere I go even the Kluang gangsters. Believe it or not, these tough macho gangsters even bought me presents during my birthday... lols...

Even now, after being away from Kluang for 13 years, they still recognised me whenever we bumped into each other here in Klang Valley. It felt all warm and fuzzy again to meet a familiar face from a long time ago in this crazy city. Ahhh.....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Health Check Mess

When I logged onto Kenny's blog this morning, he was blogging about his health check-up. Coincidentally, that's exactly what I wished to blog about today minus the coconut size balls issue and all the complex tests he went thru. Mine only required blood & urine sample and they do not need to check my ahemm's size.
I was Pathlab this morning and had my blood & urine sample taken. This is my 4th health check I think. Each time when I was given a plastic bottle to collect my urine, I always have difficulty aiming my pee into the bottle without wetting the outside of the bottle. I mean, for guys it would be easy la... all they have to do is just direct their ahemm into the container. For us women, can't they give us something that's tailored for us??? I always wonder does women in general faced the same kind problem like me or it is JUST me?? Or maybe I am lousy at aiming... but then is it my job to aim?

Before today, I've been wanting to have my health check since Monday. Unfortunately, somehow or rather, it just didnt happen. On Monday, I arrived at this other Pathlab branch in Taipan freaking hungry at 12:50 noon (fasting for 12 hours), only to find a "Out For Lunch (1~2pm)" sign hanging on the glass door. My legs were wobbly and my hands were shaky. If I were to wait till 2pm, that is if they are even back, I would probably be dead by then. Feeling kinda pissed, I head for for Burger King instead and gobbled down a French Chicken Burger + fries + strawberry sundae + sprite. Yes I did. Everything. No leftovers. Believe me, I can eat if I want to.
The best part was, when I went back to the lab later in the afternoon to enquire about some discounts and brought up the early lunch break they took, the staff denied that they left for lunch early. I was quite annoyed but I told myself to forget it. I guess we probably shared a different time zone. Nevermind.

On Tuesday, I screwed up all my plans by waking up only at 12noon. I havent been feeling well lately and my sleep was badly affected. That's why the haywired sleeping hours. I was supposed to wake up earlier and get back to Court 9 to look for some vouchers which entitled will entitled me a good 40% discounts from Pathlab. However, by time I am fully awake, I gathered that I would not be able to get to Pathlab before 12:50noon. I gave up the idea altogether...

Now you know why I only finally did my blood test today. And in the end, I didn't managed to find the discount voucher amidst piles of my junk and ended up paying RM260 for a standard blood test which should only cost about RM160 with the vouchers. I believe I have thrown them all away sometime ago cause at that time, I thought, who would do blood test twice a year??? (now i know i would).

Maybe I should start keeping all sort of vouchers for 'just in case', and of course a watch that tell time of different zones. Then I would not have so many problems... Symptoms of getting into 'Aunty-ism'... die.. die..!
Sigh... For time being, don't wanna think so much la.. I would just crossed my fingers (+ toes) and whatever else that can be crossed, and wait patiently for my test result this Saturday. Hopefully I am in pink of health! Insyaallah...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday To An Amazing Lady

Happy birthday mom....
Wishing you many happy returns of the day...
most importantly, happy & healthy always.
p/s: Hope you like your present. :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Merry Christmas folks!

I came across this at a friend's site and wish to share it with all of you, my friends (and family) who pop by to check my on-goings every now and then.

This is just an excerpt of the note:

If buying something makes me happy it is only for a while, it does not last. Material happiness never lasts, it just give you a quick fix. After a while you feel lousy again and have to buy the next thing which you think will make you happy. I always think that if you need material things to make you happy, then you live a pretty sad and unfulfilled life.
Happiness must come from doing your life's work (be in teaching, building homes, designing, trading, winning tournaments etc.) and the money that comes is only a by-product. If you hate what you are doing and rely on the money you earn to make you happy by buying stuff, then I think that you are living a life of meaningless.

So, I think the point I want to put across is, I won't be getting anybody any Christmas present this year. Afterall, 'Material happiness only gives you a quick fix'. So, for this year, happiness must come from having me as your friend and if there are presents that comes with my friendship, it is only a by-product or an extra bonus for you. If you hate the friendship that I offered and are relying on the presents that enriched our friendship, then I think you must be quite miserable having me around. But, that doesn't mean I dont welcome presents you wish to lavish on me. Don't worry, I'll treat it as an extra bonus for me for having you as my friend.

p/s: if I had say anything nasty & mean and hurt any of you throughout this 2008, I am sorry. I know I am not in my best always and my patience, sad to say, quite limited most of the time. I burst pretty often and of course I know that doesn't mean I can use it as an excuse to do things I shouldn't. There you have it. My apologies. If you are somehow, somewhat & in some way, STILL feel kinda uptight about it, I nothing else I can do to help. :p Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 3 @ Cherating

Day 3 started off quite early too. This time round, it was a voluntarily thingy. We wanted to avoid the anticipated high traffic on the last day of a long weekend. After packing up, we took advantage of the rain-less morning to snap some photos of the beautiful beach which we will surely miss. It was a miles & miles of clean sandy beach.
(the stretch to my left)

(the stretch to my right)

Can't really see the end of the beach. Kinda foggy. Nice eh? I bet you sure to fall in love with it after looking at these photos. Anyway, after doing what we suppose to do, we bid farewell to Ruby and her gang and left for Kemaman for breakfast at this famouse kopitiam (coffee shop) called 'Hai Peng' recommended by Uncle Barran. We were told that Hai Peng started off as a small little coffee shop in Kemaman and now, they have a whole building of their own. Selling coffee also can make so much money one arr???

(since 1940)

We parked our car opposite Hai Peng. Kemaman has a very hi-tech carpark system. All we have to do is, key in our parking number which you can find at the parking box. Then, insert coins. That easy. No need to display any parking tickets on our dashboard. Senang right? Environmental friendly somemore, paperless. This is what I called smart government.

(Harrison figuring out how to use the hi-tech parking machine)

(all ah pek-ah pek enjoying a cuppa with other ah pek-ah pek after tai chi, I think la...)

(wall decorations in the coffeeshop)

We had a packet of 'ikan bilis nasi lemak', The nasi lemak taste kinda weird cause it have a whole big piece of mackerel fish instead of those little crunchy ikan bilis that we are used to. Too fishy for an early morning breakfast. We didn't finish it.

Besides nasi lemak, we also ordered two toast buns, 1 toast bread, 1 classic coffee and 1 teh. The buns were a little too hard for our likings. The slice bread & coffee were alright though. Seriously, not to say I Kluang people or what la... serious seriously, Kluang Railway's toasts & nasi lemak taste far better than this one. Even my KL people think so too (i.e. Harrison..lols). Well, but if you are ever in Kemaman, no harm trying it out too. I like the atmosphere there though. :) It's peaceful and pleasant. At least you won't need to queue and wait till your kaki patah for sittings (unlike in Kluang).

After breakfast, on our way to the highway, we saw houses on both sides of the road were flooded. It must have been a gloomy Hari Raya Haji for these Malay folks. We were so blissful at Ruby's that we didn't even realise what's happening in the outside world (oh, I only get to know about the landslide yesterday, blur hor?). Luckily the resort we went to were alright. Otherwise arr... fu lat lor... no need to swim at the beach. Can swim right in our chalets. :p

(the beautiful scenery on way back to KL along the highway, nice hor?)

That's the end of our Cherating trip. Despite of the yucky weather, somehow, dunno how, we enjoyed ourselves very much and would still categorized this as a great vacation and can't wait to visit again. We love it.

P/s: This is the my first trip to a beach without getting a sunburn.

Day 2 @ Cherating

We were awaken rudely in the wee hour of the morning by someone calling our names loudly... "Gladys... Harrison... hei san lor...." (in cantonese, wake up lor). I quickly jumped onto my feet and went to the window. Thought hantu or what, so 'mang' meh... only to see Unc Barren with Snowboy at the corridor. Was delighted to see them and quickly washed up to meet them at the cafe. When I check out the time on my watch, I went like.. "tiu lor.... only 7:30am!!!! Wtf??".

(Aunty Suzi & Snowboy)

Aunty Suzi, Uncle Barran, Aaron & Adrian arrived at midnight last night. They decided to visit Ruby in last minute. It was a pleasant surprise for me as well as for them. They only been told I was there upon arrival by Ruby. You see, Ruby is Unc Barren's younger sister. That's why the visiting.

Aunty Suzi is my 'aya godmother' like that la... She taught me how to paint on stones. Now you know who my 'sifu' is. Aunty Suzi is a stone and pastel artist (read properly. She is not a 'stoned' pastel artist but stone & pastel artist. lols). Basically, she paints on anything that can be painted on; fabric, wood, wall & etc. She does the mural for Turtle Sanctuary next to Ruby's Resort. Didnt manage to capture any photo of it cause the weather was too bad. She can paint anything but she loves to paint animals especially. You can find more of her artwork at Universal Stones & Arts Painting. She did some souvenir stones for sale at Ruby's Resort too. Mainly of doggies for dog lovers who visited the resort.

(Aunty Suzi's babies)

(Taking stock of her babies.. Beagle, checked. Schnauzer, checked. Maltese, checked. Oh no, where is Fluffy the 3 headed dog???)

(saw this funny looking moth outside the souvenir shop which initially I thought was a piece of decorative wood!)

They have all sorts of animals in Ruby's Resort. Besides the wood looking moth, they have dog, cats, rabbits, turtle & etc. The last I heard was, if given the opportunity, I might even see some wildboars running around. I am not sure they (the wildboars) wants me to see them. Cause all I can see are 'Curry San Chu Yuk' (wildboar curry). :p

(The leatherback turtles. They seems to be whispering about something. Must be my hair.)

(me with a baby turtle. "Say cheese for the camera turtle... or I gonna double boil you")

(Stout, the black labrador. Ruby's son.)

(Happy the rabbit. But I think he/she is far from Happy. He/she looks sad to me. Must be the weight problem. He/she is fat.)

While we were lepaking at the cafe, a cat came close to me. I told the cat "go away. I am not a cat person". It seems to get the loud hint and decided to go up the pillar instead. Mana tau ended up not knowing how to get down. How dumb... so memalukan for cats in general.... dumb kitty kitty.... oh.. this dumb kitty also belongs to Ruby.

After breakfast, the rain stopped for awhile. We went to the beach again with Rumba & Sunshine. Today, Sunshine seems to be a little more relax with the waves and sometimes, even ran towards it. As for Rumba, she basically just sniffed around the whole beach on her own and had her nose full of sand. She refused to go near the waves and we gotta respect that. Afterall, she is a senior doggie citizen; 56 doggie year old by next March... you can never teach an old dog new trick.... hehehehe...

(Sunshine: I'll be good, don't go die please.... sob sob!)

(Rumba : Sniff.. sniff! I sniffed a bone buried somewhere. Here? There? Where arr?)

(Sunshine: Let me go please... I hate water monster!)

(Sunshine running away for dear life)

Later that afternoon, Unc Barren & Aunty Suzi brought us to this shop called 'Tong Juan" in Kemaman for its famous stuffed crab. It was super duper yummy! We both love it very much. It taste especially good with its chilli.

(the crab shell is stuffed 'pau pau' with crab meat. No shortchange one. RM7.50 per crab)

(the interior of the shop)

(Harrison acted all excited & happy dunno why)

(oh, kononnya he asked me to snap a photo of the signboard with its website so that those of you who visited Redbabe, can check out their stuffed crab.)

(It was so yummy that we even tapau some back to Ruby's)

That evening, Uncle Barran belanja us dinner at this restaurant near Residences Inn. Didn't get the name of the restaurant. We had curry fish head, blackpepper prawn and sambal sotong I think.

(the restaurant we had dinner)

Back in Ruby's we lepak for awhile with Aunty Suzi & her gang while Ruby & Aaron were boxing away with Wii games. For the record, Ruby sucks in games. She lost in boxing as well as tennis. Better stop kutuk-ing or I'll be banned from her resort next time or I wont get my baby plant. Aww... Ruby is such a sweet person!

Stout on the other hand, were a nuisance running all over the room creating crackling noise with his new found toy, the mineral water bottle. After that, Harrison & I wanted to go for a walk on the beach to get away from all the craziness but unfortunately, it started to drizzle again... haiz... In the end, we went back to our room and continue with our books.