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Monday, April 23, 2012


I m starting my two weeks block!!! How awesome is that? ;) Just got back from a colleague's wedding and it was really nice! Had so much fun! Will upload photos later though cause blogspot just don't seems to allow photo upload from iPad. Any idea?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

What a (eventful) week!

Two days ago (Thurs), as I walked to the carpark happily with a huge cup of Crumbs' Yogurt Ice Cream in hand, got into the car, closed & locked the door, put on the safety belt, put in the key, turned the ignition, there were no respond.  It went dead on me.  The darn car went dead on me twice within a year!  Wtf?!

And so I called the husband.  

Husband: "Hey, how are you today?"
Me: "Oh, I am AWESOME!"
Husband: "Yes? How can I help you?"
Me: "Nothing really.  Just that the car is not feeling so good."
Husband: *pause* "Huh?"
Me: "The darn car went dead on me.  Again."

Lols...  I told him I'll call the toll free and not to worry.  And so I called the toll free.  Went for coffee and donut and read some book while waiting.  The husband arrived before the mechanic who arrive some 40 minutes later.  Jumped start the car and we drove it straight back to the workshop.

It was destressing dinner of cold beer, roast pork, baked mussels after that.  So I was lamenting... what an unlucky week.  First I kissed a butt.  Next the car went dead.  The husband said... "It is not unlucky, just some downs...".. "yeah...".

On way back home, we got flagged down by a police car along Federal Highway out of no reason.  We were cruising along and the next thing we knew, some bright blue/red light flashing behind us flagging us to the side of the road.  The police got out, asked for the husband's license & ID, make some calls or checking dunno what, gave us back the stuff and asked us to move along.  Some random check I think.  

I said.. "Told you it is a bad week.... what's the odd?" and we both laughed.  Let's just go home and stay low profile.  I just wanna lay in my bed for the rest of the hours... lols... Even that, I think I slept thru a bad stomach cramp.  I told the husband last night, he replied this... "Luckily you didn't shit in the bed..."....hahahahahahaha.....

Anyway, as for the car, it was no big deal.  The battery died.  Changed a new one and got the car back yesterday morning!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Last Friday, We Became Sashimi (for the fish)

If raw fish fed to human are called 'sashimi', what do we call raw human that was being fed to fish?  Hmmm.....

Last Friday night, after the little kissing in the butt incident in the morning, we were loitering around MValley waiting for our movie marathon to start; well, we were sort of weird that evening, went for two movies back-to-back; Wrath of the Titan followed by The Hunger Games which lasted till wee hour of the morning, 2am.  

Having about an hour to spare, no available foot reflexology slot left, I instigated the husband to try the 'Fish Spa'.  He was skeptical but gave in.  I told him, it is just 30 minutes.  Even if you hate it, it is just 30 minutes.  Won't die one.  Lols....

The whole experience was rather funny.  The moment we paid, washed our legs and stepped into the fish area, the fishes that greeted us was not those smallies shown at the display.  It was at least 4 inches long each.  I just blurted... "Wtf.... these would eat my entire feet man...!"... 

The helpers heard me and laughed.... they said I can start with the smallest fish and slowly upgrade to the bigger ones as I get used to it.  I tell you, it was super ticklish.  The husband were trying so hard to keep his feet in the water.  He simply couldn't stand the tickles.  I make him to keep his feet under long enough for a photo... poor fella...Hahaha....

I, on the other hand, upgraded to Stage 2, the next bigger fish.  I just keep my eyes shut and chanting my mantra.... "mind over matters.... mind over matters... it is not ticklish... it is not fishes.... it is OSIM foot massager".... hahahahahahaha.....

That's about the furthest stage I've ever gone.  Will I try again?  Nope.  How do my feet feel after that?  A little smoother.  Lols.....

Love those picture though.  Priceless.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Last Friday, I kissed (a butt)

Last Friday morning, as I was traffic jamming to work, I accidentally kissed the ass of this car.  It was just a small bump.  Got off my car, check on my victim's damage, nothing really, and apologized.  To my utter surprised, he was rather dramatic and went... "This is really BAD....!".  I laughed.  No, not out of sarcasm.  It was truly funny to me.  I ran my finger thru his bumper, I can't find the BAD part. :p  Mind you, all these while, I didn't even glimpse at mine.

Anyway, I gave him my numbers for him to claim his damages.  Didn't wanna hold up the morning traffic any longer.  Saw him took a picture of my car and decided I should do the same too.  The moment I stepped into the office, he called.  Said his car is absolutely noisy now after the accident and I was like... "where possible???".

Sent him to talk to our regular mechanic.  Apparently, his bumper clip broke which resulted the bumper to hit against the exhaust.  Got it fixed and he demanded a spray of new coat of paint for the bumper.  Just two tiny scratch which were not even visible.  *#$^%&

As for your's truly, only wallet damaged - RM320 in total.  Car, zero damage.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another colorful day

Got together earlier this evening for a Korean dinner to celebrate two girlfriends birthdays at Gojoryo, Hartamas.  Dinner was awesome and company were ever more so.
The shoju must have taken effect.  You can tell from all our happy faces. All those dramatic expressions. Lols.
A short round two at Bavarian Beerhouse with another group.  
And lastly, I thought this is a lovely shot.  Complete with caption some more uploaded by my girlfriend. hehehehe...  

Anyway, goodnight and have a lovely Thursday!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's nice, when on a bad day, someone tried his best to make you a little happier and love you little more. -.-

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Colorful Monday - Of completed Photobook & Chillaxing @ Whisky Bar

I was browsing thru the weather forecast on my Iphone last night.  When it shows 'rainy' for today, I laughed.  True enough, woke up to a wet Monday.  Pretty accurate eh?  Tomorrow supposed to be the same.  Let's wait and see. 

It was pretty uneventful at work today except for the arrival of one of the Photobook which I've been rushing off this past week.  The one I made for our HK & Macau trip.  Super excited & super nice! :)  Totally satisfied and pleased with myself.
 The cover of our book.  A photo of our shadows.  Yeah, I was having my Mickey ears on. :)
 The inside of the book.  Nice!
This would be my 4th book.  Previously made one for mom for Mother's day years ago.  Then one for our Bali trip in 2009, one for all the trips I took with mom in 2010 and now this.
Am excited waiting for another one completed last Friday at Genting to be delivered.  That would be for our Beijing trip in 2010.  So excited that I could burst!
Met up with Florence who I haven't seen for awhile for some catching up at Whisky Bar after work.  Also an early birthday dinner for her. :) 
Nice food, nice drinks + nice company.  How much better can it get for a Monday? :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

I am a Superwoman!

I think I am indeed a superwoman!  

Were up in Genting on Fri night with the car kakis.  Off to JB early Sat morning for prayers.  Check in, showered, and left for Singapore for dinner with some friends.  Got back to JB way past midnight.  And this morning, check out and off we went to JPO.  Nothing much there really.  Got back KL at 6:30pm, fed & cleaned all four dogs, washed two load full of laundries (handwashed some), fold and put away a basketful of clean ones, take out the rubbish, vacuumed the settee, tidied up the entire house, went out for dinner, ironed some work clothes for the week, showered and do up my horrible nails and now, updating here.  

So, am I a superwoman or what? I think I might be able to fly too if I want it hard enough...lols...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

All Souls Day - Chinese Version

It's that time of the year again.  The Chinese' All Souls Day (Cheng Beng).  Where we would throng the cemetery, spring clean the tombs/graves of our ancestors, pray and offer the many varieties of goodies we enjoyed here in life, in paper version, so that they will enjoy them too in afterlife.
It is getting more and more creative.  They even have dentures.  Why would they need dentures in afterlife?  :p  

I never a firm believer in these until my dad, who I hardly knew, came to my dream all of a sudden, on the last day of Cheng Beng, asking for new shirts.  :p  It was so him.  He would not bother me unless he don't have a choice.  Since then, I'll just do it for the sake of doing it.  Since I am the one and only, if I dont do it, who else would?   

So if you are driving outstation for Cheng Beng, drive safe ya!