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Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's A Magical Plant

I have this pot of magic plant that never die.  It was gift from a girlfriend who bought it from Cameron Highlands about 2 years ago.

So, why is it magical?  Well, most plants from the highlands usually won't last long in a non-highlands weather.  This pot I have not only lasted for more than 2 years, I've lost count of the number of times it has bloomed pretty flowers like these.

Just a year ago, I thought it finally succumbed to our hot weather when it left two miserable tiny leafs.  Left it at a corner for quite sometime till one fine day, it started blooming again!  Had two flowers last month, and this month, spotted another bud growing out of it! :)  Magical!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rock-A-Capella, My First

Went to watch Fork, a rock-a-capella group, brought in by Gardner & Wife Theatre at PJ Live Arts two Fridays ago.  A sold-out performance in Scandinavia.  This is my first time watching an a-capella performance and it was sooo...... awesome!  Fantastic voices and superb talents.  They make music without instruments.  Enjoyed the show so much!  They had us all off our seats, dancing away by end of the night... :)  

For more info, click HERE.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A little of everything from Jul - Sept

Oh god.... I think I am dead.  It has been so long, it feel as if I cease to exist.

No, I am not THAT busy, I am just exhausted.

Anyway, i know i've yet to complete Korea, but what the heck... let's just me just share what I've been up to since a long time ago. :p

Since July, I have gone to Laos & Luang Prabang and came back.

Celebrated our birthdays with a bunch of friends in August....

Took an impromptu trip to nowhere and almost ended up sleeping on the street in Penang during Raya holidays... we did finally get a place after enquiring more than 10 hotels. *lucky*

Did a dance show in September that took place in Modesto Caps Square that comprises a strip tease interlude before a Bachata.  A pretty fun and sexy piece to do.  Costume were a little slutty, but, I am sure down the road 10 years, when I look back, I'll be glad I did it.  Like they always says, flaunt it while you still have it. :)

A Columbian Salsa which concentrated mostly on footworks.

And Cumbia, a traditional Latin American dance.

Also in September, got together with some friends at TDH's Scott Garden, to celebrate another friend's birthday...

And, also in September, participated in a French Cuisine cooking class with Nathalie, organized and sponsored by the bank...
Learned to bake the yummiest baguette (still dreaming of it)... no photos unfortunately....

And this, Tomato Crumbles with Goat Cheese starter...

Some Cod Fish thingy as main course which I forgotten the full name...

And heavenly Berries Pavlova... easy peasy....

Besides all the above, mom came to visit, I've gone back to Kluang once, skipped a trip to Hanoi, busy with the new house' and etc....

Exhausting.  I gonna hibernate.