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Friday, July 30, 2010

My Friend's Success - F1 Recreation

Jeannie, another girlfriend of mine, my coffee buddy.  We are not one of those girlfriends that need to speak/see each other 24/7.  Just one of those that meets up every few months or so, yet, can just fall right in where we last left it.  

Was invited to the opening of her company, the F1-Recreation past Wednesday and boy it was happening.  Not only were the event superbly planned, the things that she have achieved for the company were simply awesome.  I am really proud of her.

Met her 8 years ago in a fitness event we both participated.  Back then, life was really tough for her - single mom with two kids.  Having just gotten back from Bermuda with zero work experience, it was truly a struggle for her.  I am so glad that things work out so well for her now.  

Managed to meet up with our other coffee buddies at the opening too.  Though it was just for couple of hours, I had a great time.

Starstruck Two Tuesdays Ago

Life has been anything but mundane lately.  Am packed to the brim almost everyday for the past two weeks.  Other than the stints in the kitchen, was a little starstrucked too.  Invited by a friend last Tuesday to witness the official opening of the MODA fashion show in Pavillion.  Saw lots of local 'quite famous' people up close and personal.  No, I kept my jaw closed.  Didn't drop my jaw like a starstruck teenagers eventhough I was pretty excited within.  Hehehe... 
The show was nice.  But the part that I enjoyed most was getting all dolled up, meeting up with girlfriends, walking down the red carpet, striking a pose at the event's backdrop for the photographers, flash lights bursting all over, free flow of colourful cocktails + finger foods, surrounded by pretty people, sitting on Datuk Jimmy Choo's table... it all felt so... glamourbulous (glamourous + fabulous).  Felt so SATC!  Except that the last point was because Datuk Jimmy Choo was no where in sight and it was such a pity to leave the table empty. So, we did him a favour by filling the table with some pretty faces and that is, us. :p

Saw the pregnant Amber Chia (yup, confirmed a vase. Only good to look at.  The moment she talk, it is like O.M.G.).  Saw Dato' Jimmy Choo the world class shoe maker later, Ling Tan the famous international model, Melinda Looi and her little girl, Daphne Iking, Carven Ong and many many more who look famous (but I don't know who they are).  It's not them, it's me.  I am quite ignorant when it come to this department.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Secret Art To Looking Good

Chatted with an old friend over msn few days back.  It was nice.  Catching up on each other's life.  Like my mom, she commented that I look good in the pictures posted.  I replied her like how I replied my mom.  That's because I have all the ugly and fat ones locked up in a safe and threw the keys away.  :p  Now you guys have it... the secret art to looking good.  That is, to lock up/hide/burn all your ugly photos... hehehe...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The DeliQueNos - Friday Chill Out (Drink & Play)

So, how did the Tiramisu went?  The reactions were like these...
Touched to the core of her heart...
(Left) The taste were just too exhilarating...  (Right) Emotional...

Seriously?  Lols... The tiramisu turned out rather disappointing.  Looked alright, tasted alright.  Just that it got soggier and soggier somehow.  I got frustrated and chucked it in the freezer.  No eyes see (mo ngan tei!).  Lols...  To cut long story short, it was more like an ice cream than a tiramisu after that.  The pictures above were taken when they happily take a bite of the strawberries (which was super cold inside).  The expression?  Timeless...  Not only were the strawberries icy cold inside, it was sour too!  I think the coldness intensified it's sourness... hahahaha...
Our small group had a chill out drinking session at my place last Friday.  It was perfect.
Dinner was simple.  One brought curry chicken & fried meehoon.  Me, baked a small loaf of lasagna and that experimental tiramisu. ;p  Another brought tidbits to go with the drinks. Perfect not?  For the first time, the portions of food were just nice.  There were no leftovers.  Nice...
The main itinerary of the night were just to drink and play.  Dinner were just something we have to do to fill our stomach.  Somehow, we ended up spending most of the time in the kitchen - eat, talk, laugh... never ending story.  Luckily the food finished.  Otherwise, the main itinerary would be just that - eat, talk, laugh... :p
That's Florence doing the boxing.  She ended up having a backache the next day. 
That's Derek having a go at it.  Arms ached next day.
And that's me doing the victory dance.  Still am not spared.  Arms ached too the next day.

We didn't play for very long cause somehow the Wii was kinda acting up.  It was working perfectly fine before that day and after that day.  Just on 'THAT' day that it acts up.  Hmmm...  I concluded that they jinxed my Wii... hehehehe....
This is one group of friends that you'll never have an awkward silence situation.  Everyone always have something to say.  Every minute, every seconds.  And it is always really funny.  Met them about a year ago when I joined this salsa class nearby.  And the rest are history.  We called our little group 'The DeliQueNos'.  

Friday, July 23, 2010


My first attempt at Tiramisu.  I think it is a bit too soggy.  Haven't tasted it yet though.  Got a little impatient last night while I was making it.  Should have beaten the mixture a tad longer.
It supposed to turn out looking like this after slicing.  Since mine kinda soggy, we will probably just dig in straight.  Should taste not too far off. ;)

Lesson learnt:- Patience, patience and more patience.

Spinach, Ham & Mushroom Lasagna

Attempted this recipe for dinner today - Spinach, Ham & Mushroom Lasagna. 

And it turned out looking like this. I thought it looks pretty alright though a little different from the picture in the recipe book. The verdict...

Outlook: 5/10
Harrison said it doesn't look yummy.  I asked him is it because it look like a pile of shit?  He said ya.  I told him restaurant's lasagna also look like a pile of shit like this what... -.-

Taste: 9/10
He finished all two portions and licked the plate squeaky clean (that's all that's left.  I made 4 portions and alone, I wallop 2 portions myself before he came home :p). Need to say more?

According to the food taster, he said this one is much much much yummier than the previous one I made.  Well, he loves spinach.  Love mushrooms  & ham too.  So basically it is everything that he loves. How can it not be much much much yummier?  

Will be having some friends over tomorrow for some chilling out session.  Since I still have some leftover ingredients for lasagna, maybe I'll just make another loaf for them.  Also, just completed a tiramisu and it is now left to refrigerate overnight in the fridge.  Will see how this one turn out tomorrow. ;) *keeping fingers crossed*

Thursday, July 22, 2010

As I was waiting for the oven to heat up; for another lasagna recipe, a friend called.  It was sort of hilarious.  She called me from her office, in midst of her works, to confirm a fact which I blogged about 6 months ago, which happened a year ago.  After confirming the fact, she said it was depressing... Depressing of something that happened a year ago *faint*.  She is cute & funny like that sometimes.  Dbefinitely lighted up my day!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Furs

Sunshine - My 6 years old Miniature Schnauzer.
Rumba - My 9 years old Lhasa Apso, turning into a Dalmatian, age spots.
Rumba's tail.

Yin & Yang

Sunshine, no tail.
BFF - "Best Friends Forever"

Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm not sure where I've been this World Cup Season.  The only match that I've ever really watched was Brazil against Netherland. And that game, I lost RM100.  I did heard about Paul the octopus.  Just 'Paul the octopus'.  And nothing else about it.  And I thought it must be some kind of super technique this footballer name Paul must have invented to earn him the nick 'octopus'.  Only today, I realized that Paul is indeed a real octopus.  A super power psychic octopus with eight tentacles.  Sotong.  I meant me.  (Sotong = a kind of octopus = blur case in local slang).

Bali (Part 5) - More sightseeing & shopping (Tanah Lot)

It was bright and sunny the next day when we were at Tanah Lot.  The sky was so blue!
The new mascot of Tanah Lot. "Welcome, welcome!"
Common sight in Bali.  The Barong (I think).
We got hold of a tourist with kick an ass huge camera, like super pro like that, to take this shot of us together.  As it turned out, it sucks.  Not only were we out of focus, the composition were kinda off too.  *shake head* (LOOK like pro only...).
It was high-tide when we got to Tanah Lot.  Therefore, not able to cross over  to the temple in the cave under the little island.
Terri wanted to walk out to the edge of the rock where the girl in yellow stood.  You know, to get to where we already were we have to walk on slippery rocks, waddled thru almost knee deep water and braved strong waves which at one point, even got right up to my thigh and wet my shorts.  I screamed.  Lols... Actually, I don't mind getting wet.  I don't even mind if I fall into the sea.  The water was pretty cold and refreshing in fact.  I just cant bear the thought of ruining my camera.  :p  

Then I heard they announcing something over the loud speakers there and saw someone waving our direction.  I told Terri... "I think they are asking us to go back already... the waves is getting strong...".  Only after we got back that I realized they were actually announcing something for the event they were having there that day.  Totally nothing to do with us. :p  Terri gave me a look and went.. "Mo kwai yong..."... hahahaha.
This one turned out quite nice.  We found another 'look like pro' photographer at this very spot taking photos of his wife, to help us with this one.  We took quite a few shots and he even advise us to brighten them up slightly with PS and they will be perfect.  I guess this one is pro. :p 
After all that sightseeing, it was time to do some serious works - SHOPPING!  It was actually the highlight of our Tanah Lot outing.  Even Harrison can tell you that, for shopping, go to Tanah Lot!  Really, they are not as tough as in Ubud.  They are happy as long as they sell something.  No calculator throwing stunts. ;) hehehe..
We had fun trying on the many hats too.  I tried this one made of dried straws which left lots of bits and pieces of straws on my head after I took it off... 
I thought she look like a curious puppy in this photo... 
Then she have a go at the straw hat I tried earlier...
Halfway thru our FUN (trying on hats & taking photos with it), we noticed the makcik of the stall doesn't look very pleased with the FUN we were having with her hats :p.  And so, I bought this.  The cheapest hat in the world.  RM5 I think.
After all the talking & the sun-ning, it was coconut time!  Terri's coconut is bigger than her head!

Farmers working on a paddy field.  This shot was taken by Terri.  Very nice reflection of clouds.  

It was pampering sessions again after Tanah Lot.   We went to this huge spa recommended by Meko.  It was ok, but we both prefer the first spa we went to on Day 1 in Kuta.  We did the whole pampering package again - massage, scrub, wrap, flower bath + jacuzzi!  Still the same saying... I never felt so clean!  Lols... Whatever they were using is definitely working cause we thought we were kinda fair after all the treatments.  Or maybe we were originally fair.  Just that our fairness were dark out  beneath all those dirt.  :p
When we got back to Kuta, we requested Meko to drop us off at Warung Made (pronounced as Ma De).  Though not really hungry, I insisted that Terri should try their nasi campur and she loves it.  Trust me, they are yummy.  More so if you are hungry.  :)

Note: Warung Made have two outlets in Bali.  One in Kuta along Jl. Pantai (I think) and another one in Seminyak/Legian area.  I don't remember their exact menu but I do remember that they serves pretty good Balinese food especially their nasi campur.  A must try definately!

A temple opposite Warung Made.  Very intricate carving.
After Warung Made, it was more shopping before we headed down to the infamous Kuta Beach.
Karate kid... 
When I booked the hotel for our trip, I forgot to request that we wanted twin-sharing.  When we arrived, all that was left is a king sharing.  So I teased Terri... "Eh, so romantic hor... you & me, enjoying sunset by the beach... sharing a bed... spa in same room... we like lesbian on honeymoon le..." hahaha.... 
As I was busy trying to take the sunset with the right settings, a vendor walked up to us offering non-permanent tattoo.  Terri told the vendor no thank you and she turned to me and said... "Confirmed already la... she think we are that."  I went like... "That what?".  She continued..."lesbians la...".  I replied.. "Really? Why?".  She said, "She asked whether we wanna do love love tattoo or not...". hahahahahahaha... That was just so funny...
That night, we had a simple dinner in a really nice restaurant along Kuta beach (behind Discovery Mall).  
When saw these tables in the pool, we straightaway pointed out we wanna sit there.  Seriously, it was so comical to think of it now.  Got proper table and chair on dry land don't wanna sit.  Purposely pick on table & chairs in the water and have our feet soaked till all wrinkly.  Lols.... Really arr... like from some kampung only....hahaha... suaku!
And that, pretty much concluded our trip.  We had such great time.  Already start thinking for our the next destination.  Ahh.....