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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Being the BLESSED one.

Last day of the year..! :) I wanted to do a recap, halfway thru, I thought it was rather boring.  Then I thought of sharing my fondest memories for 2011.  As I was browsing thru, I noticed I have tonnes of fond memories and I don't know where to begin.  And then, I've come to a realization - I AM BLESSED.  VERY INDEED.
MANY great friends actually....
HUNDREDS I think...
TONNES of them really....
And I think I lost count.  That many.  Ya. (Disclaimer: For those of you who faces did not appear here, you are still awesome.  Just grab me for a photo when we meet next) :)
A cute mom who put up with a cuter daughter's nonsense irregardlessly.
A crazy husband who lives with all my crazy rules & ideas ...
 ... which can get quite out of hand sometimes.  Example, for a moment, I would like this... God knows what I was trying to do...
...next I will be on the dirt.... lols... So, it's quite a package he signed up for.  Hahahaha....
I've an AWESOME job where I've met many greater people and lots more fun things to do!
Other than lots of mad parties....
There were lots of mad activities too which I enjoyed immensely!
Some were even charitable like how we cleaned up the beach in Port Dickson or....
... when we painted an old folks home at TiRatana.... or the last for 2011 where we helped out at the Pertiwi Soup Kitchen to hand out food to the underprivilege right thru midnight all over the city center. 
Not that I love my job exactly (not that I hate it either), I guess I simply love all the other things that comes with the job.  :)   The many happy people that I met. :)  Just last night, we decided to go karaoke and had a blast crooning away!
Other than the many various individuals, I am Blessed also because I get to do many things I love.  I get to dance; can be quite tiring sometimes but still, I get to dance, I get to travel and lots lots more I am blessed with.

To cap it off, I am not just indeed VERY BLESSED, I think someone up there must have loves me to bits & pieces. :)  And for that, heartfelt.  Thank you.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

A little late, but better late than never.  Wish you had AWESOME  Christmas last week and even more AWESOME New Year come this weekend!

- Happy 2012 -

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Couple of weeks back, I was very gungho about extending my lashes.  It was playing in my head for awhile and when I saw this promotion on one of those coupon site, I jumped right it.  Got myself an appointment first before even purchase the voucher.  :p Kiasu syndrome... Lols....

And so, I had my lashes extended on Saturday at 3:30pm and got it removed on Sunday 5:45pm... hahahahaha.... No, it was not a blotch job.  In fact, rather nice.  It would be nicer if it is thicker.  But I can live with that.  Reason of me having it removed after 24 hours was because, it irritates the hell out of me.  I don't like the feeling of  not being able to wash my face and sweep my eyes freely without having something rough getting in the way and poking away on my eyelid.  I was so so very tempted to just peel everything off... and of course I didn't.  It was some kind of super duper powderful glue.  I might probably peel off my entire eyelid. :p

It was so disturbing until it was written all over my face... hahaha... While the husband was talking away over brunch on Sunday, he just stopped whatever he was saying and said this... "We will find somewhere to get it off by today ok?"... hahahahaha.... any of you out there have eye lashes extension done and dont feel a thing poking???

Finally got them all off in the evening by the pro using some kind of special solvent and I was all ME again, with my very own lashes.  Lols...  I learned a lesson from this experience and I shared them with the husband.  I told him this...

"The moral of the story is, whatever that is not originally part of us like eyelashes extension, acryllic nail extension, hair extension and so forth would feel weird/uncomfortable/clumsy/awkward.  So I guess if I get a boob job done, it would feel the same too - weird/uncomfortable/clumsy/awkward."  He paused for a moment and replied this..."Not neccessary since it is embedded inside you..." (Men being men!  So typical!).  And I continued..."... probably I will be knocking things off with my bigger boobs since it is not part of me to start with and I am not used to the added dimension!" hahahahahaha......  the thought of it was so funny!  Lols...

Anyway, back to my eyelashes extension story.  Here are some pointers I found on the internet if you wish to get your's done.

1) Cheap not necessary be good.  - Mine was ok.  But finds it a bit messy and not thick enough.
2) Make sure it is a certified eyelash extension-er... :p - meaning, well trained and have good reviews.
3) To let them know exactly what you have in mind.  Preferably a picture.
4) Do not allowed extended lashes to come in contact with any oil based eye make up remover.  
5) It's a hassle to remove your eye make up.  Need to use a cotton bud to slowly remove them.
6) Never ever try to DIY the removal of your extension.  There are many online site that recommended to use eye make up remover, steam & so forth.  Just go back to the same place you have them fix to remove them.  Only them have the solvent to melt away those super glue. :p

So, good luck & have fun!

p/s: Oh, the lady said that so far, only 2 have got it removed due to irritation.  So rest assured that I am just a minority few. :)  Go ahead and try them!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I am back from my retail therapy after 4d/3n.  :)  Since the last trip I was in Bandung in March, I have told myself it is not worth splurging my hard earn money shopping here in Malaysia - too expensive for high quality pieces.  And likewise for Bangkok, though cheap, the quality was of ultimate lousiness.  A pant that I gotten from there didn't even last more than 3 wash!  Tsk!
(Day 1's loots)

Before i was exposed to Bandung, whenever someone mentioned about it being a shopping paradise, I would wonder.... "what is there to shop in Bandung?".  How can a remote town in Indonesia which I hardly heard of be  a shopping paradise?  What kind of things can one shop from such a third world country?  I always have this thing in my head that puts Indonesia as a backward country.  The only kind of shopping that I can visioned of are those like in Bali, little stalls all set up along roads and I am really not so keen. Nevertheless, I went in March this year cause I wanted very much to get away to some place.

I was caught flabbergasted when I got there.  The shoppings were indeed amazing.  If you were to tell me about shopping in Bangkok, I would say, save your bucks.  Though cheap (not so cheap now compared to what it used to be), its quality were of total sham!  The first thing I did after I got back from my trip in March was to book another air fix for Nov so that it would be timely to shop for Christmas & Chinese New Year.
(breakfast by the pool)

And that's how I ended up in Bandung this time round :)  Believe it or not, I was there all alone.  My travel buddy, Terri, couldn't make it on the very last minute.  I was already on my way to the airport.  Decided to just go ahead, on my own.  The husband was worry though...  It's too last minute to have him join me.  Anyway....

Despite of eating alone, chilling out alone, watching tv alone, shopping alone, sleeping alone (which I don't like but got used to anyway) for 4d/3n straight, I actually had a great time!

The day was all about shopping, shopping, shopping and coffee, coffee, coffee.  And the night was all TV.  There are so many channels to choose from.  Cesar Milan, The Kardashians.... It has been a long time since I've watch so much tv. :p 
(Entrance to Rumah Mode)

Prior to my trip, I've already decided that my first stop would be Rumah Mode.  I was there from 10am - 4pm.  Crazy right? Hahaha... That 6 hours include lunch break and hopping out to two other outlets next door.. Lols...  The husband was quite alarm when I told him I was at one place for 6 hours...
Look what I've found in their menu.  'Nasi Goreng Buntut'.  Direct translation would be "Butt Fried Rice"... hehehe... things like these always cracks me up!  It was actual 'Oxtail Fried Rice'!
 And this other one, they refer toilet bowl as closet.  Lols.... And we keep clothes in closet. :p
I spent 1.5million in just a day.... sound like so rich.... hahahaha.... 1.5million Indonesian Rupiah la.... (which is just about RM470 or US$150).  I almost blew up my entire budget on that Day 1.  Like a mad woman set free.  Kept grabbing everything in sight.  Luckily I realized in time or I would end up watching tv for the rest of my trip.  hahahaha...
The other thing I love about shopping in Bandung is, most of the outlets have a little alfresco cafe set up within it where you can just sit back and relax with a book when you are tired (after shopping a whole day).  Day 2 was spent at Jalan Riao.  Picture above was taken at 3rd floor of Cascade.  :)  The kois in the pond were bigger than my two thighs put together!
Found a brand new Korean supermarket along Jalan Riao (which wasnt there the last time we were there).  Bought a loaf of bread which I super love cause it is without skin, a can of tuna & some junk food.  I dislike bread with skin and I dislike wholemeal.  I know, they are suppose to be the healthier choice, well, I just don't like them. :p
The initial plan was to just head down Jalan Riao for awhile.  Then maybe I would head back to Rumah Mode.  Unfortunately , by the time I am done there, it was already almost 5pm (and quite a bad damage to the purse too).  Since I am on my own, didn't wanna be heading back too late.  One must be a little streetwise when travelling alone.  When the cab driver asked... "you on your own?" I would just replied, "Oh no... I am meeting my friends there...".. you get what I mean?

My best best buy on day two was a Burberry trenhcoat!  I am still head over heels grinning from ear to ear... :)  hehehehehe....
Picture above was my favourite spot at Rumah Mode, right by another beautifully landscaped Koi pond which was taken on Day 3. :)  Nice.  Especially so when it rained.  And it has been on/off raining throughout my trip.  It can be sun shining one second and heavy downpour another second before it was sun shiny again!  Weird highland's weather!  This time round not as cool as last trip though.  The local says that when it rained, it will be less cold.
My lunch of Ayam Penyet (Smashed chicken?).  The husband said it looked pathetic when I mms him the picture.  But it tasted rather delicious *yummy*!
Bought bunch of stuff on this third day.  Basically, just browse through the entire outlet again to see if I missed out anything.  Hahahahaha.... what to do, nothing else to do what... :p  Got myself a nice comfy Victoria Secret PJ, dresses and more shirts for the husband.  He is in dire need of more new clothes.  He is one man with ZERO fashion sense and have total NO interest in clothing.  Believe you me, he still wearing some of the shirts I saw him wearing 10 years ago!
Back in the hotel, had fun going thru all my new stuff!  Trying them on, taking picture of them... hahaha... before packing them up... :)
It was a good trip nevertheless.  Love solitude-ness of it.  When the husband came to pick me up at LCCT, the first thing he said was.... "No more another time... " :p  Hahahaha......

p/s: Not only did I gone Bandung and came back, I also gone to Ruby's Resort (again) and came back, volunteered at Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, almost donated my blood and etc........... omg.  I need to slowed down!