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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weight, Scars & Overhaul

I stand at 1.66m and in my early twenties, my weight was yoyo-ing between 56-58kg.  58kg for 1.66m may be alright but somehow I look fat & bloated.  Then, along the way, managed to bring it down to 52-54kg.  It was ideal.  As years gone by, I began to pile on again and reached a whopping 59-60kg.  Weird thing is, at 59-60kg, I dont look how I used to look at 56-58kg.  I actually look alright.  Unexplainable, X-Files.

So I have been 59-60kg for quite awhile; I think so cause I don't have a weighing scale at home. Every year, my new year resolution would be to loose some weight. Every year, the husband resolution would be to have a baby.  It's doesn't jive.  Lols...  Anyway, finally bought one scale recently after I had Aaz cause I decided that maybe I should at least REALLY know exactly how much I weight.

When I had both Gabb & Aaz, I started off at 60kg. Gained 12kg for Gabb and 9kg for Aaz.  For both, I lost the baby weight after a month.  When I had Gabb, I was a little conscious and watch what I eat.  For Aaz, I am eating literally like a cow.  Around the clock.  But mostly are healthy snacks.  :p

So basically I am back to my bikini self of course minus the still a little flabby tummy and tonnes of eczema scars which flares up during pregnancy.  Don't care la... I had two babies!  Who cares about eczema scars :p. Say only, I care actually.  Hahahaha....

Plan to have a body overhaul after Aaz is weaned.  That would be in April 2015.  My scars, my boobs and my etc... Lols...  For time being, I just hope to lose another 2kg and it will all be good. :)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Happy Fullmoon Aaz!

With all the dramas at home, a month passed by too soon. Aaz just sort of celebrated his Fullmoon on 5th Nov (we don't celebrate fullmoon but 100 days instead).  His routine - milk, burp, poop, sleep and he grunt a lot (usually a sign that he needs more burping).

Family & friends has been visiting bringing gifts for the little one.  One of the interesting gift would be the diaper motorbike (top right).  So much effort has been put into it and now I feel a little dilemma whether if I should undo it for the diapers! :p

Once again, we ordered boxes of Fullmoon cakes to be distributed to mark the occasion.  

We have ordered numerous times from Yong Sheng - our wedding biscuits, Gabb's fullmoon boxes and now, Aaz' too.  Their packaging are simple & nice and the cakes yummy too.

Here's a gold chain with a little horse pendant (year of horse) & a big angpow for the little one from my colleagues at work.

And so, it has been a month.  Here's wishing our little one, Aaz, a healthy & happy life and he be filled with love & compassion!  We love you tonnes!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mantra of the Day - Just Watsapp!

With modern technologies and social network such as FB, it created an illusion that we are CONNECTED with friends/family.  Reality, we are not.  We may roughly know what's going on in their life and that's because it pops up on our home screen.  It's ironic how gaps are widened with so much connectivity.

Therefore, what I did was, whenever someone pops up in my mind, I would immediately drop he/she with a 'Hi, how have you been?' message.  It doesn't take a lot and it's a lovely gesture.  I know I would like that.  Don't you?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Birth Announcement Card

Aaz will be one month old next week!  How time flies amidst sleepless nights, breast pumping, dengue, blocked duct, fever & etc.  One hell of a month I would say!  

Order for 'Fullmoon cakes' have been placed for family & friends.  Reduced the quantity by half this time round as I lack the energy to deliver them all.  Still, a whopping 54 boxes.

Been busy designing the 'Birth Announcement Card' to go along with the cakes.  Isn't it cute?  :)  Already sent for printing.

By the way, I am getting pretty good in this multi-tasking business; while pumping, I can blog (that explains a sudden surge in my post), does banking, design cards, eat, catch up on world news and etc.  I need to save the in-between time for nap.  Pretty good at time management too huh?  Hahahahaha...

Friday, October 31, 2014

Mantra of the day - Keep Calm & Keep Ignoring

Over the years, I've friends who called up to chit chat every now and then be it over coffee, lunch, watsapp & etc and it always inadvertently will end up with some life issues and that gave me a 'light bulb' moment!  I've decided to inject some personal life mantras that I've been living by here in my blog every now and then (whenever I am inspired :p), with an intention to help & share.

We are all in our own learning path.  Everyone has their own ways.  Mine may not be the best.  But if it is able to fuel you with the slightest positive energy, my job is done. :)

Therefore, Redbabe's first MANTRA of the day would be:-

Don't allow what others have to say or think about you affect YOU.  We can't control what they want to think (unless we are Megamind) or say.  But, we can control how we want to react to it. You can choose to be upset or you can choose to ignore.  I would say...  KEEP CALM & KEEP IGNORING.  They are just being smart ass without realising it.  :p  

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gabb and His Episode of Dengue Fever

I should have known better how the 'law of attraction' works.  But, I can't help it.  Despite of taking as much precaution steps as we can, Gabb still got bitten by an aedes mosquito and got dengue fever.

To put everything in a gist, he started having fever a week after my delivery.  Fever subsided 5 days later and rashes appeared.  Rushed to emergency unit at hospital and doctors ruled out dengue, reason being: 
1) Dengue rashes are just red spots.  It will not be raised rashes.
2) He is too strong to be having dengue.  It took quite an effort to hold him down for the blood test.
3) His fever is just hovering around 38 deg celcious.  Dengue fever usually will peak at 40 and drop to normal next.  Very erratic.

We were asked to return next morning to see Gabb's regular paediatric.  We requested for another blood test (the night before failed due to clotting) just to have peace of mind.  An hour later, result came back positive and Gabb was admitted immediately.
Thank God somehow, for some strange reason, he choose to cling to his daddy.  I had a c-sec barely two weeks ago will not be able to carry him (12kg) 24/7.  He refused to be put on the bed.  Poor daddy have to carry him for hours and if lucky, roll him onto the bed without waking him up and quickly go for a toilet break or grab a bite.

I on the other hand, instead of 'confinement' where I am not suppose to expose to wind/rain/chill, was commuting between home & hospital & running little errands.  Spent the nights in hospital too just in case he wakes when daddy is taking a leak.  Despite of properly wrapped up, the super cold aircond at the hospital doesn't help at all.  Brought extra quilt on night two and set up a cozy corner for myself to snuggle.  Woke up drenched in sweat instead. Damn those post-partum hormone adjustment.  

It was actually pretty hard that few days there.  Body still exhausted, wound still healing, mentally still adjusting to the crazy breastmilk pumping hours (dozing off halfway in the middle of the night). The only good thing is my wound doesn't hurt much.  He is my son.  I will be more worried staying at home. :p

Glad that everything is alright now.  Apparently for dengue, from the start of fever to recovery, it takes 10 days approximately.  When he was admitted, it was already the 8th day.  I was not that worried but didn't want to say it out afraid it will jinxed it.  I am an Asian mom after all. :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Introducing Our Second Boy, Aazriel Woo

Our second boy, Aaz, arrived on the 6th of October 2014, safe & sound.  He is a dream!  We are so smitten.  

This second time delivery experience were even better compared to the first time (the previous time were already very good).  Probably cause I already familiar with my doctor, anaesthetist and the husband decided to join us in the Operating Room as well.  I know what to expect and I know I am in good hand.  The entire OR atmosphere were rather 'relaxing' with some latin music playing in the background. And I felt less nausea too unlike the previous time.

We were chit chatting on something (I think the doc just trying to relax me) and before I knew it, they already pushing the baby out.  I opted for c-sec due to too close a gap from my previous delivery. The first thing I said when I saw him was.. "Aiyo... you sooo CUTE!" hahahahaha...

Gabb has been great to his little brother, checking on him every now and then, patted his head gently. I believe he doesn't really bother about his existence and going on with his life as usual. Lols... The poor boy caught dengue fever the following week which I will write another time.

So now, for the past 3 weeks, we are reliving all the night feeds.  We are like... OMG!  Why are we putting ourselves thru this all over again? :p  We are still trying to gauge his feeding pattern.  Quite erratic.  When trying to poo, he cry for milk.  Trying to burp, he cry for milk too.  So sometimes, when he cry, we are not exactly sure if he is hungry, want to fart or want to burp.  He probably not sure himself too.  But we are slowly getting a hang of things.  

I on the other hand, is back to cow-ing.  Am pumping milk every other hour.  Trying hard not to miss any session so that I can maintain a good supply unlike the previous times, can hardly feed Gabb for half a day.  So my schedule is like... 12am, 3am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm.  The in between time during the wee hours, if I am lucky, will get to catch an hour or two of sleep after settling Aaz feeding/burping/nappy change.  The in between time in the afternoon, I try to nap as much as possible as mom will be helping out with Aaz.  

Was down with fever and flu like symptoms last two days due to a blocked milk duct is not helping at all.  Felt like I have been run over by a truck!  Anyway, fever is gone for now but duct still remained blocked.  My boob sore.  Am trying all means - hot/cold compressed, massage, pump.  Hope it clear of as soon as possible.  I am so exhausted.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Awaiting His Highness No.2

Hospital bag are all ready at the corner waiting.  Approximately 3 more sleeps to go before the BIG day.  Hopefully No.2 will stay where he belongs, snugs and warm, till then.  His EDD should be somewhere around third week of Oct. But due to elective csec, it will be two weeks earlier.  Rightfully, we shouldn't be expecting him anytime sooner than that but somehow, there were mild symptoms that labour may be anytime soon. *sweat*

Sleep has been rather uncomfortable these days.  My tummy has always been rock hard with this pregnancy and it is much worst now.  I told the husband that I feel like masking taping a huge rock to his body so that he knows 'exactly' how I am feeling now.  Hehe... 

Carrying Baby G throughout nine months was a breeze other than the first trimester nausea and never ending hunger pang.  I don't feel pregnant other that having a big tummy.  This time round, I really do feel like a whale.  A beached whale more like it.  I just wanna lay in the bed sideway and nothing else.  :p. The hard and stretched tummy is giving me aches all over the place.  I felt so exhausted.

My total accumulated weight were a couple kilos lighter this time round.  Hardly any water retention; still wearing my same pair of shoe.  Not much cramps either.  Have yet to reach 10kg mark. Hopefully able to shed them off and tone up all flabs in no time.  Can't wait to try on couple of new dresses still hanging in my wardrobe.

Anyway, we are all ready for His Highness arrival.  Hopefully, can yield better breastmilk production this time round.  Come what may. I am loving him already.  In full anticipation of having two little cheeky rascals running wild at home.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chinese Way of Confinement Care (Postnatal Care)

A Confinement Nanny

The main duty of a confinement nanny is basically to ensure the mommi is well rested and the newborn is well taken care of which includes taking over household duties such as laundry, cleaning of the house as well as cooking healthy confinement food for the mommi to ensure fast recovery.  At the same time, providing guidance & support on how to care for her newborn.

When we first had Gabb, we didn't managed to hire a confinement lady to take care of my needs during the first month after delivery.  Reason was, I started looking for one only after my first trimester.  I thought that would be a sensible time to start hiring one when things are stable.  Oh boy I was wrong!  Apparently, they are booked 9 months in advance if not earlier.  So basically, the moment you tested yourself positive, the first person you call is the -----> CONFINEMENT NANNY.  Not your hubby.  :p

This time round, I thought I out-smarted the system.  I called the confinement lady first before anyone else the moment I tested positive.  We agreed on her fees and I gave her my estimated due date.  All was well until 3 months later, she called to say she can't help me cause my two weeks earlier confirmed c-sec date (cause I am going for c-sec) clashed with another job she accepted.   I smelled something fishy.  Two weeks is not a big difference.  Found out later she accepted another job paying in SGD. *%$#$

And so I decided that I will never ever hire another confinement nanny even if I were to have another dozen of babies (really, it was just anger talking!).  Why should I subject myself to the mercy of others?  More so at the mercy of someone I am paying RM3.5k - RM4.5k excluding RM800 angpow to care for me?!  I must be mad.  Logic-less.

Seriously, it is not that hard to DIY our confinement.  Just dont think too complicated.  Actual fact, it is pretty simple.  Here are some tips and hope it helps new mothers who stumbled upon my blog:

1) Nutritious confinement meals: If you have a mom around to help, confinement herb packages for 24 days are available in most TCM shop with prices ranging from RM399 - RM999 complete with instruction.  Also, get a confinement recipes book for meals.  If you do not have anyone to help, just cater from confinement food caterers.

2) Confinement drinks: Some believe that new mothers are only allowed to drink red dates water or rice water.  Just pre-packed all those herbs in the fridge, get hubby to throw them into a slower cooker set on timer to boil every night.  Rice water are easier.  Pour hot water into thermos with 3-4 tablespoons of pre-prepared rice (washed, dried & roasted in wok) and voila!  You can alternate between the two types of drinks.  I on the other hand, drank plain water as well.  :p

3) Bathing herbs: To make life easier, get a big electric kettle at your floor (if u stay in double/triple storey home).  Put a kettle-full water to boil with one packet of those herbs came in 'teabag style' (bigger).  Once boiled, mixed it with a bucket of lukewarm water.  These bathing herbs are also readily available in most TCM shops.  Please dont tell me no-bathing for a month nonsense.  We are in Malaysia with 40 deg Celsius on average.  Not winter in China.

4) Avoid catching a chill:  Wrap yourself in a thick towel bathrobe before stepping out of the shower cubicle.  Down a pack of DOM to warm your body internally.  Dry your hair and etc. wait till you are totally dry and warm, then changed into your clothes (long sleeves, long pants & socks).  Another option for washing hair would be to head out for the salon.  Tell them you are in confinement and ask for a quick wash & blow dry. :)

5) Laundry: If washing machine is too tedious, there is always a launderette.  Just get hubby to drop it off.  

6) Disposable undies:  It's a blessing.  No need to worry about washing stained undies.  Just throw it away after wear.

7) Feeding/Burping/Swaddling/Bathing baby: Anything concerning baby care, you can always youtube it.  Plenty of good teachers out there.    

8) Postnatal massages: You can always signed up packages at beauty & spa centers who provide postnatal care or you can always engage a Malay Masseur to drop by at home which will probably cost approximately RM70/hour excluding 'bengkung' (body binding services).

9) Sleep in aircond/no aircond : I slept with aircond turned to 25 deg celsius and not directly blowing at me.  As long as the room is cool, it is good enough.  Better with a cool room than a fan blowing full blast.  Due to hormonal changes, you will tend to sweat a lot.  Just ensure that you are changed into dry clothes at all time to avoid catching a cold.

10) Heat pad: This is additional.  A girlfriend gotten me a heat pad with regulated temperature of approximately 2'x2' to sleep on.  I thought it is rather useful.  It kept my spine warm or soothe my aching shoulder from all those breastfeeding.

And last but not least, 

11) A positive outlook & a mantra: This is the most important.  Tell yourself... "It is just a baby. Easy peasy!" :)  hehehehe....

Really, the services rendered by a confinement nanny is overrated.  It is really not that hard.  I had a c-sec and I survived taking care of myself as well as baby Gabb.  You just need to be a little more cautious in things you do, taking care of your wound and etc :)  Be sensitive to your body needs and rest whenever you can!

We have no confinement nanny with Gabb and we survived.  Mom was around to help with the meals. This time round, we not only have mom but Ella as well (our Pinoy helper).  I don't see how we can't cope at a ratio of 4 adults to 2 infants!  Lols...

Good luck & enjoy your little bundle of joy!  Believe me, it is a beautiful experience. 

Disclaimer: All photos courtesy from original producer.  Googled from internet.  None are my own photos.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Announcement: Yes, we did it again!

Yes, we did it again.  Special package arriving in October 2014.

Photo taken on 17.8.2014 when I was 7 months 2 weeks.  Now, I am 8 months 1 week!

This is what prompted the tidying up of Gabb's drawer.  About time to get ready for the second bundle of joy!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Being a Malaysian living in Malaysia, we really do not know much about the significant of all Chinese festival or cultures.  Yes, we do know the story behind each festival, but really?  The culture of celebrations are usually passed down from our forefathers who had travelled to this land decades ago.

We will be celebrating Mid Autumn Festival tomorrow.  It's falls on the15th day of the 8th months of our lunar calendar.   But really, in Malaysia, we do not have autumn nor spring, summer, winter.  Same tropical weather all year round!  What mid autumn?  Hehehe...

Anyway, our definition of mid autumn will be these: Mooncakes, pameloes, lanterns, plenty of candles and of course the extra large round moon up in the night sky.  Lols...

Decided to make our own Mooncakes this year since can't get one that agree with my taste buds!  A little too sweet though, but what the heck!

Made two types, jelly ones with mango jelly filling & snow skin with lotus paste filling.  Not very pretty but I think passable!

Wishing everyone near & far a blessed Mid Autumn Festival!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby G's Drawers of clothes

Found some time to tidy up the drawers that were filled with Gabb's outgrown clothes and I was quite surprised by what I found.  I bought that much?!  It certainly doesn't feel so.    I have always been very conscious when come to shopping, not to over buy. 2 drawers full of his clothes.  Really?  Mind you,  they are huge drawers.  

Those on the table top are still too big to fit.  Those in drawers are outgrown pieces. :p

These in another drawer (3rd drawer) are his current wear.  Need replacing soon. Some are getting 'body fit'. Time to do some shopping!  Hahaha...  

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy birthday to us!

August come and gone and we both celebrated our birthdays just like any other days.  This year, the husband actually gotten me a cake!  One of the first for the 13 years we were together and I am impressed.  A buttercream cake, my all time favorites.  Love buttercream!  As for presents, he already gotten me quite lot of stuff this year; an iPhone 5, a watch, and so I guess it is justifiable. Hahahaha...

His birthday was 3 days after mine.  Got him a Mont Blanc wallet (probably the first expensive present I ever gotten him :p).  He is in dire need of a wallet.  Tempted to get a Prada but thought it was rather sissy for a man.  Took him to a nice dinner at Mariotte, complete with a birthday cake and wine which we took back instead.  Too full to finish.

Overall, it was a simple affair.  Life these days are very different from what we used to be.  'We' no longer meant only the husband and I.  But, the husband, I, Baby G, my mom + the helper.  All of a sudden, our household doubled from 2 to 5!  Something I am still trying to get a hang on especially when I am so used to being only me, myself & I (ok, the husband too). Hahaha...

Friday, August 22, 2014

National Day of Mourning - MH17 (A man made tragedy)

In view of the latest disaster that strikes our nation, the crashing of MH17, it has no doubt saddened and left many of us in shock especially so when the mystery of MH370 was just barely 4 months ago.      I was so hoping that it was another fabricated joke when I saw the breaking news over in FB.  Seriously?  Shot by missiles?  It was surreal at first.  Then, my heart goes out to all on board the ill fated flight.  I prayed that they did not suffer much.  When it began to sinked in, I got angry.  Why did human brought upon themselves all these unnecessary man made disaster??!

Greed.  It all boils down to more wealth & power.  Thus the fight against each other started.  To accumulate more.  How much is more?  And how much is enough?  If its not because of the greed of wanting more wealth and being more powerful, human beings would not need to fight against each other.  No weapons of destruction would ever be needed.  No conspiracy will ever take place.  

Did they not realized that we eventually turned into the same kind of dust at the end of the day irregardless of the mountainous wealth and boundless power accumulated?  Or nor there any difference in the type of dust of a beggar and a millionaire?

Money is just a paper with number that help us to move forward in this lifetime before transcending to the next.  If we are loving and harmony, we don't event need money. We would just help each other out.

Anyway, all that I can see is, it is inevitable that someday, we will all be destroyed by ourselves.  It has already started.  Every super power nations are building their ultimate weapon of destruction - nuclear bomb.  All it takes are just for them to start launching at each other and the mother of all war will begin and eventually wipe us all out leaving Earth lifeless and contaminated.

Rest in peace fellow passengers & crew of MH17.  Our deepest heartfelt condolences to the families & friends.

The husband & his Chronic Appendicitis

The husband was admitted to hospital for an emergency appendicitis operation yesterday when he decided to go for an ultrasound of a gnawing pain on his lower right abdomens.  The ultrasound then lead to a CT scan and subsequently admission and an emergency operation last night.  Until a moment ago, I still thought it was just another appendicitis.  Not after I ran a check with Mr Google that I learned it is not just another appendicitis, but, a 'Chronic Appendicitis'.

The common appendicitis are known as the Acute Appendicitis where one tends to have intense symptoms which progress rapidly.  Chronic appendicitis however are quite rare.  Symptoms are very mild which makes it hard to diagnose.  Its rate of progression are much slower and one tends to develop stomachache, nausea and high fever. The only effective way to successfully diagnose chronic appendicitis is through an endoscopy, blood analysis or abdominal computerized tomography.

Chronic appendicitis is considered to be one of the most serious forms of appendicitis. This is due to the fact that diagnosis may take a long period of time. In the time that it took to successfully diagnose the product appendicitis, bacteria may have slowly spread throughout the body's internal organs. As there is no abdominal pain with chronic appendicitis this condition can go on undetected, which in time can lead to serious complications later on. If a person is suspected of having chronic appendicitis, they will need to go through a rigorous physical examination, in conjunction with blood tests to successfully diagnose the problem.

The husband is up and about at the hospital today and I took a day off to make myself useful :p.  He will be discharging tomorrow.  At home, mom is taking care of the little one and Ella (our god sent helper), took care of the rest.  All in all, everything is good, thank God for blessing our family.

I learned something from this experience and that is, for the entire of our 6 years of marriage, this is the first time I slept alone!  The bed suddenly felt so big and the room even bigger! O.o. So that's how he must have felt for the so many times I left him alone at home while I travelled the world...*sinking feeling of guilt*!   hahaha...  I will still do it though.  At least now he have a small fart to keep him company! :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Walking, running & cheeky

It has been slightly more than a year since the arrival of our bundle of joy.  14 months to be exact and he is no longer much of a bundle.  A feisty & playful little young man who explored every nook and cranny of the house, never fail to ransack every drawers and cupboards. *faint*

At 14 months, he is already walking steadily.  Running even.  Sprouted 8 tooth and learned a few words.  His best word 'there!'.  Whatever you asked him, e.g. "Gabb, where's your hanky?", he would point to somewhere and reply "There!".  Most of the time it is indeed 'there'.  But sometimes, if he can't find it, he would just simply point it to somewhere with a 'There!'. *rolling eyes*

He likes to play hide and seek.  All you need to do is just go "Gabb, where ARE you?" and he will go all excited and hide.  His favourite hiding place, corner of a room or behind the curtain, not very well hidden really, very much exposed in fact.  When you say... "There you are...!", he will squealed in excitement and run! Lols... innocence of a child.  How beautiful! 

We have recently gone for a short trip to Chiangmai, Thailand and he had kept us all well entertained.  When we laughed, he laughed too, as if he too sharing the joke.  

He has been with us wherever we went - Johor Bahru, Singapore, Port Dickson & Taiwan.  Many asked wouldn't it be too much of a trouble to bring along a baby?  Well, to us, trouble is only trouble if you perceive it as trouble.  Lols... Really, we don't bring the whole house whenever we travel.  As long as basic medicines are there, the rest are not so important anyway.  Not enough diapers?  Can get from 7Eleven around the world.  Not enough clean clothes, laundry services are everywhere.  So, what's the fuss?  

We believe all these traveling is a great learning experience for them.  From each trip, we can't help but noticed that he seems to develop new skills, achieved new milestones.  New social skills of interacting with various people we meet along the way.

The core is, we just couldn't imagine going anywhere without him.  

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Deadly Mosquitoes

It has been such a long time since my last entry.  It feel almost like I ceased to exist.  How ironic in comparison to my blog's tag line... "Testimonial to existence of a being... ".  Ha!

Past few weeks have been rather depressing.  A very close colleague/friend lost her husband to dengue fever. Another new strain of dengue virus in fact.  It happened too fast.  Less than a week and he is gone.  We were all in shock.  Such great guy.  Depressing.  I could offer no words of comfort.  Just hope that 'time' would help to make the loss less painful for the surviving.  :(

Since then, I've gone a little crazy with mosquitoes repellent.  Especially so when our house is so near to a green patch.

Other than these...

Mozzie Clear Lotion for Gabb...

and these, Mosquito Repellent Patch on his shirt...

I've also placed these 'Antimos' around the house...

and plugged these in all corners.  I've refrain using this all these while due to unhealthy chemical reason.  But now, better to expose to a little unhealthy chemical than to dengue.  Or being in a situation of total helplessness when our love ones are suffering from the deadly virus.

So, have you protected your family?