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Friday, April 26, 2013

Coming Real Soon...

A routine check-up on Monday resulted in my decision to go for c-section.  Yes, at 9 months, I've yet to decide.  It was a complicated decision.

First it was a fibroid at a wrong place that might deter natural birth.  So c-sec was in the picture.  Just as when I am all conditioned for a c-sec, apparently the fibroid is not an issue at all.  I have to recondition my mind for a natural birth.  Then, just as I am all prepared for going natural, the amniotic fluid dropped by half and the doc advised for a c-sec within the week.  Oh my baby... you are having fun aren't you messing with mommi's mind?

Didn't do much research/studies re the two methods of delivery.  Either way doesn't seem any better than the other.  One you have it out between your legs and the other, thru your cut stomach.    Whatever it is, baby still needs to come out.  Come what may. 

And so, THE DAY has been set.  O.M.G.

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Bump @ 9 mths

At 9 months, water retention began to set in.  On days that I felt a little tingling on my feet, I will find a pair of really puffed up feet that don't really look quite like mine.  :p  On days like these, I will doubled up on water consumption, at least 2 litres a day, before 6pm and walk a little more.  It helps tremendously!  Lucky for me, I experience the water retention bits only for couple of days at this stage of pregnancy. I read that some have them as early as 10 weeks!  

Prevention for Water Retention
Drink at least 2 litres of water before 6pm.
Walk more but not over doing it.
Always put your feet up to rest (higher than level of heart).
Sleep with your feet resting on a pillow.
Watch your sodium intake.

Other than the water retention issues, I've also experience some leg cramping at night.  For this, I up my banana consumption and off it went too :).  These days, my favourite beverage would be the 'Banana Buzz' from Booze.  :)

Prevention for Leg Cramps
Stretch your legs few times a day.
Rotate & wiggle your toes to increase circulation.
Avoid crossing your legs/stand for long periods of time.
Up your banana intake

Happy 9th months!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Futsal Outing with Children from 'Our Family Home' (Kajang)

Completed another CSR project organized for our division yesterday.  It was a fun-filled morning with lots of laughters (and sweat!).   A futsal outing for a group of children from 'Our Family Home' Kajang.
It was a CSR with a little different.  This time round, we invited clients to participate (which I believe would not only create better civic consciousness, but also a better working relationship).  And so, yesterday morning, we have a total of approximately 100 people (clients, staff volunteers + their children, children from Home) flooding out 'The Challenger Sports Center' in Taman Cuepac, Cheras. :) 
It was adrenaline filled event for me.  No, not from playing of course (though it would be a pretty cute sight running around with an in-built football in my abs...lols).  Not exactly from putting together the entire event either (not blowing my own trumpet, but I think I have a knack when it comes to organizing stuff like this), but, being informed by a sports center which I've booked one month earlier, just a day before the event, that they have messed up our bookings and that they do not have available courts for us.  I almost died!

They kept apologizing but no amount of apologies will right the situation.  I was practically screaming down the line and if I remembered correctly, the last threat before I hanged up was... "You find me another venue or 100 people will turn up at your venue and I don't give a shit..!".... The guys on our lunch table went like... O.o  I am always full of sarcasm but I never scream.  It being the first time we having lunch together doesn't help either.... They all went quiet for a while and probably worried that the baby might pop out anytime soon... hahahaha..
So, with barely 3 hours until end of work for the day, I need to source for another venue, re-coordinate the logistics for meals delivery (McD breakfast & pasta lunch), transportation, notify the 100 odds participants, brief a bunch of colleagues of their duties for the day, arrange and pick up 2 hampers which we intend to present to the home.  Somehow, we managed.  
I think the event turned out pretty awesome.  Have a bunch of colleagues helping out in all area on the day ... game master, time keeper,  referees, prizes, food and not forgetting, Financial Literacy Programme (FLP) for children under 10 years old which we run concurrently with the outing (eventhough the kids were more interested in rushing into the futsal court) ... hahahaha...
We segregated out children under 10 for FLP followed by a Futsal Fun Game.  We presented them with a 'Certificate of Attendance' for FLP and cute stationary gift sets of various cartoon characters at the end of the game.  They were so happy :) 
For those age 11 and above, together with our clients & volunteering staff, were then divided into 8 teams to form a mini futsal league.  
At the end of the game, the winning team walk away with this cute trophy which I had it made specially for this event. :)  I tell you, the kids can really play.  They are so fast.  Our staff on the other hand were like going to drop dead anytime.  We even have the game cut down to only one half in semi finals & final.  Hahahaha....So this is what happened when u work, smoke & drink. :p Ermm.. more like, so this is what happened when you work in a bank!  Lols...
Also included in the event was a birthday celebration for kids whose birthday falls in the month of April as well as staff.  I've arranged for 100 football theme cupcakes to be made by T-Cakes just for that.  Everyone was so excited when they saw how cute they were.

As for what I did to the first sports center (Sports Affairs, Taman Segar Perdana), well, I wish I could burn them down but I just can't find anyone who is willing to do the dirty job. Even the most tattoo-ed guy in my office refused to :p.  They kept calling me after my last threat of turning up irregardless.  I just kept threatening them even though I've already secured second venue.  In the end, they say it's ok for me to use their venue but I would have to give up 1 or 2 courts.  I told them to let me think about it.  Not until 8pm in the evening, when my tummy filled, mood relaxes a little, and after more than 10 worrisome phone calls from them, I told them I don't need their venue anymore. :p  Come on... I can't let them off with just mere 'sorry' and 1 phone call.  They need to be taught a lesson. hmmrrfff!

Anyway, the event wraps up on schedule.  Thanks to everyone, there were no hiccups or chaos.  Smooth sailing all the way.  Everyone went home with a big smile plastered on their faces and probably few kgs lighter too from the exercise and heat! Hehehehe....

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Parenting - Expectations & Disappointments

Woke early because of it's beautiful weather, cool & fresh; a result from a night of rain. :)  Felt wasted to sleep it away.
Baked another round of chocolate moist yesterday and had it for breakfast this morning, pairing it with a mug of hot decaf.  Heavenly especially on a cool morning like today. 

A recent happening in my family led me to some thinking.  A cousin, who performed extremely well academically thru her PMR & SPM decided to dropout from college, moved out from her parents', date & live in with an ill mannered-tattoo filled-hairstylist who happens to be a decade older than her.  And now, barely 6 months living together, got herself knocked up and her parents refused to acknowledge her. :(

I thought scenario like this usually stereotyped to people like me - lots of freedom, broken family, hanged out with street urchins terrorizing the neighbourhood, bad influence from peers.  At least that's what my aunties & uncles always whispering behind my back.  That, I will eventually get knocked up and married.  They are right to a certain extend, only 20 years late. Ha!  Hehehehe...

It is sad when parents choose not to acknowledge their child out of disappointment.  Did they ever wonder how the disappointments came about?  Their own expectation perhaps?  I am not sure if I am right, I am, afterall, theoretically still not a parent yet, that, a child has a mind of it's own.  They are not a robot to fulfill our dreams or hope.

I don't deny the insensibility on my cousin's side, she should have known better.  But she is young & beautiful too, seeing things in a younger perspective, thirsty of life experiences rather than being constantly reminded of her obligations to her family or the disappointments which she has caused her parents.  Come to a point, I would too give up and just do whatever I like cause no matter what I did, it will still be a disappointment cause I am not doing what my parents want me to.  You get what I mean?

I believe our duty as parents, are merely just to guide our children on a journey of their own,  lead them from wrong to right, support them when we are needed, filled them with love. They are not our insurance to better life or better retirement.  That, on the other hand, is our own journey to fulfill.

And now, I just hope her parents could accept her as she is, support & love her in anyway they could and that she still have a home to go back to.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Perfect Imperfection

 A very dear friend's birthday was approaching.  We were cracking our heads for a surprise.
Then a bright idea pops up the day before.  We decided to make her a 'cheating cake'. :)  Cheating cause it is a pre-mix cake we have in our pantry.  Lols...
Just need to add 3 eggs, 85ml vegetable oil & 280ml water.   Beat with cake mix on low speed for 30 seconds then on medium for 2 minutes.  Pour mixture into pan.  Bake in a preheated oven for 30 minutes at 180 deg celcious.
We thought it's gonna be a failure when it turn out runny after 30 minutes.  Reduced the temperature to 165 deg and bake for another 20 minutes without the fan.  And it actually turned out pretty good.
Left it to cool for about 30 minutes.  Beat up some butter icing and smeared in all over.  As you can see, it is not very professionally done.  Well, we are not professional afterall.  Lols...
At the restaurant, at the end of the dinner, when it's time to bring out the cake, the husband & I felt so embarrassed when the waitress walked thru the entire restaurant with cake in hand, heading to our table.  Lols...   We were actually hoping that they will bring it in the box.  When the cake finally arrives at our table, the birthday girl went like.... "What's that?"  hahahaha....

Nevertheless, it was a great surprise and not only did the birthday girl loves it, we all did!  For once, we gobbled almost the entire cake in one sitting!  Impressive!  There were only 6 of us.  Hehehe...
All I can think of was... it was an imperfect, perfect cake for an awesome friend!  May all your wishes come true... :)