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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Walking, running & cheeky

It has been slightly more than a year since the arrival of our bundle of joy.  14 months to be exact and he is no longer much of a bundle.  A feisty & playful little young man who explored every nook and cranny of the house, never fail to ransack every drawers and cupboards. *faint*

At 14 months, he is already walking steadily.  Running even.  Sprouted 8 tooth and learned a few words.  His best word 'there!'.  Whatever you asked him, e.g. "Gabb, where's your hanky?", he would point to somewhere and reply "There!".  Most of the time it is indeed 'there'.  But sometimes, if he can't find it, he would just simply point it to somewhere with a 'There!'. *rolling eyes*

He likes to play hide and seek.  All you need to do is just go "Gabb, where ARE you?" and he will go all excited and hide.  His favourite hiding place, corner of a room or behind the curtain, not very well hidden really, very much exposed in fact.  When you say... "There you are...!", he will squealed in excitement and run! Lols... innocence of a child.  How beautiful! 

We have recently gone for a short trip to Chiangmai, Thailand and he had kept us all well entertained.  When we laughed, he laughed too, as if he too sharing the joke.  

He has been with us wherever we went - Johor Bahru, Singapore, Port Dickson & Taiwan.  Many asked wouldn't it be too much of a trouble to bring along a baby?  Well, to us, trouble is only trouble if you perceive it as trouble.  Lols... Really, we don't bring the whole house whenever we travel.  As long as basic medicines are there, the rest are not so important anyway.  Not enough diapers?  Can get from 7Eleven around the world.  Not enough clean clothes, laundry services are everywhere.  So, what's the fuss?  

We believe all these traveling is a great learning experience for them.  From each trip, we can't help but noticed that he seems to develop new skills, achieved new milestones.  New social skills of interacting with various people we meet along the way.

The core is, we just couldn't imagine going anywhere without him.  

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Deadly Mosquitoes

It has been such a long time since my last entry.  It feel almost like I ceased to exist.  How ironic in comparison to my blog's tag line... "Testimonial to existence of a being... ".  Ha!

Past few weeks have been rather depressing.  A very close colleague/friend lost her husband to dengue fever. Another new strain of dengue virus in fact.  It happened too fast.  Less than a week and he is gone.  We were all in shock.  Such great guy.  Depressing.  I could offer no words of comfort.  Just hope that 'time' would help to make the loss less painful for the surviving.  :(

Since then, I've gone a little crazy with mosquitoes repellent.  Especially so when our house is so near to a green patch.

Other than these...

Mozzie Clear Lotion for Gabb...

and these, Mosquito Repellent Patch on his shirt...

I've also placed these 'Antimos' around the house...

and plugged these in all corners.  I've refrain using this all these while due to unhealthy chemical reason.  But now, better to expose to a little unhealthy chemical than to dengue.  Or being in a situation of total helplessness when our love ones are suffering from the deadly virus.

So, have you protected your family?