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Monday, February 27, 2012

Weighty Issue

I've piled on some weights and very adamant on loosing them.  I told the husband I planned to get a digital scale so that it will show my weight down to every gram.  He rolled his eyes.

We have a old scale at home which I think were a little kuku.  I asked him... "How much you weight at home?"  He replied... "75kg".  "How much you weight at gym?" "73kg".  So if at gym I weight 60kg, I should be weighing approximately 58kg at home?  He went... "yeah" before rolling his eyes.

I was still not convinced and kept going on and on about it.  After awhile, he shifted his attention from the Ipad and said these... "Look, gym's scale has been tempered with.  They purposely added a few pound to it to motivate people to workout more."  

I just went... "oh yeah hor.... eh, you quite smart le.... "  before he rolled his eyes at me again. Well, it does make sense right.  For now, let's just hope I don't come across another scale that jive with the ones at gym.

Monday, February 20, 2012

My 5 Carats Diamond Ring

My Valentine's Day present..... hahahaha....

Things were rather crazy at work on the day of LOVE.  Won't even realized it if not for those flower delivery boys zooming in and out of the office every now and then delivering pretty bouquets to even prettier girls.

When I got home late in the evening, the husband said he got something for me.  I was asked to close my eyes and so I did just that.  Felt something being slid into my finger.  Too light to be a jewellery.  Doesn't felt like anything I have in mind.  When I opened my eyes and saw this origami ring, I just laughed my heart out.  It was so funny.  The husband actually learned to fold a ring out of a RM50 note! This is so cool!!  It just amuses me so much!  Especially so coming from him.  Lols...
Work has been rather hectic since after CNY holiday.  Got home pretty late every evening and there goes our 'cooking and eating in' plan.  Hate going out for dinner especially on Valentine's Day - over priced & over packed places + bad services.  We decided to try our luck at this particular Iranian restaurant in Solaris which we have been wanting to try out for some time - Naab.  

Luckily for us, it was not pack with lovey dovey couples.. hehehe...  I guess western dinners would be a better hit for them (oh yeah, with candlelights too)..hehehe....  We had a great quiet Iranian dinner there sitting out at the patio watching the traffic going by.  It was still badly jammed up at 11:00pm.  The traffic had been horrifying the entire day.  Probably cause the guys are busy running around whole day finishing up works and rushing to get presents then picking up their girlfriend/wive whereas the girls were probably rushing about getting their hair and nails done to prepare for the night.  Hahahaha.... ahh... those were the days.... hahahahaha....

Anyway, we had a great 'another day'.  Nothing extraordinary except for my 5 carats diamond ring.... hahaha...  The dinner was awesome but definitely won't be going back so soon.  It's just too fattening.  :)