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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just blabbering on a cold rainy windy night... (enjoying cheesecake)

The blogsphere seems to be very very quiet these days... quiet for those sites that I frequent often at least. There have been nothing much to KP for awhile. Everyone is suffering the same mental block at the same time? No eventful happenings? No silly stuff? No inspiration? Honestly, I felt the same way too. I've nothing to blog about. All have been peaceful & good I guess. Perfect harmony?
Have been keeping myself busy at my farm... *lols*. Finally figured out that I've to monitor all the plants and plant only stuff that I am free to harvest at the particular time when it is due to ripe. Other than that, also been playing Bejeweled Blitz on FB. Trying to beat my own record. Yeah, sot already. Like that also nice to play.... hahaha... I tell you, played until mata juling (cock-eyed) already. But ok la... quite entertaining also. No life mah... what do you expect?
Just got back from my second dance class tonight. It was alright. Managed to pick up what they have learnt for the last 3 months. Though the class is a little slow and I've known all the steps that they taught (dont know the names though) I've nothing to complain. I am there just to dance. I've no intention on improving my techniques or whatsoever. I am tired of all that. I just wanna feel free, have fun, enjoy the rhythm and experience the 'dance high'... So I just spin wherever they twirl me. The only down side is, the guys are still pretty lousy. Well, in time to come, I am sure they will improve.
Speaking of dancing, a good friend of mine decided to pick up ballroom dancing and I am happy for her (at least not 'baking' or 'sewing' - I'll probably die of boredom just listening to it :p). The best part is, she told me that she is enjoying every bit of it. I am just so glad :) I've been psychoing her all along (god knows how many years already) to pick up dancing but she just brushes it aside. And finally, now, she decided to join and she have been at it for a month. I told her... "now you should know how I FEEL towards dancing".... lols... cause I always believe there is no two ways about dancing. It's either you love it, or you hate it. There is no grey area like, 'oh, i love dancing, but i also hate it' nonsense... get what I mean? Anyway, we'll be going shopping for a dancing shoe this weekend. I am in desperate need of a new pair. Mine is like 'ham choy' already (salted vege)... lols... I am so looking forward to it. The outing will probably be followed by a nice lunch thru tea to catch up on gossips and later at night, clubbing. Have a sudden craving for loud music + booze. Mid-life crisis perhaps??? Choy!!! Hahahahaha....
It is still raining outside (11:40pm). It was raining so heavily on my way home from work earlier. To describe it as 'raining cats & dogs' would be an understatement. 'Raining buffaloes & elephants' sounds more like it. It was already almost pitch black at Kelana Jaya at only 6:30pm and all the street lights came on. Can hardly see clearly with those bucketful of rain pouring down my windscreen. With the heavy downpour + the buka puasa rush, it was total madness on the road. I left office at 5:30pm and only managed to get home at 6:50pm, which would usually take just 20 minutes. Really siow...
Then, we went over to Secret Recipe nearby for dinner and I saw some muslims having their dinner after fasting for a whole day. Buka puasa. The amount of food they eat, my goodness, it's like they are trying to eat breakfast, lunch & dinner altogether. I though they had heavy breakfast at 6am to start off the day. That's really crazy. That hungry meh? Even if we starved for 10 days, takkan we put in 10 days' worth of food at one go right??? Siow... I think it is all in the mind. Sometimes, we also don't take lunch + no early breakfast somemore. We also don't eat like that at dinner la.... or probably just an excuse to indulge. Oh, I thought they are not suppose to indulge but to reflect? Ahh... whatever la...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let's Be Farmer

There seems to be a lot of farmers on FB these days. Time must be really bad.... hehehe... I see snapshots of these proud farmer's farms every other day plastered all over FB and my curiousity got the better of me. I decided to farm too. :p
I plowed 17 plots of land last night while waiting for my tv program to start at 12am and planted 7 plots of bell pepper, 2 plots of potato & 8 plots of strawberries. That's about the only stuff I can plant being in level 2.

Guess what... if I am really a farmer in real life, you will probably find me hanged myself from the apple tree in my farm this morning...lols... All my 8 plots of strawberries withered!!!! My not having 'green fingers' stretched over into FB too. I didnt know they can go withered electronically too... unbelievable... hehehehe.... Now I don't even have enough coins to re-plow & re-plant them. I am not born to be a farmer.
So, boys & girls, eat your vegetables & fruits ok... it's all hard work. No wonder when I bought the seeds it stated there the duration it need to mature. Looks like I've to monitor each and every plant I planted in my farm. Goodness me.... those FB farmers really got no work one... :p

Monday, August 24, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

An old friend of mine, Jeannie, invited me to join her and some girlfriends of her's, for a beautiful afternoon tea in MO yesterday to celebrate another mutual friend, Peter's birthday. Am glad I acceptable her invites. Met some new friends and had a great time laughing away.
Then again, time spent with Jeannie has always been fun. Never once did I NOT enjoy it - the Harper's Bazaar oriental chic afternoon, the coffee session, the dim sum and etc. It is always filled with laughters... hehehe.... In the above photo, from left to right, the three 'Js', June, Judie & Jeannie. Yeah, Peter is not in the picture. No no no ... he is not ugly. Almost Richard Gere-ish. He is just camera shy, that's why. Or maybe he is worry that the moment his picture is up in FB, girls would start queuing up his door... hehehehehe....
Our tea started from 3:30pm and stretched up to 7:30pm. We covered all topics. From matters of the heart right thru to silly stuff just for laugh. The best I reckon, would be Peter's joke on the requirement of a secretary. That one, I really laughed so hard that I was near tearing... lols.... good one there my friend!

I left MO at 7:30pm with a heavy heart. It was indeed a 'beautiful sunday'! Am already looking forward to the next hangout. :)

p/s: photos curi from Jeannie's FB. :p

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dogs are Smart

I am very thankful that I kept Rumba's & Sunshine's coat short. It is so easy to maintain and fast to blow dry. Took my time to slowly bathe and groom them yesterday. Trimmed off furs on their paws, brushed off matted coat, cleaned their ears. Didnt do any botak-ing cause am keeping Sunshine's coat longer, hopefully, in time to come, I'll be able to shave something fancy on her back. Muahahahaa.... They smell good & look so white now. And most importantly, huggable!

I noticed that they behaved better on grooming table when Harrison is not around. Very calm and patience. They will let me do whatever I want. When I need to blow dry their hind legs, they will even stick it out for me to do so. Or when I need to carefully trim the fur on their face slowly, they will sit very still when I tell them.. "dont move". Even for Husky, who is separated from all the actions by a gate, was not barkish. Instead, he will entertain himself with his toys, flipping it all over the place.

Harrison & I, would usually does the dog grooming together. I will bathe them and he will blow dry them and I'll tied up the loose ends. And on all these occasions, not that they are difficult, but they would seems to move about a lot whenever we blow dry them. And Rumba, after about 20 minutes or so, she would start grumbling impatiently. We would have to let her off running around half dry most of the time.

Yesterday was all good and peaceful. Easy peasy. Easy peasy until Harrison got home that is. The moment they hear his car at the front porch, the monster behind will keep barking non stop and the two little devils on the other hand, became very restless on the grooming table. Kept shifting around when I tried to trim off their coats or blow drying them. It got so irritating that I have to tell Harrison to go away when he comes to the back. I need peace & quiet. I certainly can't work with the monster barking away with his thunderous barks which was amplified a hundred time by the concrete walls...

The moment Harrison walked away, peace and quiet once again. Even dogs knows who is bully-able. Amen.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Chaotic Bag Story

I was reading the newspaper and came across the article "Bag Chaos" by a local columnist and what she wrote reminded me of a personal experience.
This particular experience of mine happened 5-6 years ago I think. I was flown into Penang for a day trip to attend some boring meeting and to collect some tender documents on behalf of the company from KOMTAR. It happened while I was standing in front of the security counter for a visitor pass in the lobby of Komtar (Penang) which was crowded with nobody else but men.
As I was rummaging thru my handbag for my license in my purse in exchange for the pass, as soon as I got hold of my purse in the maze of my handbag, I quickly pulled it out. To my horror, together with my purse, a tampon came flying out of my handbag too and landed right in front of me on the counter top. If it had flown a bit further, I can just pretend it wasnt mine. Or maybe I can even start staring at one of the man and pretended it was his. Yeah, I know, men + tampon, doesnt sound really right does it? But what the heck... lols :p Unfortunately, all eyes were on me and I just selamba picked it up and stuff it back into my bag, pretended it was just a thing at the same time hoping that none of those men realise what they had just seen :p As I was walking away, I caught one sniggering at me.... :p If only I could blush, I would have turned a permanent scarlet! (yeah, I dont blush. I think my skin is just a wee tad thick)..
So nowadays, to be safe, things that are not suppose to come flying out are kept in a zipped up compartment... hehehe.... I would not say that my bag is neat and organised. But the worst are just bits and pieces of tissues & scattered coins. You will definately not find a whole hardware shop or 7Eleven in it. Hehehehe....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Let's Salsa!

Remember I mentioned sometime ago something about I went for a trial salsa class which in the end I didn't join cause I was kinda bored out during the trial? That particular class has finally mature into it's 'Pre-Intermediate' stage and I just went for another trial again last night and I kinda like it and have decided to just join them. Though I've already know all the variations they are going to teach, at least they are variations instead of those boring repetitive basic which I was asked to do on my first trial class. I almost died of boredom then.
How it hapenned was, the other night, after our drink at Paparich, we decided to hop over to Little Havana in Federal. Met Fasilito (the instructor) and was informed that he have a new pre-intermediate class starting on Wednesday (yesterday) and I've immediately made up my mind then that I'll join that class for the fun of it.
Personally, I just wanna dance. My purpose is to meet new dancing people so that I would have company to lepak with when I go out next time. :) I remembered last time, from Puchong, my other half would pick me from USJ, then head down to KL for the class. After that, KL to USJ to drop me off, then only he will go back to Taman Desa. Gila sial...luckily petrol was quite cheap then. Now that the studio is just right outside our house (hop one leg also can sampai ...) and the instructor is one of the best (though I heard he is a little 'angin' sometimes but who cares...), I can't find any excuse not to go.
As we were chatting the other day, when I told my other half that maybe I can go downtown for some dancing next time (that's what I usually do years ago) since we are living so near it now, my other half asked me, "Huh? Why you like dancing so much?"... and I said "Why you like cars so much? It's the same. You find thrill merely by being in a car workshop and I find thrill merely by standing on the dance floor. Vroom vroom sound of the exhaust excites you... the tung tung sound from the congas excites me. Get it?". Lols... he gave up. I think now he sees exactly what I meant.
Anyway, last night's class was good though there are plenty of rooms for improvement (that is for them). As for me, I am alright as long as there are dancing. That alone is enough to keep me satisfied for the time being. ;)

My Malaysia, I love you...

I heard this one playing over MixFm the other day as I was driving to somewhere; can't remember where exactly, and I was washed over by a sudden feeling of patriotism. Very oomph la...
Here you go.... enjoy!
Anyone have the lyrics?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Top 10 Happenings in Jalan Bukit Bintang

These days, we seems to have found a new hobby and that is, to go 'people-watching'. How it is done is like this. Just go to a cafe that is crowded with people. Order a drink and just sit there observing the many varieties of people. Like what are they doing, wearing or what they might be thinking. That sort of stuff la... I know it sounded like kinda weird. Like as if there is nothing else better to do but to watch people. But if you really sit down and observe, it is very fascinating.
I think it could be because with our current modern living, with work stress, life pressure, relationship problems or our successes, accomplishments and achievement, many a time, we had subconsciously became very self-centered and inculcated the habit of 'couldnt care less' of what's happening around us. You will be surprised of the findings if you just look around.
Anyway, I dont know how to tell la... you think yourself la. Back to my our new found hobby, the other night, after dinner, we decided to go for a drink and we ended up sitting on one of the table opened up on the pavement in front of the shop. The weather was really nice after a heavy downpour. Cooling. With a first class seat (table on the 5 foot way), we saw many happenings/activities right outside the cafe. I even put down my book halfway thru reading it just to look around and watch people.
And here are the Top 10 Happenings we observed along Jalan Bukit Bintang that night:
1) A Mat Rempit threatening a Singaporean Honda Civic which naturally causes many kaypoh on-lookers. Best part is, at that very moment, a police bike went by and didnt notice anything amiss. Malaysia Boleh!
2) Two old ah pek approaching single man, group of man, man tourist, and whispering things to them - pimping prostitutes right outside the walkway.
3) Bapa ayam (pimp), stop in front of the sleazy hotel (next to the cafe) dropping off 3 sexy looking girls who walked straight into the hotel.
4) 10 minutes later, 2 sexy girls walked back into the car. I went like... wah, so fast kautim one arr? 5 minutes only arr? Dunno how much hor like that.... Later on we gathered that the 3 girls must be for the client to choose one la...
5) Many foreign tourist and they usually dont walk straight into a restaurant. Most of them would check out the prices/the food offered over the menu outside the restaurant for more than 5 minutes before entering. Very smart.
6) Many people dont have TV at home. Cause many crowded right outside Speedy to watch free movies.
7) Many people in Malaysia love Michael Jackson. Cause Speedy was airing Michael's mtv on their many TVs in the front.
8) Locals walked with their head looking down.
9) Tourist walked with the word 'lost' written all over their faces.
10) We are the only kaypoh local people there watching people that night.
There you have it. Top 10 happenings in Jalan Bukit Bintang from 'Redbabe Cozy Corner'!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Completed My Magic (For time being)

I've finally completed my Harry Potter's Book Collections. The only thing about it is, the HP5, 6 & 7 which I bought previously are those of colourful childish covers. Hmm.., therefore, a bit cacat lor... see la... when I am feeling a little rich again, I'll buy the more mature design range to replace the 3 books that I already have.
I've also bought the "Order of Phoenix" dvd and watched all of the DVDs. Am now waiting for the dvd of the "Half Blood Prince" to be released.
I was watching the "Goblet of Fire" yesterday and had it paused halfway at the part where Cedric died cause we need to head out for dinner. On way out, I kept mumbling something about... 'haiz.. so cham... Cedric died'... My other half said, didnt you watch it before? We went for it together at the cinema right??? I told him, yeah... I watched before. But because I am so forgetful, it feels like watching a whole new movie again! He just shaked his head...
Anyway, gotta run... see ya...! Oh, also, Happy Monday!
p/s: oh yeah... it is not for loan. get your own!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Birthday Present

My birthday present from the girls finally arrived. Gerry called me awhile ago asking for directions to my place (and I've stayed here for almost a year). So I spruced up my place a little, thought she might wanna pop in while she is here. As I was settling down in front of the tv waiting for her arrival, my phone rang with her name blinking on the screen. The first line was... "You feel like killing me arr?". Somehow she ended up in Kuchai Lama. Gave her a little more directions and off she went again.
Moments later, she called again. No she didnt lost her way. She did found her way into Taman Desa but she don't know where the house is. Yeah, she is my best friend. So I told her, yeah, now I feel like killing her. She begged for me not to kill her for she come in peace....lols...
We talked for awhile over the phone, and finally she found herself in front on my gate and I went out to welcome her... hehehe... She said she is just dropping off my present as she have somewhere else to be and hope that I like it. Alright. It is from her & Terri. I hugged her thank you & goodbye while Sunshine was also out sniffing around for a perfect spot to do her business. Lols...

My best friend also added that she think she wrote my name wrongly. I told her I know (even before looking at it). Must be the 'Chew', must have written it something else (as usual). She said, "yeah, I wrote it as 'Chui'". So I said... "how many years already arr???". She somemore replied me le... "close to 10 years...". So I told her jokingly "you know what, why not you just go kill yourself. I dont want to waste energy...".. She just laughed and bidded me farewell....hehehe... you see la... my best friend konon... lols......

Look what they have gotten me? 'The Big Book of Quilts & Quilting'! Interesting! It is just strange that I suddenly have a vision of a slightly hunch little old lady with a headful of grey hair loosely knotted into a bun and a spectacle resting on her nose concentrating on the book as she work away on a sewing machine. It just flashes right before my eye. Gosh! Is that who I am going to be? Better take more calcium pills from now on for the hunch.... Lols... Thanks girls!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sore from Playing Balls...

It was indeed a fun filled afternoon yesterday. Played too much balls, am sore all over now especially on my right arm and my left butt.

Met up with the girls for tea at Delicious in MValley yesterday afternoon. It was my first time in Delicious and I love it there. Will be going there more often from now on. Love the simple neutral setting, love their menu even though the scones I ordered appeared to be much smaller than those shown over the counter. It is nevertheless, delicious, really living up to its' name of Delicious!

I arrived slightly earlier, found a cosy corner to settle in and ordered for myself a set of scones + a pot of fresh cammomile tea which causes a rather inconvenient situation for me later part of the day.

As I was waiting for my tea to be served, the girls made their grand entrance... meaning, late la (as usual)... but considered ok already as compared to last time. Tremendous improvement. Even by merely procastinating about going for 'time management' course also can improve their punctuality dramatically. Speaking of positive thinking... lols... it works ok...

The initial plan was to meet up for tea, then a game or two of bowling, then a makeover + perasan photo session, and finally, dinner together. Unfortunately, by time we got to the alley after tea, it was full. Having 1 hour to spare before the next lane available, we decided to head up to the pool club above to kill time. Feeling overly enthusiastic, we opted for RM18/hour instead of RM3/game. In the end, with our international standard skill, the bestest we did was just 3 games within that one hour. Rugi only... should have opted for per game basis.... lols... nevermind la... next time we mah know lor...

In the end, we didnt make it for the makeover session cause there was none cosmetic promotions going on there. Strange hor... it is always like that one. When you dont need them, they are everywhere. It is when you went looking for them, you can never find one. Anyway, tough luck lor... The reason for this part of the program was because Terri & I did it in January mah... and since then we decided that we should at least update our profile once every 6 months lor... afterall, we are still young and pretty... lols.. takkan wait until all berkedut kedut only wanna pan leng leng meh... right or not...?

We headed down to the bowling alley after our pool games. Booked our lane and paid for the games. 2 games per person. Got our shoes sorted out and off we go to lane 15. Oh, btw, if you are ever there, dont ever pick lane 15 ok, always jammed up one... This picture above shown Terri trying to enter our names into the system. One thing I noted of her was, she can never aim properly on a touch screen. You get what I mean? Let's say she aim for 'G', somehow it surely come out to be an 'F' or 'H'... like that la... she & glass doors and now she & touch screens... anyway, moving on...

That's me trying get that perfect right-curving-to-center hit for the entire two games and only succeeded two times out of god knows how many times.... Now you know why when I said my right arm + left butt are sore.... no, it was not from 'that'. It was from bowling... hehehehe

Overall, I think both Gerry & I didnt do too badly. Average of 70 points per game taking into consideration dont know when was the last time we held a 'bowling ball'.

Terri on the other hand, ermm... ok la... gaya memang ada.... mutu wise.... still got plenty of room for improvement! Lols... I tell you... she also quite keng one. She can talked on the phone and bowl at the same time. Brought a whole new meaning to the term 'multi tasking'..

We were all tired until can die halfway down the second game and cant wait to get it done and over with. When we finally completed the second set, we headed for dinner straight at this chinese restaurant. The food was alright la... nothing to shout about. Cant really remember the name of the place cause I was pretty busy with a total different thing. Remember I mentioned something about the tea causing me 'inconvenient situation' earlier? Well, halfway thru dinner, I had a really bad stomache/stomach cramp/whatever you call those feelings that you can't really identify whether it is coming out from the front or the back? You get what I mean? After a few trip to the ladies, it finally soothed a little. No wonder I thought I look kinda green in this photo which was taken Gerry's camera after the dinner... lols :p

Hehehehehehe....look like incredible hulk...lols... Anyway, thanks for a fun-filled afternoon girls. Oh, did I mentioned that it was actually an outing to mark my birthday? Well, I had fun. Loads of them in fact. At least something different than the usual karaoke. After yesterday's outing, one thing I am certain is that... I am definately not very good at playing balls... ;)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

QM is fun

Yay...! It's Thursday. I just got back from class. So far, we completed 'correlation & regression' and we did 'time series' today. Chicken feet. It's strange how it all seems so easy now as compared to before. Hmmm... I think my previous lecturer talk too much. Talked until very confusing. By time she reached her point, I was already halfway thru dreamland. Or it could be cause now that I dont really work, I've more free space up in my brain. No clogging up with stupid work stuff. Can think better. Lols.
Anyway, gotta run. Meeting up with the girls for a fun filled afternoon, which would most probably be stretched into the night. You guys have fun at work! Ciao!

Brussel Bar

Remember I mentioned about heading down to a German bar last Friday? It was this place called Brussel in Jaya 1.
The bar is packed with young & old alike, outside in, inside out. It's interior were very cosy and nice. We both find it to be a very nice place for good beers as well as people watching. You can find old uncles who talk too loudly after couple of mugs, young ladies chilling out after a hard day at work, family hanging out after dinner, ah bengs trying to impress ah lians, single ugly men dotting the bar counter waiting to be picked up... oppst, did I just said that? :p Seriously, they have quite a good mixture of patron for kaypoh people like us like meto go 'people watching'.
We first ordered half a pint of Hoegaarden & Stella. Hoegaarden is fine, pretty diluted, most German beer are diluted anyway. Stella on the other hand, a little yucky for me. Dont really like that one. We tok kok a little, tok crap a little, curse a little, complain a little, make fun of the people around us a little.... Come to think of it, no wonder my throat was inflamed. Must have talked too much kok/crap/curse/complains that night. God's punished. That's why.

When we finished Hoegaarden, we ordered a Leffe Brune. Halfway thru it, I was almost falling off my stool already. Honestly, this is really disgraceful. Half a pint and I am almost reaching lala land (and some people was blogging about 34.5 cans in 3d2n!!!). Tell people also people wont believe arr.... what is happening to me?????

p/s: We love the place so much that we were back again for dinner last night. Strongly recommend to try if you are looking for a cool place to chill!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From Tiger to Kitten to Harry Potter

I thought I was well enough to kill tigers last Friday... was out with my better half to celebrate his birthday with a sumptuos seafood dinner and later chilling out at a German beer bar nearby. Manatau, by time we called it a night, I have a sinking feeling that I 'sui chor'... kittens also dont know 'larat' to kill or not...
Though I was already feeling much better from flu last Friday, I celebrated it too early. Was down on Saturday again and this time, with a badly inflamed throat. I knew it was coming, you know, flu-cough-sorethroat... a package deal thingy usually, but I didnt expected it to come in such full force which naturally knocked me back into bed again with its on/off fever for another 4 days.
So now you know why it has all been quiet over here. Too tired to even get out of bed let alone to blog. Furthermore, what's there to blog when I am in dreamland most of the time? I've never slept so much in my entire life I think. On top of the normal night sleep, I would nap for 4 hours straight, only to wake up for toilet break, and continue napping another 4 hours. I thought I was turning into a pig or a polar bear in hibernation...
During this two long weeks of being almost invalid, I finished re-reading the 'Half Blood Prince' & the 'Deathly Hallows'. Though it was the second time I am reading it, it is nevertheless still pretty magical to me (I dont believe it that I forgotten most of what I've read the first time, talking about aging...). No wonder JK Rowlings is making so much money. After reading it, how I wished there is really a magical world beyond this Muggle society we are living it. Then, all I would need to do is just to whish & flick to get well. Then I will really be able to kill tigers already.... haiz...... *day dreaming*
I dug out all my DVDs yesterday for a Harry Potter marathon. I don't have the complete set yet, still short of the 'Order of Phoenix' (note to self: buy). Also planned to complete the book collections. Afterall, the books are more interesting than the actual movies. The movies are just to help to strengthen our imaginations. Magic. How wonderful if there really is magic. Then we would not need cars cause we can just 'apparate' to wherever we want to, promoting green environment & save travelling time, 'accio' to fetch whatever we needed, 'alohomora' to open all doors eleviating the need to carry keys around, and the best part is, to bewitched all houseworks to magically complete itself. Who need a maid then?
Hmm.... I think I have been sick for too long and going a little kuku already. Am starting to hallucinate and beginning to think I might have a house-elf at home cause the interior of my car look exceptionally clean suddenly and medicine which I clearly remember I've left it in the kitchen appearing right by my bed.... *crack*

Friday, August 7, 2009


Is it just me .....? It's Friday again ???

Update on Cousin's Wedding

I am finally feeling much better today. Though the nose is still a little stuffy, it's alright compared to being runny. At least I don't need to take so much flu medicine that actually makes me feel weaker than I already was. Hmm... can kill some tigers today already....! Lols...

Remember I mentioned that last Sunday was my cousin's wedding? Well, along the way, I somehow became the official photographer of the day. My job as an official photographer not only include photography but calculations of angpow collected and settling the banquet bills as well. Haiz.... susah mau cari makan these days... one leg kick.

Here are some photos to share.
My nephew kissing the beautiful bride; his new aunty, on the cheek over tea ceremony.

Mom's turn to be served tea by the bride & groom..

My aunty (a.k.a. the MIL) holding her new daughter-in-law's hand after presenting her the bracelet.

Another nephew.

Mom sharing a light moment with her sister.
Jack & Jane filling up the champagne glasses... wishing them, happily ever after.
The newly joined two families sharing a moment on stage.
The toasting ceremony...
My uncle giving his all..... "yum..... seng........."
Mom & her favourite cousins, Teresa & Margaret (as well as my favourite aunties)

One with her siblings together with her cousins.
This is my aunty. The new mother-in-law. She look so pretty that night.
Overall, I think I did alright. Took about 400+ photos. Definately need an external plug-on flash and more practise. So, if any of you out there got no money but need extra photographers, call me. I need the practise. Looks like I've outgrown my kit lens. Time to upgrade! Yippee!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thank You

Thank you to you, you and you for dropping by to wish me a happy 32nd birthday yesterday as well as to those of you, you and you who had sent me many many best wishes over sms. Thank you so very much.
Since my friend Terri so kindly publicized my age, so I guess there is nothing to hide also. It is not that I am secretive with my age, just that, I lost count of it when I turned 30. So I can never be sure whether I am 31 or 33. You know what I mean? I would usually just go with 'I am 30 plus...'. Only after that I will start working backwards with the mathematic... lols...
I am sure you guys are full of anticipation and can't wait to find out what I did for my birthday. Like, where I went for dinner, what yummy food I had, how many hundreds of presents I received, what my darling gave me.... I can't wait to share too. This is by far, the most interesting birthday I had. ;)
Ok. Let me give you a run thru of my spectacular fantabulous 32nd birthday. Suppose to be on medical leave but due to some urgency at work, I drove myself to work extra early on this auspicious day of mine cause boss personally requested for me to go in early. Sat in front of my laptop like a zombie (due to flu tranquiliser) with a mask strapped over my pretty face and worked till 5pm, skipping lunch and all cause no appetite (due to flu tranquiliser also). Everything tasted like metal.
Got home at 5:15pm, switched on the tv and laze on the couch and fell into deep slumber within seconds (tranquiliser). Better half got home at about 5:45pm with a big bouquet and a birthday card. I woke up, accepted the flowers & card, left it on the couch next to me, and fell back into slumber while he cleaned & fed Rumba, Sunshine & Husky at the back. Due to my addiction to the drama "Little Nyonya" over channel 301, I somehow managed to drag myself sitting upright from 7pm-8pm just for that.
After the movie, my better half asked if I would like to go to a certain favourite restaurant of mine for dinner. One look at my pathetic sick face, without having the need for me to answer him, he already knew the answer. So in the end, we just head down to MidValley to chin chai makan since we also need to grab some neccessities for the house.
I draped on my comfy gym pants + comfy long sleeve shirt, chin chai combed hair, zero make up, and off we went to MidValley. We chin chai ate at this place called "i-canton" i think then went on to grab some stuff for the house at Carrefour before we headed back home again.
So, there you go, my fantabulous 32nd birthday... lols. No mood to go anywhere cause all I can think of was to curl up in my comfy bed at home. No appetite to eat anything cause my usual lion appetite was be being suppressed by the medicines that I am taking. No presents cause I cant think of anything that I really really wanted bad enough. Yeah... I am contented like that. Honestly, it is just a birthday. What's the big deal? Just a day where 32 years ago, my mom pushes me out into this world. So I guess birthdays should be celebrated by mothers instead of us. Lols...
But then again, I'll of course rain check the rights to present till I can think of something that I really wanted as well as the dinner till I am feeling much better (meaning, when I am able to taste anything other than metal). So, once again, Happy Birthday to me. Like that lor...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lousy August

I know I know... I've been missing since last Friday. August didn't start off well for me. The meeting up with relatives at my cousin's wedding over the weekend were so draining that it zapped me off all my energy and I am now down with another bout of nasty flu. I've been sleeping since Monday. And my poor mom have to find her own entertainment. She got lost for a whole 2 hours plus just to get to Sg Long from Taman Desa on her own. I think she went all over Klang Valley la... KL, PJ, Klang... lols...

Anyway, suppose to have some girlfriends over for a simple dinner and hangout to celebrate my birthday last night. Manatau, I terkena this flu pulak.... since they all have anak at home, better be safe than sorry. The doctor said now that H1N1 is so rampant, just be more careful. So I mah cancelled the makan session lor... Afterall, I am also not in the mood to cook let alone tok kok and sing song...

As dinner was cancelled, my friend, Terri from T-Cakes came by to drop off this cake she made for me on her way home. Sickeningly sweet right? I think this is the prettiest cake I've ever received for all my past birthdays. Thank you for the effort my friend. :)