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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The last one for the year!

It has been a busy day. Met client in the morning. Called me last night and insisted that I meet up with him this morning... said that he dont have much time. His son birthday is on the 15th Jan. Need to discuss with me re the door gifts for the parents. I was wondering in my head... "THEN WHY SO LAST MINUTE?". Tskk....! Anyway, rearranged my plan for the day, met up with him and sorted out some stuff.
Then later, a friend/my web designer/ex colleague popped by in the afternoon to sort out some software issue for me that has been going on for awhile. That went on for couple of hours. Well, the software part took only half an hour. The rest was catching up on the happening in each others' life.
After that, I quickly prepared the stuff for the barbeque party that we will be going tonight. We are supposed to contribute sausages. It was a potluck thingy. Washed, cut and skewed them up with pieces of capsicums/pineapples in between. It's all done now. Oh, I prepared an appetizer too. Apple & guava appetizer. :) They are all chilling in the fridge now.
And finally, quickly edit all those Awana Kijal photos for tonight presentation :p. Projector, checked. Laptop, checked. Good. All right. Gotta go and get ready. Hope you guys have a blast tonight. Cheers!

Day 3 - Awana Kijal - Bye Bye

Day 3, after breakfast (still need to queue), went down to the beach for a walk before checking out. Planned to swim initially but changed our mind cause the weather was rather chilly.

Enjoyed the breeze while watching other beach goers having fun splashing around for awhile before going back to the room to pack up.

While waiting for the others to check out, I set up my tripod for a group photo.

After the first shot, then another.

This one, got them to look anywhere except the camera ;) I like this one. Hehehe.. We all agreed that the best actor & actress goes to the few on the bottom rows...lols.

In total, there are just 3 altezzas, 1 wira & 1 mercedes. Not many.

I like this.

We stopped for lunch at Kuantan and at the same time, stocked up on dried seafood (shrimps, anchovies, scallop, cuttlefish & etc). They were really fresh there.
There you have it. Our Awana Kijal trip. All of us had a such a great time and was already talking about the next trip. The last that I heard, it could be either Penang or Desaru. Can't wait.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 2 @ Awana Kijal - On/Off Rain

It was raining outside when we dragged ourselves out for breakfast the next morning.

Headed downstairs for breakfast and believe you me, we have to queue for table. It was that packed. In the middle of monsoon season. Unbelievable.

Took a nap after breakfast. The weather is too nice to resist. ;)

Went downtown in Chukai for a late lunch after that. I insisted on trying another restaurant few shops away from Tong Juan, which, also served more or less the same kind of food - stuffed crabs. Never try, never know mah...

And off we went, into Restoran Malaysia and ordered ourselves fried rice and stuffed crabs.

Tong Juan's better. Tastier and more stuffing. And I find this restaurant pretty pricey too. This miserable plate of fried rice cost RM20 ok.

After lunch, we decided to go visit Aunty Ruby at her resort. As usual, she busy talking on the phone. We lepak-ed there for awhile minum kopi.

One of the residence relaxing on the pavement. The background is a newly done up mural.

See the fella sleep until so shiok make me wanna sleep again.
When we got back to Kijal, the rain had stopped. We went down to the beach to join the boys.
Do you understand now what I meant yesterday when I said 'diving into the waves'? Lols... The wind were much stronger on Day 2 as compared to day 1. Have to hold on to the itsy bitsy tiny weeny yellow polkodot bikini even harder. Definately dont wanna come out of the water stark naked which I am sure the boys will have a field day!

A beached whale. Oh no... it was just my husband pretending to be a whale.

Some of us bought some kites and tried to fly them there.

The boys flying kite. Literally. "Go fly kite la.."!

Look how strong the wind is blowing.

That night, we went dinner at a chinese restaurant right outside the hotel. The food were really good... no, not uploading pictures of food. Too many. :p

Here is a picture of me & Kitty, my partner in crime. :p (her bf's words)
Same as day 1, after dinner, we proceeded to the same venue to continue tokkok, sing song, yumseng and laughed till our jaw sored before calling it a night. We had 'Swing' that night. I dont how it taste in my mouth. Yucks!

Day 1 @ Awana Kijal

Finally, updating on our trip to Awana Kijal. Gonna talk less but show you more pictures. Afterall, picture speaks a thousand words. ;)

9:30am - Gathered at BP station before the Gombak toll.
Yakking away while waiting for the rest of the boys to arrive. Took off from there at about 10am.

Stopped at one of the R&R for lunch. Not sure which stop. I was watching video all the way. Chasing some silly canton tvb comedies.

It was still too early to eat for me though it was already 11ish then. Must be the weather. Gloomy & dark. Felt like morning. Had only a glass of teh tarik instead.
Arrived in Chukai about 12noon like that. Popped by at Tong Juan (the stuffed crab restaurant) to rsvp for that night's dinner before heading over to the resort.
From there, it should only take about 20 minutes to Kijal. However, for us, with GPS (not us, the leading car), it took us more than an hour (I finished one and a half episodes) and still end up in a nowhere. It was hillarious. It directed us to some isolated place and informed us that we have reached our destination. Wtf? Totally unbelievable. Modern technology konon. All of us had a good laugh standing by the road.

Finally arrived about 1ish. At the reception, was informed that our's was a twin-sharing room. Requested for a change. They swapped us a double-sharing. One look at the room sent us back to the reception again requesting for a re-swap, back to the original booking; i.e. the twin-sharing one. Why? Cause the double sharing room has a bath tub smacked at a corner, in the room. Not in the separate bathroom but in the room itself. And the room is much smaller than the above picture. Can you imagine? I find it really weird and annoying.
Took a nap after we settled down in our re-swapped room. Woke up one and a half hour later feeling hungry. Head out to some shops nearby for a quick bite.

Yucky mee goreng mamak.

An au natural bus stand made out of trees opposite the food stall. ;)

Back at the hotel, passing by the spa, asked the husband to ascertain if that is a mirror or a walkway. The verdict, a walkway apparently (husband: "ah! no reflection!). It certainly looked like a mirror to me. :p

Went to the beach and the red flag is up. Long meaning, high wave, strong undercurrent, strictly no swimming, swim at own risk. Short meaning, swim if you wanna die :p The wind were so strong. The flag were tattered at the edges by it.

The boys went in despite warning and had a great time diving into the waves. We joined in later. Oh boy, the wave is really strong. No way going in just bikini alone. It can be easily swept off by the waves. Wore a t-shirt over it. I've to hold on to my bikini bottom whenever the waves hit. Lols... ham sap waves. Lols... Nevertheless, it was fun. Good waves for beginner surfing though.

That night, we went dinner at Tong Juan.

As usual, had stuffed crabs. Personally, I felt their standard jatuh a bit that night. It didnt taste as good as it used to. In fact, a little oily too.

Had many other dishes besides the stuffed crab. Like any other typical chinese dishes.

One of the very few picture of us.

A surprise birthday celebration for May (the workshop ladyboss). Note the extra huge candle. The cake buyer forgot to request for candles from the cake house. Bought from some shops nearby instead. This is the smallest they can find. :p
We had a great dinner that night.
Awana Kijal at night.
Back at the hotel, we continued with the next session. Gathered at a corner in the hotel, tokkok, sing song, yumseng & laughed till our jaw sore before calling it a night. There are photos. But they are mostly of men with one big pack abs (instead of 6 packs). I thought better not torture you guys with it. Hahahaha.......

Avatar - 3D

Just got back from watching Avatar (again) in 3D. Still a blast. Though the 3D spectacle were a little cumbersome, it did managed to make me feel 'in' it. You understand what I mean? :p
The husband loved the movie so much and cant stop talking about it when we were at the Hainan Kopitiam in Taman Desa for a drink. He said he wanna watch it again. This time round, the normal version (non 3D). I don't mind. I love the graphics. :) Very colourful. I love colourful stuff. :p

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Awesome Monday!

Yesterday was awesome. Were in Sunway Pyramid from 11:00am till 8:00pm. 9 hours long. Watched Avatar - it was fantastic (will be watching again tonight, the 3D version).
Window shopped - had fun trying on various pretty clothes. Bought shoes. Yes, shoes. The other best friend of girls' (besides diamonds).
In between, we stopover at a crepe kiosk for a quick bite as well as Starbucks for a drink. It was nice. I love hanging out like that. Girls only kind of outing. Free and easy. No specific itinerary. Just go with the flow.
We enjoyed Avatar so much so that we immediately jumped into the queue for another 4 tickets to watch it again with our plus one. This time round, the 3D version. :) It's gonna be so cool...

Post Christmas + New Year Reso

Christmas has come and gone. Presents exchanged. Dinners eaten. Put on couple of extra kilos. Yeah, I know, it's depressing. But at least I can still fit into that pair of 'fat measurement' jeans. I don't usually go on the scale to weight myself. I roughly gauge my kilos thru a particular pair of jeans. :p. Sort of weird. Right. Lols... :p I just can't face the numbers. Self denial. Hahaha...
The Christmas tree is still blinking at a corner in the living hall. Will let it blink for a couple of days more, until new year. Then it will be back into the box. Arrgghh... more works! Sigh... That's the thing with christmas tree. Year in year out. Without a tree, don't feel like Christmas. With a tree, the amount of works involved - dragging out the tree from a box that is layered with a year's worth of dust, hanging up baubles, ribbons, fairy lights & etc... and a month later, reversing all the works...
Maybe we should get one of those real tree from Ikea next year. Then, come new year, we can chop it down, use it as fire wood for the barbeque or better still, start a bonfire with it :p Then we can all sit around it humming aude lang syne as we evaluate the year.... muahahaha...

Christmas has been alright. No big fanfare. It was basically just family dinners. Eat, eat and more eating. That explained the tightness around the thight when I put on that pair of jeans. Darn. Run. Need to start running. :p
The eve was at Buonasera, an Itallian Restaurant in SS2, with the family. There, Enzo, the chef, spoilt us rotten with his fingers licking good turkey + his yummy christmas fruitcake heavily laden with brandy (much lesser compared to last year's). Btw, I only have photos of Buonaserra.
On Christmas, it was at Brussel. Had lots of varieties but the only thing I could recall are just the Hoegaardens and the pork knuckles. Forgive me God for I've sin... I'll admend, I promised. Just dont make me fat. :p... Gosh, all those sinful food. After Brussel, it was Bamboo9 with the boys (Altezzarians) plus more drinking. I, for once, didnt drink much that night cause it was my turn to be the amat (chauffer). Dont drink and drive or pay. :p hehehehehe

(somebody got a new toy)

Come Boxing day, the day after Christmas, it was the wedding of an ex-altezzarian. More eating. The rest, you can imagine yourself la... I dont even wanna go into it. :p I tell you, I am sort of tired of food already. Goodness me. From now onwards, I better start thinking thin thoughts or suffer the consequences...hehehehe

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hot Shot Doc (Part II) & Merry Christmas!

Saw hot shot doctor finally. I told him whatever he jabbed me two weeks ago were like miracle cure. Not only does my eczema began to subside, asthma gone and my nose stopped running too after 20 years of marathon. I can finally breathe thru my nose and that, is indeed a big thing cause my nose is perpectually blocked my entire life.
I asked the doctor if he can supply me whatever he jabbed me so that I can DIY it... he just laughed. Anyway, he said my problem are just allergies. I simply am more allergy prone. He said I got to keep my living environment 'dust-free'. No rugs nor carpets. No pets. Then he asked, "You got any pets?". And I just say yes with a nod. Then he sniggered. Whatever that mean. I just replied, "Dont worry, I'll barbeque them later for Christmas dinner". Wonder where that came from...lols.
Anyway, wishing you and your love ones a doubly Merry Christmas this year. Have a wonderful holiday!

Fatt Tat Hot Shot Doc

Photos of weekend holiday will have to wait a little while more. I know I know.... I am inefficient. hehehe... patient ok..
Supposed to head downtown early this morning. Wanted to go wait in front of the hot shot doctor's clinic. Hopefully can get an appointment when its' door open at 9am. Unfortunately I just couldnt crawl out of our comfy bed. :p Lazy.
Woke at 8:45am and decided to try my luck by ringing them instead. The words 'user busy' just kept blinking on my screen. Damn. Since I am already up and about, might as well just take a drive down to the clinic.
Got stucked at the traffic light right out of smart tunnel, decided to call again. Finally got thru after a few attempts and got an appointment at 4pm. I was informed I am number 47. Can you believe it? It was only 9:11am and I am already no.47. Be doctor be until like him arr... sure fatt tat (filty rich)!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lovely Evening @ Delicious, Duo Residency

Got back from east coast on Sunday evening and off we went to a Christmas + birthday celebration at Neway Karaoke immediately. It was alright initially but the excitement began to wear off couple of hours later into the night and we left early. Not so early also la... 11+ already by then. I guess all the screaming and shouting got into my head. Imagine having 15 or 16 people squashed into a room, some talking, some laughing, some singing, some shouting.... too much activities to be processed by my already drained brain...lols... I desperately needed peace & quiet...hehehe... Will update those photos another time ;)

Tonight, contrary to a yucky afternoon I had (vacation hangover + not able to get an appointment with a big shot doc in town despite of gate crashing + client postponed appointment), turned out to be rather lovely despite of a mild headache throbbing away throughout the night.

Met up with Terri to pass her the Christmas presents at my favourite hangout place - Delicious @ Duo Residency. What supposed to be just the two of us, ended up with our plus one too. Mine joined us much later.

Will be busy playing 'Santa' this week. As there will be no Christmas gathering this year (not that we are free to attend one any anyway), need to hand out those presents before this weekend arrive.

We finished a bottle of wine over some yummy food. Yeah, just a bottle. Mostly by my plus one and Terri. Personally, I am not a big fan of white. They make me sleepy. Really really fast too...:p
After dinner, got the waiter to help us take a photo but unfortunately, it was still blur after a few attempt. He gave up or rather we gave up and decided to take ourselves instead. :p
First, I took for them.Then, my plus one took for us. I told you white wine make me sleepy.
Then, Terri's plus one, Ramesh, took for us.
And finally, Terri's turn. Dont ask me why we so free camwhoring. Lols... Whatever that needed to be done are done. Eat, checked. Drink, checked. Exchanged presents, checked. Having nothing else to do, mah camwhore lor...

I made her opened up the present I brewed cause I was kinda excited to see her reaction. All I can say is, they love it and I am very glad. And I on the other hand, got a novel from her; "The Time Traveller's Wife" (which I almost bought last week), and a book from Gerry passed to me thru Terri about a conversation between The Dalai Lama & Paul Ekman on Emotional Awareness - Overcoming The Obstacles to Psychological Balance & Compassion.

Overall, it was a lovely evening. One down, three more to go. :) Oh, btw, I was told moments ago that there will be a big feast awaiting for me tomorrow afternoon. Ahh.... cant wait.