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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Merdeka & Baby Massage Workshop

My favourite part of our house.  Where I can opened up the entire folding door, bringing the outdoor in.  Especially beautiful this morning after a long night of shower.  

Make an effort to clear up Baby G's overflowed drawer last night and can't believe he has grown so much since the day we brought him home (awww... my baby is growing up too soon!).   Cleared away a good 90% of his clothing which no longer fit.  Can't imagine he was so tiny once upon a time (I thought he is still rather tiny now).  His drawer is all neat and tidy now.

It was Merdeka Day (Independence Day) yesterday. Baby G's first.  No, he didn't do anything patriotic.  Should've gotten him a Jalur Gemilang rompers; our national flag and if only they have.  I bet it will be easier to find one of the Union Jack than the Jalur Gemilang. :p

Instead, we participated in a baby massage workshop organized by the Tropicana Medical Center (where he first met the world!).  

Out of boredom, the husband decided to swaddle him.  It has been ages since he was last swaddled up. And guess what, the baby just dozed off in the middle of a talk (mama knows it is boring, but still...  baby, it's rude to snore...!)  amidst wailing babies & toddlers!  Hahahaha...

He woke up just in time for some hands-on.  Baby G was hilarious.  He was all happy & cheerful when we stripped him naked.  He is one weird baby.  Loves being naked (mom says he got that from me :p).  Hahaha... he was laughing when we started with head massage.  When we reaches his body, he started crying.  He must be wondering, what the heck! No bath??  Cause usually we apply oil only after bath.  By time we put back all his clothes, he was all sour & grumpy in his stroller.  Gave us a look that says "I felt so... CHEATED!".  Hahahaha...

Here's Baby Lucas who, in hierarchy, is my cousin and Baby G's uncle.  Baby Lucas is 2.5 months younger than Baby G.  He is gaining a good weight!  Gonna be much bigger than Baby G in no time!

He was all fussy & grumpy with my mom (grandmama) the entire afternoon after we got home.  Refusing to nap too.  When I carried him up to our room later and stuff him in front of his daddy, he  knocked out instantly.  I think he knows we are at home and wanted our attention.  Seriously, babies are smart species.  How does a 4 month old knows a weekday and a weekend?  Hmm....

Grandpa (my father-in-law) adores the little one.  Never fails to pop by every evening to cuddle him a little.  When Baby G was 2 months old, grandpa got him a playpen for his afternoon nap in the living hall (he already have a pen like that in our room).

At 4 months old, grandpa got him a Bumbo chair and a 6-sided play yard and I wonder what will be next.  A bicycle?  A car?  A slide or an entire playground perhaps?  :p

Seriously, I can foresee our home slowly turning into a kindergarten!  Am contemplating whether should we move the tv room to the 1st floor and turn his room into a playroom.  Hmmm.... thinking.  It will be a great idea actually.

For this year Merdeka, I may not need to like the people managing it, but I still love my country very much.  Love the weather, love the food, love the multi racial cultural.  Love the ability to speak several languages in a sentence.  I just wish that it is moving to the right direction, a better place for all and in time to come, my baby will be given equal opportunity.