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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Christmas is lots of fun this year mainly because of this small package of joy.  He is indeed so much fun and brought tremendous happiness to our small unit of a family!

This Christmas, we are counting our blessings.  We are thankful to be blessed with our mini Santa who never fail to flash his funny grins at us... love you so much son.  May you be filled lots of love always.

Friday, November 29, 2013

A Whole Week With The Tiny Bitty Baby

Am off work for a week to take care of the little one while mom is away on her well deserved vacation.   It was awesome! (no doubt a little tiring but fulfilling!).

Practically watched him grow before my eyes!  Both physically and mentally!  They do really grow in lightning speed.  Must treasure every moment.  

Since last Friday, he is at a much huggable size :p, taller & heavier.  I believed he just gone thru another growth spurt.  Been feeding quite constantly.  An average of 28oz of milk + 1 serving of puree per day.

Other than the 7 feedings & 3-4 naps a day, in between would be his highness playtime which includes...

1) Standing & falling in his sleeping playpen (whatever you call that).  He would pull himself up to a standing position and then try to walk to let go of his hand!  Naturally he would just fall cause his legs still not strong enough.  He just kept trying.  Full of zest!

2) Playing and attacking all the balls in his play yard.

3) Lazing on the mattress in front of the TV (off) pretending to be playing with his toys and enjoying the kiddies music in the background.  Crawled at lightning speed towards the TV console the moment I turned my back.  When caught red handed, just gave me a cheeky smile.

4) 25 minutes of Brainy Baby's Left & Right Brain.  He actually repeat after the commenter or said it before the commenter does (cause he watched this for his entire life!) in his own baby babblish.  It was pretty clear sometimes.

Other than these, he would follow me around the house, hanging onto my hip like a koala bear or lounging in this royal pram while I accomplished some houseworks.  Pretty fun actually.  He has been quite cooperative thus far.  Hopefully it remained.

We also managed to get his passport done up and went on short trip to Singapore!  The passport application was a breeze.  He was given VVIP treatment all because he was a baby!  He gets to jump queue and got his application done up in less than an hour and passport collected 2 hours later.  Privileges of being a baby.  How wonderful!  Oh yeah, I thought he looks like a baby hamster in this passport photo.  Hiding something in his chub chub cheeks!

He slept throughout the car ride from KL to Singapore and Singapore back to KL.  It was a bliss.  Let's hope he behave the same on flight to Taiwan come January!

We were there for 2 days 2 nights.  Met up with the people we wanna meet, ate the stuff we wanna eat.  Other than baby a little fussy come sleeping time (due to different place), he was generally alright.  

Not bad for a week.  It was pure joy!  Now I hope I get to loose some weight too. Then it would be A+ Awesomeness!  :p

Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Life Updates! :)

Time simply seems to elude me.  Thinking back, I’ve tonnes of it before the arrival of the bundle of joy.  Yet, I still don’t have time back then.  I need better time management.  Or perhaps I am taking on too much.  Or perhaps, I should change the mindset.  That, I’ve plenty of time (hoping that I would feel free-er).  :D
Baby G is coming to seventh month and I have officially stopped pumping when he hit half year old (6th month).  Baby refused to latch and it was solely pumping for the last 6 months.  Tedious.  Imagine, the first month, baby waking every 2 hours for feed. Feed, change, lull baby back to sleep, pumped and the cycle repeats with barely 30 minutes of sleep.  Thank God he decided to sleep thru from second months onwards.  But still, I have to wake to pump every 3 hourly. O.o 
6th month's milestones:
* Pulling himself up to a standing position without much effort!
* Tasted baby rice, potato, carrot, apple.
* Sprouted 2 front teeth @ month 4th.
* Weight approximately 8+kg, length 69cm

So how’s motherhood?  I would say, fulfilling despite of total changes of lifestyle.  Pretty fun actually.  I think I got it rather easy with my mom being here fulltime taking care of the little one while I am away at work or when the husband and I decided to have some time off.  Nothing beats fighting 1 hour traffics getting home after a long day at work, being greeted by the toothless grin and excited wiggly  legs wanting to be carried.  I am afraid, I would spoil him sometimes.  I couldn’t resists.  How do you reprimand a face like that? :p
Work, has been ok.  Plenty of new roles have surfaced since I got back.  Some of which I wanted very much to take on but after much consideration, perhaps it is not a good timing now with a young baby at home which is where my priorities are now.  A little disappointed though.  But then again, if it is right, opportunity would present itself again in time to come.  The new role that I am interested in is much more challenging & demanding than whatever that I am doing now.  It would no doubt be draining and that is not what I wanted at this point of time.  The little time left of me should be 100% me for my little one.  Not just physically.    
Marriage, has been awesome.  The husband has always been supportive.  Helping out whenever he can or when I needed time out.  We make a conscious effort to spend quality time whenever we can like catching a movies and etc and I thought it is good.  Life shouldn’t just revolved around the baby.  I still very much agree with the saying “starting a relationship is easy.  It is maintaining it that is a challenge”.  It is something that we can’t slack.

As for myself, I am back to my pre-baby weight. :D  The pouch is still there but I am already fitting into my old jeans a month after the baby’s arrival.  Now I am hoping to pre-pre-baby weight.  But the needle on the scale is not going anyway.  Hmm… u see, I’ve gained some right before conceiving.  Anyway,  not complaining.  Just hoping and a tad greedy.  Lols…
Other than the baby & family, there are so much things going on and I can’t help but feeling my brain are stuffed sometimes.  The baby room needed to be done up (space theme as per the photo), the photo frames needed to be filled, the upcoming trip needed to be planned and finalised, the curtains, deco and etc… omg.  *faint*.  When we just shifted into the new home, I was already heavily pregnant.  Lots of miscellaneous stuff were left KIV as I simply couldn’t find more energy then.  Now that the baby is 6+ months old, I guess I do not have any more excuses. :p  Not forgetting, the old house need to be cleared out too. 
Oh yeah, I managed to sneak away for a short getaway at a beach resort with my gf too.  It was a good one filled with good food, talking & more talking.  Hahaha… That’s basically what girls do.  My moment of zen.  Lols…
I may sound like a lunatic with all these that’s going on in my life now.  But I am loving every minute of it.  Let's just put it this way, I believe it all happened at the right timing!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Merdeka & Baby Massage Workshop

My favourite part of our house.  Where I can opened up the entire folding door, bringing the outdoor in.  Especially beautiful this morning after a long night of shower.  

Make an effort to clear up Baby G's overflowed drawer last night and can't believe he has grown so much since the day we brought him home (awww... my baby is growing up too soon!).   Cleared away a good 90% of his clothing which no longer fit.  Can't imagine he was so tiny once upon a time (I thought he is still rather tiny now).  His drawer is all neat and tidy now.

It was Merdeka Day (Independence Day) yesterday. Baby G's first.  No, he didn't do anything patriotic.  Should've gotten him a Jalur Gemilang rompers; our national flag and if only they have.  I bet it will be easier to find one of the Union Jack than the Jalur Gemilang. :p

Instead, we participated in a baby massage workshop organized by the Tropicana Medical Center (where he first met the world!).  

Out of boredom, the husband decided to swaddle him.  It has been ages since he was last swaddled up. And guess what, the baby just dozed off in the middle of a talk (mama knows it is boring, but still...  baby, it's rude to snore...!)  amidst wailing babies & toddlers!  Hahahaha...

He woke up just in time for some hands-on.  Baby G was hilarious.  He was all happy & cheerful when we stripped him naked.  He is one weird baby.  Loves being naked (mom says he got that from me :p).  Hahaha... he was laughing when we started with head massage.  When we reaches his body, he started crying.  He must be wondering, what the heck! No bath??  Cause usually we apply oil only after bath.  By time we put back all his clothes, he was all sour & grumpy in his stroller.  Gave us a look that says "I felt so... CHEATED!".  Hahahaha...

Here's Baby Lucas who, in hierarchy, is my cousin and Baby G's uncle.  Baby Lucas is 2.5 months younger than Baby G.  He is gaining a good weight!  Gonna be much bigger than Baby G in no time!

He was all fussy & grumpy with my mom (grandmama) the entire afternoon after we got home.  Refusing to nap too.  When I carried him up to our room later and stuff him in front of his daddy, he  knocked out instantly.  I think he knows we are at home and wanted our attention.  Seriously, babies are smart species.  How does a 4 month old knows a weekday and a weekend?  Hmm....

Grandpa (my father-in-law) adores the little one.  Never fails to pop by every evening to cuddle him a little.  When Baby G was 2 months old, grandpa got him a playpen for his afternoon nap in the living hall (he already have a pen like that in our room).

At 4 months old, grandpa got him a Bumbo chair and a 6-sided play yard and I wonder what will be next.  A bicycle?  A car?  A slide or an entire playground perhaps?  :p

Seriously, I can foresee our home slowly turning into a kindergarten!  Am contemplating whether should we move the tv room to the 1st floor and turn his room into a playroom.  Hmmm.... thinking.  It will be a great idea actually.

For this year Merdeka, I may not need to like the people managing it, but I still love my country very much.  Love the weather, love the food, love the multi racial cultural.  Love the ability to speak several languages in a sentence.  I just wish that it is moving to the right direction, a better place for all and in time to come, my baby will be given equal opportunity.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

3 Months Post Pregnancy

3 months post pregnancy.  Taken in Bali.  :)  The wonders of breastfeeding. Time to firm the flabs.   

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Baby G & Caterpillar

The phone has nothing excepts hundreds & hundreds of baby G's photos these days.   Even the Canon D7 dslr have to step aside when come to taking pictures of the moment (the moment will b all over by time I lugged out the camera. .. :p).

Anyway,  as I was going thru those photos,  decided to compile a few ala Xiaxue's style.   Here

Must be wondering why i can blog more now i started work??  Nothing else to do in this 8x6ft mother's room while waiting for Medela to finish it's job.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to work *yawn*

Its back to work today.  I almost forgot the road to work.  When I got into the lift,  for a moment I can't remember which floor.   Lols...

The husband whatsapp me this this morning. Sooo... cute!

And i got a welcome back coffee this morning. How wonderful!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

'Happy Getting Hitched' Cakes!

Last minute decided to bake some sweet stuff for a girlfriends brunch get together tomorrow which sort of morphed into a hen's party/bridal shower celebrating one of them who will be getting married next month.  I think it turn out pretty alright!

A heart shape cake for the bride and some cute cuppies for the girls!

Lessons in life to uplevel

Something I wish to share.

I believe our souls are recycled thru many lifetimes. And in each lifetime, there is a lesson (or more than one lessons) to learn.  Until we learn that lesson, only will that lifetime be fulfilled before moving on to the next.  Otherwise, we will keep facing the same test (problems,  issues, unhappiness) over and over again till we acknowledge and learn. If we didnt resolved it this lifetime, then it will be repeated in the next or the lifetime after that until we get the lessons.

I guess, to put it in a more comical outlook, it is like playing computer games.   We have to accomplish & achieve all targets before we are allowed to move on to the next level.

Some may asked... "How do one know what lesson is in store for he/she?".  Well, all that i can say is, all of us knows our own path & lesson.  Everyone is mindful enough to know.  It is just a matter of whether we are honest to ourselves enough to face & accept it.

Think about it. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Baby G is soooo... CUTE!

Finally dragged myself to the long overdue dental visit.   I survived.  Like majority of the human population,  I dreaded going to the dentist. Anyway,  visited mine today and it cost me only RM180 for a scaling,  polishing & filling.  Another dentist that I visited the other day wanted to charge me RM2k for root canal & crown instead of salvaging my tooth thru filling, RM600 for veneering one tooth instead of polishing and when I finally convinced him that I only need a filling,  he wanted to jab me for the procedure.   I've never ran quicker! 

My 3 months maternity leave is coming to an end.   Will be starting to work next Monday and not sure how am I going to survive the early and long hours after resting for 3 months.   But then again,  it just a matter of time before I fall right back into routine.   I am adaptable to situation changes.  :)

Baby G is 3.5 months old already.   It  feels like it was not to long ago when he was born.  
Tiny scrawny little thing who weight just slightly over 2.6kg, 45cm 
in length.   And today,  he is about 7kg and 
grown 18cm taller!

He smiles a lot these days.   Playful & loves to mimic.   Recently acquired the skill to blow saliva when we accidentally showed him how.   Besides, he also loves moving all his little hands and legs to 'Fantastic Baby' by Big Bang.  I thought it was so cool!   Lols...

He has been growing out of his clothes in an alarming rate.   So much so till some only survive one wear before we have to pack it away.   Well,  I am not complaining.  At least he is growing healthily (at a slightly above average rate) and I get to go shopping for him!  Believe me,  it is really fun shopping for your little one.    It is an expensive expenses no doubts but for once,  it is a necessity!  We have a growing boy!  Btw,

Lately,  he has been sucking his thumb pretty aggressively.   Yes, he suck his thumb.   I thought it was super cute despite some advising that it would be a bad habit to break.   Well,  to me,  let's just let the baby be a baby.  If it is his thumb he wanna suck,  so be it.   If he still haven't break the habit by 18 years old... it will be his own embarrassment.   Not mine.  

Friday, July 26, 2013

Smart (not) Malaysian Identity Card

So, I have 3 months of maternity leave.  It is a lot to many of you.  Thanks to the robbers, half of it is spent running around getting all documents in place.  I have just collected my new IC with new address a day prior to the incident and have no choice but to reapply another.just as I thought I have gotten everything in place (credit cards, IC, ATM cards, passport), I was told I need to reapply for my driving license too despite of all info already merged into our IC.  

Our ICs are one smart cookie that comes with an embedded chip which stores all info as well as can be used as a cash card.  It supposed to be one card for all.  And now, despite of it being introduced at least 10 years ago, it's claimed functions are still not fully integrated and utilized.  

All that is left to say is, welcome to Malaysia.  I love my country very much.  Good or bad.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dear Baby Gabb - New Age Parenting

Dear Baby Gabb,

Tonight, mama carried and rocked you to sleep before putting you into your cot.  This have something to do with your spine & brain which will be elaborated later.  You looked sooo... cute!  You were even smiling (or smirking) despite of screaming your lungs out right before you dozed off.  So much expressions from your tiny little face which never fail to lighten mama.

They said electric cradle is bad for your spine and brain development.  They said formula milk is bad for you.  They also said non organic stuff are harmful. There are just too much info out there and mama is tired of reading them all.   Mama gonna just do her best.

But baby, if all that are bad and so horrific for you as claimed, then mama, dada, even PoPo and lots more friends of mama would have had crooked spine and became stupid for most of us grew up with electric cradle & formula milk.  But seriously, I believe we turned out pretty alright.

Still, because you are mama's baby, mama wanna be safe.  In order for you to gain enough sleep yet not having a bad spine or brain, mama kept the electric cradle to only night time.  Once you dozed off, we would carry you out into your cot.  PoPo on the other hand, would rock you in her arms during the day.  This way, mama is sure your spine would be good.  This is also the reason why you are sleeping in mama's arm tonight.

When come to milk though, mama thinks you have the best of both - breastmilk for all the antibodies your little body required & formula milk for all the nutrients you needed for growth!  Many other mommies may not agree and pretty adamant on feeding only breastmilk.  But, as your grandaunty Jo said, their last life must have been a cow, just let them be.  

Mama just ranting away cause she is just too tired of all those new age parenting crap.  Whatever whatever, mama just wish for you to grew up a fine young man, filled with compassion & love.

Ok, now mama need to do a final pump before she called it a night.

Sweet dreams sweetheart.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What to do when you are being robbed off your purse...

If you are robbed off your purse, this is what you should do:-

1) Cancel all credit cards & ATM cards.
2) Make a police report. Pls get certified true copy.
3) With the police report, apply for IC.
4) With the temporary IC, get new ATM cards.

If you are as unlucky as me being robbed of your passport too, appended below is what you should be doing:-

1) Head to your nearest Immigration Dept.
2) Acquire application form (IM.42 Pin 1/97) & investigation form (IM.42C).
3) Complete all forms.
4) The investigation form need to be signed witnessed by a Commisioner for Oath.
5) Prepare 2 copies of IC, 2 copies of birth cert, 2 passport size photos, 2 copies of certified police reports.  Pls bring along originals for verifications.
6) Submit all to 'Investigation Dept.' of immigration.
7) To call 5 days later for investigation outcome.
8) If approved for replacement, proceed with payments.

As for all the lain-lain cards... loyalty cards/membership cards & etc... just reapply as you go along. I am sure you can't remember all the cards you have. :p. I certainly can't.

To make life easier, as precaution, just make a copy of all your important documents including bank cards.

I shall know the outcome of my lost passport by this Friday.  Hopefully all is well and I am allowed a replacement.  Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Live in Malaysia

In Malaysia...

1) Hit & run.  When your vehicle being hit from behind, just drive straight to police station.  Or else, get robbed.

2) Drive blindly.  Do not get off your vehicle to remove flyers caught on windscreen despite of it blocking your view.  Just drive blindly.  Either way, you die.  Get killed in accident or get killed being robbed.

3) Carry your Prada/LV in paper bags.  Better still, keep them in cupboards at home.  Use only plastic bags for your $$$. Or else, get robbed.

4) Eat in.  Dine at home preferably.  Or else, get robbed.  There were increasing cases of restaurants being robbed.

5) No holidaying at beautiful secluded islands of Sabah.  Or else, get kidnapped & robbed.  Sipadan case.

6) Drag your laptop everywhere you go.  No hiding it even in car boot.

7) No talking on mobile by the road.  Or you will be talking to thin air within moments when the mobile being snatched.

8) At petrol station, get off car, open petrol cap, lock car, filled petrol, unlock car.  Or else, get robbed.

9) Keep your new flashy car wrapped up in plastic sheets at home.  Just keep driving that old junk of 10, 20 or 30 years preferably. Less conspicuous.

10) Just drape in curtains or your kakak's clothes when going out.  Don't look presentable and best if you look like a beggar.  Sure safe.

Conclusion, no dining out, no holidaying, no branded handbags, no new clothes.  Oh dear... we are going to get richer and richer.  How would these parasites handles it?  :p

I am sore cause I was robbed yesterday at a traffic light on my way home from the immigration.  A bike knocked into my left side mirror to distract and another bike with a pillion rider smashed my driver's side window, grabbed my bag which was well hidden between me and the door.  They got my bag.  All it took was just 2 seconds.  

Location: Traffic light in front of Tropicana Club
Date & Time: 10/7/2013, 1pm

Ladies, apparently it is not safe even between the door.  

Friday, June 14, 2013

Baby G with Popo, Daddi & Mommi!

One fine weekend, after bath (Baby G), we decided to camwhore with the baby.  Here is Baby G with popo.

Baby G with daddi.

 Baby G with mommi!  Check out his 'Astro Boy' hairstyle!  Hehehehe

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Men in Tutus rock!

Went for 'Men In Tutus' last Thursday with a girlfriend and it was disgustingly fantastic.  'Disgustingly' cause imagine 'men' in tutus!  Hehehehe.... They were all real awesome dancer though.  Had so much laughters enjoying the show.  A good change to pumping milk, feeding & changing diapers for the last one month.  Hehehehe...

If you have yet to catch them, they will be performing until 23rd June 2013.  Check out www.gardnerandwife.com.  Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Baby G's Fullmoon

29th May 2013 marked Baby G's Fullmoon, also, the end of my confinement.  'Confinement' where a new mother supposed to be confined at home, no shower, no washing hair, no aircond, no contact with water basically, plenty of rest.  I, on the other hand, has been going out (hospital/buy stuff/movies & etc), showered, washed hair, aircond, taking care of Baby G & doing minor houseworks.  Come on... no shower in our super hot weather?  You must be kidding me! I felt like a dump by day 3 without shower.    By day 30, I probably grow mouldy.
So, fullmoon, marked Baby G's one month old!  Instead of a fullmoon feast for family & friends, we decided to distribute cakes instead.  Just don't feel comfortable for him to meet so many people when he has yet to complete his vaccinations.  
I've also designed a birth announcement card & got it printed to go with the gift boxes.  Love how it turned out to be.  Took the photo focusing on his feet instead of his face.  You see, I've received birth announcement card with baby picture and I always have the dilemma of whether to keep or to throw it out.  To keep, I don't feel connected with somebody else's baby.  To throw it out, I feel bad cause the face is so cute.  That's why I decided to focus on the feet instead and blurred out the face.  This will save other's the dilemma I experienced.  Lols....
We ordered a total of 118 cakes gift packs (coincidentally an auspicious number!) of 4 different varieties from.  Other than the mandatory red eggs & ang ku (symbolic meaning of good fortune), some come with swissrolls, some almond cakes, some 'wife' biscuit and some, honey cakes.  Just wanted varieties for our colleagues so they can share among themselves.
Like our wedding cakes 5 years ago, these baby fullmoon packs too were from Yong Sheng.  Always love their products.  Not only yummy but also presentable!  Oh yeah, and it was fuss free ordering too.  Just call them, place your order, remit the payment and wait for delivery to your doorstep (for order above RM1k).  Easy right?

Anyway, besides the end of my confinement period & baby G's fullmoon, it also marked on month has come and gone and I've left two months before starting work again.  Oh gosh, time flies even faster now!  
How to get back to work with a cute face like that?