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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Redbabe casting a CURSE.

I got a call on Monday (the Monday I got back from Penang) from Mambo (an ex-colleague/friend) who currently rented a small office space at my ex-company informing me that our office was broken into over the weekend.  My heart dropped.  No.  Not because I love my ex-company very much.  But because I left my laptop in the office over the weekend so that Mambo could install some stuff for me.  Sigh...

And so, there goes my laptop of 4 years which was still in tip top condition!  The strangest thing was, that very morning, as we were traveling back from Penang, it crossed my mind for a brief moment.   Hmm....maybe my laptop trying to say goodbye? :p lols....  Anyway, I lost not only my laptop, but my external hardisk as well as my walkman stand + cables.  Sigh...

A friend asked... "How come you can still be so calm?"...  I replied... "It's already gone.  What can I do?  Even if I report it, I won't get it back.  All I can do now is just to curse that asshole who stolen it.  May he rot not only in hell but his entire lifetime too.".

Friday, May 27, 2011

I was in Paradise (a month ago)

This is a long overdue entry.  Another trip taken to our little 'paradise on earth' a week prior to my starting work.  Hmm... a rough estimation, about a month ago?  Wow.... this is truly overdue-ed.   Thousand apologies.  Hardly have time to do anything else these days let alone updating blog.  Sigh...

It has been 3 weeks since I started working and on average, works end around 7+ every day.  No, I didn't pretend to be hardworking.  There is just simply too many things that needed to be done.  The earliest that I've had left office was yesterday.  At 6:30pm.  For once, the sky was still bright when I left work!  Hahahaha....  
By the time I got home every evening, after all the dance classes or training,  I would look exactly like Dino, the cat in the picture above.  Drop dead in bed within seconds after showering and blow drying my hair!  
Was out last night with the Fernandez and our instructors for supper after our training.  The occasion?  To celebrate my first pay of course... hehehe... We ended up bitching about some 'stressful' stuff and by time we got home and settled down, it was already 2am.  This morning, when the alarm went off at 7am, I told myself to go back to sleep cause today 'no work'. :p  Luckily I realized I dreamed the 'no work' part.  :p  Hehehehe....
Anyway, back to Ruby's Resort.  Nothing beats a cool Ruby's Ice Kacang (shaved ice) after a long drive from KL to Cherating!  It has been like a ritual.  First, check-in.  Next, ice kacang!
I don't plan to blog too much about this paradise of our's.  By now, I bet you have know this place really well already.  Right?  Will just let these photos speaks for itself!  
Some local guys fishing out at the beach caught a stingray!  Immediately I imagined it bbq with sambal (chilli paste) and mixed vege.... *hungry*.
Here, a young pet monkey belong to a shop owner we visited. The poor little fella were chained up while we were there for dinner.  Seriously, don't understand why would they want to keep a monkey as pet?  Aren't monkey supposed to be a wild animal?  Unfortunately in Malaysia, I think we have too much monkeys and the government wouldn't give a peep if you keep one. :p
This is where we had our first dinner.  Limbong Art, a souvenir shop with a 'nasi kukus' (steam rice) stall  by it's side.
Generally 'nasi kukus' would come with a piece of fragrantly fried chicken and some 'sambal' and spice condiments.  Here, fragrantly fried chicken in the making!
Taa daa!  The verdict,  hmmm.... I wouldn't say it is not yummy cause it is yummy in it's own way.  But I guess their version of 'nasi kukus' are just a little too bare.  No gravy, too little 'sambal'.  Other than that, I pretty like it.
This is, apparently, famous fried kuoy teow in Cherating.  We went for it after Nasi Kukus.  Verdict, I don't quite like how it tasted.  Couldn't really figure out what taste it was.  Totally don't like it's presentation.  Look like some not very healthy pile of poo poo.... :p  I know... *ewww...*  hehehehe... You know I am right about that!  Lols....
We chance upon someone's bright idea here! *lightbulb*  hehehe... Found this humongous lightbulb by the beach when we were all out for a walk after dinner.  Actually, I conned them into believing that there was a turtle up at the shore, laying eggs. :p  They believed me.  
As usual, I woke at 6:30am trying to catch sunrise!  Caught a moon instead!
Ruby's Resort in the wee hour of the morning!
Breaking thru.... sky turning pinkish!  *love*  The sea look super calm isn't it.  
Fishermen were still out at the sea at that hour.  Wonder what time do they all goes out to the sea and what time to they return.  Hmm... Note to self: Do a one-to-one interview with a fisherman when opportunity arises.
Naturally, I got bored waiting and decided to entertain myself.  I imagined I owned that beach!  :D
There you have it, another photos of sunrise at Ruby's Resort, courtesy from my sacrifice.  Lols... 
Can you spot the crab?
Though I've shot this numerous times, they were never once same.  Every sunrise is unique.  Colours, clouds formation, sea reflection.... *super love the orangy sea*
Ahh.... now, I wanna go Ruby's Resort pronto.  Wish there were some kind of portal that we can simply zap over.  You know, like the magic door frame from Doraemon, or that floo network from Harry Potter & etc.  So easy and convenient.  Then I would be able to go for a quick dip + fresh air and zap back home as if I never gone anywhere!  Awesome.
The wild blooms along the beach were not really nice this time round. I guess it is not blooming season. Spotted just few purple blooms. I call them Ruby's lavender. Even that, they look rather pathetic. Nevertheless, the green are still very nice! 
The whole waking up early thingy, was not so much for shooting sunrise.  Actually, I enjoy the peace and quietness at that hour.  Finds it rather zentifying to stroll down the beach looking for objects to photograph..
Check out the many red angry blemishes on my leg.  They were actually a result of sand fly bites from Avillion Resort (Port Dickson) which I went two weeks prior to Ruby's.  I tell you, that was the first and the worst I've ever been bitten by sandflies.  More than 20 bites.  Super itchy like shit.  The more I scratch, the worst it became.  Since then, I've developed some kind of phobia for beach.  Now, whenever I am near one, I'll drenched myself in insect repellent.  Yeah, I will still not stay away from the beach.  Lols...

Note: If you ever get bitten by a sandfly, never ever scratch.  It will get seriously ugly and worst.  Never apply mopiko or anything minty.  Apparently, according to the pharmacist, the ingredient will make it worst too.  Same goes for hot shower.  No no.  Get some insect bites cream with antibiotic from the counter.  It does really help.
Silhouette of Evie against the backdrop of sunrise.
Back at the cafe, found Dino snuggled into the cap of a friend. Super cute!
This is Princess.  New addition of Ruby's family.  A super samseng (rough) female labrador.
Trademarks of the resort.  The many scribbles of praises from guests who came and went.
Famous 'har mee' (prawn noodle) in Cherating manned by these ladies.
Verdict, though ok, still a little bland.  Can be better.
And of course this too.  We tried another restaurant this time round.  River something... :p  Verdict: Would certainly be back.  Their stuffed crab are less oily!  I like them this way! 
Some other food besides the crabs.  Here, calamari!
This is Rumba, my lhasa apso, chillaxing out by the beach.  This trip, they didn't get wet in the sea cause mommi is too lazy to bathe and dry them... lols...Anyway, they told me they are not such a big fan of swimming in the sea and rather give it a pass. :p  Hehehehe....
Tree trunk of love (or whatever that is left of it).
The boys enjoying the sea!
Oh, this one.  Sunshine's tail.  Lols... 
This is another nasi kukus stall in Cherating.  Famous one.  Long queue ok for takeaways....
There were 8 of us in total.  We ordered 8 packs to be eaten there and additional 8 packs to takeaway for supper!
Verdict: Super yummy.  It is situated in Kemaman's pasar borong.  Just ask around.  There will be people pointing you to the right direction. 
After nasi kukus, it was durian.  Our king of fruits.  The gang couldn't resist when we drove passed some fruit stalls.  Quality of durian - somewhat way below expectation.  Not a big fan of durian myself.  But I will know if it is good. 
Another tropical fruit we have. I can't remember it's name though.
Back at Ruby's, found this two little rascals playing in the bushes.  They were found abandon in a dipilated house.  Was rescued and nursed back to life by Ruby. 
Hyperactive kittens.  So difficult to get a good shot of them.  hmmrrfff!
And this, you should know by now, is Stout.  Ruby's black labrador.
Our marks for the trip right below all our previous trips!
Angry birds dogs in the boot.  :p  Time to head back to earth.  :)

Though this whole new work life is super hectic, I am getting a hang of it and beginning to enjoy the whole hecticness.  :p

Monday, May 23, 2011

3d2n in Penang stuffing ourselves mad!

It felt kinda strange to be at home today after being at work for two weeks.  Today felt just like old time, staying home doing my own stuff, houseworks and etc and yet, it doesn't feel quite the same.  There  was a nagging sense of responsibility at the back of my head wondering what's happening in the office or does my absent causes any catastrophe?  Yeah, I have a tendency of thinking too highly of myself sometimes.  :p  Anyway, I am on leave today.   
A map of Peninsula Malaysia for my non Malaysian followers :)

Checked out of Equatorial Penang at 5:30am this morning and arrived back in Kuala Lumpur at 9:30am.  Why the ungodly hour you asked.  Well, the husband had absentmindedly set an important something to do at the office today despite of the fact that he was the one asking me to RSVP the hotel to check out on Monday cause the wedding dinner was on Sunday which will be too late to drive 350km 295km (the husband sent me an sms asking me to correct it :p) back by time it ended.  Not forgetting, intoxicated too.
A map of Penang island.

Anyway, and so, we were in Penang, a pretty developed island off the northwest coast of Peninsula Malaysia for 3d/2n to attend a wedding dinner of a good buddy.  Didn't do any touristy things except for non stop eating.  If you are unaware, Penang is known for it's hawker food!  But now, on a hindsight, I should have eaten less and done more touristy things.  Then I would have more photos to share and I would not have gain more weight.  :(
Shot this thru the windscreen as we were crossing the priciest assets of Penang, the 13.5km bridge linking the island to the mainland.  The bridge has been the icon of the little island since as far as I can remember.  I used to think these steel structure were so enormous and it stretches throughout the entire bridge's length.  Only did I found out about 14 years ago when I first set foot there that these steel structure were actually just built on a small stretch in the middle of the bridge. :p  Believe it not, I was a little disappointed with the revelation...
The view from our balcony.  Breathtaking isn't it?

Freshen up, we took a drive to the other side of Penang when our attempt to meet up with another bunch of friends down at the beach at Paradise Sandy Bay failed due to some parking issue due to some miscommunication.  We supposed to park at this empty land next to Dalat International School.  But due to some miscommunication/carelessness on our part, we thought we are supposed to park at Dalat International School and drove right into the school compound which have it's gate wide opened.  The next thing we know, this old Malay guard started screaming down at us despite of us apologizing.  When I apologized and said that we are tourist, he answered "SO WHAT??! YOU CAN'T READ IS IT???!?  YOU SHOULD STOP, WHO ARE YOU?!! WHAT BUSINESS YOU HAVE HERE!!!!" That did it man!  I rolled the window down to its max and started my screaming match.   I told him, all he need to do is just to tell us.  He don't need to scream and be so rude and he said he was not and continued with obscenity.  If not because he is an old man of around 70+, we would have love to punch his face.  Seriously???  People these days are so weird.  If they are unhappy with their work, then just quit.  

The other day, I received an email requesting me to go to a certain floor to collect my new credit card and so I went.  Not knowing how this person look like, I asked around for Thevarajan (that's why I noted on the email).  Then out of the blue, this girl nearby where I stood went... "Mambulan" or something.  And I said I looking for a Thevarajan.  At the top of her voice she went "That's my father.  I am Mambulan" and went on giving me the look.  I realised then I got the name mixed up and I apologized.  And she went blabbering it was clearly stated in the email... blah blah blah.... I went like wtf is her problem?  You see, it is sometime quite difficult to tell which is the first or last name in Indian names.  So?  I shouldn't have apologise for that kind of attitude but I did.  And yet, she still going on and on and on...  I sent a complain letter to her boss after that.  I don't deserve that kind of attitude.
Anyway, enough of these weird characters.  Don't wanna waste braincells.  As we drove along from Tanjung Bungah to Batu Feringhi, thru the hills towards Balik Pulau on the other side of the island, we caught this beautiful sunset (photos above) which supersede all the earlier unpleasantness.  The sunset were simply awesome.  It is also along these route you will find a lot of durian stalls serving you any grade of durian your heart desire! :)  We gave that a pass.  Neither of us a big fan of the king of fruit!
That evening we decided to grab some hawker food for dinner over at Gurney Drive.  We had 'orr chien' (fried oyster), 'prawn lam mee' (prawn noodle), fruit rojak (mixed fruit with some kind of sauce).  Would have had ordered more if not for we have to catch a movie over at Gurney Plaza at 10:20pm.  We went for Thor.  Yeah, I know.  Finally.  :)  The only part I like about the movie was that rainbow bridge.  I thought it look so cool!  Like a bowling alley or something.  I can lay there on my back, staring up the starry sky forever! ;)
Woke at noon the next day.  :p  Went around town to hunt for the famous Nasi Kandar Kayu Penang (Indian mixed rice).  Yeah yeah... I know I should boycott them for the discriminating comment against us Chinese.  I just gonna eat one time ok.  Just one time only.  :p  We ended up at Pelita Nasi Kandar instead for we simply couldn't find the earlier one.  Might as well.  See... I didn't support Kayu! :)  Equally yummy at Pelita.
After nasi kandar, it was Penang Char Kuoy Teow.  Just a random stall at New World Park Foodcourt.  Other than this, we had another fruit rojak. Still, not the same from the one I had long time ago :( Nevertheless, personally, I find hawker food in Penang are generally yummy.  After all these stuffing, we headed down to Queensbay Mall; the most happening mall in Penang to grab some stuff which I forgotten to bring from home - foundation and stocking -.- before heading back to the hotel.
Managed to shoot this from our balcony.  The fame Penang Bridge!  Nice ya?  Just a pity the weather were a little hazy.  
We went for a short walk in the garden around the hotel viccinity later that day before getting ready for the dinner that night which will be held at the hotel.  It was a really short walk.  Not more than 10 minutes.  And yet I still got more than 10 patches of mosquito bites!  Super itchy!  
After dinner, we changed into our comfy clothes and headed downstairs for some drinks.  On way, we caught the newly wed couple and posed for another photos.  I was not in the picture and I think you know why.  Lols... It looks funny with everyone looking so laid back in their tshirts and bermudas except for the bride & groom.  As if we wore that for dinner.... hehehehehe...
The view this morning while cruising down the highway back to KL were simply spectacular.  Mist shrouding the many hills.  This was shot thru a real dirty windscreen of insect mucus.  Nevertheless, just to share.  :)  Like I mentioned earlier, we got back at 9:30am this morning.  And, I am so not used to staying at home today.  It felt weird.  :p 

So, how was your day?  Hope you had a great one!