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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Shooting Assignment

As mentioned previously, was out of the house when the sky was still dark on last last Sunday morning.  My old neighbour who was out for his routined morning walk might be wondering where am I heading to at that kind of ungodly hours.  Or the loud clanking of our gate might have woken the whole jalan and some might wonder whether I was just getting out or in. :p

The direction given by the groom himself were pretty accurate.  Found the place rather easily.  Despite of owning a GPS, I've always much prefer to use my own sense of direction instead.  Just can't trust a machine that constantly went 'recalculating... recalculating...'.  By time it finished recalculating, I might have ended up in Timbaktu.  I just don't have that kind of patience.

Speaking of Timbaktu, a long long time ago, I was mocking Harrison about it. I think it was something about by time he arrived, I would have gone to Timbaktu and come back.  He pandai-pandai challenged me by asking..."Oh, is it?  Where is this place called Timbaktu?"  I replied cooly without looking at him... "Oh, you don't know?  It is just between Timbakone & Timbakthree".  He went speechless.  Since then, it has been our own private joke.
Anyway, the bride's make-up was 30% done when I got there.  Just nice.  Not too early nor too late.  Whipped out my camera and set off to work... :)
It was a good experience despite a little tiring, I had fun.  The bride & groom and their friends were all very nice people.
When I got home that afternoon after the shoots, Harrison asked.. "How was it?" and I replied... "Hmm.. I think I didn't take much good shots..." and was feeling rather shitty.  But when I finally finished browsing thru and developing the 450+ photos, I went... "Wow... I am good at this!  They were really great!"  hahahaha...  I just expect too much out of myself sometimes.  Reminder to self: Less expectation, more happiness.
The only thing I couldn't quite get used to throughout the episode is being called a 'Photographer'.  Whenever someone wanted me to take a picture, they would call... "Photographer.. photographer..." and I would still be standing wherever I am day dreaming away.  :p  I think I would be more responsive if they just call me 'Leng Lui' (pretty).  Hahahahahaha....

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is It This Expensive?

I quickly went see a doc last night.  Wanted to get better before it get worst.  Actually I was just too looking forward to Broga.  Don't wanna miss it :)  To cut long story short, the 3 minutes self consultation plus the two types of medicine (Clarinase & antibiotic) cost me RM70!!!!  Really, since when it gotten so expensive???

Seriously, I think nowadays, doctors became doctors no longer because they wanna save people. But to suck them dry first then leave them to die.  

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Tofu Fallen Sick. Again.

What's new?  Standard la... each time, when I over pushed myself, I fall sick.  But just normal sick la... a bit of flu, a bit of fever.  Am hoping it will all go off by Thursday so that I can go hiking up Broga on Fri (keeping my finger crossed).  But it seems to be only starting now.  Not yet full fledge.  Harrison said I should forget about Broga altogether.  Even if I made it up there on Friday, I will surely fall sick like a dog the next few days.  Oh boy... he knows my 'tofu-ness' so well....still, I hope he is wrong.
Cause I wanna attemp a photo like this one here, which a friend googled from dunno where.  I mean I wanna be the one doing the jump.  Not the one shooting the jumpp.  Lols...

Had a great time last week when two very dear friend came to visit from the land of the Merlion.  It was always nice to have them around, be it they visit us or we visit them.  And each time after they left, the house feel empty and it takes awhile to get used to.
Pretty pearl earrings she got me for my birthday (which is still 3 months more to go... lols).  Her birthday, which is just next week, and I didn't get her a thing *slap*.  What a good friend I am.  Lols... Anyway, I decided to make her this yesterday.  Can't tell what it is, can't show the whole picture too cause I've yet to send it out.  So this will be some sort of a teaser photo... :p
It was basically a non-stop eating spree throughout the 3 days they were here - Haji Samuri Satay, A&W Root Beer Float (Singkapoh tak lak), Kuchai Lama's XO Fish Head Noodle, Yut Kee's Pork Chop + marble cakes, Imbi's Hokkien Mee and dunno what else.  If two weeks ago, people already commented that I look pregnant, now I should look pregnant with twins.  Hahahahahaha...
Stole this photo from T-Cakes which she made as gifts for my guests, also her new friend - lovely yummilicious 'Strawberry Cupcakes'.

I still couldn't quite comprehend why I didn't take any photos.  I basically have zero photos.  No photos of my friends, no photos of the food we had, no photos of the places we went to.  Were they even here?  Or was in all just in my mind???!  Note to self: Remember to take picture of friends next time for old age sake. :p

At some point of our get together, whether it is down South or up here, somehow we always ended up day dreaming what would we buy if we have millions - that dream car, that dream property, that dream lifestyle...  So, talk until shiok shiok how?  Buy Toto lor....
Of course our little investment usually went straight into charity.  One matching number also tak lak...  Oh btw, I tell you, it is so difficult to place bet nowadays.  So many varieties - 6/58 la... 6/55 la... 6/52 la.. dunno what 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D la... somemore, got jackpot la... so confusing ok.  They should consider publishing a book "Toto/4D For Total Idiot".  The four of us were like sitting in there for a good 15 minutes trying to make sense of all the different phrases...  Whatever happen to those good old days where you just run behind your house, shove the list of numbers into the aunty's hand, and tell her 2 sides? *sigh*

Their stay here were exactly like our's when we were at their's last year.  Other than no-stop eating, it was non-stop chatting and laughing too.  It is strange how we always have so much to talk about and we can basically teased, cursed, laughed at each other yet there would not be anything taken in offense.  Already chatted till 4am on the first night itself!  How la not to fall sick.  Like what Terri said... "Sendiri buat punya..." (self made).  My compassionless good friend. -.-

Anyway, Harrison sent them off to the airport on Sunday noon. Didn't manage to send them off myself cause I had a photoshoot assignment that morning and was already out of the house by 6am when they were all still snoozing away in lala land dreamily *envious*.  When I finally got home that afternoon, the house was so quiet with them gone.  Awww... I sure miss their company. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mad Week - Still breathing, hurray!

I am now blogging away in Austin Chase.  Finally found a 'free window' to do my 'own' things, just chilling out.  Why Austin Chase you asked?  Hmm... cause, the lightning love our house so much that it fried another brand new modem last Thursday before I could get home in time to save it.  The lighting and thunder is getting fiercer and fiercer around our neighbourhood these days.  Must be trying to strike some wrongdoers like the old Chinese saying (that, if you are disrespectful to the elders, or that you do really bad things, the lightning will strike you).  Or is it ME the lightning trying to strike????  All I did was poison my husband.  I am sure that's no big deal right?!?  Oh, I poison the doggies too... must be the doggies then!   Hehehehehe...

Anyway, just a short summary of everything, it has been a crazy weekend.  Mad crazy I tell you.  Other than the fact that two very good friends visited and stayed with us from Thursday thru Sunday, there was a photoshoot assignment on Sunday morning (6:30am), a helping to clean a new house session in the afternoon (2:00pm), an anniversary dinner for our own salsa group in the evening (7:30pm), followed by an almost non-stop salsa-ing at Shiv in Bangsar after that.  

If there is another brand of battery that is more lasting than the Duracell, it would definitely be the 'REDBABE' brand.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Part 5: The Land of Probability - Macau, The Venetian & The Ruins of St Paul's Church

Terri invited me to the 'West Side Story' Musical last Friday at a very last minute 'cause her husband can't make it.  Who care if it is last minutes when we are talking about free tickets to the 'West Side Story' :) hehehe.  We both enjoyed it immensely.  I told her husband later... "Eh, you spend more money in Maxis ok... talk more on your phone so we get more free tickets like this next time..."... :p  hehehe... thank you also never say, somemore ask people to spend more money... lols...  Wanted to go chill out somewhere after the show, but we were so pooped out after that and decided to just called it a night.  Old ladies...lols... seriously, it was just 11:30pm.  Lols....
Anyway, continuing on, the last part of our HK/Macau trip.  On day 5, also the second last day, we left HK for Macau after a nice breakfast at the hotel.  Took the MTR straight to SheungWan, returned our Octopus Card at there and got back our HKD100 (deposit) plus whatever balance we left in it. =)
Bought ferry tickets for Turbojet instead of Cotaijet cause Turbojet docks at Macau Maritime Jetty instead of at Taipa.  So from Macau Maritime Jetty, we will get to see a little of Macau on way to Venetian in Taipa, which I thought, was quite a long ride, and which I  told the man that we will be going for a free city tour when we arrived in Macau.

NOTE: Turboject tickets, HK-Macau, cost only HKD134/person.  More or less the same with other ferry companies. :)
When we arrived in Macau, on the Venetian's shuttle enroute to The Venetian, Harrison asked... "I thought you said we got a free city tour in Macau?".. and I went... "Yeah.. this is the city tour.  Totally free.  Provided by the Venetian's shuttle service." :p  He went -.-

NOTE: The Venetian's shuttle buses are everywhere - at the airport and all jetties.  Even if you don't stay in The Venetian, you can hop onto one to head for The Venetian. Or from The Venetian, there are also shuttle to transport you out to any jetties or airport whenever you need to leave.  Totally free. :)  Can save on transportation. :)
The journey from the jetty to The Venetian took us only about 15 minutes the most.  :p The checking-in process was a breeze.  I was worry initially cause there were many comments on their insufficient check-in counters resulting having to wait for quite a long time. We were lucky I guessed :)
Were up in our suite less than 20 minutes from the moment we stepped off the shuttle bus.  Quick right?  And, that's our room.  Compared to the room we stayed in HongKong, this is like a castle.  Lols.. In HK, it took 4 steps to reach the bed.  Here, it took 15 steps?  (my new way of measuring a room) hehehe.... and that's only to the bed.  To get to the living area, a good 25 steps I think. Oh, and on top of the standard amenities, they have printer, internet, many varieties of coffee and tea, 'really' fully stocked mini bar, 2 TVs and etc.. incredible huh?

Didn't manage to take much picture after this cause it was at this very moment that my lens died on me.  *sob sob*.  The room jinxed my lens.....:((((((  Still can take picture la, but the focusing were somewhat off...  no mood already lor...
The view from our room.

Went out to explore the much talked about 'Venetian' after dumping all our luggages in the room.  I tell you... the interior is really god-dy lor... the painting on the ceiling, the gold trimmings and all the fine details...
This is the center court where escalators connects the gambling floor straight up to the shopping floor.  Meaning, even if you won, you are are bound to lose them all in their shopping malls.   The purpose of the escalator connections.  :p

Over in Genting Highlands, we have our casino hidden from the general public view.  Over here, they have their casino smacked right in the middle of the center court where you cannot avoid seeing.  You can just walk thru it freely to get to the different wings (North, South, East, West).  No intimidating guards station at the casino entrance.  If you are stop from entering, it will only mean that they think you are below 18 years old (or was it 21?).  So, it's a compliment, dont get offended. ;)  Oh yeah, no Batik too.  Lols... Note: No guard stop me... *sob* *sob*

Unfortunately/Fortunately, we both are not much of a gambler (fortunately cause, if we are gamblers and we win, and unfortunately if we lose).  The colourful intriguing betting tables confused us and so, we rather not have any part to do with it.  :p  I remember once, in Genting Highlands, we decided to have a go at one of the slot machines but ended up sitting there bored to tears.  Can't wait to lose our RM10 bet in the machine.  Hahaha...  So, as far as Venetian's casino is concerned, we walked thru it many times.  Lols.... that's all.
The Venetian is seriously huge.  It can get pretty tiring just walking from one wing to the other.  Checked out the artificial blue sky in the picture above.  :)  Well, it does look quite fantastic from the picture but if you are actually there, the fascination wears off rather quickly actually.  Personal opinion, it is basically a larger version of our Genting Highlands. :)
The corridor connecting the center court to the North court, brightly litted up in hue of gold... Love the granite floor... it makes me feel like tap dancing even though I don't know how... *Redbabe gone mad in Venetian* Lols..
A beautiful fountain at the North Entrance.  Must have some fengshui power one.... :p
Took these out of the North entrance.  Took quite a lot actually but mostly screwed up.  Haven't quite master the skill to handle the unfocusable lens.  :p

Note: Oh, also, if you are lonely and need some companies, there are lots of 'hot looking girls' prowling outside as well as inside of the hotel seeking 'generous' companies... lols.. I dunno how much though, they never approach us although a threesome might be interesting....hehehehehe... lols...o.O
The other creatively litted up hotels across the street - The Crown, Hard Rock and City of Dreams...
Slept thru breakfast and went straight for lunch the next day (also the last day).  It was a sumptuos lunch.  So sumptuos that I was too busy gorging down food than taking picture.  Like I said, no mood to work with my cacat lens. 
After lunch, we went for a walk again in their indoor 'Venice'.
As I was trying to figure out how to focus my malfunction lens on the bridge, a Chinese man with a luggage in hand approached us.  The first thought was, he wanted to sell us something.  And the second thought was, he might have lost all his monies and might wanna con some out of us.  Lols...hehehe...  Imagine our surprises when he gave us a voucher which can be exchanged for 2 tickets for a gondola ride. Shame on us.  Boo...! 
So I asked him.. "Why dont you go for it?".  He pointed to another Chinese man standing nearby and replied.. "Nah, I came with my friend who is also a man and we dont want to ride this thing together..."...lols....  I think their package comes with the rides, that's why.  :p  Lucky us!  Otherwise, we wouldn't have gone for it cause it is extremely expensive and totally not worth it. 
The river is just a short stretch and the gondolier actually steers the gondola.  Unlike in Genting Highlands, it was all pretend to be steered by mannequins that dressed like a gondolier... :p
Come to a part, our gondolier, Mr Marco, started to sing classic Italian love songs.  His voice, was fantastic.  When I said 'sing', I dont mean he sang just enough for the two of us to hear.  He practically attracted all the shoppers nearby and they came surrounding the river bank watching him (and us of course)...lols..  He even dances too.... Oh my........!  I told Harrison later that I was breaking out in cold sweat already... stage fright konon....!  He just laughed and teased further... "wah... unbelievable le... people like you, so thick skin also can get stage fright one arrr....?"  niamah fulat...
Our initial intention was to just explore the Venetian.  We'll come back another time for Macau.  But Marco convinced us that we should at least visit the 'Ruins of St Paul Churh'.  Since there are still plenty of time to kill till our departure flight, we decided to do just that.
That fancy building is ' The Lisboa'.  Another hotel and casino.
The cab driver dropped us off here.  Some kind of square where it leads to the ruins.

Already loving the place.  The floor were made of many small pieces of stones (or was is mosaic).  Very nice and colourful yet, classic. 
Eventhough it was a Tuesday, the place is packed to the brim.  Mainland Chinese mostly.  According to the cab driver, this is consider not much already.  Previously, it was so crowded with them that there is no way any civilised person (like us, people who queue) can get a cab.  :p  That bad. Apparently now, they have set a limitation to the number of entries into Macau per person per month.  To prevent some from entering everyday to gamble. :p
A classic carpenter.  Only realised the 'no photography' signage at the entrance after I shot this one.  Too bad. :)
The famous ruins of St Paul's Church, a Unesco World Heritage.  Built from 1582 to 1602 and destroyed by fire during a typhoon in 1835, some 233years later.  To date, whatever that is left to stand, is easily 400 years old.  Gosh....
Me, trying to bergaya-gaya.... trying to be part of that 400 years old history...
The reinforced beams to support the remaining structure which will soon be the 'leaning wall of Macau' if not supported.
This very wall, this very soil, was artfully built by someone 400 years ago.  It felt a little electrifying to be part of a history so old.
Harrison took this one. Asked me to pose here la.. there la... like this la.. like that la... and somemore say I gonna love the picture.  One look at it, I went... "Cannot see me one??"
Another wedding couple!  Seems to be seeing wedding couples everywhere these days...

A little chinese temple which stood 20 feet from the ruins.
 The alley leading to the ruins.
Another Chinese temple painted in yellow.
Back at the square where we the cab dropped us off.  Saw some people picketing.  Not sure what it was all about though.

NOTE: Oh, if you wish to buy local biscuits for friends, there are a lots along the alley.  Seriously, I also not sure which one is the best.  A safe bet would be to buy from the shop where you see a lot of people carrying it's plastic bags.  Lols.  Sure won't go wrong.  hahaha...
Anyway, after spending about 2 hours at the ruins, we headed back to the Venetian.  Chilled a little and a bar there before we head for the airport for home.  And that, concluded my entry for our 6d/5n HongKong/Macau holiday.  :)  Finally, phew! I thought it never end.... :p