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Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye '07, hello '08!

Time just seem to really zapped by this year. It still feels like Happy 2007, but is already December now and in couple of days, its gonna be Happy 2008! Where have all the time in 2007 went? Or maybe it did really been zapped by some unexplanatory forces. Anyway, here's my resolution for 2008. Just something simple which I think is quite realistic (hopefully).
New Year Resolution
1) To exercise twice a week
2) To finish all existing supplements
3) To sleep more & snooze before 1am every night
4) To drink 1.5ltr of water a day
5) To go diving at least once
6) To get a tattoo
7) To visit a new country
8) To practise more tolerance & patience

Friday, December 28, 2007

"Tagging" Season

This the season to be 'tagging'.. falalala... lala.. la... la....

Yeah.... tagged again by Serena to list 7 annoyances of Rumba and then list and link to 7 more bloggers to do the same (which I am not going to do cause everyone else has been tagged).

Rumba is annoyed:

1) when Redbabe dont feed her human food (Rumba think she is a human and she deserve human food)
2) to eat kibbles (afterall, Rumba dunno that she is a dog and dog eat kibbles)
3) when Redbabe sleep thru the morning
4) when being punished to stay in the play pen
5) when neighbour's kids make lots of noise
6) when postman come to the door
7) when Redbabe is out all the time

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Cup Warmer

While I was at 1Utama yesterday, I decided to reward myself with a 'cup warmer' since it is only RM16+ . This is how the box looks like. So cute right! It says it warm up to 50 deg celcious. I was elated! Hooray, no more cold coffee!

Besides keeping the drinks warm, it will be lighted up too. Very very kawaii!

Unfortunately, my drink doesnt seem to warm even after sitting on the warmer for half an hour. Hmm..... maybe its the cup. Will try another cup next time.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry (haaaa....choo!) Christmas

I've finally fall sick. Am down with fever & flu. My body just function very differently from most people. I can just keep going and going without even feeling tired. WOnder where does all the energy come from. I sleep late, wake early, and am out of the house most of the time. I dont take nap..
When I fall sick, that's when I am too tired. It has always been like that. When I over-pushed myself, I'l fall sick. Normal human being, will feel tired but I dont.

I've been sleeping since yesterday. My body has finally boycott-ed. But boycott-ed at a wrong time. At Christmas? :( I've a function to attend tonight as well as tomorrow. I'll just skip tonight's. Hopefully, I am well enough for tomorrow's.

It's strange that I can never take a nap here in my home. My mind will always be too active and it's difficult to fall asleep during the day. It could be cause there are always 101 things that I need to do here. The laundry, bathe the dogs, clean the house, breakfast/lunch/dinner, check mails, bills and etc. I need to worry about all the tiny little things. That's why I can never rest peacefully during hours that I'm not suppose to rest. There are always things to do. Even now that I am half dead, I even thought of going for a body massage.... lols. Luckily I am too stoned to drive. Otherwise, I'll still be out. :p That's me, Redbabe the bionic woman. lols....

Another reason could be cause I feel that napping is a waste of time when I can complete many tasks rather than sleeping it away and accomplish nothing. I am a weird person. For eg, watching tv is also a waste of time to me. I still do watch tv. But while watching tv, i'll be doing some other stuff such as looking thru a magazine or doing some handicrafts. Or before I go to bed at night, I'll work on some sudoku puzzle or read some boring stuff till my eyes are tired instead of counting the sheeps.

So, is napping a waste of time?

Friday, December 21, 2007

2nd X'mas Party

Had a pre-xmas party at home last night; 2nd for this year, and it was great! Ermm.. no, fabulous more like it! Honestly, none of these words can describe how awesome the party was except for the after effect of it which leaves me 'feeling good' for the next couple of days. Then I know its an awesome party.

Nobody gets drunk or even tipsy cause the closest to alcohol that we served are just sparkling juice, and that is because we have pregnant mommies around. And no, we didnt play any mind boggling games nor any silly truth or dare. All we did was eat, talk, watch tv and the next thing we know, its already 11pm.. (the party started at 6pm). If it is not 11pm, I am sure we will still be munching & talking now... hehehe...

The reason it was so good was because we are all very comfortable with each other. There is no pretense. We eat, joke, laugh & relax while watching the kids running in circle.. while the christmas carols playing in the background and the tv on 'mute'. It was so much fun.

And we teased each other on the food we made... this time round, we have 2 new dishes, the 'bawah salad' & the Meltdown Cheesecake. The 'bawah salad' is actually 'kani salad'. It is called 'bawah' now cause a friend thought 'kani' sounds like down there (kanine). Mind u, she dont speak a word of malay or hokkien, yet she can think of that, creative huh? So, instead of calling it 'down there', they thought calling it 'bawah' will give the salad an exotic feel... hahahaha.. The Meltdown Cheesecake on the other hand was name such cause it practically meltdown! Its yummy though except its watery. So instead of having cheesecake, we all had cheese slurpy/mousse.

(Scott Lee, new addition to our group. He did his first turnover/flip last night. His mommi & daddi first met each other also in this house during my 2002 xmas party)

At different stage of life, we go thru different things. Last time, the main objective of our parties would be to finished as much liquor as possible and the earliest a party end, would be 2:00am. And I still remember those days, the only things you can find in my kitchen are booze and party utensils, paper cup, plates & etc. Nowadays, the main objective of our parties would be to finish all the food and by 11:30pm, everyone will be gone! Its funny how things have changed. Whatever it is, the feelings of these friendship remained unchanged.

This Christmas would be the last that I'll be celebrating in this home of mine of 6 years. By next Christmas, I'll be married, and hopefully there will have more awesome parties in our new marital home.

(Someone don't seems to be having much fun huh?)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

1st Xmas Party

My place has recently been nominated by my schoolmates to have our first Christmas party together and it was being held on the 8/12/07. It was great.
Everyone had fun chatting & eating. Had plenty of yummy food. This time round, the amount of food is just nice. Since I am an ex-convent, all my classmates are girls. Imagine having all girls bitching at the same time... gosh... our voices drown the christmas carols playing in the background. At one point, one of my girlfriend actually asked me to switch it off... I am like, whats is christmas party without christmas carols? duh.......
I always thought my house is spacious enough... but i forgotten that I've more things now.....so, squeezing 15 of us in is quite something...

Here is one for the album!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Friends Forever?

Another day ended beautifully. How often have we sit back and relax and admire the beauty around us? The beautiful friendship we have... our family... our love ones... or simply the beautiful sights around us...

Friends are very important to me (after my family). Boyfriends come and go and even marriage doesnt guarantee an ever after. Friends on the other hand will always be there to share all of our ups & downs. They will always be there to share our happiness when we found our 'the one' or to share our sorrows when our 'the one' turned out to be 'not the one'.

Therefore, I always treasure my friends. Not all friends though, just selected few who are sincere & real. Am suddenly into the topic of 'friendship' cause for the past week, I've had some great times hanging out with some friends. Both good and bad ones. It was awesome.

A good friend of mine, actually took a day off to hang out last Friday. Despite of doing nothing much, we had a great time. I guess the company alone is sufficient to make everything else great. We checked out my wedding gowns, did some shopping at Pyramid and the rest of the day, just lepaking at home. It was nice & cozy. Thanks a million for spending time with me and listen to my cerita-cerita! =)

Then on Saturday, had another great time at a spa's anniversary party with another girlfriend from 11am till 4pm. Besides trying their complimentary services, we pratically ate whole day and talk talk & talk. It was really good. Later that night, she invited me to the Live & Loud Pop Concert. Despite of the bad weather and having to lounge on the grass and also to endure the yucky performance by some yucky artists, we had a great time hanging out together. When Shaggy performed, we went crazy. We end the night with a sinful 'wan tan mee' supper at Sg. Besi.. Thanks for inviting us. Dunno about you guys, I know I had a great time!

The next morning, met up with another girlfriend of mine for brunch, who was once a really really good friend. I mentioned 'once' cause we were indeed really good friend couple of years ago but drifted apart (cause i chose to). She broke our friendship with her neverending lies and zero apologies/explanation. I am not the 'siu hei' type, but trust me, the lies are super. I am just glad that I am finally found the tiny space in my heart to forgive her. Time heals all pain.
Each time, after hanging out with friends, it never fail to give me a 'feel good' feeling. I always had a great time. Being one's friend, its a privilege. So one shall not abuse that privilege. One shall not take a friend for granted or make use of them. Friendship should always be sincere, truthful and honest. We must always respect our friendship and make time for each other. =)
This is dedicated to all my good friends out there.. you know who you are. Thanks for being my friend and you know you guys matters a lot to me.
p/s: oh, btw, just for your info, Whitney Houston's performance sux at Live & Loud. =p

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A little sensitivity!

As nothing silly nor interesting happened to my life lately, I've nothing to blog about. I would just share some personal experience with you guys.
Couple of years ago, i went into depression while being treated for hyperthyroidism. As my hormon level was being yoyo-ing up and down, inevitably, it affected my mood & appearance. My left eye swelled and protruded like a goldfish, and my once smooth face was congested with acne. All self-esteemed evaporated into thin air.

I was so tired of meeting people then. Cause they will constantly asked why, what happened & etc. So I would have to constantly explained over & over again what is thyroid and how it cause all the problems I am facing. It would be great for them to show some understanding and keep their mouth shut after the explanation, but no, some of them would have to offer their two-cents...

"eh? sure or not? i see my friends also got thyroid. But her skin & eyes also ok wor... u sure thyroid cause your eyes/skin like that arr?"
(as though I purposely make my eye swelled or plant acne on my face)
"I have so & so also got thyroid. But after seeing this doc in this place, ok already wor..."
(as though that so and so doc is a GOD and my doc is a crap)
"eh, my friend also thyroid, but after taking this chinese herbs, immediately ok already..."
"I heard ppl say eat seaweed is very good for thyroid le.."
(crap again)
"Eh, eat sea cucumber is very very good for thyroid also le..."
(double crap)

From all these 'two-cents', I ended up seeing a SURGEON for second opinion, who, so & so had seen and miraculously got his/her thyroid condition cured, and wasted my money & time. A surgeon? Hellooo???? The right kind of doctor to see for thyroid is an Endocrinologist.

And I also doubled up my diet with seaweeds & sea cucumber cause it is good for me, supposely. What many people don't understand is, there are many kind of thyroid conditions. All that come to their mind when they heard thyroid is 'goiter'. Goiter is just one of the kind of many thyroid conditions. For my case, what I had was hyperthyroidism, and my thyroid gland is over producing iodine in my body. So, in other words, seaweeds & sea cucumber are like poison to me.

I feel that in situation like this, the best one could do is save their two-cents to themselves if they are not capable of offering words of kindness. If they do not understand the disease/sickness, don't be a smart-ass offering fatal advises. For a person who already have to face whatever unfortunate situation they are in, is already troubled & stressful enough. To add unintelligent advises would make it worst for them. Who would want a goldfish eye or a face full of craters?? So, the least one could do is, be sensitive.

To anyone out there who is going thru any kind of unfortunate event, always stay positive and be strong. Do research and have a better understanding of your conditions. And most importantly, f**k those smart-ass' two-cents!

The end.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

So I've been tagged...

I've been tagged by Serenedipity *blur*... Dont know what it is all about and did some researched. Dropped by at Serenedipity's space, copy and paste it here. Just follow the instructions right? Here you go...

* Link to your tagger and post these rules
* List eight ( 8 ) random facts about yourself.(4 for Mom, 4 for me.)
* Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them )
* Let them know they've been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogsStart!!

So, instead of untagging from doggies point of view, I am gonna do it from human point of view. Can ka? I'll do both since I got plenty of time.... hehehehehe

My mommi:
1) Mom loves to blog about her million dollar.
2) Mom hates houseworks.
3) Mom is multi-talented. She is good in everything (except houseworks).
4) Mom loves shopping.
5) Mom can whipped up fantastic meals without trying very hard.
6) Mom loves playing Audition dancing game.

1) Redbabe is addicted to Facebook right now
2) Redbabe loves to decorate & redecorate her house
3) Redbabe loves the smell of freshly cut grass
4) Redbabe love to receive presents
5) Untidiness drives Redbabe crazy
6) Chocolate & ice creams are Redbabe staple food

Rumba & Sunshine:
1) We both loves each other very much
2) Sunshine: I live to eat
3) Rumba: I eat to live
4) Sunshine: As long as my stomach touch mommi's toes, I am happiest
5) RUmba: Am happiest when I am home
6) Sunshine: Am happiest when I am out
7) RUmba: I love to be chased by Sunshine
8) Sunshine: I love to chased Rumba around
9) Rumba: I am Sunshine's bolster
10) Sunshine: I am Rumba's pillow

I still can go on................ lols.

Errmmm....... it gotta end here I guessed. All that I know have already been tagged. All that who have not been tagged have no doggies. :p


BTB Award

Thank you to Serena for awarding my blog the BTB Award.
THanks a million!
Right now cant think of who else to award to....
All those who I think deserve the award has already been awarded.
The rest are not worthy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Friday, November 9, 2007

Father Is A Source of Strength?

I've recently read a friend's entry re 'Father Is A Source of Strength' (http://www.terencelau.com/2007/10/father-is-source-of-strength.html). What he wrote touched my heart and inspired me to write something about my father. I've been wanting to blog about this but I do not know where to start.

I've never really knew my dad. To cut long story short, my parents separated when I was very little and subsequently divorced. I lived with my maternal grandparents since I was 4yrs old while my mum trying to make a living in Spore. She would visit me in Kluang as often as she could and I would spend every school holidays with her in Singapore.

My dad on the other hand, had only visited me once and that was during my 8th birthday eventhough JB & Kluang is a stone throw away. I've concluded then that he is not interested in my well being and that he is a good for nothing fella who will sell me off at any chance he got. That's what I've been told.

I was told by many adults (other than my mom) that I was very lucky that I dont end up with my good for nothing dad. I was constantly reminded that my good for nothing dad has never contributed anything to my upbringing. And I was constantly being laugh at for having a good for nothing dad by some wicked relatives. During the 70s & 80s, when divorce is still very much a taboo, I am the central of attraction of this taboo.

Note: No words can described how proud I am for having my mom as MY MOM. It is not easy being a divorcee & a single mother in this 21st century let alone during the 70's. And yet, she find the strength to did just what she did. If I am given a chance to choose, I will still choose MY MOM.

Alright, back to my dad. During the visit on my 8th birthday, I ran and hide behind my granddad cause I feared my dad will take me away and sell me off (that's what I've been told since 4). Anyway, instead of taking me away & sell me off for some quick bucks, he gave me a birthday angpow and I replied with a "thank you uncle". As far as I can remember of my 8yrs of life, I've never called anyone dad/daddy/father/papa, so to call someone 'daddy' suddenly just sounds weird.

After that visit, the next time I saw him was when I was 20yrs old. I visited them out of curiousity and also to visit my paternal grandfather, who I was told, was a very pleasant old man. The outcome was good. At least, for the first time I can put names to faces. My dad on the other hand, never really look at me in the eyes or chat with me or showing any interest on knowing me more.

Note: Later on, I found out that my dad kept all newspaper cuttings of advertisement I did earlier for my college without knowing which one of the girls is me. Besides keeping the college advertisements which I appeared in, he also kept each and every news or photos of me that appeared in the newspaper during my beauty pageant later on.

Over the next 10 years, I've visited them a couple of times. Each time, it was the same. He will not look at me or ask questions about me. He would talk animately regarding my cousins whom I dont really know.

My feelings, a little disappointed but gathered that he is not interested. So, over the years, I can't be bothered. Afterall, I've did what I could. So, if he is not interested in my life, I can't put a gun to his head to force him to be interested right? So I moved on with my life.

Sometime late 2005, I was not well and therefore decided to find out more about my family medical history so that I could take precaution. I sms-ed my dad and he did replied with all the relevant info. Deep inside, there is a little hope of perhaps we can keep in touch & that we can try to work out our father & daughter relationship. I am more mature now and I can evaluate what is true & what is not and I am ready to forgive and forget and give him at least a chance to try.

Anyway, the contacts were just that one & only reply and nothing else. If that's not disappointing enough, a month later after that faithful sms, he wanted to borrow money from my mom. It feels like a tidal wave of dissappoinment suddenly hit me. At moments when I am ready to push aside everything else and start afresh, his action confirmed everything that has been programmed into me since I was 4. I told him how disappointed I was and that perhaps it was better that we remained our relationship as it was; i.e. no contacts.

Then one fine day in April 2006, I got a call from my Uncle informing me that my dad has been warded in the ICU and he was in coma. He had a bad asthma attacked. He was in coma and was hooked on life support. During my visit at the ward, I told him to move on and that he had suffered enough this lifetime. He passed away the following week. I went thru with the funeral and strangely, I felt really sad. Many friends came and told me many wonderful things about him that I never knew (or never wanted to know?).

My dad has not always been a good for nothing. I was told that he was once a very promising young man who held a good paying job. You see, my dad was just like any young man during the 70's whose curiousity got a better hold of him. He got involved with drugs and somehow can't kick off the bad habit. As time goes, he just got more hardcore. Despite being a hardcore drug addict, he makes a living repairing cash machines to sustain his own 'needs'. He also the one that cared of his aging parents.

I was later told, it is not that he had never love me nor that he is not interested in the on-goings in my life, he was just too ashamed of himself for failing me. My only regret is, I judged him before giving him a fair trial.
That's the story of my "Father Is A Source of Strength". Its a different kinda strength. A strength that pushes me for better.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rumba & Sunshine

Sunshine has been very upset since yesterday

from looking fuzzy like this...

she now look like this.


As for Rumba, she already used to the crew cut. She has no problem with it. She now look like this.

(botak also....)


Both look like mongrel. :)

Saturday, November 3, 2007


I am so drop dead tired today. It's a crazy Friday. I've 5 appointments today; 11:30am (Klang), 12:30pm(PJ), 2:30pm(KL), 3:30pm(KL) & finally 4:30pm(Puchong). I am so so tired and how i wish for some booze and numb my brain with some mind boggling loud R&B... just so to relax a bit. And, 'if' smoking is part of my life... I'll keep puffing away (donut shape smoke) :p whatever u called it. Instead of doing all the above, I called up my best friend and blabbered nonsence to her (alternative way of relaxing) while on my way home. Nevertheless, it still works. :p

At home, I just lie on the couch and tried to meditate to relax the mind (focus on the breathing... in.. out.... in....out....) instead of just relaxing the mind, the mind got too relaxed and started to dozed off. Might as well. So I dragged myself to my comfy bed to snooze better. I guess the bed was so comfy that the brain can't help but keep thinking how comfy the bed was and it became all alert again. Damn bed!

Wide awake, i was contemplating what to do next. Shall I go to the gym? Or shall I not??

Redbabe (1): I am so darn tired, I should just stay home and rest.
Redbabe (2): No no no... excuses excuses... Negative thinking... you hardly exercise these days. No good.
Redbabe (1): Well, I shouldn't overworked myself.
Redbabe (2): But exercise is good. It will flushed out the toxin accummulated. You'll feel less tired.
Redbabe (1): ok, ok.... you win. I'll go to the gym!

So, I went. I did feel good. But I am more tired now. I am suppose to sleep early tonight. But I wanna do a gift's tag for a baby party I am attending tomorrow. But once my laptop is on, I can't resist not to blog. So here I am, eyes half opened, blogging about something which is totally different from what I have in mind. I'll just keep that for another day then.

Goodnight guys... sleep tight & sweetdreams. Dont let the bed bugs bite! And have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We are going (do)nuts! - Part 2

J.Co's Donuts & Coffee Vs Big Apple's Donuts & Coffee
Object of comparison: Donuts (peanut butter flavour)
Conclusion: J.Co's are yummier (based on my personal taste buds)
I've finally did the donuts experiments and wanted to video it for you. But, I dont feel comfortable talking to a camera, therefore, no video. Sorry guys. So, I will just describe to you in words what I did.
What I did was, I reheated both donuts using microwave for 8 seconds, as instructed on the donuts box. Then I start my experiment. Taking bites from J.Co's to Big Apple's and vice versa.
Conclusion, J.Co's is indeed yummier cause it is fluffier. What my friend said was right. She said, J.Co's is yummier cause it is fluffier and it is more expensive too. So basically, for J.Co's donuts, we are paying a little more for air so that its donuts are fluffier and therefore yummier.
Understand kah?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

We are going (do)nuts!

Anyone been to Pavillion lately? If yes, I am sure you have seen this!

This is the latest craze in Pavillion. The J.Co's Donut & Coffee outlet. It is almost like, your trip to Pavillion will not be complete until you joined the crazy queue at J.Co's Donut.

We were part of the crazy queue and we are doing this solely for you. We bought 1/2 dozen of J.Co's Donuts to compare to the 1 dozen of Big Apple's Donuts sitting in my fridge (bought last nite). These two large donut chains share, very similar logo, overall concept and almost identical donut designs. And we are very curious (we are sure you too are curious) to find out whether both taste the same or which one is the original.
Because of our curiousity, we now ended up with 18 biji of freaking donuts!!!

Anyway, after Pavillion, we had dimsum dinner at Jalan Ipoh. And now no appetite to do the donut experiment for you. Will do it tomorrow.
To be continued...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy Halloween finally!

Remember this?

I was finally at the Halloween theme GX class last night. It was the correct class, correct day, correct time and most importantly, correct theme. No more blur blur...

And my simple creative design won me this!!!!

The True Fitness staff actually decorated the room to the theme for that particular class. Lightings were dimmed, so my pumpkin looks like glowing in the dark...*muahahahahaha*
It's a pity I didnt bring my camera. Otherwise can post some photos here.
Maybe I should start thinking about a career in fashion designing........

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My new toy!!

When my mommi dearest was here last week, we were in need of a sewing machine urgently. And that's when she decided to get me one as my 'ka jong' (dowry) and I almost fainted. Dont get me wrong... I've nothing against a sewing machine. Just that I've never really touch (as in use) a sewing machine my entire life.
Once, I brought back my mom's machine from kluang cause I was thinking of trying to sew a curtain (pretty ambitious). It wont be that difficult right? I actually clean up the machine till it look almost brand new (plenty of hard work le...). One fine day, I decided to start my curtain project. I opened up the machine, getting all ready to sew only to realise that I have no idea at all on how the thing works. I just stared at it and i start to wonder.. hmmm... what makes me think i know how to???? In the end, I just packed everything up, send the machine back to Kluang, mission failed. That's my closest encounter with sewing machine. So now u can imagine my reaction when mommi dearest says she is getting me a sewing machine as 'ka jong'. I just smirked...."huh? hehe".
We managed to locate SINGER in DU thru recommendation of a sales assistant in Kamdar. The people in SINGER were really nice and helpful. The cheapest machine with basic features (not that i can tell the difference) cost a freaking RM700! After much talking, we concluded on a 2nd hand machine which cost only RM350. Its working perfectly fine, just that it's a little yellowish and its not new. I am happy, mommi is happy, everyone is happy. Even if u give me RM5000 machine, it still look the same to me la...... :p I am still trying very hard to sew a straight line. Our Myammar labourer can sew better than me. So, on our way home, I asked my mommi dearest...

Me: "hmm.. ahem... mi ahh... so, i've to bring along my sewing machine on my wedding kah?".

Mommi: "hahahaha....nolar.... you can bring it over after u kahwin la... otherwise sure kena kutuk from your in-laws say I so kedekut... buy u 2nd hand machine".
Thank god! Lolz.....otherwise sure gonna look funny if were to carry a sewing machine over during 'gor dai li', so ulu like that... hahahaha. So, this is my ka jong sewing machine.

As I've promised in my previus entry, I'll show u my completed little project. Here u go....

Taa... daaaa...!

(A ring pillow)

My first sewing project!!!! Nice le...... but not fat enough la.... my cousin la.... didnt stuff enough fibre inside... so kedekut!!!!!!!

Anyway, to conclude, despite not knowing how to operate this machine, I simply love it. I've even set up a sewing corner at home. Thank you very much my mommi dearest...let's just hope it will last for at least 3 years.. lolz....

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Halloween!

These days, all of a sudden, I've so... much things to blog about. Dunno which one to start also. Harrison says that blogging is very suitable for me (or ppl like me), cause, I always have plenty to say and talk about (cheong hei la or ngam cham in other word = long winded). I am not sure he is kutuk-ing or complimenting me...

Let's just talk about today. The rest can wait. I had a really busy day today. Busy working of course. Rushing from meeting after meeting. Thank god the traffic was a breeze. Everyone is still on holiday. Went back to factory later in the evening to finalise some stuff and to finish off a little personal project of mine. Will show u the result of my little project on my next entry... muahahaha...

Anyway, its Tuesday today, meaning, its my Latin Dance workout at the gym. My favourite class :) Its a power packed class that require plenty of stamina, which I dont have yet. Throughout the 1 hour class, i need to stop at least twice to catch my breath! Aiyah... old already mah..... dont laugh la....

So, in conjunction with Halloween, they are having a 'Thriller' theme class today. You know, 'thriller' from Michael Jackson? Was thinking of wearing something torn with jeans... but i will not feel comfy dancing in jeans.. too hot.... and I also dont have anything old that can be torn. Have been thinking on what to wear for the last 2 weeks and at the very last minute (today 6pm), I came up with this...

(front part of my self created halloween shirt... scary ka?)

Sorry for the blurrish photo.... i put my camera on self-timer... dunno why it doesnt seem to auto focus.... guess its time to get a new one! Canon Eos 40d, here i come...

(back of my shirt.... LOOK at my SHIRT, not my bum bum..)

Ok la... quite creative la hor..... chin chai la... no fish, prawn also can la... happily I put on my new Morgan sweater over it and headed for gym at 8:30pm. When I arrived at the gym, I headed straight for the locker room. And while I was there, i met some other fellow members who goes to the same class as i am. I was still wearing my sweater, we chit chatted a little and i casually asked.. "today is the halloween theme class rite?" (cause there is nothing halloween about them) and I got this reply... "nolar... next week la... 23/10/07 mah....". Huh? Shoot!

Duh!!!! luckily I was smart enough to wear a sweater over it... otherwise, sure malu sial! I cooly took my towel & botol air, lock my locker, and get into the nearest toilet cubicle that I can find, took off my sweater, and quietly peel off my self-designed scary pumpkin stickers. Luckily, I cant find any old shirts to tear.... otherwise, i sure look first class stupid... lolz....

Here u go... another silly achievement of Redbabe! Goodnite!

French fries toast, anyone?

Whenever talk bout food arr... you guys damn shiok. Sure got plenty of comments...hahahaha... So, let's talk bout food. But this time round, something different, something to share.

Anyone know what is this???

Butter. Yes. Not french fries. How pathetic this is!!! I almost got a shock of my life when i peel off the bread to reveal two pathetic french fries looking butter!!!!

When we were back in USJ over the weekend, we decided to enjoy an afternoon tea and therefore, headed to one of the many kopitiams mushrooming in Taipan. Instead of having a waiter taking our orders like the kopitiams of good olde days, we have to fill in our own orders for the modern ones.

After scanning the menu, we decided to have 2 glasses of 'Cham' (coffee + tea) and a single kaya butter toast (pic as above). We tick our orders in the order form on the table and wave for a waiter to confirm our orders. We were waving and waving for a good 2 minutes and no one notice us (or some saw, but pretend not to see). There were more than enough waiters/waitresses as the crowd were not many, yet... nobody saw us. We are not petite and we are both very tall and have long legs and hands.. still nobody saw our long waving hands. For a moment, I thought we were dead. No one can see us.

After waving for 2 minutes, I got fed up, took the order form, walk right up to a waitress, and shaft it into her hand and walked back to our table. Well, we could just walk out of the kopitiam but I wanted to see how is their response so that I can blog about it later on... the waitress just took my order form, no confirmation or whatsoever. Unbelievable.

Our toast with the pathetic french fries looking butter came first. By time we finished our toast, our 'cham' is still no where in sight. Trust me, we ate our toast really really slow... even took photo of it. We waited patiently... give them a chance... maybe they are too busy....give them some EXTRA time to perfect our 'cham'.

(3 fella behind counter making drinks, 3 fella outside the counter serving. There are many more of them all over the place)

About 10 minutes later, our 'cham' still no where in sight despite 2 reminders. This is ridiculous. We just marched up to the cashier, paid for our stupid toast and left. They are not even bothered when we said we never get our 'cham'. They just removed the 'cham' and billed us only for the toast. Talking about customer service!

I missed the good old days kopitiam. I missed my hometown's kopitiam!!! Where butter will look like butter and not like french fries!!! NiaSeng....!

Kajang is a 'Hot Soup' town!

I've always love food... good food that is. But never crossed my mind to blog bout it until now. So, from now on, you will find food appearing in my blog once in a while.

Since its a holiday today, I told Harrison that I would spend him really nice lunch if he is coming with me to my uncle's factory in Kajang as I wanna checked out some stuff and he agreed.

When we reached, there were no one in the factory. My uncle has gone out for lunch and we decided to go for ours too. So I brought him to this place.

(Kajang's Hot Soup)

Apparently, this is not the original one I was told. The original one is situated in some wooden houses nearby. Unfortunately they are closed today. So, here we are, at the not-so-original shop (just my perception). Nevertheless, this shop has been around for at least 5 years. Personally, I feel this one is equally yummy. Here are what we ordered.

(4 Big Heavenly King)

We both dont take petai! Dunno why ordered also. Saw other table eating. Looks yummy.

(Fa Tiu Kai = Chinese wine chicken)

Ermm.. pronounce properly arr... 'Fa Tiu Kai'... otherwise will sounds like you saying some bad words... Fa.. Tiu Kai.....hahaha......it is actually chinese wine chicken in claypot. The chinese wine is called 'Fa Tiu'. Its a signature dish. Very yummy. My favourite.

(Lat Thong = Hot/Spicy Soup)

This is the star in this part of town. Another signature dish. Something similar to 'bak kut teh', just that instead of herbs, it's pepper soup. Instead of 'bak kut', they used slices of pork and chicken. Hot & spicy.

Harrison enjoyed his lunch so much so he had 2 BOWLS of rice!!!!

Overall, we had a great lunch. At the end, Harrison foot the bill. I guessed he enjoyed the food so much till he forgot that I supposed to be spending. I just buat tak tahu lor......shhh...!

Note: So guys, Kajang is not only known for its 'Satay'... but also its 'Hot Soup'. You can find them all over the place.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I am cheap

I havent done much shopping lately... actually, i dont shop. Its not my fav past time (unlike my mommi dearest). I would only buy things that I need. As for clothing, I would buy as and when there is anything that attracts me. In order to attract me, besides the design, it has to be cheap too. My defination of cheap would mean not more than RM25 for t-shirts, not more than RM50 for nice blouse and pants/dresses should not be more than RM80.
I hardly buy any clothes these days cause its simple so blardy expensive. You can call me a cheapskate, I dont give a damn. It just not worth buying. And I noticed that for ladies clothings, the lesser the material, the costlier it is. Strange, but true. Sometime ago, I wanted to get a pair of nice cargo shorts (you know those sexily rugged type). To my horror, the long cargo pants cost RM89.90 and the short ones cost RM119.90. Yes.. its true RM30 freaking more expensive for lesser cloth! What kinda justice is this???
Besides the lesser fabric for more $$, I've also concluded that the twice a year MALAYSIA GRAND SALE is a cheat! The nice stuff are always in the 'New Arrival' section where there will be no discounts. The others so-so stuff will be marked up first and then only be offered with a discount ranging from 10%~30% (serupa no discounts). Then the rest of the REJECTED stuff which have lipstick stains, missing buttons, stucked zippers, XXXS or XXXL sizes will be thrown into a big pile and offered a 70% discounts. What for???? Think we are tong sampah or wat???
Anyway, during my expo in KL recently, I had the opportunity to go window shopping in KLCC while waiting for the traffic to cease before going home and I bumped into some really good deals in PDI. Nice cut cargo pants going for 50% discount!!! Yup, unbelievable. So I strained my eyes to look for the fine prints, half expecting to see 50% only for 2nd purchase & etc.. u know, the usual stuff that conned us and there were none. I bought 2 pairs of cargo pants for RM89.90 only! What a treat!!!

Last Friday, Harrison & I were at MidValley to check out the newly opened Garden City (nothing much there la... nice la.. but all branded....$$$$). I managed to pop into FOS in MV and bought myself 2 nice cut-in singlets for RM9.90 each! wooohoooooooo! Also, found a lovely pink colour MORGAN short sweater with a big enough hood (am currently crazy with hooded sweaters) for RM69 only. I know its a little expensive, but its MORGAN! Real one... with label and all....

So, with my findings, I conclude that the twice yearly MALAYSIA BIG SALES is a cheat. If you dont wanna get conned, and wanna get a good bargain, save your money and shop only during the Ramadhan & Raya month. Its worth it.

So, I am a cheapo and I dont give a shit.... my blog is not generating enough money for me to splurge as yet. So for the time being, my 50cents is bigger than the bullock cart wheel!

p/s: am currently eyeing another black hooded sweater from AX!! that one would cost me RM300. I know.. i know.. but it is AX!!! I want it in my wardrobe NEXT MONTH. Don't care.... (psstt.... sponsorship are welcome)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Life still have to go on...

Since last Thur's tragedy, everything seems to pass in slow motion and blurrish. Am still hoping very hard that everything was just a bad dream but knew it will never be. Still in denial. Find it hard to go to work cause it breaks my heart to see my uncle. He is drowning his sorrows in work. I dunno how to face him. I hate to look into his eyes to see his pain. My heart goes out to my other cousins too. I cant handle all these at this moment while I am nursing my own pain.. Well, life still has to go on... and I am trying very hard doing just that. I just need some time..
Over the last weekend, I was split between the funeral and the exhibition which was scheduled to be held long ago. It has to go on. The exhibition was held at the KL Convention Center from Friday till Sunday. Luckily for me, a friend helped me to watch the booth while I was away attending the funeral on Saturday. The exhibition went on quite successfully I would say. Got most of the right contacts and met many right people. Its good. Managed to close some sales too.

While I was in PJ this afternoon, I met my ex-boss and a colleague and we had lunch together at Esquire Kitchen. It was nice to sit together have lunch again. My ex-boss made me an offer to work part time for him, flexihours, 2 days a week. I accepted the offer cause I dunno how to reject and feel that I have to help him. Anyway, the terms are quite alright. Flexihours and only 2 days a week. I still get to work for Beaufine and Springtime. Hopefully, I am able to split my time well. Gosh.... looks like I am earning more than what i used to yet enjoying flexihours. Hopefully, I really do get my flexihours. I always have a overly strong sense of responsibility. Always give more than what i get. sigh....!

Friday, October 5, 2007

A Candle For My Cousin

My heart was tore into billion of pieces today. My favourite cousin, Kai, passed away today, leaving behind 2 little boys. On his way to work today, he lost control of the car he was driving in and rammed into a divider which went thru the engine right to the back of the car. He is only 22 yrs old. My heart ache so badly, no words can describe the pain I am feeling.

He was this cute little thing that i used to take care of when I was 8yrs old. He was the older & stronger twin so he sleep in my room and my aunty will care for the younger twin who was weaker. He was so adorable.

As an adult, he was very comical and always make us laugh with his nonsense. He was the one that always begged and dragged (literally) me out of the room just to play mahjong to pass time whenever we are back in Kluang. When my mom was hospitalised for heart attack, it was him who drove me to JB the night itself.

My dear cousin, thank you for all the happy memories. May you rest in peace.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Redbabe

This afternoon I dressed up nice nice, went down to my carpark, happily hopped into my car, put the key into the ignition and turned... only to be welcomed by "..nn-gek.... nn-gek..." instead the normal "vroomm.. vroomm..." sound. My car died on me. Its battery conked. :(

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Lurve Colours!

My cozy nest used to look like this and i love it very much....my walls are blue, yellow and white.

Then, it became like this cause I got a new set of sofas. I didnt get to choose the colours of the sofas or the type of the sofas. My uncle just deliver a set to my house. So I've transform my colour scheme to match the sofa (usually is the other way round). So the blue wall repainted to light brown (hmm... it suppose to be darker brown, somehow it turn out like this.. well, will just live with it. Am too lazy to do another paint job).

Somehow, brown, beige, green just seem extremely soothing and a little dull for my characteristic. I find it boring. :(

While I was at Ikea yesterday, i picked a colourful rug to brighten up my otherwise boring nest. Here u go!

Next, I am gonna do something bout the curtain. Just waiting for inspiration and the right stuff to come by :) I just simply lurve colours!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Teh tarik anyone?

We received a sms from a fellow MRS member to meet up for t.t. (teh tarik) tonight and off we went to Aman Suria. Yoohoooooo.....! Finally somewhere to go... really need to go out and breathe some fresh air. Otherwise sure will go siow...! When we are there, we ended up hanging out with the Altezza-reans instead.. :P Everyone just so scattered. MRS one group, Altezza one group, MR2 another group...
We had some drinks, Harrison had his supper and we talk bout horsepowers, suspension, rims, tyres and dunno wat zz with the other car enthusiats.... i also blur... lols.. I only know how to drive car, pour petrol and that's bout it. These t.t. sessions used to be quite fun. The girls will all sit together bitching about everything whereas the guys will check out all the 'horsepowers'. And sometimes we will convoy to Genting Highland at night to enjoy the winding roads and the cool air! Sigh... those were the days!

Friday, September 28, 2007

1 month anniversary!

It has been exactly 1 month since I started working at Beaufine Design. What started off as a part time job somehow evolved into more or less, a full time job. Well, I will be at the office at least 4 times a week. On days that I dont go into the office at all, there will surely be some clients wishing to see me (must be my new hairstyle, too cute to resist, lols). Anyway, cant complain much. I am doing sales, so I'll need to be there when I am needed... even when I am not needed sometimes.... just gotta have thick skin.....:p

I've also mastered the art of fabric selection. Ahemm....yours truly have always have a little flair in interior decorating. So fabric selection is not such a difficult job afterall. Will just select designs that i like, mix and match a little, and voila... masterpiece!

Initially, I was quite demotivated. My manager already closed 2 big ones and I, nil. They keep telling me not to worry cause my clients are different cause they are mostly big organisation and they have more decision makers compared to restaurants/cafe. But still.... I was hoping and hoping for something to boost my confidence.

I guess I've a high expectation of myself. Only two week into my job and I am hoping to close big sales. Must be more realistic (*slap*) ! :p Perhaps, its because am working for my uncle that's why such high expectation. I want to proof my ability and differentiate myself from the other bad apples in the family who have also worked here previously and who have not only performed badly (never perform.. hah!) but also make used of my uncle. Or could it be the fengshui of the factory that all family members who worked there will surely turned into a traitor in times to come??? Then I'll slowly wait for my metamorphosis into that. lols

Anyway, the seeds that I've planted & watered earlier is slowly bearing fruits :) My clients are now calling me one by one to offer me businesses and I am very glad. All of sudden, I feel really good. Feel good cause I am able to contribute to the business and the salary paid to me are not wasted! hehehehe.... maybe its time to ask for increment! muahahahaha.....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hurricane hit my home sweet home!

My house was hit by a hurricane over the weekend. It quieten down as fast as it has come..... it threw my house and my life into total choaticness. The hurricane that i meant was my family, which comprises of 3 adults, 1 maid & 2 furkids. Just imagine how it would be like to have a total of 5 adults + 4 furkids living in a 1000+sq feet apartment?? Yup, you got it.

As mentioned, it went as fast as it came. They arrived on Friday afternoon, messed up my otherwise idyllic settings, and went back to where they come from on Monday without leaving a hint of their presence. Thanks to our super maid.

Just a run thru of what we did. On friday, my mom accompanied me to salon for my hair cut which was long overdue (my last hair cut was in Feb 07). Instead of sticking to my usual trim, decided to give myself a new look. These are the comments I received.

Mom: hmm... cute la.... but not stunning like yr previous hair style. This kinda make your face look long.

Harrison: Aiyo....... I cannot recognised you le.... dunno wat to say la... cant give u any compliments... pls dont try this style again! (wtf??)

Lester: I dunno.... I've always like this kinda hairstyle. (thanks a million!)

Popo: Last hairstyle nicer. But this one also nice la... (so layan...)

Whatever it is, I kinda like it. At least this new hairstyle give me some attitude la.... I've been having the last hairstyle for the past 10 years.. sien lor...

Then on Saturday, we had lunch in Subang Parade and walked around a little. Then At 4pm, mom and I headed off to a spa to enjoy our massages cause mom said she never been to a spa. So decided to let her experience it. We had dinner at home after that and later at night, we went to NTV7 to support Hishiko. On the way there, mom and I had a row over some petty issues. Anyway, point is, I just want her to know that she dont need to try so hard to be in her best. She is already the best.

Then come Sunday, D-Day. Am very glad that all went well. Both parents seems to have a good time over dimsum. And the dowry discussions went on very diplomatically and a deal was made. Theoretically, at this point of time I am more or less sold. However, nothing is exactly confirmed yet until exchange of $$.. muahahaha... just kidding.

On Sunday nite, we went over to my uncle's place at Sg Long supposedly to celebrate MoonCake Festival. Instead of admiring the beautiful moon over mooncake and chinese tea, we had a great time singing our lungs out with his newly acquired karaoke set which has thousands of songs... by time we called it a night, our voices were already coarse! Hopefully the neighbours will ask for an encore....! lols....

On Monday afternoon, I left for work while they are still at home. I dropped by home at about 2:30pm and they've already left. The house was sparkling clean and you wouldnt believe they were even here (or did they??)... After 3days of choaticness, I kinda not use to the peacefulness now. Guess, it will take another 3 days of peacefulness for me to get use to it.


Thursday, September 20, 2007


Harrison & I have been going out for quite awhile and as you all know, the big day is coming and we have more or less finalised the wedding arrangements... i.e. the dates, hotels and etc...

The best part is, both sides parents have yet to meet to discuss the 'fine details' of the wedding.... i.e. the traditional part of it, what the groom should give, what the bride should give, how much I am sold and so on... opst.. i meant the dowry... and D-day has been arranged for this Sunday.

Harrison's side is gonna be well equipped with their machine guns. But dont worry, we have a tanker standby in our garage. So, its a win-win situation... muahahaha....

Hopefully there will be no requirement for those and all will end in peace...lols.

Praise the Lord

I've been so busy lately. Busy seeing as many clients as I can for my uncle and also juggling Springtime in the process. There are just so much to do and I hope I didnt missed out anything. I did write down the stuff I need to do, the problem is, the notes are all over the place... hah! Gotta be more systematic.
Just wish to relate about something happened this morning. I've a client and a colleague both preaching to me on how great the Lord is over lunch. Well, it is just a normal meeting which somehow got off track. They said something like they are planting a seed in me now and let God do the magic later. They encourage me to join the Sunday school and etc.

As the lunch goes on, they were talking about some parts of the bible and I was nodding away and in between give my two cents (mind you, i do know the bible)...and straightaway I was being shot at to not read the bible like a story book but to try to think what God is trying to convey.

Point is, how can one person pre-judged a person's understanding on bible studies just because he/she is a buddhist? Strange isnt it? Just because one has not accepted Christ doesnt mean one do not understand the sacrifised of the almighty. Dont get me wrong, I've nothing against Him or my client or my colleague. Just a thought that leaves me very confused.

You may find it strange that why me, a Buddhist reads the Bible. Well, I dont only read the Bible, I also read books on Buddhism teaching and many others as well. I attended Bible studies when I was young and I still remember how we would always say our prayers during our school assembly. During college days, I joined the Christian Youth Club and praise the Lord. I goes to buddhist temples often too to offer dana to the underprivelege. And not too long ago, I ventured to a Hindu temple and did some prayers too. Besides belief/religion, I frequent orphanage once in awhile to teach the kids to paint and so forth...

There is only a simple reason for all these... and that is, that I have faith in God (in whichever face he appear in : Jesus, Buddha or Allah) and I will continue to do good, good to my family, my friends, people around me, contribute to the society with no expectation. At the end of the day, when I am being called Home, whether my Home is up there or down below, whether I'll be singing with the angels or burning with the devils, it is not important to me. Most importantly is I've touched lives, make a difference and contributed in one way or another without holding back.

Many people may not understand where I am coming from...I am a staunch believer in this.