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Sunday, March 27, 2011


I am once again, bursting with excitement.  This time round has got nothing to do with spa.  Ermm, on second thought, there was a spa involved to a certain degree.  But but, that was not the main reason.  Just got back from a short holiday with Terri and we practically went mad on this new destination.  Our new found paradise on earth (besides Ruby's Resort).  Will elaborate more when I am more rested.  :) 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What a steal! Only RM48 for 2.5hrs spa session!

I am so excited I could burst.  WHY?  I just found a good deal at Milkadeal.  For just RM48/voucher (originally worth RM290), I get to enjoy all these:

"Signature Purifying Facial + Aromatherapy Body Massage + Rose Salt Body Scrub + Steam Bath + Foot Spa.  2.5hours at S Spa, Mont Kiara"

My girlfriend kept asking, "Is there ++?", "Are you sure there is no '1' in front of the '48'????".  Hahahaha.... She couldn't believe it either but bought 2 vouchers for herself nevertheless.  And I, 3. ;)  I am a sucker for spas. :p

These vouchers can be redeemed from 1/4/11-30/6/11, Mon-Sun, 11am-8pm.  Customers must be 16 years of age and above.  Reservations should be made a day in advance.  Open to Females & Males and customers are required to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to scheduled treatment time.  Sounds pretty fair to me.

So ladies, what are you waiting for?  RM48 is SUPER MAD CRAZY FREAKING CHEAP for a 2.5hrs long pampering session.  It's crazy not to get it.  Like I said, I am bursting with excitement and I just have to share it.  I've never in my entire life so looking forward to April.  Hehehehehehe..... ;)

Hurry head on over to Milkadeal!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Socks For Japan - A whopping 420 pairs!

Remember my post "Let's Do This - Socks For Japan Drive!"?  Mom did such an incredible job!  She somehow, within 2 days, managed to gather a total contribution of 360 pairs from herself and her fellow friends, the many good hearted people of Kluang!  Awesome isn't she?
Initial plan was to just courier the few pairs she have to KL before we despatch it off together with Evie's collection to Japan.  But since the number grew so tremendously, she decided to deliver them to KL herself instead.  Check out the big pile of socks!!  My house does momentarily feels like a socks factory for awhile (exactly what Evie commented after I deliver them over to her place for despatch)... hahaha...
Here, mom sticking these 'care notes' that I've printed onto each and every pair of the socks.  I could've made them nicer, but mind you, 420 pairs are no joke ok.  Lols...  It took us quite awhile to complete the task.  But we were having great fun along the way too.  
 These are the little notes that I've prepared.
The socks with the little notes.   Coincidentally, as we were packing them up, we realized the label of the socks were photo of our very own Twin Tower!  How significant!
Mom was lamenting that some people were commenting how she was wasting her time on the socks as they were not thermal.  To us is, we contribute whatever we could, in our little ways.  If one pair is not enough, they can  always wear another and another and another.  Afterall, winter doesn't last forever.  After winter, socks are still a necessity especially to the Japanese.  

Anyway, that's us, sticking the notes and packing them up.  We can't help but felt so good about the whole thing.  How it brings together people from all walks of life, irregardless of status, race & nation, contributing whatever they could whole heartedly, so that someone across the world (a total stranger to them) would feel comforted.  

What a drastic contrast to whatever that's happening in Libya.  If only it is Libya that experience the 3-in-1 disaster (earthquake + tsunami + nuclear meltdown), there would be no war but slightly more LOVE.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day

Over here, it's all about drinking.  My gf and I planned to just check out the Guinness Event in town after our a blissful afternoon yesterday.  To our delight, it was quite a party.  
There were photographer walking around with polaroids and props for picture taking. :)  Love the effect of it.  Thought they were awesome pictures!  I went mad with their green wig!
 A mug of Guinness Draught was going for just RM10!
Actually, I was there at 7pm.  Then left for dance class at 7:40pm and returned with the husband and Pat & Kev, (our instructors) hours later.
Come to a point, fireworks were blasted up too filling the night sky with colourful lights!  The crowds were caught by surprise!  Everyone went oooing and ahhhing.... :)
Event's souvenirs were distributed throughout the night.  Tall hats, chocolate gold coins, some stress relieving squeezy, padlocks.... plus many many more.  My bag were so full it gonna burst.  I was the only one with a bag, so everyone stuff their goodies into mine.  Now I have them all in my house.  Muahahahaha.....
As we were leaving the party close to midnight, spotted this bunch of balloons and quickly get the husband to shot one for us while we were going mad at it.  I thought this turned out rather nicely!  What say you?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let's Do This - SOCKS FOR JAPAN drive!

A gf of mine, Evie from 3BitterSweetLemon, whom I've run together to raise fund for Hope Malaysia & MDDB (Malaysia Dog Deserved Better) at the 10.10.10 Nike Run, sms-ed yesterday morning:

"If you've new socks and like to give it away, pls pass to me.  We're sending it to Japan for the quake victims.  Temperature is going down and socks is a direct aid which is the easiest to send.  Adults or children sizes welcomed.  You can attach a lil note for your recipient in English and attache it with a google translate into Japanese."
So, dear all blog followers of mine, I am going to do just that.  Though I just used the last pair of my new socks, I will be heading down to the nearest mall later to grab another dozen or so for this purpose.  Believe me, a pair of warm socks does make hell lot of a difference in that almost sub zero temperature.  Let's help them in our little way.  100 pairs, 10 pairs or even just 1 pair, doesn't matter.  Just attach a little note with words of comfort and send them out.  Let them know we care and it will all be alright soon.  

How? When? Where? Why?  You can find out more info on this  "SOCKS FOR JAPAN" drive over here:

3BitterSweetLemon - Socks for Japan ~ Let's Do It!

Oh yeah, this is my translated little note in case you are too lazy to think of something to write or even get it translated into Japanese.  Just cut & paste. ;)

"世界はあなたとともにおられます。そこにハング。信仰を持って。日本は大丈夫されます。 頑張って! :)"
 "The world is with you.  Hang on there. Have faith.  Japan will be alright.  Gambateh!"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mayday! Mayday! Ratatouille In The House!

Today is historical.  After caring for my furkids for more 10 years with never ending love and kindness, spending uncountable monies on kibbles, treats, groomings & holidays, picking up poos & pees, they finally decided to repay me (besides the joy and laughters of course)...

... with this!

Spotted it the moment I unlocked the gate.  I just screamed and ran, with padlock in hand, for dear life.  The gate was still closed.  Rumba, Sunshine & the usually noisy Husky just stared up at me, dumb struck.  There, right outside the gate, laid a dead rat!  That really scare the shit out of me.  Wtf!  My cute innocent looking doggies killed a rat!  They probably thought it was a squeaky toy.

Message the husband about the dead rat.  He replied... "Use the spade (he meant the dustpan)" and I went "No".  You see, I've this thing about dead animal carcasses.  I simply would not touch or walk near them.  Except for chicken/duck/fish of course.  Those are for eating and that's ok.  But dead gold fishes or any pet fishes, are not ok.  And so are dead cockroaches, lizards, birds & etc.  :p  So for that purpose, I would engage an undertaker and they usually come in the form of the husband.  Lols.

For the rest of the day, while I was out, I was so worried that Rumba would chew the dead rat as she would with her toys.  Luckily she didn't.  The husband came home in the evening, cleared Ratatouille, disinfected Rumba & Sunshine with Dettol wipes and I, washed down the back.  Return of normality.  Phew!  What a day!

Fun & Easy Sunday

Please be forewarned, this is a post with lots of photos.  Reason being, I was too lazy to write picture speaks a thousand word.  Better than me writing a thousand words. 
Having nothing else to do for the weekend (supposed to travel but plans changed), we decided to PLAY...! :)  Went for a morning touge with few friends along a secret stretch at 7:30am.  It never fail to amazed me how we can wake at that ungodly hour to play but not to work.  And, "Secret" cause:
(1) we do not want to congest the road 
(2) we do not want the white robbers to know where it is (white robbers = police). :p
It was a good drive though I was only the passenger this time round.  The air was fresh, the weather was perfect, the scenery were rather breathtaking.  Plenty of cyclist with tight butts were seen cycling along the stretch too.  Yeah, what a sight!  I was having a great time enjoying all that.  Hahaha...
And somehow, while being fling about in the car, still managed to click away.  
One tranquil scenery that zapped past us.  Believe me, this is not even close to the best yet along the stretch.  Didn't managed to snap anything when we passed my favourite spot.  The husband was too busy cutting in & out of corners.  No time to lose.  I'll probably take a drive on my own there next time solely for photography purpose.
We finally arrived at this little town about 30 minutes later.  A quaint little place with two rows of old shops running old fashion businesses - sundries, stationaries, fishing gears, coffee shops and so forth.  
Picked a little chinese coffee shops and had our breakfast there.  We ordered 'kon lo mee' and 'wan tan mee' but they actually were just the same.  Same kind of noodles, same kind of toppings - char siew & wan tan.  One was probably just darker in colour.  We whacked them anyway.  Were famished from the adrenaline rush.
We had the shopkeeper served us a big piece of freshly made char siew (roast pork).  The yummy aroma in the air was too irresistible.
So yummy than some even attempted to munch down their forks.  Hehehe...
Head back the winding stretch after breakfast and had another go at it before we head for home.  Spotted this 'clock shop' while we were at a traffic light.  I wonder what kind of clock/watch they have inside or are they still selling clocks.  Interesting. It has been ages since I chance upon shops like this.  This reminds me that I should start exploring our own very own backyard instead of everywhere else.
The butt of a S2000 that were playing together.  Nice ya? Other than this yellow banana, we also have a Type-R, a MX5 and 2 MRS including ours'.  Just 5 cars that morning.  Personally, I prefer smaller group.
Told you it was a lovely morning didn't I? :)  Those blue sky and thin cotton white clouds *love*.
This was taken while we turn the corner at a traffic light.  I thought the whole composition of this picture were 'whackily serene'.  The half covered restaurant by a blue canvas, the tables & chairs so closed to the main road, scattered flower pots, skewed traffic light and what I like best was the regular customers enjoying their morning cuppa while reading the paper, oblivious to all the cars and bikes that were zooming by. :)  My whackily serene shot.
Got home about 11am, catch up on the disaster in Japan over CNN, freshened up before we head out again.  Went downtown to Pavillion (my fav spot these days) and hopped over to Fahrenheit for Uniqlo.    Gotten myself a new pair of cargo pants there.  The one I had was like a hundred years old and was so tight till the button could pop anytime.  It felt so uncomfortable.  No, it was not it's fault. The fault was mine.  I put on weight on all the wrong places. :(
Spotted this group of either AX's models/promoters outside Pavillion.  AX was having some kind of promo thingy I think.  But seriously, how cool is it having bunch of mannequins displayed on a modified container plus a bunch of girls & boys walking around?  Hmmm... I can't figure this one out really.
At Fahrenheit, there were two of these F1 cars on display in conjunction of the race season.  I was never fascinated by F1.  I tried to understand and enjoy the sport.  It just doesn't get in my system.  Same goes for golf, badminton, football and etc.
After gotten what I needed, we went for tea at Toast Box.  Love Toast Box.  Not only were their prices reasonable, their food were ok too and best part is, I get to marvel at how they make our coffee and tea, the old fashion way each time we were there.  

8 minutes for a perfect half boiled eggs :)  We saw that's what they set on the timer.  Now you have it.  The secret art of making half boiled egg.  Lols...  Oh, btw, did I mentioned that while we were queueing up to order, a tourist requested me and a malay girl in front to pose for him.  *ego boosted max*
We had packets of nasi lemak (coconut milk rice with egg & anchovies) too.  The husband had 2 and I, just one.  Not up to the standard I like, but ok la... I was hungry anyway.  We sat there for a little while after that, chatting away, at the same time, 'people-watching' too.  It was quite a nice Sunday we had.  Of cars, food plus a little shopping. :)  Fun & easy.  I always love a day like this one.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Have a strong urge to go Tokyo.  Just want to be mesmerized by all the lightings and the busy pedestrians at Shinjuku, .
the cling cling noises from Pachinkos, 
the colourful vending machines, 
smell of spring, ramen by the street..

Was at Matta Fair (travel fair).  Purpose was to lunch with a gf on duty.  Since I was already there, decided to check if there is any good deal for say, a week in Tokyo, free & easy.  Nothing attracts me.  Mostly were group package.  

Got home and learned that Tokyo was hit by an 8.9 magnitude quake.  Gosh.  The thought that went thru my mind then was these:

1) Two not-so-lucky friends of mine who just landed in Tokyo yesterday for their long awaited holiday!  They finally got connected thru FB and reported that they are alright, had hell of an experience and intend to stay on for the rest of their trip.

2) Another lucky friend of mine who left that very day.  Found out later he did not leave in time.  Was stranded at the airport and experienced the whole choatic-ness of the disaster and who admitted had fleeting thoughts of (a) Japan's famous Godzilla had been let loose & (b) 2012.  Anyway, he just got back this morning.  All safe & sound.

3) Will I get better deal now if I book for Tokyo? :p

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pleasing to the eyes, fuzzy to the heart

A girlfriend of mine bought me this from Cameron Highlands when she was there over the weekend for some work.  The flower may be the loveliest thing that greeted me this morning, but it is the gesture that touches my heart.  I appreciate simple gesture and thoughts like these very much.  

Collected it from her late last night after attending my first group training at the head office regarding unit trusts.  I am beginning to enjoy it and is even a little glad that I participated this whole thing.  Strange but true.  Not so much on the monetary gain (it really is very minute unless one is super motivated & aggressive), but more for the knowledge gained.  Anyway, that was my main objective for joining in the first place.  I am somehow tickled by all these 'personal financial' thingy now.  Believe it not, my bedside companion these days are Kiyosaki, Yap Ming Hui and even KC Lau.  Kinky huh?  Lols...

If our parents have known them at their time, we would have been millionaires by now. ;)  But then again, it is never too late.  We can always prepare our next generation. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How come I am not a millionaire yet?

A friend buzzed me and ask what am I busy with these days.  I told him I am busy compiling photobooks and just completed one.  He said I've a passion for this kind of stuff and I should turn it into a business.  He said a lot of people are simply too lazy to compile them themselves.  So, anyone interested?  My service will cost  you 30% of the value of the book you pick and I only work with Photobook cause I think their quality is still the best.
(this is not what she sew but close enough)

Sometime ago, I told mom to sew me some pouch to store my camera lens.  She did and it turned out beautifully.  And she said I should help her to promote it to my friends so she can make some money out of it.  So guys, anyone interested?  Lens pouch of black velvet material padded with a layer of sponge within to protect your lens.  It comes in 3 different sizes. S (RM15), M (RM20) & L (RM25).
Remember I sew some pillows?  I can't remember who, but someone told me I should sell them too.

The other day, I baked some goodies for the doggies.  Packed them up nicely for a friend at the dance school who has a dog at home.  Another person saw it and said it is a pity I don't turn it into a business. 
Then, sometime back, I baked some butter cake.  Someone asked are they for sale?
I was also into photography.  And many people think I should also turn that into a business.  So, RM500 for half day, RM1000 for full day.  Strictly just photography. All softcopy provided.
(picture courtesy from the net)

I love dancing and years back, my boss actually got me to teach a group of senior citizen basic latin ballroom to make some pocket money for myself.
A long time ago, I was skinny.  And my boss think that I should do part time modelling too for pocket money.  Lols...
And now, blogging.  Friend said I spent so much time on it.  I should turn it into business too.  *faint*

With so many opportunities looming, how come I am not a millionaire yet?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My credit card expired since Dec10 and I decided not to activate my new card cause I want to control my spending habit and not to be on credit.  Garnered enough will power to settle my card's debt too.  Yes, I do felt the pinch.  But one time pain is better than long term pain.  Lols...  Anyway, I am happy I am sort of debt free now and most importantly, I do not have a valid credit card to swipe.  

But guess what?  This morning I received this sms on my phone... "Dear XX customer, your credit card has been activated to ensure uninterrupted usage.  Please call XXXXX if you require assistance."

These damn bankers are really efficient aren't they?  The moment you cleared your debt, they auto activate your new card for you!

Superpower Virus

Is it me or do you also felt that the flu virus nowadays seems to be extra strong?  Even though all flu symptoms are gone, you are back to your active self, but the virus never really leaves?  And just when your body is tired and weak, they attack.  And they usually comes in a package deal too - with dry/congested cough plus throat inflammation and you would even run a temperature if you let it drag on for too long?  I really do felt that the flu virus nowadays is totally different.  

Even though I've recovered from my spell of cough (a result of flu), I still can feel it in my throat or lungs.  A mild feeling of wanting to cough.  It just goes on and on.  

I was at the office yesterday.  At about 3ish, I felt so sleepy and tired.  Fighting back sleepiness, I worked on.  Then, I felt the flu symptoms creeping in.  Wet dripping throat, teary eyes, runny nose.  I am so tired of all these crap.  I've only managed 1.5weeks of good health since my last downtime.  What is this man...!

Do you all have that?  Any remedy for prevention?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Am Number Four

Go watch this.  Quite a good show towards the end.  The beginning is quite a drag though.  Somewhat like 'Twilight' when it first came out.  Very slow.  The actions only come on the last 30 minutes or so.  Felt a sense of deja vu after watching it.  Somewhat like Transformer.  Found out later it is produced by the same producer,  Michael Bay.  That explains.

I am so gonna get all the books for this. :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

How To Draw A Dog Paw

I baked some doggie treats yesterday; some chicken-garlic-carrot-oaty wedge thingy.  Smelled awesomely yummilicious!  Packed some up for some friends' furkids later that evening.  Just before we leave the house, I decided to quickly make a a cute 'dog paws' card to be tied onto the packaging.  

Picked up a marker pen and a remaining piece of pink paper and in the midst of a hurry, I just couldn't quite recall how to draw one exactly.  How many toes are there, how exactly is the shape and etc...  
So I asked the husband was it like this (above picture)?  He said no.
He said according to comic, there is only 3 toes.  He drew me this, walked off while pestering me to hurry up.  One look at it I told him this look more like a dinosaur's paw than of a dog's.
Then he took the pen again, added a tail and two more legs to what supposed to be a dog's paw, walked off and laughed.... -.-
I added the eyes and hash.  Look!  It is a turtle now!!! Lols... 

p/s: Yeah, i did somehow drew a dog's paw in the end.  It was not perfect, but can do la... ;)