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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weight, Scars & Overhaul

I stand at 1.66m and in my early twenties, my weight was yoyo-ing between 56-58kg.  58kg for 1.66m may be alright but somehow I look fat & bloated.  Then, along the way, managed to bring it down to 52-54kg.  It was ideal.  As years gone by, I began to pile on again and reached a whopping 59-60kg.  Weird thing is, at 59-60kg, I dont look how I used to look at 56-58kg.  I actually look alright.  Unexplainable, X-Files.

So I have been 59-60kg for quite awhile; I think so cause I don't have a weighing scale at home. Every year, my new year resolution would be to loose some weight. Every year, the husband resolution would be to have a baby.  It's doesn't jive.  Lols...  Anyway, finally bought one scale recently after I had Aaz cause I decided that maybe I should at least REALLY know exactly how much I weight.

When I had both Gabb & Aaz, I started off at 60kg. Gained 12kg for Gabb and 9kg for Aaz.  For both, I lost the baby weight after a month.  When I had Gabb, I was a little conscious and watch what I eat.  For Aaz, I am eating literally like a cow.  Around the clock.  But mostly are healthy snacks.  :p

So basically I am back to my bikini self of course minus the still a little flabby tummy and tonnes of eczema scars which flares up during pregnancy.  Don't care la... I had two babies!  Who cares about eczema scars :p. Say only, I care actually.  Hahahaha....

Plan to have a body overhaul after Aaz is weaned.  That would be in April 2015.  My scars, my boobs and my etc... Lols...  For time being, I just hope to lose another 2kg and it will all be good. :)


mun said...

Wishing you all the best! You can do it! :D

mun said...

Happy New Year 2015 to you and your family!